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Miracle Of Sound - The hobbit - call of home (original song by m.. lyrics

river, root and stone The distant call of home So far yet always with us Inside our hearts and bones No breadth or sphere Or white mountains sheer Can quell the call of home There is no hearth that is quite as bright As a flame that flickers free Though

Eluveitie - The call of the mountains lyrics

Against the waves, with our swords in our hands Against the sea, with our backs to the walls Against distress, in the presence of our enemies Against the storms, ...

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Waste of love - original song lyrics

are these girls acting crazy? Picking petals from daisies. Does he love me or not? The only question you've got. So pick your head up, let's go girl. Turn off your phone, and turn off your heart. We're solo, but feel so high, Way above the clouds spinnin

Demented Are Go - Call of the wired lyrics


Elton John lyricsElton John - The best part of the day lyrics

hear you singing, "I Shall Be Released" Like a chainsaw running through a masterpiece But that's all right, that's ok Grab the bottle and slide my way You dreamt of a devil down below Sprinkled cayenne pepper in your sugar bowl But he's a fool and he's

Miley Cyrus lyricsMiley Cyrus - The other side of me lyrics

other side The other side The other side of me By day, I play The part in every way Of simple sweet, calm and collected Pretend, to my friends I'm a chameleon Can make a girl feel disconnected Feel like a star A super hero Sometimes it's hard to separate (Got too m

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The bard's song (the hobbit) lyrics

in the distance There's so much gold The treasure that I've found Is more than enough Far to the hill we' ve to go Over the mountains and seas To the old hill Where the old dragon sleeps Blind in the dark dungeon's night So God please take me away from here

Nanowar Of Steel - Karkagnor's song - the hobbit lyrics

in the forest, on the grass I lay Reading a volume I bought on eBay The pages are dusty, yellow and old Mystical secrets I'm starting to unfold Warmth, wisdom, gaudium and bliss A trickle of glory springs like the dog piss Shower of gold, non sparkling beverage The lo

Avicii lyricsAvicii - Sound of now (original mix) lyrics

Sound Of Now (Original Mix) by Avicii. Released on Vicious. 2008 Vicious Recording...

Eelke Kleijn - The way that you are (original mix) lyrics

Kleijn - The Way That You Are (Original Mix) - Outside The Box Music Eelke Kleijn - The Way That You Are (Original Mix) - Outside The Box Music Eelke Kleijn - The Way That You Are (Original Mix) - Outside The Box Music Eelke Kleijn - The Way That You Are (Original Mix) - Outside The Box

Jordan Jansen - The way it should be (original) lyrics

I'll have to worry about the car I drive and if it says that I'm worthy of your spare time. One day you'll have to weigh the career you've made working most every day, maybe I'm in the way? They say it's puppy love maybe that's good enough They say we're too you

Redman - The points (easy mo bee original version) lyrics

The Notorious B.I.G.:] Uh Uh [Easy Mo Bee:] [scratching] "For my one true" "Our run's our rhyme" [scratching] "For my" "One true" "Our run's our rhyme"

Barry Gibb - Home truth song lyrics

ain't the poster boy you made me You won't ever chain me down I've been to heaven and I've been to hell And I've been livin' underground You want me to be the man You know I never wanna be Everybody changes with the wind Set my spirit free Let me tell me where I shou

Outkast - Call of da wild lyrics

ll be comin around the ghetto when I come kickin one for the treble Y'all can't stoop to my level, I'm like the devil or whatever I'm pickin up and throwin 'em down like dishes Call me Kenny Anderson cuz I slam those Southern bitches I ain't braggin, folks draggin m

Van Morrison - Song of home lyrics

Well it's written in the wind For the story to begin I will go back to my kin across the sea And the bird that's on the wing and is flying free He can h...

Bane Of Winterstorm - The last sons of perylin lyrics

"The icy north winds blow Announcing their return from the gate Beyond the realm of light My brother has come back Leading horse and man against these lands With eternal night Great winds blowing From the iron throne To end the fall of this world" Haldir:

Astral Doors - Call of the wind lyrics

s a song I will sing, you're a clown, I'm a king; I'm still alive You're a fake, a disgrace, wipe that smile off your face; I'll take you down Because some day there may be a cure for this burning The rage in my soul, I'll be coming back for more [Chorus:] I

Artension - Call of the wild lyrics

t need the man to tell me where I've been Never needed maps to find my way Give me the reason...When'd it all begin? We reached the limit in one day I'll never tell you where we go I'll never show you things I know So many secrets in the game Are t

Hudson Taylor - The place i called home lyrics

miss the place that I call home I miss the place where I was gonna crawl, oh So I tap my red shoes to bring me back Cuz my old house is what, is what I lack Is what I lack Cuz there was no place like home Yeah, there was no place like home! There was no place

Miracle Of Sound - The call - elder scrolls online song lyrics

from the west Great hammers will fall Under high rocks all will Answer the call Bring us your arms Pariahs of yore All faces turn now to war Exiles of the ash Stare through crimson glow Guards of the north Sing their songs of the snow Bring us t

Lee Ben - Song for the divine mother of the universe lyrics

Sweet mother I’m coming home Now I know I’m not alone Cause I’ve been far Now I’m close Sweet mother I’m coming home Tell me mother can you hear me sing Your love is ev...

Last Tribe - Call of the tribe lyrics

to understand Their longing whispers Talking with the other side Someone out there Tries so ahrd to reach you The secret world is opened wide Suddenly there is no sound The angels stop their song Watching your spirit fly away This is your final day Tomorrow won't be T

The Cramps - Call of the wighat lyrics

how do you keep a moron, in wighat suspense? I'll tell you that later, but first I'll tell you this Ah who, aaaahh who Well now Willy tore his hair out and Sally grew a beard Vince went apeshit and cut off his ears Ruby went to town, completely upside-down Sally spilled som

Raekwon lyricsRaekwon - Call of duty lyrics

Hook: Akon] This is a renegade salute, yeah we on that And keep what we kill, yeah we on that We never fightin’ we just cock and go click clack Turn that ass ‘round, bring it all back Know you see me I know you see me I know you see me [Bridge: Akon]

Shadow Host - The call of unknown lyrics

woke up one day morning to close my eyes again blood beats in temples: they're somewhere here day is turning on the light and twilight gets away together with their mortal call you really know the way I'll go beyond the line of life their voices c

The Dubliners - The louse house of kilkenny lyrics

the first of me downfall I set out the door I straight made me way on for Carrick-on-Suir Going out by Rathronan 'twas late in the night Going out the West Gate for to view the gaslight Radley fal the diddle ay Radley fal the diddle airo I went to the town's hall t

Chastain - Call of the wild lyrics

from a voice, only they hear Preaching of anger, murder and fear Power in words, power in thoughts Unlocking actions of wars before fought Urging the pawns, to act out commands Blindly and deadly, they follow the plan Inbred instincts carry out the

Die Toten Hosen lyricsDie Toten Hosen - Call of the wild lyrics

s dry, it's dusty, the nights are long and cold. Your life is like a desert, you're scared of growing old. You can hear the clock ticking like a hammer on a stone, remember this - you're not alone, you're not alone, you're not alone. Come on! Can you hear it? The call of the wild

Disneymania - The siamese cat song by b5 lyrics

are Siameeiz if you please We are Siameeiz if you don't please We are former residents of Siam There are no finer cats than I am We are Siamese with very dainty claws Please observing paws containing dainty claws Now we're lookin' over our new domicile If we like it we stay for m

Disneymania - The siamese cat song by hilary duff & haylie .. lyrics

are Siameeiz if you please We are Siameeiz if you don't please We are former residents of Siam There are no finer cats than i am We are Siamese with very dainty claws Please observing paws containing dainty claws Now we're lookin' over our new domicile If we

Exodus - The last act of defiance lyrics

The prison system, inherently unjust and inhumane Is the ultimate expression of injustice and inhumanity in the society at large. Those of us on the outside do not...

Madame Macabre - The pianist feat. myuuji (a creepypasta song) lyrics

long ago and not far away occurred such a sad display One lonely man sought a pretty girl and he made a trade that changed his whole world she was a fair lovely thing of grace won his heart with her pretty little face But her love could only be won by Sweet melodies tha

Midge Ure - Call of the wild lyrics

wild winds are calling Broken leaves are falling Outside wild winds are calling Broken leaves are falling Like I fall before you Outside nightfall is returning Our home fires are burning Like I burn before you Wind and rain may blow Will we watch them come and go Don

Freedom Call - Call of fame lyrics

re lost on the run Without any fears we are gliding Into the sun Ready to follow the call of fame We aren't the ones to die Far from home we are strangers We aren't the ones who cry We are lost in the universe Riding on the wings of time Glorious, sart

Grave Digger - Call of the sirens lyrics

journey began after the war of Troy I lost many a friend my faith and my joy Trouble started as we dazzled the cyclops We were punished with pain more than words can say Only the blind can see Only the deaf can hear Only the dead can feel The magic of our symphony Only the blind

Ice Nine Kills - The simple act of giving up lyrics

I go again Put me on the first train heading eastbound And if by June I'm still alive I promise not to tell my dad I'm miserable But thanks for all his sacrifice Cause I'm ashamed of the things that I did I said whatever it took just to get her in bed It's kind of fun when yo

Hell - The age of nefarious lyrics

are the holiest of all, the truth be told And soulless are the soldiers of the onward Christian soul The retrograde insanity true profanity shall install All Hell be loosed where old excuses paralyze freewill This is the time - this is the day -

Nokturnal Mortum - The new era of swords lyrics

song that sings as the wind as storm It hurts the soul, it takes my heart away Was our lands given up surrendered to the foe Was our kin exterminated extirpated Our noble ancestors lived by the laws of the gods Is the true faith of fathers now forgotten But I do believ

Kenny Rogers - The greatest gift of all (feat. dolly parton) lyrics

slowly breaking Our friends have all gone home You and I are waiting For Santa Claus to come. There's a present by the tree Stockings on the wall And knowing you're in love with me Is the greatest gift of all. The fire is slowly fading Chill is in the a

Frank Sinatra lyricsFrank Sinatra - The call of the canyon lyrics

a melancholy echo ling'ring when the day is through, It's the call of the canyon, once again I'm dreaming of you. Every night I search the moonlight up and down the river shore, It's the call of the canyon, maybe I will find you once more. Standing there alone by the ashes o

Deströyer 666 - The eternal glory of war lyrics

I'm alone, and thinkin' of death Thinkin' about the world and when it will end Thinkin' of what is accepted and accepted as true They're all just lies! AWARE! BEWARE! WAR! The war that is so come The beast in man has been caged far too long No longer are

Eternal Reign - The final call + edge of the world lyrics

alone, all by myself, my stare is blank and cold There's no turning back, the truth of life's unfold The lights grow dim, an empty stage, the curtain's soon to fall From the distance I hear the final call + Hands are shaking, my body's aching, wild thoughts spinning through my

Fall Out Boy lyricsFall Out Boy - The carpal tunnel of love lyrics

take sour sips From life's lush lips We shake shake shake the hips In relationships Stop by this disaster town You'll put your eyes to the sun and say "I know" You're only blinding to keep back What the clouds are hiding And we might have started singing just

Nomans Land - The call of ancestors lyrics

ice chains will be broken by the first coming rill And sleeply mighty hands will feel free again Refreshing vital juices will run thru young veins Drive out the drunkeness and waking the life up You hear the voices ofthe ancestors around When the mountain top is red-stained by

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Call of the wild lyrics

know her, and every notion I get from her I wear inside me. I know her, all of the broken leaves of love she leaves behind. Oh - don't you hide away from the rain. Oh - can you tell me the name of this game? I got to get thru to you. Behind the door, another wa

Sirenia - The last call lyrics

stroll through days and nights And through hours of weeping Can I mend a broken heart by Speaking to myself? I've been lost and found And broken down by the treason in your eyes I've been turned around Turned upside down by the fraud in

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The ashes from the oath lyrics

night, we saw the rainbow in the sky Filled with hope, ready to cry Roaring thunder, and the moon was passing by Crack in the wall, light in the sky Early morning, and the strangers sailed away We don't want another day We looked for truth, for the reasons of our fate All reply

Conquest Of Steel - Call of the wild lyrics

predator, king of all he surveys Nature's selection raised him To supreme heights, Primal creature untamed Although man would raise his hand To have you banished to the ether He will surely fail Yours is a kingdom, Your name shall be ancestor Long after the demise of man. S

Falconer - The clarion call lyrics

our visions of sweet tomorrow is cracking and fading away. Hopes of glory are drowned in sorrow this dissension expels us to yesterday. Lead your troops into your lust of pride they'll fight so brave at heart. Or cast the yoke of envy aside and kee

For Squirrels - The life inside me killed this song lyrics

so I want to be around when a bastard merry go round centrifuges its child soul leaves the earth a sand caster gold Gold is for all little worms to shine their backs from natural germs these germs I'll spread so infinitely amnesty or immunity. The l

Jack Starr's Burning Starr - Call of the wild lyrics


Lee Rocker - The highway is my home lyrics

down the highway and I’m feelin like I’m dead A hundred miles further, well I’ll stop and find a bed We've been ridin hard, we been rollin like dice We could a made it further but the highways filled with ice From New York up to Boston, hear the eng

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The lost art of keeping a secret lyrics

I've got a secret, I cannot say Blame modern movement to give it away You've got something I understand Hold it in tightly, call on command Leap of faith - do you doubt? Cut you in, I just cut you out Whatever you do, don't tell anyone Whatever you

Saturnus - Call of the raven moon lyrics

night sky is ever still as silence descends The four winds becoming one caressing my naked body And as you watch the branches bend revealing all of you Long lost but never forgotten Will you meet me at the lake where the water calms my fear? W

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - The last days of disco lyrics

by me I’ve been stood by you for ages Stay calm and carry on Maybe nothing’s wrong Is it the comfort of, dis-information or Is it the freedom that you fear Said I’m the angel of liberation, love For a second I believe her I’m all you’ll hear, ahhhhh Wh

Kraftwerk lyricsKraftwerk - The telephone call lyrics

The number you have reached) (has been disconnected) (The number you have reached) (has been disconnected) I give you my affection and I give you my time Trying to get a connection on the telephone line You're so close but far away I call you up

James Cheal - The unattainable myth of emptiness lyrics

immortal existence, The burning effigy of my past. A cage of fear and memories, I try to justify my self. Breathe in the burning desperation, As I distant light. Temporary extradorinary... This pleasure betrays me. Illusions of bleeding, I feel suddenly numb.

Holy Martyr - The call to arms lyrics

the call to arms for all those who carry a blade To fight and to die for the king who is going to war The morning sun is sad the morning light Will we see it again? Leonidas is leading us Ooh, can you see the sparkle of his crest? In this day of despair in the sear

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