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Everlast - I got the knack lyrics

a beat I'm down with the Syndicate and they're down ... Terry B., DJ Lethal and my brother Kool Nick Kid Jazz, Scratch ... traight And to quote my other song, yo, I'm just out to

The Knack - Heartbeat lyrics

heartbeat why do you miss when my baby kisses me heartbeat why does a love kiss stay in my memory riddle-dee-pat and sing to me love's story reveal to me love's glory h...

The Knack - Lucinda lyrics

you You're thinking you're the number one You're king and

The Knack - Maybe tonight lyrics

maybe tonight ever since the day i saw you i was blown ... i knew i could not say all the things i had to say i was ... yes maybe tonight ever sense the day i saw you i was blown

The Knack - Oh tara lyrics

oh you squeeze my heart and then you let it go ooh tara my ... know what you've done to me the agony and the ecstasy ooh ... t expect you to understand the thrill i feel when i hold

The Knack - Good girls don't lyrics

I do So you call her on the phone To talk about the ... t be coming home till late There's a ringing in your brain ... you're waiting till you think the time is right 'Cause you've

The Knack - Let mi out lyrics

baby maybe be where i belong The time is right for stepping ... out in the light My cup is full and i ... ll be pulling the wool tonight Let me out ... out baby i'm just living for the band It's getting tighter

Hammerfall - My sharona (the knack cover) lyrics

motor run. Gun it comin' off the line Sharona Never gonna ... mind. Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind. ... gets to me Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona

The Knack - Frustrated lyrics

just as you're turning down the light she's gonna take you ... by the hand lead you to the promised land she'll make ... fold you she'll be pulling the string but she'll tie it in

The Knack - My sharona lyrics

run. Gun it comin' off the line Sharona Never gonna ... mind. Always get it up for the touch of the younger kind. ... gets to me Running down the length of my thighs, Sharona

The Knack - Siamise twins lyrics

free He's making me strange The monkey and me Sits on my ... me It's time for a change The monkey and me Starlight, ... star tonight Wish my brother was no longer Cut deep,

The Knack - Your number or your name lyrics

name Caught a glimpse in the subway But you weren't going ... my way You were lost in the rumble of the train In the ... rush of the city You were standing so

The Knack - Don't look back lyrics

my back wheel spinnin' in the dirt Angel makes up her face ... street Won't you straddle the shifter in my front seat There's nothing to lose, it's a ... heartbreak, the deck's stacked Just put your

The Knack - That's what the little girls do lyrics

s what the little girls do To you, to ... you Oh, that's what the little girls do To you, to ... hold her tight Whisper in the night Tell her she's the one

The Knack - She's so selfish lyrics

plays her game she got the style and the class and she ... knows her name she got the smile and the ass and the ... way when she takes you by the short hairs it's the only

The Knack - The feeling i get lyrics

be what i am and to be what they want me to be i die a ... time you sigh you don't see the future i see and the feeling ... you think it can last if they'd quit messing 'round with the speed and when i slip and i

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - The loco-motion lyrics

new dance now (c'mon baby do the loco-motion) I know you'll ... a chance now (c'mon baby do the loco-motion) My little baby ... c's So come on, come on, Do the loco-motion with me You

Indigo Girls - The hard way lyrics

show a little spark show the things that drew me to you ... we're wide awake you know the world won't stop and actions ... everything we got we got the hard way show a little

Lloyd - The bold black and tan lyrics

Macpherson, "l give you the sack, To uphold law and order ... you haven't the knack, I'll send over Greenwood, a ... stronger man, And fill up the Green Isle with the bold

Grand Funk Railroad - The loco-motion lyrics

dance now (Come on baby, do the Loco-Motion) I know you'll ... chance now (Come on baby, do the Loco-Motion) My little ... So, come on, come on And do the Loco-Motion with me You've

The Knack - The hard way lyrics

'Cos you're gonna find out the hard wa (You can take the ... hard way) You can take the hard way (You can take the ... come around and Slap you in the face You can run back the

The Knack - Everything i do lyrics

her sad if i say i love her then it just makes her mad ... in two when i hear her sigh there is nothing worse than to ... unhappy love can't replace the love that she had so

The Knack - I'll be your mau mau lyrics

me are gonna get down raise the dead Screaming like I got a

The Knack - Just wait and see lyrics

will tell you anything for the things you bring cars and ... what you do she won't be there for you when she sees

The Knack - Love is all there is lyrics

you'll know love is all there is love is all love is ... all there is i'm here to catch you ... you'll know love is all there is love is all love is ... all there is i'm here to catch you

The Knack - Radiating love lyrics

of your shoes and dive in The water is nice here Please ... time It'll be clear it'll be there Blow your mind I'll be ... Your grand illusion The perfect present from above

The Knack - (havin' a) rave up lyrics

ve had enough not a girl in the world ever touch your stuff

The Knack - Hold on tight and don't let go lyrics

kiss me when you turn out the lights you gotta hold on

The Knack - How can love hurt so much lyrics

that don't come true when the magic's over what can you do ... love her why can't it be another would it be easier with you

The Knack - It's you lyrics

oh i don't care if he's there on the weekend (just a ... no i don't (just a little farther) i can take you places that

The Knack - Let's get lost lyrics

way ticket don't wanna know the way back it's just a jones ... s back in black she rides the blood red rocket she mumbles

The Knack - We are waiting lyrics

let us into your soul it's the least we can do we are ... let us into your home it's the least you can do we are

The Knack - Mr.handleman lyrics

in a paradise you're not the first and you will never come ... last but the natives are restless so you

The Knack - Rocket o'love lyrics

Shake down grove on in the machine Chorus: I'm a ... Bring your thing down on the town Shotgun, shine your ... of love - Take me. Ride on the Rocket of Love

The Knack - Doin' the dog lyrics

m-my my oh m-my my give the dog a bone or i believe he's ... hold that hound he's out of the pound sit up and get down

The Knack - River of sighs lyrics

it want it so bad yeah there's a feeling that will heal ... all right let it take you to the light it's only love the ... s shaking me it's only love the look in your eyes only love,

The Knack - Serious fun lyrics

hemingway and nietsche say there has to be a better way to ... it's time to change 'cause the time has come for serious ... a bitch man but knowledge is the gift no it isn't heavy metal

The Knack - Good enough lyrics

places secret phases of the moon your love chases and ... erases the gloom that's good enough ... you shouldn't have given away the key that's good enough good

The Knack - I want ya lyrics

far from dry true love shows the way i tried unsatisfied to ... it hurts why won't you say the words and if you won't ... can't you feel me tremble at the touch of your skin gimme

The Knack - Terrie and julie step out lyrics

in a psychedelic style don't the sixties seem like a lovely ... to trip and glide you're on the other side of anywhere don't ... you know it's just another show no matter where you go

The Knack - Girl i never lied to you lyrics

up the pieces They're shattered all around me ... But I wish I had I hear there's people talking I know ... just what they're saying You read it in a ... to do was lie Picking up the pieces To put them back together I never meant to hurt you

The Knack - Africa lyrics

and you hear a sound from another room air disturbed with a ... t be sure 'til you open up the door open up the door ... away so you steal away and the light is low and it

The Knack - Another lousy day in paradise lyrics

it's going out of style another lousy day in paradise another party girl'll pay the price ... her dormant dreams another lousy day in paradise another way to set your soul on ice

The Knack - Art war lyrics

s really gone soft in the brain now dali just wants to ... pain now art's just another distraction like tv ... t go away bourgeois what's the deal don't want no dada no

The Knack - Disillusion town lyrics

hearing a brand new sound As the walls are coming down In ... disillusion town Grant me the presence to give Teach me the lessons to live Find me a ... when heaven is all around Then we'll bring the curtain down

The Knack - I want love lyrics

love i want i don't want the keys to the kingdom and i ... pure shot sent straight from the heart and it's growing and ... soon it's too much baby soothe my soul ooh take it down the

The Knack - Les girls lyrics

Sweet-smelling perfume fills the air Sitting in some small ... cafй With the women all just waiting there ... streaks of blonde Shimmer in their shining hair Sipping wine

The Knack - Baby talks dirty lyrics

to it yeah uh oh she got the savage soul oh it's only ... one is so fine she got the mouth and she got the time ... do it to it yeah oh i got the whole control oh she got the

The Knack - Can i borrow a kiss lyrics

overshy underfed boy in the summer i'll always remember ... i was a man i followed the throng out to the coast and ... interest if you'll only say the word can i borrow a kiss

The Knack - Can't put a price on love lyrics

me enough and i'll pay when the price is right but you can't ... you've said it all it's just the greatest story ever told ... right down the line ooh baby it's fine

The Knack - Pop is dead lyrics

wonder what they'll say years from now who ... all anyhow art straight from the heart piercing the gloom on ... watching tv i listened for the sound of the truth it

The Knack - Harder on you lyrics

gonna be hard on me feeling the way that i do i know it's ... confide to you will hide the tears that you'll cry there ... gonna be hard on me feeling the way that i do i know it's

The Knack - Shine on lyrics

na na na na it's a ticket to the show na na na na na it's a ... feeling in the air feel it everywhere ... you know we all shine on the light delights the day

The Knack - Soul kissin lyrics

got the natural nectar like the honey from a honey bee she ... got the genuine juice just take a ... soul kissin' she make the auto shop stop when she's

The Knack - Tell me you are mine lyrics

you go giving me the palpitation face it you're ... now you know i don't need the complication tell me you're ... now you know i don't need the aggravation tell me you're

At The Drive-in - Ticklish lyrics

up i only colored outside the lines 'cause i got the knack ... initials that were carved on the roof of my mouth only to ... bark the words of so-and-so f*** so

The Knack - Ambition lyrics

wants it who dares why bother oh yeah you're eager you're ... s throwing overboard another downtown leftout living on the second floor you're still the same just rearranged

The Knack - Body talk lyrics

has blown to pieces and the pieces have scratched the sky ... they say the very first cut's the deepest ... i know why a work of wonder the way you walk i listen to

The Knack - Boys go crazy lyrics

she's a runaround she's the heavyweight champion tease ... think you're gonna die from the pain but she knows what she ... s screwing your brain yeah the boys go crazy boys go crazy

The Knack - One day at a time lyrics

run to no one ever knows and there's a sadness in your style ... a time one step each step of the way two hearts two hearts on ... darling i remember the girl you used to be innocent

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