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The Kind Of Squeeze That Makes You Weak In The Knees lyrics

Browse for The Kind Of Squeeze That Makes You Weak In The Knees song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Kind Of Squeeze That Makes You Weak In The Knees lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Kind Of Squeeze That Makes You Weak In The Knees.

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In League - Speak now or forever lose your peace lyrics

put these embers to rest my friend. ... I watched your burning heart grow cold with every ... breath to that vacant chest. I can, I can ... relate to every fear that lurks and silently waits.

Kenny Rogers - Kind of fool love makes lyrics

can read the signs Or the writing on the wall It's all ... right there to see Except someone like ... me Who can't see the truth at all. It takes a ... special kind of fool To stand out in the rain Somewhere in between Nothing left to lose And nothing to

Led Zeppelin lyricsLed Zeppelin - The crunge lyrics

wanna tell you bout my good friend I ain´t ... disclosing no names but-- He sure is a ... good friend and! I ain´t gonna tell you where he ... comes from, no! If I tell you you wont come again! Hey! I

Brian Setzer Orchestra - That's the kind of sugar papa likes lyrics

s the kind of sugar That's the kind of sugar That's the kind of sugar papa likes I've ... been reminiscin' Can't believe what I've ... been missin' Won't you give me some of Your sweet

Nashville Cast - You're the kind of trouble ft. charles esten lyrics

I was young, I was told Try to be just ... gold Fly right, child, walk that line Keep it straight, and you'll be just fine Well, they ... t have to worry About a thing I do But you're the kind of

Hillsong Worship - The wonder of your love lyrics

inhabit the praises of Your people You delight in the ... glory of Your son In the love of the Father we will ... worship In the Kingdom of God we find our home The

Serena Ryder - Weak in the knees lyrics

you mind if I pretended we were ... somewhere else Doin' something we wanted to? 'Cause all ... this livin' makes me wanna do Is die 'cause I ... can't live with you And you don't even care. Would you mind if I pretended I was

Clan Of Xymox - Weak in my knees lyrics

walk in the wind I wallow in the mire I fall all over and its ... all yet to come Away from the boring people Away from the ... staring eyes Afraid of the burning steeple and its all

Have Mercy - Weak at the knees lyrics

called you up, just where have you been ... I'm just waiting for our lives to begin No ... one wants you the way that I want you When no one wants ... you Can you say you want me too? Why won't she

N.o.r.e. - The life of a... (gangsta) lyrics

a man One to lead his people into victory One who goes ... through time One who seen pain The one who see's the glory ... That man is I, Capone The leader, follow me They

Alison Moyet - Weak in the presence of beauty lyrics

s a long time since I saw you well you know how time ... lovers now we pass each other by. But if we're left alone ... tonight don't ask me to hold you tight. I go weak I go weak I go weak I go weak weak

Kiss - That's the kind of sugar papa likes lyrics

didn't want you, did not need you Sure wouldn't mean to kick you down You know I love you, I ... really love you Sure do wish you'd come around But you're the

Peter Criss - That's the kind of sugar papa likes lyrics

didn't want you, did not need you Sure wouldn't mean to kick you down You know I love you, I ... really love you Sure do wish you'd come ... around But you're the kind of sugar papa likes And when you do it, it drives me crazy

Famous Last Words - The dark you fear in the night lyrics

said darling it'll be okay We'll figure ... me with those condescending words you spew Your point of view is filtered through your ... ignorance I'm caving in! I try to speak but I'm feeling weak So I collapse down to

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Secrets that she keeps lyrics

move all right, I got the wheels going round, making ... ways in the night. yea we're movin' all ... right, wipin' the rain from the ground and the pale from the

Ruff Endz - I'm not just saying that, i'm feeling that lyrics

intro] There are times when i look at you I realize i'm blessed as a ... man To have you in my life 1 - oh, there are ... times when i look at you I acknowledge that you are the most beautiful love For view

Patty Loveless - That's the kind of mood i'm in lyrics

ya what we're in a rut, We're in a deep rut. ... to drive away, fly away, Find a way to get away. We need ... a break from the same old thing of nothin' new. Want to

The Monkees - The kind of girl i could love lyrics

you look mighty good to me And I ... know that you've got to be The kind of girl I could love You've got the sweetest pair of ... eyes And your kiss would be paradise You

John Cougar Mellencamp - The kind of fella i am lyrics

I don't like it when I see your eyes dartin' Back and forth ... across the room And I don't like it ... when I see you doin' dances Baby that I ain't ... used to But that's the kind of fella I am That's the kind of fella I am I'm a jealous

Pillar - You are not the end lyrics

time and a place Another slap in the face And I don ... what it takes To be loved by you Another shot in the dark ... And now it's falling apart But I won't let my

Dusty Springfield - That's the kind of love i've got for you lyrics

a mountain high to a valley low ... Stronger than the strongest and even more Running deep, as deep can go And ... can even turn your darkest clouds to falling

Eruption ( Slovenia ) - The sands of time lyrics

are all caught in the sands of time No one can ever escape ... Whatever we do the end is the same We die we are turned ... born we start to die Such is the nature of time They say it

Gojira - The art of dying lyrics

mechanical heartbeat losing contact with the living ... TV plugged, hybrid empty brain don't see anything real in the game The tension is building ... I haven't closed my eyes in a long time Neglected

Falling In Reverse - The drug in me is you lyrics

heard a knock upon my door the other day I opened it to find death Staring in my face The feel of mortal stalking still ... Everywhere I go I drag the coffin just in case My bodies

Jace Everett - That's the kind of love i'm in lyrics

much: Hell, I wasn't really there anyway. I been lost in your arms an' your touch an' your ... kiss, Since I left you at six a.m. 'Cause that's the kinda love I'm in. That's the kinda love I'm in. I was

Jerry Reed - The likes of me lyrics

outside the rain it pours, the lightning flashes and the ... roars, and I wonder if you'de stand a better chance of ... trying to tame the elements, rather than try to

The Pierces - The power of lyrics

it was the final straw Though I never knew ... he saw Never underestimate The power of… Never ... underestimate The power of… He could bring me to my knees Though I never saw just what

Paul Simon - How can you live in the northeast lyrics

can you live in the Northeast? How can you live in the ... South? How can you build on the banks of a river When the ... flood water pours from the mouth? How can you be a

Helstar - The garden of temptation lyrics

see you wince in agony You scream in prayer but no one ... hears Get off your knees and stand by me Im here to ... cleanse you of your fears I know your hearts

Porcupine Tree - The sound of muzak lyrics

the sound of music Drifting in the aisles Elevator Prozac ... Stretching on for miles The music of the future Will not ... entertain It's only meant to repress

Aranda - The rest of my life lyrics

stumble home in the dark This waste has taken it ... s tole on me Another cut on my face that I can't ... explain Oh well what the hell Only thing that I been

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The violation lyrics

blades in dreams of terror Your fury is what you are Increasing lust of a living hate ... Again and again in a physical pain Her profanation's ready The sacrifice

Jedi Mind Tricks - The wolf lyrics

Sample] *gunshot* It's comin', it's comin' You wear a gun ... the beast 'til the end that is This is the twilight winter I am ready to be her son ... to her side! I don't need the words, I'm beyond [Verse 1

Alanis Morissette lyricsAlanis Morissette - The time of your life lyrics

there on a road that leads to anywhere Like a ... child left in the wilderness, standing there ... penniless Wanting to be the best Here's a place where ... Look at me, I'm a girl that some may preconceive Why do they try and generalize, why are they antagonizing me But somethi

Calvin Harris - The rain lyrics

s the type of girl that makes you feel better. Don't matter ... how you used to feel. She's the kinda girl that follows with the weather. And the sun brings

Lux Occulta - The birth of the race lyrics

the sinister heavens I strip the arc of moon the cosmic ... sickle starts the deicidial harvest I am the ... wheel of fortune that grinds your chest the fruit of the

Phil Ochs - The ballad of the carpenter lyrics

was a working man And a hero you will hear Born in the town of Bethlehem At the turning of the year At the turning of the ... his name For he argued with the older men And put them all

October Tide - The custodian of science lyrics

In your private fears. Held back by ... the need of control You are conducting yourself by the proper manners. Never let ... down by the cameras eye. The custodian of your science

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The curse of millhaven lyrics

live in a town called Millhaven And ... s mean and it's cold But if you come around just as the sun ... goes down You can watch the whole town turn to gold It's

Cheap Trick - The ballad of t.v. violence (i'm not the only.. lyrics

love I need some love, gimme your love Gimme your love I ... a wife I need a knife, gimme your life Gimme your life I ... fun I need a gun, (gimme your love Gimme your love) I

Pj Harvey - The ministry of social affairs lyrics

them sitting, in the rain As the sky is darkening Three lines ... of traffic are edging past The ministry of social affairs ... At a junction on the ground An amputee and a

Protest The Hero - The reign of unending terror lyrics

With conviction written In justice announced And every ... hand that feeds is bitten If it steals ... some words Are just to f***ing loud They can’t be ignored

Ayreon - The garden of emotions lyrics

the Star Towers of the Electric Castle! See how it ... embraces the sky! How insignificant the mere mortal, ... dwrfed by the majesty of its electric edifice! But

Candlemass - The bells of acheron lyrics

distant calling, A faint echo form the past The ... bells are still tolling, The message of sadness and death ... In the city of Acheron The priests burned the Book

Earth Wind And Fire - The speed of love lyrics

me I was born to be with you Your love's my center point of view, every day You can't ... me Gonna stand right next to you Until I know that I was made

Earth, Wind & Fire - The speed of love lyrics

me I was born to be with you Your love's my center point of view, every day You can't ... me Gonna stand right next to you Until I know that I was made

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - In the year of the wolf lyrics

The Year Of The Wolf, all the world smelled good, In the ... snow and the ice, all the rest was blood, In the time of the tribe, we took a ... lives, When I ran with the wolves, and the hunting was

Jason Gray - The end of me lyrics

s okay, this is just the end Don't be afraid, this is ... where it begins, oh 'Cause everything here ... had to fall apart But in the ruins of a broken heart I

Poison Girls - The price of grain and the price of blood lyrics

all talk a lot about wanting to be free Sitting in the ... last lap of luxury While some are dying ... for a handful of rice Who controls the market ... who fixes the price THE PRICE OF GRAIN AND THE PRICE

Division - In the name of honour lyrics

to foreign land, with a gun in my hand Hope I live to see nineteen, so many sights left ... unseen But the war rages on and all my ... friends have gone Now I pay the price, of child sacrifice

Icarus Witch - The ghost of xavior holmes lyrics

he sailed into the shadows of darkness He prayed to once ... again see the light of day {July, 1807} In the ... vessel's log a dying man had written; "I've

Lonewolf - The brotherhood of wolves lyrics

long time ago in the darkness of the woods Two human brothers ... were raised by the wolves One became a wizard, the other a warrior They were the keepers of the iron words

Sinister - The end of all that conquers lyrics

a million year break mankind survived in vain By the ... lack of a rich soil Only black vegs ... are obtain For there is nothing left then ... despair and an endless sight The force manipulates them &quot

Aeternam - The coronation of seth lyrics

said: In the garden of Eden I call you at my side ... death can takes me Get the seeds from the tree of life ... Back to the gates, down his father Who

Atb - The fields of love lyrics

you ever seen the fields of love? Have you ever felt the ... seeds of love? Have you ever seen the fields of love? ... Have you ever felt the seeds of love? The fields of love The fields of love The fields of love The fields of

Audiovision - The rock of my soul lyrics

can I say? It's hard to find The middle link Evil is ... up All I was sing It's time to seize the ... it is too late Ah-ah-ah! You are the Rock of My Soul! You have it all! Ah-ah-ah! You

Lemon Jelly - In the bath lyrics

do you do? What do you do in the bath? Oh, what do you do, in ... the bath? Oh, what do you do, in the bath? What do you ... do, in the bath

Anachronaeon - The essence of my becoming lyrics

woke up in the midst of a dream only to find I was ... still dreaming In cold sweat I was reminded of the deeds my father had me do to ... my brother My father was a hard man, righteous

Ashes You Leave - The inheritance of sin and shame lyrics

shine like the blinding sun With the seas weeping ... on the shores And the salt spray dashing Against the windows Your gaze lies ... distant... Where have your thoughts gone off? You

Blaze Bayley - The trace of things that have no words lyrics

can numb this pain, nothing can fill this void Nothing ... can heal this wound, nothing can hide this scar Nothing ... is what I have, nothing is all that's left Nothing

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