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Davey Suicide - The hole is where the heart is lyrics

ya cannot get enough Swallow these jagged pills, and crush the ... empty cup Rise from the grave again Smeared lipstick ... to fill that empty space The hole is where the heart is

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The one on the right is on the left lyrics

A pickin' singin' folk group They sang the mountain ballads ... And the folk songs of our land They were long on musical ability ... Folks thought they would go far But political

Boards Of Canada - The devil is in the details lyrics

relax And enjoy this pleasant adventure Here you are, secure and protected In this, your special place ... gently as you go Suggestions are going into your unconscious

A Girl A Gun A Ghost - The fox is restless (the lamb is found) lyrics

breath gets weak and your vision’s cloudy who’s name will ... you call out? Their tendons sing like piano ... wire, Their muscles solid, forged from the strongest iron. Why am I the

The Dubliners - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park the lazy bees Are ... droning in the flowers, among the trees And the sun burns in the sky Now the sun is in the

Modern Talking lyricsModern Talking - The night is yours - the night is mine lyrics

night is yours, the night is mine I beg you baby, take ... your time It's like paradise, see your magic eyes Feel the need in me The night is ... yours, the night is mine I beg your baby, take

Karen Elson - The truth is in the dirt lyrics

truth is in the dirt on the ground The truth is in the ... dirt on the ground Not in your gilded ... with your rusted spoon When the ground splits open it will

Hilastherion - The end is not the end lyrics

way You say that you know there is a God But you do want ... to care anyway You just want to live ... for the moment Not think about the ... you waste away What if the end is not the end? What if

Lastletters. - The future is fading/the past is still beggin.. lyrics

put my love in the ground before I ever met my ... myself that nothing on this earth will ever be enough.” ... So when the petals fall upon your chest ... and the earth makes do of what is

Marauder - The beast is on the highway lyrics

see the beast dressed in black I see ... its lights staring at me The tires are flat ready to ... conquer the galaxy All the seats are dressed in leather ... The radio cries with a metal

Nick Cave lyricsNick Cave - The moon is in the gutter lyrics

moon is in the gutter And the stars wash down the sink I ... am the king of the blues I scape the clay off ... my shoes And wade down the gutter and the moon The

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The end is here... the end is beautiful lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instru...

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

you Turn to years Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the ... You'll hear my screams The final silence We pull the

At The Gates - The red in the sky is ours / the season to co.. lyrics

the word of wolves Rhythms ... Blood stains our sight The red in the sky is ours ... rush of pain Hands raised to the heavens Oh, sing ... praise to the Lord of Rot A kingdom

Herman´s Hermits - The world is for the young lyrics

was looking in the mirror last night My grey ... to black I was looking in the mirror last night And ... came back I remember the time when I was seventeen

Insania ( Ger ) - The spirit is gone (the spirit suite part i) lyrics

in time - on through the night among the living our ... forces allied denim and leather - hellbound forever riding the lightning to praise - the day ... hell awaits - as he broke the oath judas the sinner was

The Who lyricsThe Who - The song is over lyrics

song is over It's all behind me I ... tried to find me Our love is over They're all ahead now ... chorus: I'll sing my song to the wide open spaces I'll sing

Boondox - The harvest lyrics

AMB 2x] Its the time for the harvest Time of the harvest Its the time of the harvest Your ... around i cant f*** with the cost Of the cell phone or

Prince - The ladder lyrics

Once upon a time in the land of Sinaplenty There ... U, never please Now this king he had a subject named ... smile But it didn't matter The king was looking 4 the ladder

Dan And Phil - The internet is here lyrics

Or if I'm feeling grey There's one place I can go To ... me want to sing That's how the show should end But wouldn't ... shiiii- [Phil:] Rubbish! [Dan:] But Tumblr's a

Chris Rea - The blue cafe lyrics

world is miles of endless roads That ... you say? I will meet you at the Blue Cafe Because, this is ... where the one who knows Meets the one ... who does not care The cards of fate The older

Blaze Bayley - The truth is one lyrics

down the path of your life conditions ... s contradictions To find the inner quietsource of your bliss All you need to know is there Assume the legacy of the

Ja Rule - The inc is back lyrics

nigga) Yeah (Queens) Yo this Shadow in this motherf***er ... Hoodstock (Hussein) The Stock Family nigga (yeah) ... Haha, and its a motherf***in takeover (geah,

Dangerous Toys - The law is mine lyrics

law is mine and I'll do as I please ... The law is mine and there ain't no school for me ... at home At home Such a great sensation to feel so cool, ... tragedy at home At home The law is mine, the law is mine

Black Lab - The pain is gone lyrics

But come on step out of the rain. You'd hate to catch ... your death All the life that you got left Lit ... a candle on your face. There are words that are fading

Don Mclean - The pattern is broken lyrics

pattern is broken, the pieces don't fit. Pull them ... apart and move them a bit. See what you've made ... and see who you are. The plans that you've laid can go

Feed Her To The Sharks - The world is yours lyrics

too far to turn back now This is a song for the broken ... souls It's time to rise up, take a stand Break down ... walls and face your fears There is nothing about you that is ordinary Get up kid, make

Ice Nine Kills - The coffin is moving - ep lyrics

are the walking dead I'm frozen in ... you're holding your views of the world Around never knowing ... Cause I'm a soldier for misfortune But I believe that we

Is Pain - The shadow lyrics

Someone stays in silence The shadow gets closer to you It ... for a partner... You are the one who can stay with it It ... s trying to take you within the dream See the shadow is on

Planetshakers - The water is rising lyrics

who are thirsty Come and drink the ... Taste and see, taste and see There is a river Where power ... flows, healing the city Miracles, miracles ... God is doing something that we’ve

Kim Walker-smith - The king is here lyrics

King is here, the King is here You're alive inside of ... me The King is here, the King is here Love will never ... [x2] We worship and we praise We lift Your holy name We

Aiden - The sky is falling lyrics

hear the sky is falling, here we are, I'm ... empty. I feel my heart is turning black tonight, Save ... me. If all we are is dust and shades of grey, How ... I wanted to say are we all alone 'cause I'm empty

Enigma - The die is cast lyrics

are you? What are you doing here? Share ... What you´re thinging Share All you´re dreaming Tell ... me who you are How does it feel You gonna ... reach your guiding star Is that for real? Guiding

Jesus Culture - The king is here lyrics

King is here, the King is here You're alive inside of ... me The King is here, the King is here Love will never ... [x2] We worship and we praise We lift Your holy name We

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The sky is fallin' lyrics

sky is falling Human race that we ... crawling Staring straight at the sun Only a moment I notice ... Every dog has his day I paid attention Cost ... Close your eyes and see the skies are falling I wanted

Sanctuary - The world is wired lyrics

am I supposed to be? Is this the trial? Self-deprecation ... leads to denial Can you hear the message overplayed As they ... hide behind the sun? Can you feel the future

A Wilhelm Scream - The king is dead lyrics

knife or the rope or the lemon, this brain and I. The ... sight of the drop got me off the roof. Hey, the garage looks ... high. To finally admit we are born alone and that your only

Becoming The Archetype - The magnetic sky lyrics

at the end of the world Planets fall and we are rising Soul and sky are ... magnetizing Here at the end of the world We are ... witnessing together The inception of forever Time

Big Time Rush - The city is ours lyrics

BTR] The city is ours (2x) (The city 2x) [Kendall] ... walls Billboards lighting up the block Everyone one of us on ... a mission (Oh yeah) Got a whole ... my side Cars beep, beep when they pass us by We ready to get

Phil Collins - The roof is leaking lyrics

roof is leaking and the wind is howling Kids are crying 'cos ... the sheets are so cold I woke this morning ... frozen I've tried to fix the fire, but you know the damn

Further Seems Forever - The moon is down lyrics

moon is down, and heaven is waiting for us to find her ... slipping. Now we're all the terminal cases, but were so ... And those with defeat on their faces, are those that we

Luke Kelly - The sun is burning lyrics

sun is burning in the sky Strands of clouds go ... slowly drifting by In the park, the dreamy bees are ... droning In the flowers among the trees And the sun is in the

M2m - The feeling is gone lyrics

feeling is gone Listen to me as I explain this ... Its not like I wanna destroy his reputation We're still together But we are not moving on ... When we first met it was the perfect combination Now when

Magica - The sun is gone lyrics

the sun is gone Forever out of this ... game And the sun is gone Her eyes will never be the same She lost her soul ... Caught in the demon's eyes She lost her

Nas lyricsNas - The world is yours lyrics

Pete Rock [PR] Whose world is this? [Nas] The world is ... yours, the world is yours [PR] It's mine, it's ... mine, it's mine Whose world is this? "It's yours!"

Oroku - The end is near lyrics

world is not ours to exploit, and I'm ... sick of this These borders are drawn in blood and I wish we ... all free Life has gone past the point of return Bury the

Matt Pond Pa - The summer is coming lyrics

summer is coming We should all stand ... clear Of the heat and high water You don ... t see - but you hear The porch light fives off small ... you've been You can turn the lights off When the day

Raven - The pack is back lyrics

we are what are we doin' Take a look What ... do they want So much for an easy ... stand up and be counted Now The Pack is Back Open your arms ... Now And forever more The Pack is Back Shake it baby

Sam Cooke - The song is ended lyrics

song is ended But the melody lingers on you and the sun are gone but the melody ... lingers on The night was splendid and the ... happiness while you may There beneath the light of the

Corporate Avenger - The bible is bullshit lyrics

the history of the human race Of all the ... inspirations for the separation of man from his ... true tribal culture Of all the inspirations for the acts of ... violence from one man onto another From one nation onto another, from one oppressor onto the

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The landscape is changing lyrics

landscape is changing The landscape is crying ... Thousands of acres of forest are dying Carbon copies from the ... hills above the forest line Acid streams are

The Hollies - All the world is love lyrics

state my mind Valued things are hard to find My mind's gone ... not where Left without a care When my thoughts are takin ... flight Pen them down on sheets of white

Lucky Dube - Is this the way lyrics

this the way You want it to be Is this the way It's gonna be [x2] ... God What we gonna do In this world In this world we live ... in [x2] I see these men Everyday at the corner

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - The pound is sinking lyrics

Pound Is Sinking The Peso's Failing The Lira's ... Feeling Quite Appalling The Mark Is Holding The Franc Is ... Fading The Drachma's Very Weak But ... Everyone's Still Trading The Market's Bottom Has Fallen

Tim Mcmorris - “the world is yours” lyrics

Dream big, and see that The world is yours, the world is ... you have, you have to give The world is yours, the world is ... kinda crazy, like my feet are lifting off the ground I’m

Midnite Angel - The fight is over lyrics

fight is over By: Midnite Angel By ... the time the world Is taken over It will be too ... it take for You to see that the fight is over This is my ... fake What I feel for you The fight is over The world can

Tim Ripper Owens - The world is blind lyrics

your eyes And shows you all the places you don't want to be ... A frozen Russian city the tundra of Siberia Pollution is so bad that when it snows the ... snow is black Just take a look

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