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The Human Race Is Becoming A Disgrace lyrics

Browse for The Human Race Is Becoming A Disgrace song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Human Race Is Becoming A Disgrace lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Human Race Is Becoming A Disgrace.

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Grief - I hate the human race lyrics

hate them all - Mankind should be erased I'll watch them fall - From the world ... they create They'll kill themselves - They control their ... own fate No stopping now - Because

Blood Label - The depravation of the human race lyrics

human nature Threatens to eliminate Every trace ... of Life There is no salvation Mankind is doomed We are responsible for our own ... destruction We are to blame To blame The depravation of the human race

Beyond Fear - The human race lyrics

me, I'm drowning slowly This world that I see, It's not the same I look around me, and ... I see pain Do I feel sorry, the answer, no I don't CHORUS

Kamelot (usa) - The human stain lyrics

the cemetery sky Carmine red and deep Watch the oceans rising high It’s the human stain ... Talk about the growing hunger Ask why with ... concern Don’t you think the human race is ceaselessly vain

Shah - Save the human race lyrics

t mind To be blind O.K! Lead me, be so kind! Tired of all this crap, bloody f***ing ... crap Beware AIDS, or you are trapped! And if you f***, ... curse and drink Believe me not,

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Lover of the human race lyrics

build it all, soon we're scaling the wall together Hard ... hearts, simple minds, no thought ... of what We're leaving behind forever more Oh ... well, I never really knew my place I was a

The Kelly Family - New morals (human race) lyrics

of our doctors I think are acting odd Cause cloning humans I do believe is playing God ... I can't believe what's happening with the animals What ... good is mass production if now we have mad cow disease Please no more,

Six Feet Under - Decomposition of the human race lyrics

hopeless, the terrified you're petrified, ... its time to die i vomit in the face of the faithful the mislead, the ignorant the ones ... who are truly dangerous decomposition of the human race a warning from

Dark Funeral - The end of human race lyrics

they come, the winged minions of the dark ... lord As black clouds, they block the light of the sun ... By their side, flies the king of the demon locusts The destroyer lord, and chosen

Mortician - Mutilation of the human race lyrics

destruction Dead and dying Painful screaming Blood is ... flowing Napalm falling War is raging Cities burning Earth is crumbling Mangled ... bodies Flesh is rotting Life is decaying

Slough Feg - The final gambit lyrics

thought you'd conquered space But now your reign is ... through Dissect the human race Until they conquer you ... Fame is now mine Even though it's ... illusion Space and now time Has just reached

Donovan - The voice of protest lyrics

human race is sleeping, half of us are weeping Ignorance is creeping, darkening our ... way No teacher is teaching, no plan is far reaching ... The Hawks of Greed are screeching, poisoning our day. As 'round and 'round and

Orange Goblin - The man who invented time lyrics

quot;I, uh, I astral project." "Ah, I ... see." "I astral project. I go other places. ... I travel in time. I'm... I'm sorry.

Autumn Leaves - The reign supreme lyrics

with distant eyes into the sky Thinking were’s my saviour? Thinking the answer ... lies above Ruined, frustration has prevailed You stand ... forsaken on the fields of self-sympathy

As I Lay Dying - The only constant is change lyrics

only constant is change. The only constant is change. Go.. ... . The human heart is born without legs, sliding back and forth, and never once ... does it truly rest, unless accompanied by death... Sliding

Sodom - The sin of sodom lyrics

plains, the human race Guilty breed, no love, ... just hate Mighty lord, holy lot Abraham, sulfer rain Sulfer rain ... A city on the desert plains Defied by human race

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - The desert is in your heart (with sophia arva.. lyrics

Part :You move the veil from your face And escape from the world that is ... oppressed when you know That the words are killing the meaning There is no reason to

Guns N' Roses lyricsGuns N' Roses - Human being lyrics

2, 3,4 Oh yeeeahh Oh yeeeeeeahh Well if ... you don't like it Go ahead find yourself a saint Go ahead now try to find a boy ... Who's gonna be what I ain't What youneed is a plastic doll With afresh coat

New York Dolls - Human being lyrics

if you don't like it Go ahead, find yourself a saint go ahead now, Try to find a boy ... who's gonna be what I ain't now what you need is A ... plastic doll with a fresh coat of paint Who's gonna sit

Nasum - Disgrace lyrics

the masses are praying, the priests are collecting This ... repulsive behaviour is a disgrace for the human race ... Religion causes suppression on those who

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part ii) lyrics

s a blast in the vortex A direct access to Hell The DNA has mutated and failed The machines breath, the men are dead The bringers of the holy ... fire The bringers of the light Are shaping the boundaries of infinity Creating unhuman beings We're realizing a

Kiuas - The new dark age lyrics

s a sign of the times That dead are the minds of men And ... how long before the world grows cold See the scars on your face They tell the ... future you are blind to Again and again Sad is the fate of the human race Seeking

Nightcore - Nightcore - human race lyrics

don't belong here Not in this atmosphere Goodbye, Goodbye, ... I don't belong here Not in this atmosphere Goodbye, Goodbye, ... Goodbye Started with a kick and a punch A claw to the face And I was in the race

Boy George - Human racing lyrics

Welcome.) (I said.) (Welcome.) (I said.) ... You think you know, They're changing daily. No manifesto, Just getting older. ... Throwing his legs Over my shoulder. We

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part iii) lyrics

Leaflet Note: We've found the key to a new world, where no ... one has gone before… In this new world, freedom is the key ... life is sublime.... (The Dominion Gate - Part I) (The

Infernal Torment - Race lyrics

know it is too late Too late to stop my hate My hate ... will terminate Terminate the human race Kill the race Smile ... on my face Kill the race Smile on my face Don't

Converge - The human shield lyrics

it all had meaning, were we fell in love for ... It erupts in nights like this, tangled in the simplicity of ... .. Some far off distant evening with hearts filled

Fleshgod Apocalypse - The betrayal lyrics

stabbing, poisoning their souls I masticate the ... flesh of those who cheated Tasting, trapping, tearing, ... flesh of men in decay Inflicting a neverending pain to those who wait for a wasted salvation My godforsaken

Allegaeon - The weeds will prosper lyrics

filtered eyes Judged on biased reality, a malevolent despise Mechanic, action, programmed simple minds Veiled in a ... hatred, blackened disguise Paradigm shift, judged by

Arkaea - The world as one lyrics

we speak another life is laid to waste, Another victim ... of disgrace, Is taken by the human race. We are the ones ... holding the gun. We are lost helping the cause.

Gwar - The insidious sililquay of skulhed face lyrics

inquisitive, and delighting you've inquired ... who the hell I am.. Allow me to elucidate, perhaps ... pontificate Upon the state of my most great and ... perfect plan I am he who has been him back when man Swam Pangean seas as aquatic apes

Gamma Ray - The guardians of mankind lyrics

no one to see for no one to hear They fight for our souls ... without any fear When injustice done they ... open their gates To maintain balance between good and bad And as the winds of

Red Rider - Human race lyrics

see it on the road ahead Running hard I'm here But ... I could be there instead Many houses with the lights on ... Silhouettes behind the shades Beside fires I'm sure

Anachronaeon - The futile quest lyrics

all wish that you could leave a trace Oblivion will devour the human race A tyrant dies, another tyrant takes the throne ... A historic triumph is carved into a stone Blood is

Elegacy - The sign of the hawk lyrics

the deepest darkness The Sign of the Hawk Sewn on the ... flag Fed by discontent And a loud applause And now You ... can set the world on fire You can see what’s in our mind Brutal action

God Dethroned - The grey race lyrics

realms filled with lunatic zombies Conflicts of ... interest and religions �for a better world� A spark to ... start the fires of war Baring hate and living without

Broken Hope - The cloning lyrics

new world order created by the goverment An unimaginable ... force of their mindless soldiers Their ... primary objective has now been put in place A ... movement to eliminate every creative thinking

Cattle Decapitation - The gardeners of eden lyrics

from grace forever damning the human race A parable amongst ... mortals, for we were damned from the start Mass creators of population, yet ... destroyers of civilization With piss and bile

Keldian - The ghost of icarus lyrics

birth of legend so long ago Now holds the truth for ... of us who know He spread his wings, to face his god Now ... as the sunlight is burning my face Throwing my

Radiohead - The bends lyrics

do we go from here? The words are coming out all ... weird Where are you now when I need you? Alone on an airplane Falling asleep against the window pane

Human League - The black hit of space lyrics

out all night, I needed a bite, I thought I'd put a ... record on I reached for the one with the ultra-modern label, and wondered where the ... light had gone It had a futuristic cover, lifted straight

Coldworker - The interloper lyrics

face is dead Rotten soul within ... Monolithic Inhuman Your fear will be his fuel With his ... iron fist He'll crush the weak with wrath Raised to demolish man Misanthropic mastermind

Pennywise - The world lyrics

mind, nothing you think is gonna change, your actions ... speak so loud, not gonna try a different way, we live ... together We're worlds apart down on the streets because we're too proud, no one

Blondie - The attack of the giant ants lyrics

ants from space snuff the human race Then they eat your face, never leave a trace La la ... la la la, la la la la la, la la la la la They shoot fire all

Gothmog - Downwards the hades of the soul lyrics

s a matter of time that the soul of men surrounded by ... temptations May let the Hades open its gates Downwards the Hades of the soul ... This place is dark, where yore white lights

Hypocrisy - The return lyrics

am your fear I am your revolution I'll change ... your life I am your tumor I sting you I ... ll set the venom free Like an ever floating stream I'll make you weak To reconnect

Kajagoogoo - The lion's mouth lyrics

away my prime from the mouth of the lion Savage jaws are the price we pay Take away their lies Let me see ... you with my own eyes Walk along the narrow way Oh what

Master - The human machine lyrics

told you, I warned you clear the path of indescrtion ... Controlling, they'll send you strict campaigns ... of aggravation They'll drill you, until you ... follow through with their deceptions Control you,

Northland - The awakening lyrics

was forgotten long time ago cursed by the human race ... From the shadows I will arise It's time for my revenge ... (My revenge...) The prophecy just has begun! Again the blood runs trough my

Origin - The aftermath lyrics

in your cells, sickness, constant shifting Too late to be afraid, organs, liquefying ... in your, lifeless body Masses fall from disease, plaguing, every human, still contagious Hemorrhagic virus

Sloppy Seconds - Human waste lyrics

once upon a time In this village of the damned I ... took my shot at greatness And the goddamn gun was jammed ... So I'm in a drunken state 'Cause I can't take life

It Dies Today - The depravity waltz lyrics

is the end of tolerance. May the blood of the wicked wash away ... The ruins of this frozen metropolis. Their ... perversions are to blame for this, Their ... perversions have blackened what's left of my heart. Yeah, I

Mc5 - The human being lawnmower lyrics

You Hear Me Hope You Can Listen Here Closely You'll ... Understand Make Way For The Killer Race, They Use The ... By Millimeter Six Times Hot As The Sun Didn't Mean To Hurt

Red Shore, The - The approaching tempest lyrics

Surrounds me The human race Has befouled me And I Am ... left dejected The minds of the fractured And weak ... Oblivious to the Defiling at hand The appearance of

Autolux - The science of imaginary solutions lyrics

you thought you won the race looking up at such a waste ... A perfect day with _______ A Pretty pictures just for me ... Blinded by my imagination Everything much better

Chinchilla - Death is a grand leveller lyrics

s a dark and ghostly night I feel there ... isn't something right And death is cruising through the ... streets to fight War and plague are on his side His ... friends do their jobs like every time Because they made rich booty Like

Burning The Masses - Immersed entity lyrics

thousand years pass as the flesh of a god remnants, waiting for the spark of oblation to become nevermore ... suppressive. Scales in the form of spines, Eyes; translucent creators of sin and

Cult Of Luna - The revelation embodied lyrics

time lost to the sick Crowd of a new demonic ... realm. Oceans of blood have drowned all humanity. The ... stained ground is smoking of burning flesh. ... Still attached to human bones. Skulls screaming in

Dream Death - The elder race lyrics

through the mystic door at the hidden depths Which all men ... share Long and hard was the war when man usurped the earth ... Last to fall the serpent men, driven into the

Fit For An Autopsy - The colonist (ft. ray mazzola of full blown c.. lyrics

does the setting sun go to rest? Go ... to rest? The darkest days come and go, They never ... seem to end. Inhuman, inhumane, inane existence. Barely ... existing. Surviving. Reviving a

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