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The Lyrics Of The Song \'\'order My Steps In Your Word\'\' lyrics

Browse for The Lyrics Of The Song \'\'order My Steps In Your Word\'\' song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Lyrics Of The Song \'\'order My Steps In Your Word\'\' lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Lyrics Of The Song \'\'order My Steps In Your Word\'\'.

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Breakdown Of Sanity - My heart in your hands lyrics

you aren't responsible For the rise of my distrust Please ... forgive me For the rise of my distrust Please forgive me ... But by and by it destroys my inner force The first thing in my head when I wake up

Breakdown Of Sanity - My heart in your hands (re-recorded 2015) lyrics

you aren’t responsible For the rise of my distrust Please ... But by and by it destroys my inner force The first thing in my head when I wake up Save my heart You are the last thing

Against All Authority - The restoration of chaos and order lyrics

will destroy us Gonna be your saviour, and your employer ... So punch it get down on your knees Wash up the creator of this disease The worlds doing time Don’t step outta line

Anti-nowhere League - The end of the day lyrics

him up, constable! (Order in court – has the defendant ... anything to say?) I’m so bored ... with the way things are, there’s too much of this bloody

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - The sign of the southern cross lyrics

t light when no one sees Then how can I know what you ... real Somehow must reflect the truth we feel, yeah Fade ... away, fade away Vanish into small Fade away, fade

Sacred Reich - The power of the written word lyrics

Thier truth is simply what they create They'll put words inside you mouth Have no ... chance to spit them out What you read What ... you see What you think Form their thought From their view From their ink

Aesma Daeva - The origin of the muse lyrics

sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the sea ... I sing of the muse I sing of the muse My oar strikes the ... Christ ran from me I'm facing the gods I'm facing the

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The bells of the seven hells lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Deris] Listen to the ... whisper of the weak and blind Listen good if you want to ... been chosen to turn water into wine Never meant for your

Lilith - The conquering of the eternal wisdom pt.1 lyrics

the hours that I pass sunken in the abyss I could drive my ... life thanks to the darkness The wisdom in reality searches ... it I traveled through my dreams, in order to arrive to

Battlelore - The voice of the fallen lyrics

am the one who speaks the truth The only truth you ... I am here You are worthy for the Eye Whose council is fear ... and agony I am his words The one with the darkest dreams

Domine - The fall of the spiral tower lyrics

m running up a thousand steps An endless stairway to another plane I must be fast, my ... time is short I hear the cracking sound of a million ... stones I must climb the staircase of the highest

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the ... wheel of fortune that grinds your chest the fruit of the storm

Ricchini Bill - The beginnig of the end lyrics

dancer still remembers all of the old steps All those shiny ... trophies in his closet Do you miss the ... bright lights? And staying up all night? Can you

Esoteric - The laughter of the ignorant lyrics

look through their rose-coloured glasses, ... At the beauty of the world. They're so blind ... and f***ing ignorant, That love's all ... they see. Any sorrow they come across never cuts deep,

Four Year Strong - The security of the familiar, the tranquility.. lyrics

walks alone, the streets deserted He steps on ... makes it home and no ones waiting to welcome him back Who is the man in the mirror? He ... wonders as he stares in the eyes of a stranger He's looking for a way To make it

Lord Vicar - The last of the templars lyrics

through the night I am carried by the wind Mansion in my sight I‘m the redeemer of the sin He met ... me by the door Praying for the dead Remembering the war

Nasum - The flames of the truth lyrics

Music & lyrics: Anders] Do you believe in ... equal rights? Do you believe in equality? The flames of the truth... The flames of the ... truth Are licking your face Burning your skin Just

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The eyes of the lost lyrics

days They sailed across the ocean They're called the ... children of the sea They are the damned Hunted by the humans From the palace of the king Circle of fools You

Dead Can Dance - In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed are .. lyrics

it were within, within our power beyond the reach of slavish pride To no longer ... harbour grievances behind the mask's opportunist's facade ... We could welcome the responsibilty like a long

Impaled Nazarene - The oath of the goat lyrics

have sworn the oath of the goat I have bled for my ... oath I have been in the kingdom unknown I have sworn the oath of the goat The ... everlasting oath, (I) never shan't

Katra - The end of the scene lyrics

candles have burned out But the wind is still strong There's ... no hand to hold on The streets lead to nowhere ... Darkness has fallen There's no one to lead on

Phil Ochs - In the heat of the summer lyrics

the heat of the summer When the pavements were burnin' The ... soul of a city was ravaged in the night After the city sun was ... sinkin' Now no one knows how it

Atrox - The bedlam of the bedlam lyrics

young man astride a rocking horse. His petticoats bristling. His eyes closed with ... pleasure enjoying the euphony of his fork scraping his plate. ... Facing him sits a filthy oldie shaking his dentures like castanets.

Byron Cage - The presence of the lord lyrics

presence of the Lord is here (2x's) I feel ... it in the atmosphere, The presence of the Lord is here, ... oh (2x's) The spirit of the Lord is here(2x's) I feel it

Current 93 - The ballad of the pale christ lyrics

war, a blade draws blood but often tarnishes through blazing ... see new sunsets, sky now breaking different shades of red we ... pray for blades, ablazing locusts call for wars to wet

The Dubliners - The rising of the moon lyrics

a glow I bear orders from the captain, get you ready quick ... and soon For the pikes must be together by the ... rising of the moon By the rising of the moon, by the

Fogalord - The march of the grey army lyrics

"...and so, from the coldest lands to the plans of ... ice they marched on to the final day with swords in their ... hands and hate in their hearts... and when everything felt they remembered the Fog

Fogalord - The scream of the thunder lyrics

to village, from town to town the news of the Fog Lord's ... return rose up, and then the rebellion started... guiding ... a storm of steel he gathered all the people to avenge

Gatsby's American Dream - The loosing of the shadow lyrics

could you understand? The way I feel about god... How ... could you understand? Anything, about me at all... I am the wind, singing a sad song I ... and i'll hurt you all My pride, ripped a hole in the

Kurt Carr - My time for god's favor (the presence of the .. lyrics

blow the trumpet And sound the alarm Because the Lord is in the temple Let everybody ... bow Let all the people Let all the people ... praise Him now The Lord IS HERE The presence

Municipal Waste - The thrashin' of the christ lyrics

serve? A lie absurd called the holy word Jesus Christ you ... re out of luck Let's thrash that f***! ... Can't they see what its come to be? ... Preachers drowning in a sea of pity But when we rise from the cloud of lies We'll crush the church and take back our

Silent Knight - The strike of the sword lyrics

has come, winters arrived, into the realm of darkness ride ... Forged out of flame, a thousand swords, its ... far to foreign lands, across the plains and ancient sands

Johnny Burnette - The fool of the year lyrics

"How could you be so blind?" I never thought she ... was the cheatin' kind I lost my pride, and now I fear That I ... m the fool of the year Ring, ring the bells and spread the word around The king of

Deafening Silence - The seal of the damned lyrics

time ago there's a realm Where gods and ... men were living in peace One day the gods have ... To break down this rising alliance ...and seal all the damned An old man stands

Eluveitie - The call of the mountains lyrics

the waves, with our swords in our hands Against the sea, ... with our backs to the walls Against distress, in the presence of our enemies Against the storms, roaring at our

Folkearth - The riding of the queen boudiccea lyrics

grey clouds rides the victorious one Leading the ... Norfolk and the Britain tribes (To) An uprising against the Roman Empire Spurring ... And her attacks! A song for a Dark Queen whose face

Gangstarr - The meaning of the name lyrics

meaning of the name GangStarr, well I'll ... tell ya It means I find my mind can excel to a greater type ... of thought, brought by the things that I've been taught in

The High Kings - The rising of the moon lyrics

all aglow I bear orders from the captain get you ready quick ... and soon For the pikes must be together by the ... rising of the moon Oh come tell me Sean

Morgana Lefay - In the court of the crimson king lyrics

my sins father I will always obey your wish ... is my command whatever you say I ... betray you I will cooperate in the end you must save me ... before it is too late In the court of crimson king the key

Nanowar Of Steel - The number of the bitch lyrics

me, oh mum and dad For the telecom sent the bill with ... wrath, But i believed that the call was short Let him who ... t a girlfriend Go and call the number of the bitch Even if

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - The state of the end of the millennium addres.. lyrics

you like we do. Neighbors, your government has triumphed in finally making you a public fit ... for the 21st century. Never before ... has a governing body shown so much concern

Dark Funeral - In the sign of the horns lyrics

Music & Lyrics by Lord Ahriman & ... Unholy master Satan, take my blackened soul Show me the ... secret gate Where the lord of darkness rule Take away my

Factory Of Dreams - The weight of the world lyrics

weight of the world Weight, weight of the ... We are slowly thrown To the ground Hardly standing our ... bodies We are facing our destiny Suffocation ... Deterioration The air is toxic Full of carbon

Immortal - The call of the wintermoon lyrics

Music: Demonaz, Abbath - Lyrics: Demonaz] Buried beneath the mountains of frost Years of ... silent sorrow grim and dark My winterwings of evil sleep in

Karl Bartos - The tuning of the world lyrics

saw Laurie today – her song filled the air She lent her ... voice to death and despair The sofa on stage turned into a ... like a dream I connect to the sound inside my mind Closer

Miracle Of Sound - The mind of the bat (batman song) lyrics

that Does anyone really know the mind of the Bat? I live the ... shadows, I work in the shade A cape and a mask, a ... Can you tell me I'm not insane? Sometimes I get this

Leo Sayer - The end of the game lyrics

her clearly She said it so sincerely That's something that ... She left him with a token The note he is holding in his ... don't let me down) Is this the end of the game And will you

Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant ... visions haunt me All the old romantic legends, all my ... dreams They keep coming back to me Like the waves

Adramelech - The book of the worm lyrics

that is never spoken call the Goddess whom none worshipped ... lay forth the bread for the Dead One she that comes in a ... sunken boat Read the words that were never written

Anathema - In the name of the father lyrics

Dream:] In the world of my subconscious, a realm of the ... a vision is carved by the almighty hand The agony of ... life itself released unto the lord by his command. My

Candlemass - The killing of the sun lyrics

destination A scientific race ... Symptoms of the evolution? We're fresh out of the caves! Bow and arrow, ... and cars We burned the flame and tamed the earth

Martin Carthy - The dominion of the sword lyrics

by your pleading, law lies a-bleeding Burn ... all your studies down And throw away your reading Small power the word ... Not half so much privilege as the sword does It'll the

David Shankle Group - The magic of the chords lyrics

MAGIC OF THE CHORDS Her verse is formed ... by the light in her eyes She’s taking ... control, moving my soul with her bridge of sighs ... Her teardrops can sing to my heart Her song grows intense

Devotchka - The jaws of the world lyrics

snatched you away from the jaws of the world But I ... was sent here for me. Gold in the water, and under the ... water And the richer man gave his lovely ... daughter for lack of decency. She robbed a thief

Dio - The end of the world lyrics

I could sleep at night Then somehow I'd see Why everything's wrong Or maybe it's just ... know this place that I'm in Why I might be alone Imagination is a terrible thing

Hazy Hamlet - The beginning of the end - part 1 + 2 lyrics

It comes... The serenity in It's eyes suits perfectly the ... now falls. Can you hear? The edge of the blade to provoke the fields, as It whispers us the

Magic Affair - In the middle of the night lyrics

the middle of the night A vision brings me ... light Time is on my side all the way In the ... middle of the night A vision's shining ... go or should I stay Show me the right way Positive and

Nico - The fairest of the seasons lyrics

that it's time Now that the hour hand has landed at the ... Now that it's real Now that the dreams have given all they ... or do I go And maybe try another time And do I really have a

Rata Blanca - The voices of the sea + the forgotten kingdom lyrics

. + When men are lost in the depth of their dark, The ... ones return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the ... earth, destroy the sea and sky, Peace for mankind will crumble to hate and pain. Look to you heart, look

Skylark - The wings of the typhoon lyrics

the land of the cries, I'm falling. Flying ... above the blue sky, I'm cruising. Starting a fire tonight, I ... m leaving. Just one more spark in the ... surrender! No one more song for my pride, no one more

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