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Kenny Rogers - The greatest gift of all (feat. dolly parton) lyrics

are waiting For Santa Claus to come. There's a present by ... the tree Stockings on the wall And knowing you're in ... love with me Is the greatest gift of all. The fire is slowly

Jim Brickman - The greatest gift of all lyrics

s not the flowers, wrapped in fancy ... paper It's not the ring, I wear around my finger ... There's nothing in all the world I need When I have you ... So you could give me wings to fly And catch me if I fall

Heaven Shall Burn - The greatest gift of god lyrics

prophets rule your life The whole world absorbed by the ... light your way through the night Your hands will never ... your life As you poison the river of life, erasing the greatest gift of God All you need is

Donnie Munro - The greatest gift lyrics

greatest gift is time time I spend with ... you and maybe I'm too blind to see the whole thing through ... the greatest gift is love the love you give to me but

Tina Arena - Greatest gift lyrics

awake to my beating heart You save my ... from falling apart Say goodbye I'm leaving the race How I ... How long did it take me to find? So close I won't be ... left behind I believe and to you I confess I gave up on me

Cher - The greatest thing (ft. lady gaga) lyrics

The Greatest Thing Cher: I don't know ... inside, or what was said to make, you, cry. I hope, that ... you can see, you are the greatest thing to me. And when...

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - The greatest thing ft. cher lyrics

hurt inside Or what was said to make you cry I hope that you ... can see You are the greatest thing to me and when You ... that you can see you are The greatest, greatest thing to me I

Saxon - To live by the sword lyrics

follow the code of honour Die with a ... sword in your hand That is the way of the warrior Your ... forefathers left on the land To live by the sword ... You must die by the sword Trained in the way

John Schlitt - The gift (dorla's song) lyrics

was dumb – new love Through the years, good and bad Never ... up when I fall apart She's the only fire that warms my heart ... a blessing every day I get to see her face I could never

Eden's Curse - The voice inside lyrics

t judge a book by it's sleeve You know I heard ... s once been said I'm not the kind who's easely aggrieved By the things that I have read ... For my mother she once told me You know you've gotta

Bee Gees lyricsBee Gees - The greatest man in the world lyrics

it more and more Take me to heaven My love is stronger then the wall I'll climb it till ... you call your love I'd be the greatest man in the world ... 'cause I can say I got the greatest girl I'd be the greatest man

Fit For An Autopsy - The great gift of the world lyrics

it all went away tomorrow Would there be ... anything worthy of the salvage Or would the world ... be swallowed by the sea A blissful silence in ... return of harmony And would there be any need for possession

Nightwish - The greatest show on earth lyrics

Point Six Archean horizon The first sunrise On a pristine ... Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping After ... spending our brief time In the sun, to work At

Reba Mcentire - The greatest man i never knew lyrics

greatest man I never knew Lived just down ... we said hello But never touched at all He was in his ... I was in my room How was I to know he thought I hung the

Saigon - The greatest story never told lyrics

Intro: Saigon] Yeah It's the greatest story, ever ever told First time ever, ... all muh'f***ers know somethin man Change the game, it's a ... promise man Dun-dun, let me get into

Conflict - The greatest show on earth lyrics

take your cash Anarchy is the line. Buy your anarchy t ... are a popular line I've got the "Crass" Broken Gun. ... like And some "Bash the Rich" matches. (Set

Culcha Candela - The greatest lyrics

wenn es an ist Deine Autoschlüssel hängen dir aus der ... wie, wo und wann I am the greatest Keiner muss mir sagen was ... ich tu I am the greatest Ich feier meins und lasse

Dream On Dreamer - The tracks we leave behind lyrics

the sun comes up I feel the marks have never worn off. I ... burned my name into the cold world. And as the ... daylight dies. It goes to show what we’ve sacrificed. These are the tracks we leave

Chapin Harry - The parade's still passing by lyrics

got the news today That you refused to play ... number one But it's not just the words It's the deeds that ... is said and done Kings take their crowns They melt them all

Hemina - To conceive a plan lyrics

ask me these questions I've asked ... for years After all this to find This savior of mine a ... peer Down dangled cord of feather as the bellows of Jacob ... this home? Is this heaven's gift to man? Make me a child, rid

Elvis Costello - The greatest thing lyrics

stopped when she walked in the room Isn't this the greatest ... own up but nobody could touch her Isn't this the greatest thing Punch the clock keep ... enough for ever Isn't this the greatest thing Isn't this the greatest thing I heard some

Hillsong Kids - The greatest commandment - matthew 22: 37-38 lyrics

22: 37 -38 Matthew 22, Jesus Replied... Love the Lord your God with all your ... and with all your mind. Love the Lord your God with all your ... with all your mind. This is the firist, this is the greatest

Myname - The greatest story never told lyrics

mo kiduka renaku te mo kimitoboku no naka ni eien ni ... kagayaki tsudukeru story The greatest story never told... ... The greatest story never told.. anogoro bokura ga

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Greatest lyrics

inside Or what was said to make, you, cry I hope that ... you can see you are the greatest thing to me And when, you' ... hope that you can see you are the greatest, greatest thing to

Futuristic - The greatest lyrics

Verse 1] Yo, I'm the most underrated Everybody ... say they spitting fire like a dragon, ... nigga, watch me come and slay them Coming from the basement ... Double XL, man, I want the cover, there's no way that I

Prince - The greatest romance ever sold lyrics

greatest romance that's ever been sold So ... face 2 face Checking each other up and down In all of the ... obvious places Was there ever a reason 4 us 2 be

Elvis Costello - The greatest love lyrics

love I ever loved Was the love I had for you The greatest wish I ever wished Was when ... I wished that you love me too But I found out that you ... never, leave me never It was the greatest love It was the greatest love But I still love you I

Gratitude - The greatest wonder lyrics

do anything for you So whether for light or for ashes All ... of us burn for something The greatest risk, the greatest ... wonder Some of the time we are stolen Most of

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - The greatest days of all lyrics

On my only Sunday dress And the roof leaked in my shoes And ... when they dried they were too small And the rats chewed a ... coat And at night I'd hear them gnaw The paper on my

B. J. Thomas - The greatest love lyrics

ohh ohh oh Your other love Buys you pretty clothes And all the fine things ... I wish I could Your other love dances and he sings ... And he swings and he says all the witty little things That a

Postmodern Jukebox - The greatest love of all lyrics

believe the children are our future ... Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside ... Give them a sense of pride To make it easier Let the

Celine Dion lyricsCeline Dion - The greatest reward lyrics

me, I found my place I'm there for now, these days Now the greatest reward Is the light ... in your eyes The sound of your voice And the touch of your hand You made me

Lea Salonga - The greatest love of all lyrics

believe the children are our future ... Teach them well and let them lead the way Show them all the beauty they possess inside ... Give them a sense of pride To make it easier Let the

Satyrian (danse Macabre) - The dark gift (the lygophilia remix) remix by.. lyrics

are like mourners when they stand and cry At open grave ... rise again Your sun return to this benighted sky. I ... if I cried? what could I do to stand the tide? Darkness

Silverchair - The greatest view lyrics

re the analyst The fungus in my milk When you ... And you got someone Through the wind You crawl And laugh at ... why you feel like you do They're turning their head whilst

Eminem lyricsEminem - Greatest lyrics

Intro] Motherf***ers talkin' crazy (yeah), ... quit (yeah) I f***in' tell them make me (bitch), eat a ... dick (yeah) I'm feelin' like the greatest (woo), wanna be

Avalon - The greatest story lyrics

own resolve is strong And other days you bend it`s two ... back and a stumble now and then You wonder if you`ll ever ... really make the difference you`ve prayed

Barbie - The greatest day lyrics

And you'll see We belong together Got to be a part of a ... On and on, we're here to stay Let's keep it going ... strong The greatest day Never goes away Make

Chamillionaire - The greatest lyrics

so smooth Whoo! Whoo! You in the presence of the... ... Let me repeat myself, you in the presence of the finest - ... Koopa! The King Koopa, King Koopa, King

Doves - The greatest denier lyrics

English skyline falls down to the future But no one noticed in ... this empire 'Cause I'm the greatest denier and I will cut you if ... you look The English bloodline clashes in the sun No one noticed that we

Handsome Boy Modeling School - The greatest mistake lyrics

up your eyes baby Let the truth and sun shine in One ... ll grow up and you'll see There's a truth between friends ... And I should have listened to my intuition of the way When

Ice Nine Kills - The greatest story ever told lyrics

This isn’t a f***ing game. There’s somebody’s life at stake. ... covered in bruises, but the truth is that I never ... committed the crime 'cause I know I could

Scene 23 - The greatest lyrics

Me and you, we can meet at the cafe Parler while sippin' ... your thinkin' what I'm up to All I wanna do is try to ... get to know you.. Ooo yeah yeah

Sia lyricsSia - The greatest lyrics

stamina And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb But I, I ... stamina And uh-oh, I need another love to be mine Cause I, I ... give up, no no no I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive I

Sia lyricsSia - The greatest (feat. kendrick lamar) lyrics

stamina And uh-oh, I see another mountain to climb But I, I, ... got stamina Uh-oh, I need another love, be mine Cause I, I, I ... no [Chorus: Sia] I'm free to be the greatest, I'm alive I

R. Kelly lyricsR. Kelly - The greatest sex lyrics

see Ceiling fans with you on top of me And the window blinds ... And inside of your walls there will dwell a Capricorn ... night) If we keep this up then a love child will be born

Raleigh Ritchie - The greatest lyrics

was sordid, but we conquered the boredom We wanna be cool and ... whatever, at least we stick together We're the greatest, I ... re young, we're stupid Who the f*** knows what they're doing

Flume - The greatest view (feat. isabella manfredi) lyrics

I'm lookin’ down Your face to me And I see red In melody ... back me up, oh what's that baby? All my love Feel it ... close It's close enough The greatest view The greatest

Ellie Goulding lyricsEllie Goulding - The greatest lyrics

a song, we're fading in to oblivion But we're still the ... up and we're hung up on another loss I need to summon all these demons keeping me on the ... and I am giving everything to you Just say you need this,

Lil' Flip - I'm the greatest player lyrics

Flipper) EA Sports It's In The Game NBA Live, Playa Skillz ... on the track Holla back, uh, oh oh ... in college, I went straight to the pros So when I throw a no

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - The greatest word lyrics

got is strong Still I need to know I need to hear you say ... it 'cause Love is the greatest word Don't hold it in You ... ve got to let it be heard Baby, love is the greatest word

The Joy Formidable - The greatest light is the greatest shade lyrics

like open windows in the gusts A calm day will come ... Until two eyes out of the darkness bring hope close ... It dances keeps me awake to think on, to think on You're

Mark Owen - The greatest love song lyrics

at the stage, With an open mic ... trying to catch the light, The air I breathe, The silence, ... The voices laught tonight, I fail to say what I ... really know what you mean to me, What I feel is what I

Saxon - Man and machine lyrics

bird skimming on razor's edge the legend will be born The race ... is on against the clock in the silence of the dawn The greatest bird to ever fly the fastest

Shawanda Crystal - The best gift lyrics

best gift That I ever got Didn't ... round And it sometimes made the terrible sound The best of ... all it seems to me It wasn't neath the ... And yet, I guess I'd have to say That it made all the other presents twice as gay The

T.i. lyricsT.i. - The greatest(feat mannie fresh) lyrics

flash Just motivation for these freaky hoes to show that ... Nigga please, I'm wearin' these when I cut my grass... ... freeze All you niggaz wanna touch my cash The 40 cal's in the stash, and when I touch I

Alabama Shakes - The greatest lyrics

I never meant to be the greatest I only ever wanted to be ... your baby Not a stuck piece in your ... away I know you been out there tryin' to be my baby But

Creature Feature - The greatest show unearthed lyrics

Your every wish is our command, Your every whimsical ... desire brought to life. But I'm warning you, there's always a price - ... Welcome to the greatest show unearthed! The dark

Linda Ronstadt - The sweetest gift lyrics

day a mother went to a prison To see an erring ... but precious son She told the warden how much she loved him ... had done She did not bring to him a parole or pardon She

Cher - The greatest song i ever heard lyrics

green I've ever seen Was the grass on which you laid And the bluest blue was in my eyes ... said you couldn't stay And the biggest lost I ever took Was

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