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Peter, Paul And Mary - Would you like to learn to dance lyrics

you like to learn to dance? Well I can show you how Gotta book here, all you ... need to know We can draw the arthur murray patterns right ... here on the floor. All ya have to do is

Joan Armatrading - Would you like to dance lyrics

you And I don't know What to do Should I try to meet You after work By coincidence ... Should I make a beeline To your door ring your bell Ask

Lauren Aquilina - How would you like it? lyrics

said that you could make a fool of me? And ... not even here Who said that you decide how I feel? Who ... Have you got blood running through your veins? Do you feel love and

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - How do you speak to an angel? lyrics

son who is cursed with a harridan mother ... Or a weak simpering father at best Is raised to play ... out the timeless classical motives ... Of filial love and incest How does he speak to a How does

N-sync - The game is over lyrics

over, game The game is over Game over, game You ... game Oh yeah Oh yeah You lose Invincible, is what you think you are But you're ... just so typical Though you think that you're a star You

Hello Venus - Would you like some tea? ( 차 마실래?) lyrics

listen up! Where you at now? You ready to tell me ... Stupid Boy!! Silly Boy!! deo isang gidaril su eobseo ... butakhalgeyo Hey, boy listen! neowa gatdeon geu kape

Oi Polloi - The earth is our mother lyrics

can you buy or sell the sky? The warmth of the land? The idea is strange to us. If ... we do not own the freshness of the air And the sparkle of the water How can

Dream Theater - The count of tuscany lyrics

years ago In a foreign town Far away from home I met the Count of Tuscany A young ... man Bred from royal blood Took me for a ride Across the ... open country side Get into my car Let's go for a drive

Darius - How do you like it lyrics

I'm not sure If go means stop or not And I need more Of ... what you're really feeling Cause ... t so appealing I'm confused You're hot but you're not sweatin

Barathrum - Would you sleep with the demon? lyrics

you sleep with the demon? Would you like to be possessed? Would you give your hand for the ... seducer? Would you sleep with the demon? Just ... try to imagine arriving shape from the dark tresspassing into your

Ed Sheeran lyricsEd Sheeran - How would you feel (paean) lyrics

are the one, girl You know that it's true I'm ... feeling younger Every time that I'm ... alone with you We were sitting in a ... parked car Stealing kisses in a front yard We got

Blessed By A Broken Heart - The devil is the don lyrics

far too long I have sailed through the oceans of sorrow Uknowing of ... where I would fail next Uknowing of my ... failures to come Come in different ... different shades But through the fog that blinded me I saw a

The Kooks - How'd you like that lyrics

lifting Always higher And the women of heaven sang They ... were singing How'd you like that? How'd you like that? How'd you like that? How'd you

Clique Girlz - How do you like me so far? lyrics

do you like me so far? (So far, so far, ... so far) How do you like me so far? (So far, so far, ... on, hair pulled back, very misleading. I'm not the girl, you trought I was you got no

Dean Martin - How do you like lyrics

H) How do you like your eggs in the morning (D) I like mine with a kiss (H) Boiled ... or fried (D) I'm satisfied as long as I get my kiss ... (H) How do you like your toast in the morning (H) I like

Toby Keith - How do you like me now lyrics

was always the crazy one I broke into the ... stadium And I wrote your number on the 50 yard line You were always the perfect one ... And the valadictorian so Under your number I

Pet Shop Boys lyricsPet Shop Boys - How can you expect to be taken seriously lyrics

stage, and everyone's agreed You're the brightest hope by far ... that anyone can see So when you take the limelight you can ... guarantee You're gaining fame and claiming

Meat Puppets - The mighty zero lyrics

sides of curves You call it round It's saying ... finger But it's working all the time Got to know it well ... on my mind Hidden between the lines The unsung hero

Jefferson Airplane - The other side of this life lyrics

you like to know a secret just between you and me I don't know where I ... who I'm gonna be But that's the other side of this life I've ... been leading That's the other side of this life. Well

Loverboy - The kid is hot tonite lyrics

way And we hope it's here to stay We'll have to wait and ... see if it's half of what they say We heard he opened up ... a brand new door Well you know that's what I'm lookin'

Agathocles - The aim is the same lyrics

divisions between movements who ... are fighting for the same change divide and ... conquer, is the game the way the capitalists are playing the ... game we should stick, stick together 'cause the aim is the

Charlie Straight - How do you like my earrings? lyrics

All my friends are in love They've been talking about her They've been trying to find her ... in love I'm only waiting for the train Sorry for such a long

Heights - How do you talk to an angel lyrics

In My Soul I Don't Know Where To Start Tell Me Tell Me The ... Words To Define The Way I Fell About Someone So ... Fine How Do You Talk To An Angel How Do You Hold Her

Goldstreet Worship - The battle is the lords' lyrics

Battle Is The lords' Vs1 Shout Hosanna The ... fight is the lords’ The blood of Jesus avails Shout ... hosanna The victory is ours For the power of God at ... work Vs2 Shout Hosanna The Lord is the Captain His

Dean Martin - How do you speak to an angel lyrics

do you speak to an angel I'm completely in the dark When you know that you ... ve just met an angel Is there a proper remark We were ... Why was I lost in a cloud Do you speak to an angel in a whisper Or do you just say I love

Peter, Paul And Mary - The other side of this life lyrics

you like to know a secret, just between you and me. I don't know where I ... m gonna be. But that's another side to this life, I've been ... leadin', But that's another side to this life. I

The Dreadnoughts - The cruel wars lyrics

sergeant came our way To an inn nearby at the close of ... day He said young Johnny you're a fine young man Would you like to march along behind a ... cocked hat, And a musket at your shoulder, The shilling he took and he kissed the book, Oh

Etta James - How do you speak to an angel lyrics

do you speak to an angel? I'm completely in the dark When you know that you ... ve just met an angel Is there a proper remark? We were ... was I lost in a cloud? Do you speak to an angel in a whisper Or do you just say I love

Case Studies - You say to me, you never have to ask lyrics

all alone now. No one else is listening in. Lay back in my ... arms. The first time I saw you I wanted to hold you. I ... wanted to kiss you. Can I kiss you now? You say to me,

Chomp Chomp Attack - How do you like me now lyrics

tried to stand in my way Pushing me, ... pushing me to fail Nothing was good enough ... for you Now the tables have turned And it's your lesson learned How does it

Raised By Swans - The past is the prey lyrics

you promised me, then you led us deeper, into the ... trees. And looped the trail, where it traced the ... thin air, when you track the old days, remember the game.

Sodom - The saw is the law lyrics

taint with blood Signed his path of death Trace him to the place of fright Searching ... for his daily bread When midnight ... around Be warned because he is out of sight What carnal

Lux Occulta - The kingdom is mine lyrics

you pushed my body into the mud you turned my head into ... stone you broke my wings remember? you ... turned my limbs into snaketails you've forgotten ... about my existence ha! you fool! you've forgotten me!

Magic! - How do you want to be remembered lyrics

do you want to be remembered? As a sinner ... or a villain? Think about the steps you take How do you ... want to be remembered When they're standing at your grave?

Smashing Pumpkins lyricsSmashing Pumpkins - The beginning is the end is the beginning lyrics

a heartbeat to The void that cries through you ... Relive the pictures that have come to ... pass For now we stand alone The world is lost and blown And ... we are flesh and blood disintegrate With no more to

Galadriel - The grave is the last lyrics

: They appointed their words for the truth Which ... everyone must to take for own When (the) mind ... (will) rise against their arogance Then (the) body ... will leave (the) world in the flames I hail you all down

Illnath - The blood is the almighty sin lyrics

sun is setting And night comes ... crawling back Out of the shadows deep Comes a ... creature of the night And now the stars are ... shining bright Hunting the innocent He draws their

Kiss - Wouldn't you like to know me lyrics

lonely but I feel alright You got another baby, hold him ... tight, you know You been pushin' and you won't ... get me tonight I've been your lover, but I'm not your fool

Ayreon - The truth is in here lyrics

black as night Plagued by visions of a future world (Mr L, ... did you take your meds?) I sang about these ... dreams Warning man of his demise Wasted words that no one

Sanctuary - The world is wired lyrics

am I supposed to be? Is this the trial? Self-deprecation ... leads to denial Can you hear the message overplayed As they ... hide behind the sun? Can you feel the future preordained

Gordon Lightfoot - The soul is the rock lyrics

soul is the rock and the rock will not be moved ... Nothing is disputed, yet nothing is disproved And the seeds of the ... yield a better harvest than the rock was prone to grow Say

Yolanda Adams - The battle is the lords lyrics

All things work according to His perfect will No matter ... what you're going through Remember ... God is using You For the battle is not yours It's the ... Lord's There's no sadness Jesus can't

Ian Dury & The Blockheads - The sky's the limit lyrics

Sky's The Limit The sky's the limit The sky's the limit The ... sky's the limit The sky's the limit Oi, grandad, here's lead in your pencil Hey, Granny here's

Katy B - Sky´s the limit lyrics

day you say you care but I don’t feel the ... love Raining down on me I would try so hard to please you but ... wasn’t good enough Somehow I knew I’d never be So I

Real Mccoy - The sky is the limit lyrics

re gonna take all the ground We're gonna take all the ground The sky is the limit, ... The sky is the limit The sky is the limit, The sky is the limit The sky is the limit, And we

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - The sky is the limit lyrics

Jason Derulo Yeahh Like a shot, to my heart. When i ... saw, you tonight. Like a dream, come alive for the ... very first time. When we touch, in the dark. Baby you,

Dj Antoine - Sky is the limit lyrics

is coming up over the hill I can hardly sits there ... I got the will and I'll find a way I'm ... not afraid Waited for the chance all over my Life I ... can't watch it go by now is the time It's your choice to

David Morales - How would u feel lyrics

you feel you're in a dream? Is it real or hardly what it ... seems? Can your heart decide again? Do you ... stay or burn me in your flames? Do you wanna ... it last forever? Was it what you imagined Or did it feel like

Dagoba - The day after the apocalypse lyrics

guilty passed away Long live the king of the wasteland This is the story of a dead man No ... doom for the downward No more peace, no ... more war The sky ain't the limit The sun won't shine indeed

The Damned - The limit club lyrics

a dream oh was it true I saw the sun set low on you In a ... night solo shadow plays Into the world we started to run Like bullets from a gun With ... passion and desire Like two burning balls of fire

Mechina - The world we lost lyrics

quot; "Welcome. How can I assist you? Message ... network selected. Would you like to review this message before ... 31st, 2154. I'm relaying this message to any inhabitants of

Melissa Etheridge - How would i know lyrics

say you don't feel like yourself Does that mean you're ... somebody else How would I know Oh you say you just ... don't feel quite right today Does that mean that you

Cradle Of Filth - The death of love lyrics

sighs called softly on the kindling wind Her saintly ... lifting with truth And then a golden flash like the ... breaking my heart And in the grip of fire I knew the death

Sirenia - On the wane lyrics

you live a lie? Are you lost in life? On the wane tonight like every night ... Do you live a lie? Would you like to try? In this world ... of vainly missions I'm a god of

Benzino - Would you lyrics

Un hun, un hun-un [Jadakiss] Yo, yeah, aiyyo We can do ... whatever you want to, I promise Fight, play razor tag or ... lamas I'm two guns up over the roof Hopin at least one hit your upper gums over your tooth

Blaqk Audio - Where would you like them left? lyrics

s just a matter of taste. I wish we were not misplaced. You ... only quote these lines, But I'll be fine. ... for me as I have stripped for you. We've got nothing to hide

Jem - How you would like it lyrics

on your clothes, I know what’s underneath You think you’re separate from ... everyone, but it’s just from yourself Without all the colors ... in the world, there’d be no picture We are

Ocean Colour Scene - How about you lyrics

I find all my world is slowly turning blue How about ... I walk around with my head in the sky and it is blue How about you? Today I find that all the ... things I held so high Are in the ground I don't know why I don

Shaggy - Would you be lyrics

..... Baby I hope you dun get offended in anyway ya ... know But your beauty is so Magnificent I'm just ... tempted to touch ya know Yo bebe jus a

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