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Escape With Romeo - The visions of the holy ghost lyrics

god but always missed him in heaven all chances that I've ... those that were given cruising around in an unknown life in blind search for career ... alone in skyscraper town with a heart

Mygrain - The ghost in me lyrics

see right through me Still I feel so alive I see ... trail of reflections Flashing to the sky, terminal ... I drift where life and death intertwine The passing, the other side Catched the fright-train of reflections Of precious

Rise Against - The eco-terrorist in me lyrics

paint the cameras Jam the frequency What you killed ... Just kept alive in me Under bandannas But not an ... enemy You can define us Anyway you please You

Blackberry Smoke - Shaking hands with the holy ghost lyrics

the night like wide open I ain't got nowhere to go Yeah my ... baby's out and mad at me Yeah she tearing up the ... floor We got the Tennessee champaign And the

Paul Brandt - Virgil and the holy ghost lyrics

were best of friends Brothers til the very end Made a ... Down by Coalpepper Creek Fishing holes and skipping rocks ... Down the railroad tracks we’d talk

Rick Ross - "holy ghost" lyrics

Hook: Rick Ross] x2 They say I'm gettin' money Must ... be illuminati Talking to the Holy Ghost In my Bugatti He ... knockin' on the do' don't let the devil in He knockin' on the

Pegazus - Our father and the holy ghost lyrics

deceive you Through words of the lord They try and brainwash ... you And they hope you will believe them ... And follow them in their ways THE LORD, OUR FATHER AND THE HOLY GHOST WHO DO

Leeland - Holy ghost lyrics

said I wouldn’t be lonely and in defeat You wouldn’t leave me ... matter where I go, I’m caught in the flow Of Your never-ending fountain I feel You

009 Sound System - Holy ghost lyrics

could be the holy ghost I could be the one you love ... Cryin out for one more Overload ... You could be the soul that tried Flyin on a ... dream tonight And comin back just wanting A little

Arthemis - Church of the holy ghost lyrics

night has come And the spirits are awake The ... endless fog Now has faded There's something strange In the ... sky and in the air The sunshine has gone But a mystic light

Dio - Jesus, mary and the holy ghost lyrics

time Nursery rhyme Did you see the teacher? ... What she's gonna to do? They say eye for eye, tooth for ... tooth But don't hurt your brother Crossroad overload Oh, I

Motionless In White - Ghost in the mirror lyrics

in the mirror Just look beyond, the ... reflection So tell me dear (Tell me dear) Can ... If it's already stopped beating? So tell me dear (Tell me ... If it's already stopped beating? Never take your pulse

Mr. Bungle - The holy filament lyrics

fiber optic illusion The flickering eyes By ... lights Supplicate before machines, Self-reflecting The ... legend of modernity: The phosphenes explode God's

Ghost Town - Ghost in the machine (ft. chris shelley) lyrics

in the city, (really gone wasted ... gone wasted trash) Sippin' on Mickey's (pretty gone ... wasted smashed) I'm feelin' risky, no girl can fix me ... I'm feelin' funny they call us junkies Walkin' on

Kris Kristofferson - Holy woman lyrics

see you in the mornn' with the spirit in the sky The breeze ... is full of freedom and the eagle i your eye And the ... aura of an angel come to show me how to fly Where the mess

Thomas Anders - The love in me lyrics

out the love in me Bring out the love in me I'm ... what i want to be Any time you're with me I know the meaning of love Our combination is sweet inspiration

Mr. Big - The monster in me lyrics

jones for you Mm-hmm There’s gravity in your eyes A ... of human nature It’s got me howling at the moon You ... pull me in You peel my skin And find my Frankenstein

Devil In Me - The end lyrics

world is coming to a end. So hold my hand. ... t let you down. Hope will be there 'till the end. We've got ... each other. They will never understand. ... Welcome to nowhere. Grey concrete

Canton Jones - Holy ghost girl lyrics

prettiest thing I've ever seen Was a holy ghost girl And when she ... hits the scene You'll know what I mean 'Cause she's a holy ghost ... girl The prettiest Most whittiest The smartest, kind hearted

Low - Holy ghost lyrics

holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging on Some holy ghost Keeps me hanging on Hanging ... on I feel the hands But I don't see anyone ... Anyone I feel the hands But I don't see anyone

Asap Rocky lyricsAsap Rocky - Holy ghost (feat. joe fox) lyrics

I have a message from the Most High that says &quot ... This negra kept his soul from the Devil" It's true, I ... guess I mean, wait a minute now Is your people really

Coin - Holy ghost lyrics

seen my waves I've been making circles Nearly all my days ... It's all in magazines It's in the wet concrete ... Somehow, I saw it coming But now, I'm caught between

BØrns - Holy ghost lyrics

baby baby I was scared of being lost in love Ooh I crave it ... on the daily That sugar pill that ... dopes me up Ooh, it's raining it's pouring I picture you in the morning The hot water

John Mark Mcmillan - Holy ghost lyrics

are we sometimes I wonder Mercenaries or lovers On this ... side of the thunder It can be awful hard ... to know Sell our love for the paycheck or Spend the night

Modern Baseball - Holy ghost lyrics

s been haunting my dreams at night I've ... been bleeding from tripping in the dark Trying to turn on the light Trying to turn on the ... light He's been haunting my dreams alright I've been

Letters From The Fire - Holy ghost lyrics


Escape With Romeo - Ghost in your machine lyrics

the dawning of the light I come unexpected now you know what ... like to be disconnected in your happy sterile world ... s gone it's like hell in heaven in your private

Richard Smallwood - In this house lyrics

1: Why don't you come on in this house? Why don't you come on in this house? Why don't ... you come on in this house; come on in this house of the Lord, ... house of the Lord. Verse 2: We're gonna

Memory Garden - The innocent sleep lyrics

me, watch me At dawn - I'll find my sanctuary A naked limb ... up so very fresh Life is for the scared and temporary Think ... me, think me - at the morgue in bright light Lips sewed together - the very last breath Feel

Sabbat - Ghost in the mirror lyrics

Evil Spirit Dwells Laughing At Visitors From Inside The ... Mirror Welcome To This Hellhouse Waiting ... For It's Time, Silently At The Mirror You Can't Feel

Indirections - The lost one lyrics

I believe, how could I see In something that is never there ... The fidelity of another entity is hard to maintain ... with a ghost My body is telling me that I need to move on,

Van Morrison - In the garden lyrics

streets are always wet with rain After a summer shower when I ... saw you standin' In the garden in the garden wet with ... rain You wiped the teardrops from your eye in

Aesop Rock - Holy smokes lyrics

Samples] [Give him one of these pills if he has any pain] ... earthly story with a heavenly meaning Jesus told many ... and children alike He told them simply and sincerely, in

Azarath - The abjection lyrics

holy virgin whore, Monument of my worship, Time of my ... so near. Immaculate bitch, The star of my lustful dreams, ... Hunger for your flower grows inside and burns. I am

Oniromantic - The darkside of life lyrics

hidden from your eyes is the dark side of light ... lies, whispers are what remains when light slowly fades ... It’s your darkest hour, and the doubt is the engine of the

Ektomorf - The holy noise lyrics

gonna show you now Catch the rhythm and jump Jump till the sky, come on jump Open you ... heart and we give you the strength This is the holy ... noise We make this holy noise This is the holy

Kaledon - The holy water lyrics

is the last part of the war We must destroy the evil ... We must fight the demons The monsters of the earth Now ... is the time to call the priests The evil forces of the night will die The kingdom

Mortiis - The worst in me lyrics

found a way. Did you want me to break down? Did you want me to give in? Found so many ... Found so many ways to put them all away. Don't care if the whole world falls apart. Don

John Paul White - Ghost in this house lyrics

pick up mail I don't pick up the phone I don't answer the ... this place up I just keep the lights down I don't live in these rooms I just rattle around

Mark Lanegan - The river rise lyrics

a mile high Is this worth tryin' Is this worth tryin' Cause ... could fall Like a tear Well there's nothing else I can do ... When I'm not alone Nothings beside me What one eye

Anorexia Nervosa - The sacrament lyrics

is coming My last day Sinner and saint Innocent way ... know how Passion is gone The breath of life had a seizure ... Do you know the name of the redeemer? May the

Alison Krauss - Ghost in this house lyrics

don't pick up the mail I don't pick up the ... phone I don't answer the door I'd just as soon be ... this place up I just keep the lights down I don't live in these rooms I just rattle around

Rancid - I am the one lyrics

m the one who got a religion I'm the one who couldn't take my ... knife I'm the one who got a religion I'm the one who couldn't take my ... knife I'm the one who got a religion I'm the one who couldn't take my

Savatage - Ghost in the ruins lyrics

a limousine I wanna show it Future's ... looking good I'll probably blow it ... Had some parents once But you'd never ... stole it? But who am I foolin'? I'm the king of the ruins

B.o.b. - Ghost in the machine lyrics

only you knew what I knew. Then you could see just what I ... as I can go. Cause everything ain't what I used to know. ... I just can't hide no more. There's nothing worse than feeling like a ghost. You say I

The Classic Crime - The beginning lyrics

left my heart in a plastic box, On the ... will be locked till I get home. I’ve grown feeble and ... Tired of constantly missing my girl. And I long to smell the sea. And I long to smell the sea. The sea, the

The Divine Comedy - The rise and fall lyrics

rise and fall; the fall and rise The freezing ... breath; the frightened eyes The rise ... and fall; the fall and rise The naked truth; the naked eye ... The rise and fall; the fall and rise The open heart

Arthemis - The storm lyrics

s a mount between the silent trees From the ... fortress you can watch it shine On the top still lives a ... goddess It is called the Lady of the Storm Her face

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - Ghost in the black lyrics

are heading out on the land Raising our swords in the air We'll fight for glory ... 'till the very end Strong with no fear ... and despair We followed the sign Leaving our world behind Oh, Ghost in the Black

Calabrese - The dark is who i am lyrics

into wrong And led into fire No way around me ... Don't Don't change a thing Oh an innocent girl in a ... horrible world Here with me And the killers and the

10cc - The second sitting for the last supper lyrics

fish head in the dustbin Another loser in the queue for the ... soup kitchen Another reason for a visit We think ... you'd better come down Another nigger on the woodpile Another honky on the dole Another

Crematory - The holy one lyrics

folded to pray, Holy utterance by a split tongue The halo of blood and ashes 2000 ... from one mouth Testimony in many ears Mankind tormented, ... the brains enslaved Hear no evil -

Dropkick Murphys - The season's upon us lyrics

season's upon us, it's that time of year Brandy and eggnog, there's plenty of cheer There's ... lights on the trees and there's wreaths to be hung There

Marduk - The sun has failed lyrics

s cold in my veins The sun has failed ascending from ... so strong I am one with the night Silence... Only ... broken by the whispering of the wind In the moonlit forest

Black Lab - Ghost in the machine (vocals by andy ellis) lyrics

in the machine She's a ghost in the machine Ghost in the ... machine She's a ghost in the machine Ghost in the machine ... She's a ghost in the machine They say she cries, she

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