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Overdose - The front lyrics


Overdose - The healer lyrics


Overdose - Children of the war lyrics

of the War They Live to Fight Patrolling the Streets Ready to Strike ... Defending their countries With blood and ... Pride Attacking the troops Learning to survive

Intervals - The escape lyrics

exchange I can tell Whether or not you swallowed those ... propaganda pills The steady overdose that we've stomached since ... and obedient existence Breathe this in and let this dose be

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - Gratitude lyrics

Gratitude Gratitude I'm so grateful for ... you, loved by you Show my gratitude, gratitude, show my gratitude ... I wanna show my gratitude, gratitude yeah Well, I was lonely, I

Zucchero lyricsZucchero - Overdose lyrics

quanto il mondo di un'Overdose d'amore di un'Overdose anche ... x me di un'Overdose si d'amore di un'Overdose ... quanto il mondo di un'Overdose d'amore di un'Overdose anche

Richard Smallwood - Gratitude lyrics

- Lead: It's my Choir: Gratitude Lead: What more can I say ... (Repeat) Verse - I give you gratitude for the good, for the bad ... Lord, i give gratitude whe I'm happy or when I'm sad

Ryan Leslie - Overdose lyrics

thirty-five, uh Meanin' that the average man just can't take ... you know that I [Chorus:] Overdose off your sweetness, (yeah) I ... you are my weakness, (I) Overdose, I can't get enough I Overdose off your sweetness, (yeah uh)

Beastie Boys lyricsBeastie Boys - Gratitude lyrics

times gone And you missed them What's gone wrong In ... your system Things they bounce Like a Spalding ... so much to say It's called gratitude & that's right! Good

Jason Derulo lyricsJason Derulo - Overdose lyrics

me love you till I overdose The time we spent blazing ... me I was fine, right from the start, the start Uh you ... got the room spinnin’ I don’t wanna

Destructor - Overdose lyrics

away from death Overload the circuits Metal spike deep ... Feel alive with overdose You got a need Metal rush ... We're the pusher Come to us High ... away from death Overload the circuits Metal spike deep

Malignant Tumour - Overdose and overdrive lyrics

overdrive And f***ing overdose Your energy, my cocaine There´s nothing I´ve to explain ... Overdriven, Overdosed If offended, keep eyes ... Our mission is to survive Overdose and overdrive It´s our way,

Exo - Overdose (chinese ver.) lyrics

dao ni [All] Someone call the doctor Kuai bang zhu wo dui ... Ai qing zhe bing shang yin Overdose Si nian de shi jian tai jiu ... shi ni Your love Zhe shi Overdose Too much shi ni Your love

Exo - Overdose (korean ver.) lyrics

isseo Someone call the doctor nal butjapgo malhaejwo ... Sarangeun gyeolguk jungdok Overdose Sigani jinalsurok tongjedo ... much neoya Your love Igeon overdose Too much neoya Your love

Seventh - Overdose lyrics

take Take this boredom an overdose inside your mind and feel on

Alessia Cara - Overdose lyrics

and I overdose Boy I want off of this ... oh I over trust Give me the chance to pick up the pieces ... this hallucinogen Oh and I overdose Boy I want off of this

Earth Wind And Fire - Gratitude lyrics

of mind We just wanna give Gratitude Got plenty love we wanna ... and we're tryin' to say That the Good Lord's gonna make a way ... time and we got to say That the Good Lord gonna make a way

Status Quo lyricsStatus Quo - Overdose lyrics

Help me, I'm falling Making the same mistakes again Hold ... was wrong And I can't stand the feeling I never found the ... words to the song If I hold myself together The pain won't last forever

Lecrae - Overdose lyrics

talkin fire I'm tryna shock the world, before they cut my ... wires I'm on that overdose, old me comatose See him ... used to different speakers They speak death and they stories

Nf lyricsNf - Overdose lyrics

I'm looking for that overdose Heh Yeah When I say I ... want that overdose, it ain't about the drugs I ... m talkin' 'bout the Holy Ghost runnin' through my

India Arie - Gratitude lyrics

Thankful for relaxation, complication, Hivination and irritation Succlusion, confusion are my impurities And securities Cause I know it`s god just perfectin...

Kotoko - Gratitude -ookina kuri no ki no shita de lyrics

tomoe ni kasanatta ooki na ha no shita de takai sora wo naname ni miteta mada chiisaku de nani mo tsukame sou ni nai ryoute de shirozumekusa wo anda jib...

Killing Joke - Gratitude lyrics

me tell you about the hearts of my people let me ... tell you of the meanings of our tribe a ... unspoken, a promised kept the secret comes alive For ... all the years i've watched your back

Danny Fernandes - Overdose lyrics

t breathe, you've done it again You ... stab me right in the chance How can I trust you the last goodbye, goodbye. Right ... you're just like [?] Whiping these tears from my check

Deadstar Assembly - Overdose lyrics

me Your lips they taste like poison Each kiss ... Our life of vice comes together tonight So wrapped up in ... off like a satellite It’s the devil that we know Now it’s

Ani Difranco - Gratitude lyrics

taking me in thank you for the beer and the food thank you ... thing to do thank you for the use of the clean towel thank ... we can sleep here like brother and sister, you said but

Ciara - Overdose lyrics

I like it babe, so bring on the break [Pre-Hook] Let me ... baby let me drown Can’t breathe, can’t breathe, give me mouth ... took too much Somebody call the doctor Somebody call the

Misha - Gratitude lyrics

only wanted to express my gratitude In simple words I just ... are just born with passion in their soul Their spirit always ... shining as they walk You’ve got the gift of

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Overdose w/ smokeasac, lil tracy lyrics

alone this way I don't wanna overdose today I don't wanna die out ... f***ing stay And I just like the way you'll feel that pain I ... die alone this way Read the tattoos on my face Imma die

Earth, Wind & Fire - Gratitude lyrics

of mind We just wanna give Gratitude Got plenty love we wanna ... and we're tryin' to say That the Good Lord's gonna make a way ... time and we got to say That the Good Lord gonna make a

The Beautiful Girls - Gratitude lyrics

they keep living with no gratitude too busy straightening their three piece suits count ... all their money in a mixing pot ... don’t see, the more you’ve got, the more you

Ac Dc - Overdose lyrics

can pull me through I overdosed on you I overdosed on you ... Ain't nothing I can do I overdosed on you Oh woman you give

Exodus - Overdose (ac/dc cover) lyrics

you can pull me through I overdosed on you I overdosed on you ... Ain't nothing I can do I overdosed on you Oh, woman you

Acϟdc lyricsAcϟdc - Overdose lyrics

can pull me through I overdosed on you I overdosed on you ... Ain't nothing I can do I overdosed on you Oh woman you give

Jah9 - Gratitude lyrics

is fuel for the actions I partake in so in ... I expect nothing but the best from iself Not myself ... under subordination of the master key which is the

Fidlar - Overdose lyrics

1 1 Kick it I wake up in the morning and I feel it in my ... turn inside my bed And all the shit that's in my head ... lot again We can do this in the car Or we can do this at the

Hurt - Overdose lyrics

No holding back now! Give me the real thing! I've got a

Afi - The new patron saints and angels lyrics

ve seen the light that emanates from you, ... a voice of reason above the muffling crowds. Such will ... find. A guide in you, and gratitude is mine, I admire the way

Psychonaut 4 - Overdose was the best way to die lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Gratitude - The greatest wonder lyrics

do anything for you So whether for light or for ashes All ... of us burn for something The greatest risk, the greatest ... wonder Some of the time we are stolen Most of

Maudlin Strangers - Overdose lyrics

me she's scared But I'm the only one that cares Says ... it takes To fall into the sky I catch your flame To ... light your cigarette I like the way you smoke it And I feel

Gms - Overdose lyrics

flood of seretonin, has desynthesized your receptors and to ... normalize this the brain is compensating by ... allowing you the using of four of your given ... at any given time, within the (...) switch, so if you can

Overdose - Prison of the conscience lyrics

I think, I feel and I hear These are some of man's senses ... is condemned 'cause it means the truth And it can destroy a ... controlled by Fews but they're smarts Deceiving a

The Partisans - Overdose lyrics

re parents and the goverment say why do you need ... drugs They think they know whats good for you but ... still they call you thugs Your parents ... and the Goverment, they always think they're right They bring you up the right way

Scooter lyricsScooter - Overdose (frazy) lyrics

2, 1 I’m the spitting of the winning the division (I like ... want to get stoned yea) They tell me to write, to report, ... to get stoned yea) I’m the spitting of the winning the

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - The world keeps turning lyrics

virgin minds are raped, Another insignficance to join the ... We're taught but torn (from) the sanctity of life. So ... vulnerable, The world keeps turning - We

Mac Miller - The morning after lyrics

She make me feel like how them drugs work Itchin’ from my ... Emma Left your lipstick on the glass of your daquairi Ruby ... [Hook] Something ’bout the pain Makes me want more

Mnemic - Overdose in the hall of fame lyrics

belongs to me I'm far beyond the walls you see My mind's ... that river It flows with the blood that is life, I got my ... up, I shiver Electroshock these thoughts right through my

Broken Bells - The high road lyrics

anyhow, To each his own The Garden is sorting out She ... To anyone Come on and get the minimum Before you open up ... .. Come on and get your overdose Collect it at the

Overdose - Rebellion lyrics

talk 'bout the pleasures of life It's ... A few people eat until they get sick The church ... me how to love One love they can't give us The nation ... seems to fade At school they force me to learn Silly

Infected Mushroom - The gathering lyrics

We extort money in the tradition of our ancestors.

Dagoba - The fall of men lyrics

fall over and over again! They gave us millions of reasons ... to hate them Like fire needs fuel to ... exist Consuming our faith, the burning remains They pushed

Delirious? - The years go by lyrics

back across the years We've had joy, we've ... tears Hand in hand we've run the race Gratitude for your ... us through Always you are the fire in me The years go by

Siebenbürgen - The roses bleed at night lyrics

silver light Abandoned by the tyrants, that rests in ... enthrones As shadows cast their splendid dreams, and arose ... cold Painted in colors of the painful night Sacrificed,

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The struggle within lyrics

you No way of showing your gratitude So many things you don't ... have you got to lose What the hell What is it you think ... Hypocrite Boredom sets into the boring mind [refrén:]

Atmosphere - The number none lyrics

Baby listen, they playing our song You want ... she was just a kid Lost in the mix, it didn't matter what we ... and I could hear her mom in the back yelling hang the phone

Bt The Roots - The spark lyrics

soon depart..'' *echoes from the last track*) Chorus: Malik ... B (2X) Yo, the feet that I walk with The ... ears that I hear with, the eyes that I see with The

Chaostar - The accident in ambere lyrics

we have passed to phase V. The mind of the subjects is ... projected somewhere near the field of Ante Cun." ... he had no chance to gain the trust of the others and

Trip Lee - The invasion (hero) lyrics

] Creation's groaning, lost their hope and feel they always ... in Lots to cope with, on the ropes, wish they was in the ... in my brain I didn't know then That all went wrong, and it

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