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Kym Marsh - Shine on me lyrics

Shine on me) If you look at me you'll see an ordinary girl ... Everybody wants to find someone to light the way Wanna ... find that someone who can turn night in to day

Hillsong Kids - Shine on me lyrics

I'm found by You Here in the stillness Knowing that You ... are God Your surrounds me Taking away all fear In my ... salvation Jesus I know that You're ... here with me So let Your eyes look for me And let Your face shine on me And may You hear my heart song I just want to worship You

Hutchinson Eric - Shine on me lyrics

shine on me one last time. Inspire me by design. Let ... all the stars align. I begin to see the glory and stand. Stand in the hot white sand. See where the gods began. Let em all hear me. If it's ever gonna happen,

Mental Discipline - Shine on me (feat. alpha point) lyrics

left behind Nothing but the misery inside All I know is ... just one thing for sure I don't wanna bear it anymore ... You could be the one to get me out From the claws of

12 Stones - Shine on me lyrics

spell on me is so contagious We’re you sent here ... to save me Somehow it feels so right I back ... In my head, in my head The darkness waits for another

The Hollies - Shine on me lyrics

at us, we've come so far Every road travelled ... we rise and fall We sail on, through the storm, So ... in my life Every precious moment has a sacrifice There were

Hit-5 - Shine on me lyrics

re chasin the sun, It's getting low And ... weolcome the night, Cause we're ready to ... go Just turn up the magic, Get U body move it ... OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH OH U SHINE ON ME (x2) Juguang deng

Ronnie Drew - The humour is on me now lyrics

I went out one morning it being the month ... of May A farmer and his daughter I spied upon me way The girl sat down ... quite calmly to the milking of her cow Saying I

Jamie's Elsewhere - The lighthouse lyrics

ever told the sun to wake And who ever ... told the moon To clutch the sea? Did the sun ever say ... back Master I refuse to shine? Did the moon ever refuse

Da Buzz - Your love will shine on me lyrics

shine on me To shine on me Shine on me To shine on me Shine on me I wanna tell you I want ... a flower I wanna give you the world I wanna dream this

Humble Pie - Shine on lyrics

it hard to see you in the dark I looked around, you ... were beside me Don't you realize it's hard to ... your helping hard to guide me This could be the one, if

Rascal Flatts - Shine on lyrics

man But you picked up the pieces of my heart in your ... hand Then you came and showed to me love's second chance Shine on, shine on, shine on me Whenever something's missing You're

Badfinger - Shine on lyrics

on, shine on me All I know is now I want you ... close to me I can't really tell you what ... the future's gonna be Just for now, little ... lady, shine on me Lean on, lean on me Something tells me that's the way it's gotta be

Kenny Rogers - Shine on ruby mountain lyrics

on Ruby mountain From the valley to the sea Shine on ... Ruby mountain Shine your sweet love down on me ... has a sunset when my baby comes around I believe we've got

Bellarive - Shine on lyrics

ve been wrapped up in the darkness Struck lame from ... making these crutches Breathless, ... starvation has sunk in Anxious, just ... arise For Your glory has come Your glory has come We will

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Shine on lyrics

down I tried to rise and shine I didn't feel so good I ... prayed for extra time And I could see a light ... breaking through the night shining down on me

Tony Bennett - This time the dream's on me lyrics

my hand And you'll look at me adoringly But as things ... stand This time the dream's on me It would be fun To be ... certain that I'm the one To know that I, at last

Harry Connick Jr. - This time the dream's on me lyrics

someday We’ll be close together, wait and see Oh, by the ... way, this time the dream’s on me You’ll take my hand And ... you’ll look at me adoringly But as things

Reel Big Fish - The jokes on me lyrics

no fun Im not sorry that they're gone I don't miss them ... and I won't miss them and it was always wrong ... Everything I've ever done From the beginning and to the ending and things never got

Paul Mccartney - Light from your lighthouse lyrics

the sky is filled up With stones and heavy rain And trouble ... starts sliding Across the way It's hard for me to see ... leave it all behind Let it shine on Let it shine on Let the

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - The well and the lighthouse lyrics

m serving time All for a crime I did commit You want the ... Left for dead Heaven is only in my head! I heard a ... Calling from down inside the well "See that silver shine?" She said to come

Laura Jansen - The lighthouse lyrics

we turn The monster's sure to follow They ... scratch at the door They'll eat us all alive Meet me in the dark We'll run for the horizon Go! Leave

David Byrne - The lighthouse lyrics

high- and low Underneath the waves Where they hit the ... rocky shore Out by the lighthouse Heard nature say I'm ... sorry- for stones and trees down below for

Kolohe Kai - The lighthouse lyrics

headed for the storm dont wanna drift that way im lost ... at sea somethings got in me everyday but you cant stop me ... from coming back home cause im sick and tired of

Interpol - The lighthouse lyrics

s the place that's said to break ... It's just as safe from the outside tonight And I want ... that I face the storms at the tides From the lighthouse

Pulled Apart By Horses - The lighthouse lyrics

can't stop I can't stop The uncontrollable urge to slip a ... thought into this wire frame enterprise with bodies left

Icf Worship - Lighthouse (holding on) lyrics

Verse 1] You’re my lighthouse In the raging storm Through ... You offer refuge Draw me to Your shore Where I find ... are my hope You are my stronghold The silver lining in the sky You are with me You will

Passion Fruit - Shine on lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Shine on lyrics

we're to be the light That shines for all of man Then how can ... we light the way If we don't go to them I believe to ... know God's heart Is to meet them where they are Won't you shine on Won't you shine on You can

Ryan Cabrera - Shine on lyrics

given every moment I had still I can never ... to keep up with you you´re done with one mile and on to another one thousend still I could ... you´ll be better off without me when I´m gone you know

Britny Fox - Shine on lyrics

s a place where souls live on forever There's a time where ... we all Rest together, oh, sometime Feeling better, living ... better Yeah, I see the lights There's a place where

The Kooks - Shine on lyrics

pins holding up the things that make you mine. ... care, You look beautiful all the time. Shine, shine, shine on! Yes. Won't you shine, shine on? Your magazines, with

Doro Pesch - Shine on lyrics

later that night when I got the news I couldn Heard somebody say that you drove that ... eyes We were standing, no one spoke Now we gotta move on ... you And your soul will live on too And forever it And

Apoptygma Berzerk - Shine on lyrics

a garden in the house of love, sitting lonely ... on a plastic chair The sun is cruel when he hides ... Little Jesus are you watching me, I'm so young - just eighteen

B. J. Thomas - Shine on lyrics

the fire Hold it higher There's a world that wants so ... much to see And in the night You're alive Go on ... and be what you were meant to be Go ahead and shine on In the night You gotta shine on Be a light You need to shine on How the world could use

Annie Haslam - Shine lyrics

I was lonely, living in dreams (Shine shine shine shine) Found my heart ... open now shine on me Into my open heart like the ... sun shines Into my open soul like the

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond (parts 6-9) lyrics

are, how near or how far Shine on you crazy diamond Pile on many more layers and I'll be ... joining you there Shine on you crazy diamond And we'll

Argent - Shine on sunshine lyrics

reminds me of the breath of summer sun That ... breaks the cool daylight when morning ... has begun So shine on sunshine, paint my life of grey So shine on sunshine, warm my life

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The sun will shine on you lyrics

days you feel like, a big confusion There's nothing real ... and your life is an illusion Some days you feel like, the ... situation Is stronger then your wild imagination

Gamma Ray - Shine on lyrics

drive, we drive, we're riding on through the universe We've ... come to reach our destination planet earth We come, we ... spaceships, shooting 'cross the sky We explore and we all

Mikey Wax - Shine on lyrics

was cold in the dark so cold as i laid up alone not a match i could spark, ... a match or a friend i could phone come on shine little girl, ... come shine and take me far away ain't it wonderful to see the grand design

Bethel Music - Shine on us lyrics

was stumbling in the darkness Couldn't see my ... hand in front of me I was sending up an SOS ... When all was lost, You came running Nowhere to go, ... nowhere to hide You sent the shadows scattering When

James Blunt - Shine on lyrics

your eyes. In your eyes. Same old moves for a new romance. ... I could use the same old lies, but I'll sing, Shine on, just, shine on! Close ... your eyes and they'll all be gone. They can scream and shout

Electric Light Orchestra - The sun will shine on you lyrics

fall You got to turn From the darkness And go through it ... all Just remember That it’s alright It’s ... alright to be true And the sun will shine On you You

Josh Wilson - Shine on us lyrics

at night At ten o’clock it comes alive There’s 20 million ... people, then there’s me A taxi driver every day A ... looking for a way to find some peace But finding peace

Needtobreathe - Shine on lyrics

between the end And the point where we begin There's ... s found it's way to dim When the feeling's gone... Shine on ... Shine on and onto something new its long and overdue

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond (parts 1-5) lyrics

were young? (Hahaha) You shone like the sun Shine on you ... crazy diamond Now there's a look in your eyes, ... like black holes in the sky Shine on you crazy diamond You were caught on the

Pink Floyd lyricsPink Floyd - Shine on you crazy diamond (parts 1-9) lyrics

were young? (Hahaha) You shone like the sun Shine on you ... crazy diamond Now there's a look in your eyes, ... like black holes in the sky Shine on you crazy diamond You were caught on the

Freedom Call - Shine on lyrics

was born, forever young Alone in virgin' s hands A son ... Raised in a holy land, alone A star shined on a ... thousand nights Diamond in the sky Freedom for us all

Brenda Lee - Shine on lyrics

ll never grace the pages of any magazines And ... are you'll never see him on the silver screen But, he's by ... far the biggest star, the world will never see But, he

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Love is all (shine your light on me) lyrics

is all around you Love is there in your laughter In your ... Love is older than you But the light shining through Makes me see Your love is all new.

Alcazar - Shine on lyrics

on Shine among the stars Heaven sent an angel The heaven where you are Shine on Brighten up the sky Tell the world I'm coming I'll follow ... you up high Lost on the oceans Across the raging sea

Alcazar - Shine on 1 lyrics

on Shine among the stars Heaven sent an angel The heaven where you are Shine on Brighten up the sky Tell the world I'm coming I follow ... you up high Lost on the ocean Across the raging sea

The Amity Affliction - Shine on lyrics

it (lifts us up) So when the last light fades Shine on Shine on young love you hold my ... hands and I'll hold yours then life won't feel so wrong I

Crystal Ball - Shine on lyrics

the beginning Couldn’t trust the words It took me by surprise ... The cross you’ve got to bear Is ... a heavy load Don’t stop fighting – today Shine onshine on Like a star in

Hilary Duff lyricsHilary Duff - Shine lyrics

m ten feet under Till you come along and brighten my day ... Everyone knows that you kill the thunder The roaring in my ... brain You've given me the strength To see you right

Electric Light Orchestra - Shine a little love lyrics

the things you've done I wouldn't criticize I ... foolish thing to say But it don't matter, baby 'cause today ... s another day You shine a little love on my life You

George Jones - Shine on lyrics

ll never grace the centerfold of Playboy ... are you'll never see her on the silver screen She's by far the biggest star the world will ... never see But she don't shine for the rest of the world

Lamar - Shine (david's song) lyrics

yeah Let your lovelight shine, let it shine Refrain: ... Let your lovelight shine on me Shine throughout eternity ... Let your lovelight shine on me Let your lovelight shine on me Shine throughout the world

Mean Streak - Shine on lyrics

it's time to leave Time to break away The curtain ... falls The lights are slowly fading down ... No matter how hard we tried The flame flickered and died Shine on, we turn the page and walk

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