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Boondox - The harvest lyrics

AMB 2x] Its the time for the harvest Time of the harvest Its the time of the harvest Your ... around i cant f*** with the cost Of the cell phone or

Coalesce - The harvest of maturity lyrics

Want came to need. Burn these fields of corn, that ... surround. My harvest gone at the price of maturity. But these ... again and again by the next generation of children

Bobby Darin - The harvest lyrics

stone Words still left, but the eyesight's gone Ain't that ... a wheel Had a good ship on the Aegean Sea But it sunk in the ocean, but it sure wasn't

Helloween lyricsHelloween - The saints lyrics

Music & Lyrics: Weikath] Gimme gimme ... sevenfold I leave you in the cold Got all my schemes in ... shysters Seek shelter on the last day While you laugh

John P. Kee - Harvest lyrics

Patiently awaiting for the harvest is nigh. I got that Hebrews ... It's mine, all mine, It's harvest time. [Verse 1:] I'm ... me (I believe). Now it's the Father's (I believe), Real

Bury Tomorrow - Year of the harvest lyrics

put all our hope in northern stars I hope the end of the winter isn’t too far It’s ... that’s forever pulling me The feeling of wanting more than ... Our hope is in each other We must not stray from the

Misty Ways - Harvest moon garden lyrics

grieve the darkness and we dream of ... evil and we fight the fear That´s crawling through ... our veins The word you´ve spoken means no ... Break your chains Where is the absolution? Masquerade ball

Novembers Doom - Harvest scythe lyrics

I will escape from your pathetic trap Greeted by the grand ... applause I am the hate within your soul I feed ... anger you tried to hide In the end you locked me away And

Megan Nicole - The cave lyrics

Cave Lyrics by Tyler Ward & Megan ... [Megan] It’s empty in the valley of your heart The sun ... as you walk Away from all the fears and all the faults

D12 - The drill lyrics

Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics Lyrics

Donna Lewis - Harvest moon lyrics

your secret place Beneath the brazen skies, under the Harvest Moon Come inside my dream ... and I will show you We bathe in Shadows Chocolate kisses

Nick Drake - Harvest breed lyrics

free This could just be the end Falling fast you stoop ... to touch And kiss the flowers that bend And you’re ... ready now For the harvest

Pathology - Harvest lyrics

Ending a nightmare after the storm Awake and conscious ... - organs are replaced Now the harvest has succumbed to ... offerings remain a constant The weak have delivered us

Sleater-kinney - The professional lyrics

not available yet lyrics not available yet lyrics ... not available yet lyrics not available yet lyrics ... not available yet lyrics not available yet lyrics

Amberian Dawn - The omen (bonus) lyrics

Selene, Mani! Child of the moon bringing us the Omen! ... end of the harvest, shall start the darkness ... set alight shadows will hide the moon - Omen is spoken!

Big Country - Harvest home lyrics

saw the fences falling Who broke the ... plough man's bread Who heard the winter calling Who wore the ... sheaves were counted How did the carriage shine How many

Darkthrone - The serpents harvest lyrics

the burning flame as the sun in the desert sand Sense ... tghe grief as the knives of torment Shreds ... your soul Behold the harvest storm of spiritual rape

Confide - Too many grasshoppers to maintain the harvest lyrics

into a dream. Scrape out the eyes of those who've seen you ... is safe with me. Take these nails and drive them ... a dream. Who am I? I feel the sunset in my veins. The

Elton John lyricsElton John - The ballad of danny bailey lyrics

Bailey In cold blood, in the lobby of a downtown motel ... couldn't handle Helped pull the trigger that cut short his ... life And there's not many knew him the way

Neurosis - End of the harvest lyrics

fall (within you) succumb to the new and give way old fields ... touch words breed lies (writhe) wind feeds fire unseen ... have you ever tasted the soil (destiny) and felt your

Carlene Carter - The rain lyrics

it been dear Since we felt the rain Endless were our ... summers Until the weather changed Our love was ... lifted like a harvest No winter in your eyes

Primordial - Children of the harvest lyrics

our final days Far from the dwellings of men As flowing ... and shifting sands Far from the bitter gaze of soul less man ... our loved ones To die in the waters of the wild My

Fit For An Autopsy - The juggernaut lyrics

harvest of the human seed, The earth is a corpse field, ... Collected on the wagons, Catapulted into ... graces. Foul air corrodes the skin. The trumpets sound the alarm Of the overwhelming

Angel City - Angel of the city lyrics lyrics

hard day in the city Sweat pouring down oh ... Working your fingers to the bone Trying to get blood ... dirt to be found (Angel of the city) Now you're watching

Jedi Mind Tricks - Fire in the sky lyrics lyrics

in order to give you the very latest information on an ... speed is headed over the North-Atlantic towards the ... East Coast of the United Stated. Verse 2: There's a fire in the sky that

Allstar Weekend - The weekend lyrics

I'd run with lions in the dead of night Wouldn't it ... own this town It's all about the weekend So let's get down ... to live [From: ] I

Meredith Andrews - Open up the heavens lyrics lyrics

waited for this day, we're gathered in Your Name Calling out ... hearts with truth You're the reason we're here You're the ... we're singing Open up the heavens, we wanna see You

Comecon - The family album lyrics

me now if you can filling the skies - splendour Provider ... Turtles and doves filling the skies Lawful offense ... spurts Never repent the harvest that hurts Aging - without

Chris De Burgh - Patricia the stripper lyrics lyrics

he'd beseech me to come keep the score. And Maude said, &quot ... little place I know, Down by the key. Her name is Patricia, ... calls herself Delicia And the reason isn't Very hard to

Lost In Despair - The struggle lyrics

me down I'll run through these walls You'll never stop ... goals And when i reach the point, where my body ... up on my feet, and use the fuel of the mind To keep

Kid Cudi - Scott mescudi vs the world lyrics lyrics

doing? You are now in the World I am ruling Take a ... minute to adjust for the wonderous Clusterf-ck of fun ... Next shit Speak for the seller who I left with

Roxette lyricsRoxette - The heart shaped sea lyrics

crying on your shoulder into the heart shaped sea. Oh you've ... and you've been enchanted by the gracious voice of love. ... Babe it's time to look me in the eyes, time to say goodbye,

Axenstar - The cross we bear lyrics

have done We're standing on the edge of desperation We've ... blind by staring right into the burning sun Yet pray to ... to dust Bring me back to the times, back when the future

The Bangles - Walk like an egyptian - the bangles (lyrics) lyrics

the old paintings on the tombs They do the sand dance ... don't you know If they move too quick (oh whey oh) ... They're falling down like a ... domino All the bazaar men by the Nile They

Brandy Norwood - The definition lyrics

(definition) Whoo-whoo The definition Real good Dark ... Let go of that habit The pain you can have it Now I’m ... And I gotta admit Feels like the beginning Now I’m content

Cattle Decapitation - The gardeners of eden lyrics

from grace forever damning the human race A parable amongst ... for we were damned from the start Mass creators of ... God as sadist -- this is the portrait you paint God is

Edge Of Sanity - The forbidden words i + ii lyrics

no man breach the gate to this most blasphemous ... Lest bitterness and chaos be the harvest they wouldst reap ... from her Crimson Sleep.. The monastery stood towering

Haylie Duff - Girl in the band lyrics lyrics

up in the morning Looking a little ... not enough So I go up to the mirror Strike another pose ... bad with every change of clothes But everything I see is me,

Kamelot (usa) - The ties that bind lyrics

in a life beyond the black I am not afraid I ... I must do Preparation for the harvest of my deeds There is ... I follow your voice through the fire And nothing will disarm

Kenny Loggins - The undeniable groove lyrics

ever wondered how you chose The life that you have led? How ... a million rivers run between the heart and the head It ain’t ... though You need to know The line between right and wrong

Mat Kearney lyricsMat Kearney - Ships in the night lyrics lyrics

ships in the night You keep passing me by ... if it all goes crashing into the sea If it's just you and me ... Trying to find the light Like ships in the

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The king step lyrics

all the entertainers in the world I man show nuff respect ... me a go show you how to do the king step [Chorus:] Me a ... go show you how to do the king step left right, Me a

Evertale - The crownguard's quest lyrics

the fires of hell Right into the storm The hour of the ... crownguard is near There's no surrender, there will ... last Forever and a day The bards will sing about my deed

Human Fortress - The valiant lyrics

For I have not seen him since the night came - And soon it will ... flesh and blood - Nourish the barren plan His bones enrich ... the harvest - And his ashes the desired yield Ohe... The

Hymn - The race that long in darkness pined lyrics

Have seen a glorious Light; The people dwell in day, who ... Thy rise, Thou better Sun, The gathering nations come, ... Joyous as when the reapers bear The harvest

Sixpence None The Richer - The lines of my earth lyrics

to die I need a drink but the well has gone dry And we in the habit of saying the same ... things all over again, for the money we shall make This ... is the last song that I'll write

Ayreon - The decision tree (we're alive) lyrics

far. And now - here beneath the ancient, omniscient boughs ... of the Decision Tree - one of you ... let it be known I won't be the one to die here honour and

Blackmore's Night - The last leaf lyrics

field Branches reach for the sun With the green of a ... world that has just begun The springtime is here again ... that is all around See the last leaf shivering As the

Cattle Decapitation - The product alive lyrics

and ever ready to explode The cemetery will carry on -- ... carrion, turned to ashes The species will die the harder they try to control the masses ... Taking count -- humanity is the product Ever expanding the

Cattle Decapitation - The ripe beneath the rind lyrics

flay Peeled back -- exposing the nutrients of contents of ... delicious fruit The stratified-squamous: ... keratinized Epithelia dissected Pseudo ... secreting mucus Gored out The flesh is ripened - ready to

Cryptic Wintermoon - The end lyrics

entombed in the dark catacombs Waiting for ... years for my time to come The land still bleeding not ... recovered yet From fire the killing and endless death I

Dark Tranquillity - The gallery lyrics

exhibition Ornaments fall The fate of my art, condemned ... And the creative seed That grows to the tune of the harvest song ... passion Intertwine with the structures of my art Those

Evergrey - The fire lyrics

came with the harvest I flew with the flames We ... are the same The black seeds of autumn And ... cold winter rain We are the same Come Come tear us ... We're weary, we're cold Are the fires the same? Still

General Surgery - The admirable teachings of burke & hare lyrics

Reflect on corpse criteria The perfect specimen suitably ... by disfiguring trauma The grave robbing business A ... your own cadaver Deliver the recently dead Defile and

Inkubus Sukkubus - The leveller lyrics

as a darkened knight Upon the raging storm And as an ... angel of love he reaps the harvest corn He comes as a leveller ... to make one and all the same His song on the

Jake Coco - The cave lyrics

s empty in the valley of your heart The sun ... as you walk Away from all the fears And all the faults you ... ve left behind The harvest left no food for you to eat

K-os - The love song lyrics

I'm just a fool playing with the masters tools Learning how ... to break the rules of this record company ... Why am I telling lies to the people from the stage

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