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Less Than Jake - The ghosts of me and you lyrics

been down Wandering past 2nd Street and looking at the ghosts Of you and me and thinking back on all those memories Of how we used to be I’ve been hearing I hear those voices over the noises of the breaking glass And all those plans we had to get us through, They’re never

Mike + The Mechanics - The ghost of sex and you lyrics

was an unbelievable night She was an unremarkable girl You may not call it poetry But it changed my world It was an unforgettable dawn She was an indisputable fact Even if I could have I might not have it back It's an unexceptional day She's an unavoidable truth

Lamb Of God - Terror and hubris in the house of frank polla.. lyrics

the f***ed up things trap & punish me I cannot explain my problem. Kill my hopeless life I cannot be hypnotized. You owe me. Push aside the veil to welcome in the visitors. Eyes like halogen illuminate the soma peering out of spherical night mask. Paleolithic

Minnie Riperton - The edge of a dream lyrics

ripples run into the sun And your smile blends with the clouds that flutter by me As I sit on the edge of a dream What do I see? What do I see? I see the children playing in the sun And there is love enough for each and everyone As

Beneath The Sky - The pursuit of ??? lyrics

goodbye to the resurrection, For here comes the apocalypse. Why must we constantly live in fear? Breathe in the greed and filth Of our everyday society. Breathe out the religions and politics. These laws no longer apply to us. Was it supposed to be so simple? Shining a li

Dusty Springfield - You can do it lyrics

your shoes off Let your hair down Time for you to get away Don't you worry 'bout tomorrow Or you're gonna miss today When the madness gets you crazy 'Til you're lookin' for a place to hide And you're thinking That you'll never Get yourself some peace of

Anti-flag - You'd do the same lyrics

think you're oh so different Well, you'd do the same as me, yeah You're just a hypocrite When you make fun of me You'd do the same (Whoa-oo) You'd do the same (Whoa-oo) You'd do the same (Whoa-oo) You'd do the same (Whoa-oo) Well, you've done it no

Hey Marseilles - You will do for now lyrics

will lead you if you will follow me To graveled gray roads, Shakespearean scenes If only you knew the love of degree You'd slow that beating heart down You will do for now The December dark will keep me in the room Soft ashtray eyes will beg to be found I'm k

Catatonia - The mother of misogyny lyrics

you find that some Autumn day Your life was in disarray forlorn for good Did you do what your parents done ? Find some mad equillibrium Now I can say honestly, you're a masculine travesty For-warned is for-armed Your purple patch came and went All those love letters never

Local H - The summer of boats lyrics

you're allowed to change, you have permission to try You're movin' off to Salt Lake and no one will ask why Movin' off in June, not a day too soon It all seems so perfectly strange Break it all in two and you'll be orphaned too It's all just so perfectly

Ana Criado - The quest of a dream (feat. dark matters) lyrics

in the sand My head is just above the water Why am I still under your spell Melt like a day Drifting to twilight I fear the shadows fall Since you walked away, each day is dark Play with my hunger Play with my heart You are the part I do not trust at

Kate Bush - The song of solomon lyrics

Song of Solomon The song of everyone Who walks the path Of the solitary heart The soul cries out Hear a woman singing Don't want your bullshit, yeah Just want your sexuality Don't want excuses, yeah Write me your poetry in motion Write it just for me, yeah A

Eric Dill - It's the end of me and you lyrics

ll do it all again if I thought it'll make it better I would kiss your lips again if it'll keep us both together.. We're faded now, we're coming down.. Our time is through, and there's nothing we can do.. Cause there's no way out of nowhere th

Falco lyricsFalco - The sound of musik lyrics

beginnt in einem Wald, alle Rechte sind bezahlt und es endet doch daheim Meine Hände sind so kalt, denn die Zeit die ging ins Land, meine Seele ist so rein Die Rose kennt den Duft, meine Stimme braucht die Luft, denn der Wind der ist so heiß wie nie Sei es Rock,

Gandalf - You upset the grace of living lyrics

to your heart for my reflection Do your eyes stay with me when I say goodbye Listen to my changes in direction Follow me to feeling same as I I hope you feel the way I do I hope you feel my love with you Don't believe me if you're not convince

Kaki King - The hoopers of hudspeth lyrics

you were looking for the lost will in the old mansion tap tap the walls inch by inch the beautiful wainscoting And listen for the hollow sound tap tap She speaks through the walls saying how to spend her money She took some bad advice Give it up

Lunatica - The edge of infinity lyrics

you see the light we're going into? Feel the power. It's a journey to a better world. All you have to do is to believe We're heading forward. And we will be kings and queens Chorus: To the edge of infinity, an invisible reality Where the power of thoughts set

Melodysheep - The son of fire lyrics

enemies made my kingdom bleed I will not forget that I will not forgive that I will punish them Well let's get ready The wild word flow red And the music will play loud And we'll put this mess behind them You are the son of fire You are more than they can ever be

One Tin Soldier - The legend of billy jack lyrics

children, to a story That was written long ago, 'Bout a kingdom on a mountain And the valley-folk below. On the mountain was a treasure Buried deep beneath the stone, And the valley-people swore They'd have it for their very own. Go ahead and hate your ne

Project Creation - The voice of cheops lyrics

you see? Do you hear? Is it moving? Is it speaking? I can see it I can hear it I can feel it I can sense it We now know That your voice is The same as ours… Now we start To know the future And who we are Can you see? Do you hear? Is it moving

Serenity - The art of war lyrics

gladios, Signa Inferre Ad gladios, Vae Victis Ad gladios, Gloria Mundi Ad gladios, Vae Victis A statesman's heart must be placed in his head I can remember all the days of violence I can remember all the days they fought for rights When men united all by fear and interes

A Day In The Life - The death of a dream lyrics

break my heart... then again, you break everyone's heart (instrumental

Pathfinder - The whisper of ancient rocks lyrics

the ancient rocks Where the wind of Winter's Heart whispers You will lost you will die The Winterstorm is here a landscape That you'll never see It's my kingdom here's my fatherland The waterfalls in the frozen embrace Shows the power of win

Pro-pain - The stench of piss lyrics


Apoptygma Berzerk - The aproach of death lyrics

you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes! Would you die for him? Yes

Hexenhaus - The house of lies lyrics

your mind and follow us The righteous ones Leave the error of your ways Wayward child Put your trust in our hands Join the blind We bring violence with a purpose What do you know? Welcome to the house of lies Welcome to the house of lies I see through you and all your k

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - You're the lady of my heart lyrics

are my teacher, I come to school I love you, baby Sometimes I'm right and then a fool Oh, be my lady It's not a game I play with you Darling I know, cause I know the golden rule Do what you want - be what you are You're the lady of my heart Oh come, oh c

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The time of your life lyrics

there on a road that leads to anywhere Like a child left in the wilderness, standing there penniless Wanting to be the best Here's a place where life runs at a different pace Where love is just convenient, none are obedient And we are subservient Look at me, I'm a girl that

Primordial - The seed of tyrants lyrics

are the traitors you called out One by one against the wall You wanted the President's dead And the wrists of the state bound In the books of the dead The myths of martyrs You created in the revolution Ring deep and hollow Now what will you

Scelerata - The spell of time lyrics

a life time Could be shorter than a rhyme Longer than a moment Longer than a sigh The measure of a dream Beyond infinity Against the spell of time You know you cannot fight It doesn't matter what you do You cannot hide You're a slave of fortune You want gl

Richard Marx - The edge of forever lyrics

one can decide when lightening will strike And everything falls into place But lately it seems when you're in my dreams I find that I don’t want to wake I wanna slowly unlock the mystery I wanna make love, I wanna make history With you, I see a lifetime with yo

Ashent - The resonance of life lyrics

you devoured every breath as it was your last endeavor Lying in the circles of emptiness of painful words What do you believe you'll find beyond? Like velvet, you say, stained we are Light and ephemeral sometimes we trudge As children embracing wh

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

ALTARUS:] Gaze deep into the mists with your spirit-eyes, Xerxes... look far, and tell me what you see. [XERXES:] I see a land far to the north... a vast empire of dark endless moors and snow-crowned mountains... a land of brooding citadels and warrior-kings who hail to grim gods.

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The chance of love lyrics

and me we're both the same In this life a lonely game I used to be a happy man And now I understand just what it's all about I never had a doubt on the chance of love As a boy I lived down here I always saw you near To be together was happiness And I just c

Tony Bennett - The moment of truth lyrics

you hear music when she's near you And Christmas comes ev'ry day of the year Then you must know why it's the first clue That the moment of truth is near If ev'ry time she glances your way A million bells start to ring loud and clear And, after one kiss, you yell &quo

Cher - The way of love lyrics

you meet a boy That you like a lot And you fall in love But he loves you not If a flame should start As you hold him near Better keep your heart Out of danger, dear For the way of love Is a way of woe And the day may come When you'll see him go Then what wi

E-rotic - The power of sex lyrics

hand is just magic Your voice so exciting Your arms so inviting And I'm in love I feel the sensation A running temptation I do what you do and I'll give everything to you Cause it's the power of sex Your body never forgets It's just the power of se

Edguy - The pride of creation lyrics

can´t figure the Lord down in funereal gravity One finishing touch and the creature is coming alive As I kneel down and pray I know God is watching over me Is He´s Knocking me out of my stride And on day number eight When the sun is about to go down Here we g

Emblem3 - The best of me lyrics

came from nothing And worked our way up to everything Our friends and family saw us As our heads grew tall Taller than the trees and now you think you’re above everything you did just what you knew not to do You let it go to your head You did

Firewind - The land of eternity lyrics

you helped us to build it right Intruder, you destroyed the land's pride Hunger, can't you see it in our eyes Disaster all over Brother, let's go through bad times Someday, we gonna see a light above Anger, it's a passion in their mind Unsecured all over The land of e

Jaldaboath - The bitch of chiselhurst caves lyrics

can do many things it can even make you blind And the tavern wenches round these parts drive me out of my mind There's on such girl of whom I know who's been around the block For fifteen duckets and a bucket of milk she'll even roost your cock. She's for hire, baby Doff your

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The best of me (with david foster) lyrics

many years gone, still I remember How did I ever let my heart believe In one who never gave enough to me And so many years gone, a love that was so wrong And I can't forget the way it used to be And how you change the taste of love for me You were my one more chance

Cliff Richard - The best of me lyrics

many years gone Still I remember How did I ever let my heart believe In one who never gave enough to me And so many years gone With love that was so wrong I can't forget the way it used to be And how you changed the taste of love for me You were my one more chance I never though

Wham! lyricsWham! - The edge of heaven lyrics

would lock you up But I could not bear to hear you Screaming to be set free I would chain you up If I'd thought you'd swear The only one that mattered was me, me, me I would strap you up But don't worry baby You know I wouldn't hurt you 'less y

Baby Dee - The price of a sparrow lyrics

can buy me for the price of a sparrow And if you tell me I'm pretty I won't fly Buy me for the price of a sparrow But you have to promise to lie What does a hooker know about loving? And what does my Daddy know about me? There's something wrong and I'm wonderi

Evil Conduct - The voice of oi! lyrics

is rebel music with backstreet points of view Working Class Rock'n'Roll for the likes of me and you We hate the boys in blue, we hate the middle class Won't take no dead end job, they can shove it up their arse [Chorus 2x:] The voice of Oi! [3x] Tha

Ian Hunter - The ballad of little star lyrics

don't look a day over ten so why be Do you have to pretend to be older than you are Beads and mirrors by your body And in some roadside bar you feel the pain Little Star Lost on a merry go round, on the game You can never be found cause you don't know who you are The res

Grinder - The spirit of violence lyrics

you feel it, your senses gettin’ torn; Adrenalin shooting, arteries seem to boil, Nervous, angry, staring through a red lense, Interior gladiator’s just slain your defense… The root of all disgusting – the godfather of sin, Meet me in the depths of mind And let th

K.d. Lang - The consequences of falling lyrics

you breathing What I’m breathing Are your wishes The same as mine Fire you needing What I’m needing I’m waiting for a sign My hands tremble My heart aches Is it you calling If I’m alone in this I don’t think I can face The consequences of falling Are

Jars Of Clay - The edge of water lyrics

you ever been haunted the way I've been by you. And have you ever felt the measure of the days that I've spent waiting, pining for you. I can't see the sun for the daylight. I can't feel your breath for the wind. I don't wanna step from these shadows,

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

THE ANTEDILUVIAN ORACLE:] Behold glorious Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom forever steeped in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers malignly through its opulent labyrint

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The earnest of being george lyrics

better run just as fast as you can, I've got no reason to try. You did it to me and I'm takin' a stand. You've got a reason to cry. Fairy stories in the penny arcade. You bought my love and I paid. I'm not trying to make history. You could have been good to me. (music) Fairy storie

Clay Walker - You'll never hear the end of it lyrics

stirred up a breeze that felt like heaven As you walked by And when you smiled and handed me your number You changed my life What could I do but call Face it girl it's all your fault You'll never hear the end of it Girl I'll never get tired Of sayin' I

Enigma - The cross of changes lyrics

you understand or if you don't If you believe or if you doubt There's a universal justice And the Eyes of Truth are always watching you

Folkodia - The hour of wrath lyrics

tell voice rides upon the wind As it blows Through the forest of our arrayed spears: This fell voice is my killing command... Ten leagues ride as the raven flies Pounding past the fields of demise In shame, neath crossed Samnite pikes Lo! I have returned from my exile... Now t

Huey Lewis & The News - The power of love lyrics

power of love is a curious thing Make a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove More than a feeling that's the power of love Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream Make a bad one good make a wrong one ri

I Fight Dragons - The power of love lyrics

power of love is a curious thing Make a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove More than a feeling That's the power of love Tougher than diamonds, rich like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream Make a bad one good

Jag Panzer - The age of mastery lyrics

the beginning of time man has ruled the earth Deemed the principle power over all As time plodded on mans knowledge grew Till he was no longer man but a GOD To be the lord of all You must first conquer yourself Pages of time unfold for us all a mystery (The mystery of lif

Huey Lewis - The power of love lyrics

power of love is a curious thing Make a one man weep make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove More than a feeling that's the power of love. Tougher than diamonds bricks like cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream Make a bad one

Pellek - The power of love (huey lewis and the news co.. lyrics

power of love is a curious thing Make a one man weep, make another man sing Change a hawk to a little white dove More than a feeling that's the power of love Tougher than diamonds, rich like a cream Stronger and harder than a bad girl's dream Mak

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