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Abattoir - The living and the dead lyrics

feel the despair The hopeless prepare To mock and ... deface The whole Human Race The Last ... generation It's the end of the nations It's coming true ... around you Don't hold your breath And wait for death Tomorrow

Cloudscape - The last breath lyrics

toward the distant light Thoughts from ... by each minute Deeper into the darkness below The ocean ... will give The ocean will take Water is ... forgiving Without care for the dead Nor the living It's

Euphoria - The last breath lyrics

tore the soul, whisperer always knew, ... you, You been trapped, In the depths of your lies But you ... your eyes I can see your breath Fading away I try not to

Itchy Poopzkid - The living lyrics

tickle - a tackle A punch in the head I had to get, get away ... But my tires were flat The next morning I had just one ... thing to do But the alarm clock broke in two

Gaias Pendulum - The last breath before i die lyrics

life is lost and found Last breath before I die Ecstasy is ... me It’s a beauty shine In the middle Of a darkest night ... life is lost and found Last breath before I die Life of my life

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The living daylights lyrics

Set my hopes up way too high Living's in the way we die Comes the morning and the headlights ... Hundred thousand people, I'm the one they frame I've been

Natalie Merchant - The living lyrics

s it like there outside With the living? From this broken ... place Where I hide From the living From the living Cause I ... don't care to stay With the living O, the bottle has been to

Mary J Blige - The living proof lyrics

to carry on I'm so glad the worst is over Cause it ... took me out I can start living now, ooh I feel like I can ... And finally I'm not afraid to breathe Anything you say to me And

Drive-by Truckers - The living bubba lyrics

wonder why things happen like they do but I don't wonder long ... I'm sick at my stomach from the A.Z.T. Broke at my bank cuz ... I'm here to stay (at least another week or two) I can't die

The Breathing Process - The living forrest lyrics

me into the living forest And from the damned I ... ll make you my garden. The hands reach with eternal ... agony As though their life was just out of their ... Taunted in agony. They reach and pull life from the

Fire Of Revenge - The last breath lyrics

long ago I’m walking Around the World without rest Looking ... nobody finds me Seems that there’s nothing to do No matter ... at night) I’m trying to find the light (I'm trying to find the

Neverending White Lights - The living lyrics

your heartbeat But the parts stay in their place ... a trace of your craving The living sometimes will wait their whole lives Today you take ... filled right through And on the shored I will wait for days

Animal Collective - The living toys lyrics

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Declan Galbraith - The living years lyrics

generation Blames the one before And all of their ... I'm a prisoner To all my Father held so dear I know that I ... wish I could have told him in the living years Crumpled bits

Altiyan Childs - The living years lyrics

generation Blames the one before And all of their ... I'm a prisoner To all my Father held so dear I know that I ... wish I could have told him in the living years Crumpled bits

Mike + The Mechanics - The living years lyrics

generation Blames the one before And all of their ... I'm a prisoner To all my Father held so dear I know that I ... wish I could have told him in the living years Crumpled bits

Misery Index - The living shall envy the dead lyrics

up living is like waking up dead. As the workers climb the precipice, the queen ant's still asleep in ... bed. She's hording all their rations, with slaves set to

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - The dead hate the living lyrics

upon the path - leading to where ... eternal sleep dwells, is the feeling of mighty ... Dismal, Dreary like the universe, beautiful like ... claw. For upon earth the accursed dwell. Nonentity

Magica - The living grimoire lyrics

me And told me I must run There is evil in this house ... me that I could Have all the power here By knowing all the truth I must now speak in ... My path I must not stray There's a door into the mirror I

Necronomicon - The living god (pharaoh of gods part ii) lyrics

now by the sun Living god now I'm the one Destiny ... in my end Of the entire land Worship me when ... I die Sailing down on the Nile Crossing the ... underground Reaching the other side Among the gods now I

Poisonblack - The living dead lyrics

I drank long and deep from the fount unwillingly pouring it ... from that scentless mouth was The taste of the nothing What ... is the life for the dead at heart? What my

Ava Inferi - The living end lyrics

Deny As I feel desire the signs Bringing love inside ... fall, fall with me through the cobweb of love the tears ... your deepest despair the deep caves of your mind No

Cold War Kids - The soloist in the living room lyrics

moves Talking back to the mirror Back and to the ... for this chance To prove the talk is wrong Center stage ... moves Talking back to the mirror Back and to the

Decrepit Birth - The living doorway lyrics

space Exists a portal of the mind To return unto ... through my grace I dominate the will to reveal Destinies of ... the others Who once inhabit this ... unconsciousness I project the emerging unity of Energy (.

Mechanical Poet - The dead the living and the city lyrics

fog blots out the city Cold shine of setting ... sun The hive is intermitting Its ... run Steel bugs along the highways Skylines of towers ... IN SUNRAYS AGED SOULS GO TO THE SKY WHILE NEWBORN ONES ARE

Nightcore - The living tombstone - i got no time ( fnaf 4.. lyrics

memories Of my friends who they used to be Beside me before ... know this is I know this is the truth Cause I've been ... at my death so many times These scary monsters roaming in the halls I wish I could just

Sinister - The living sacrifice lyrics

remain Existence, trial of the upper hell Obedience ... exhuming bodies from the earth An eye for an eye ... makes the world blind The self indulgent, now tangled

Bokor - The island of st: menée (beach of the living .. lyrics

fare is one dollar a ritual The fare is one dollar a ritual ... Paid in advance From the tall ships of old Europe, to the cruisers of today They've ... on display Wild dreams in the pitch black nights, the fever

Jeremy Camp - Living word lyrics

this life there is one guarantee This ... will only leave me empty But there’s a life that healed my ... apart I will stand on the truth In the living word of

Grieves - Breath of air lyrics

for a heart Laid it on the table in the living room And ... rummaged through the parts The child in me is running ... through the yard While the man that I'm supposed to be

Iniquity - The bullet's breath lyrics

quot;F*** the world" is what he said ... And the bullet went straight through ... full of life Death feeds the living Death breeds the living ... flesh and dirt Death feeds the living Death breeds the living Crisp and leathery as the

Flogging Molly - May the living be dead (in our wake) lyrics

her name was Marie From the banks of the Lee With the ... seen Her hair like ripples They danced with the tide As our ... hearts washed away to the sea Was she sent down from the heavens above Her breath

Aborym - The factory of death lyrics

lays in your sleep You eat the bullshit seven days a week The real owners of the world ... smacking god with the 8-finger devil's hand And ... tell me who's gaining from the anguish and sorrow Doctrines

No Use For A Name - Night of the living living lyrics

when everybody's Hiding the truth An eternal quest for ... some happiness is there anything we Won't screw? ... eventually you'll work Up the nerve To abandon your herd

Grinder - Dawn for the living lyrics

the masses crying out When the dream of freedom was torn ... apart Blinded believers gathered on The night we knew ... insainty had won The force of hate was moving their hands When the darkness of

Aesma Daeva - The camp of souls lyrics

white canoe, like the silvery air O'er the River ... Death that darkly rolls When the moons of the world are round ... and fair, I paddle back from the 'Camp of Souls.' When the

Mercyful Fate - Doomed by the living dead lyrics

m back again, back in the evil night And you're ... waiting, doomed by the living dead Flames are rising, can ... t you see you're dying The wolves are howlin', a baby's

Inkubus Sukkubus - Live to hate the living fear the dead lyrics

loved us freely We're just the same, Why can't you see that ... Don't fear our love And the power to endure Don't fear ... our hearts, Though they're still, they are pure Don

E-dubble - The in between lyrics

with my friends And watch the girls ride the subs Cuz' their boys are just treble But the bass can make them come And ... hour, freestyle session In the cipher with my sidecup Pabs

Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - The day you took my breath lyrics

day you took my breath when all we built broke ... inside the day you took my breath when all the earth fell down ... for me the day you took my breath the fading breath of a

Nasum - The breathing furnace lyrics

and views Burn and let the furnace breath Burn, just ... f***ing burn The breathing furnace The breathing ... furnace is you Burn and breath... Breath the new dawn air

Cloud Cult - The show starts now lyrics

physicist and the mystic say there's no such thing as time. ... so hard to find? I wanna be the guy who lives in the moment, ... what you're made of." They say we're made of chaos. I

God Dethroned - The grey race lyrics

world� A spark to start the fires of war Baring hate and ... nothingness Leaders of the realms, hiding and running ... From the mirror of death and evil I

Accuser - The conviction lyrics

of death Takes from you - living breath Thunder crashes - ... Lost in hell - no escape The loosers of the granted life, ... providence Witness of the funeral Committed crimes -

Gojira - The heaviest matter of the universe lyrics

to free Myself from this In the heart of the dark My face ... Don't know how to Reach the light But I feel so bad ... a freak in a cage Open the door Enter your heart You

Avulsed - Cult of the living dead lyrics

just a poor mortal Cult of the living dead!! Cult of the living dead!! Cult of the living ... dead!! Cult of the living dead!! He's not dead....

Bush lyricsBush - Land of the living lyrics

found myself in another world i found myself ... alive and well i am the vapor i am the gas you be ... of everything this is the land of the living this is the land of reprisal this is the land of the living the living the living i lost

Snow White's Poison Bite - Let's get dead with the living dead lyrics

You're my target practice at the shooting rainge But I will ... you know I will Take you to the cementary 'cause the morgue ... is filled Now I'm in the graveyard with the living

Calabrese - Ride with the living dead lyrics

s a riot in the burlesque tent, Jaded women ... men. Untamed passion of the trailer park, Rocket city ... and a lustful heart, The grinning death hunts tonight.

Mnemic - The eye on your back lyrics

bored, bored, I'm waiting for the last breath I'm waiting for the last breath, for the last breath I'm with you, you'd better ... see how long you can hold you breath now Let me see, determine

After Forever - Living shields lyrics

Paralyzed and naked They are children running for their lives Lives are taken ... Terrorists mistaken for they use the young ones As ... refined living shields Pain and deep fear

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - The comedown lyrics

Just like a pack of wolves. The skies were once paved with ... gold, now they rain on us all. I've made ... go on like this. Just like the living dead (yeah), I've got

Have Mercy - Living dead lyrics

t think we would still be there All nighters and our minds ... I would And if I stay then will you stay? I know you ... Talks and sleep in each others arms No big plans, just

Plain White T's - Land of the living lyrics

t to say that it's not on their minds Maybe it would be ... wise for you to be in the room next time (To join the ... land of the living) And what if you fall? Ain

Smash Into Pieces - Save it for the living lyrics

I guess I'm dead All of the pain gone Think I'm a ghost ... I want you to be strong Let the show go on Don't sacrifice the rest of your life missing me

Dagoba - Oblivion is for the living lyrics

alone in the shade No color and no sound ... s den Oblivion is for the living! Oblivion is for the living! ... you meant to be we you can't breathe anymore When everything's

Delain - Chrysalis - the last breath lyrics

are you in there? Don't you remember me? ... oldest friend Are you in there? Don't you remember How I ... ve always been The one who cared? When no one

Heffron Drive - Living room lyrics

painting Painting the living room When we were building a ... must have been dreaming Or breathing in the fumes Cause now we ... Hoping you would read them Can you tell me, are they

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