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The Hollies - The day that curly billy shot down crazy sam .. lyrics

tall man standing in the street Gun hanging by his ... side Just one man that he'd like to meet That's ... hide I recognised him from the face of his son The hate in

Omega - The girl with the pearl's hair lyrics

day the sun, too tired to shine ... Slept in the deep, green sombre lake And ... in the darkness, the world did ail Until she ... for all our sake. Oh that girl with pearls in her hair

Ball David - Down at the bottom of a broken heart lyrics

was sittin' on top of the world Deep in love with a ... blue eyed girl But the blue eyed girl told me ... I fell like rain drops out of the sky ( Chorus ) Down

Soft Cell - The girl with a patent leather face lyrics

she's here again The girl with the patent leather face ... of magazines Looks longingly at makeup ads And glossy ... spreads of beauty queens The girl with the patent leather

Lyle Lovett - The girl with the holiday smile lyrics

met a hooker at the grocery store She wasn't bad ... whore Whoa-o-whoa, she's the girl with the holiday smile She ... said "Whoa-o-whoa, I'm the girl with the holiday smile

Indigo Girls - The girl with the weight of the world in her .. lyrics

She hasn't chosen this path but she watches who it ... crosses Maybe move to the right maybe move to the left ... So we can all see the pain she wears like a banner

Chris De Burgh - The girl with april in her eyes lyrics

was a King, who called for the spring, For his world was ... still covered in snow But the spring had not been, for he ... traveller called seeking help at the door, Only food and a

The Byrds - The girl with no name lyrics

name My friends said to me watch out for the game I didn't ... want to believe all the things they said It seemed ... to be the right time a love afffair ... instead Walkin' down the beach, kickin' up the sand

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds lyricsNoel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - The girl with x-ray eyes lyrics

like a leaf as I fall into the street. But the girl with X ... my disguise. Going nowhere down a hill is hard to swallow ... like the pill. That was twisted on your tongue

Satin Lead - Down at the bottom lyrics

am standing here with my only friend my beat up ... in my head asking are you there i‘m trying to write another song feeling uninspired ... point where i lost control down at the bottom of a sinking boat singing the same old song

John Lee Hooker - Down at the landing lyrics

I was down at the landing people, Lord, waiting ... with my head hung down Lord, I was down at the ... landing, with my head hung down I could see everybody's baby

Jethro Tull - Down at the end of your road lyrics

respectable, But underneath I'm an iniquitous toad. So ... mishaps have befallen you down at the end of your road. ... And I live down the end of your road. I'm

Mötley Crüe - Down at the whisky lyrics

won't give a damn Vandalize the neighborhood Do you remember ... ? We slept all day in our clothes That's ok in hollywood Another shot, another show All

Nina Hagen - Down at the cross lyrics

at the cross where my Savior died Down where for cleansing from sin ... I cried There to my heart was the blood ... sin Jesus so sweetly abides within There at the cross where

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - Down at the arcade lyrics

at the arcade the defender is there Down off of Broadway he's there playing his games It's ... very dangerous putting money down on Robotron Oh, I'm the Great Defender And I really know

Stephen Lynch - Down at the old pub instead lyrics

your duty to find you a lass With child bearing hips and a pink ... her your wife And love her with love so true Now some ... when her river runs red, then shes starting her flow Ands

Betty Curse - Girl with yellow hair lyrics

Since she was eleven The girl with yellow hair said she ... Go to school Go to school The girl with yellow hair Said ... school Go to school Break the rules Been trying to get

The Saddle Club - Girl with claws lyrics

talk forever about nothing at all But I'd rather spend ... daddy's money down the mall I'll stroll across your ... feelings to get what I want Manipulating everyone

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the

Counting Crows - Have you seen the girl with yellow roses lyrics

we left Topeka following the sun We were kids still ... growing up with rainbows in our mind So off ... we went into the world not knowing what we’d ... find The first few days were filled with fun and laughing her and I

Amy Macdonald - Down by the water lyrics

me down by the river Meet me down by the sea Hours and hours, ... a new way for me I love the way your hair blows in the ... wind I love the feel of my skin on your skin

The Jam - Down in the tube station at midnight lyrics

faraway trains To take them home to The ones that they ... love and who love them forever The glazed, dirty ... steps - repeat my own and reflect my ... paper Mr. jones got run down Headlines of death and

Jethro Tull - The rattlesnake trail lyrics

a hair shirt round my shoulder. Got ... lead now it's got me baying at the moon. Well, there's a ... I'm stretching out for what might have been. Going to ... come out from the night, got my second sight

Mitchel Musso - The girl can't help it lyrics

ask her to the dance don't stand a ... s chance she'd never go with me she's way too beautiful ... up on the pedestal she's so out of my ... league but I don't blame her at all it's not her fault The girl can't help it the girl

Corey Hart - At the dance lyrics

know the kind of girl spreads mystique She'll plant ... upon your cheek - whoa She's the one the rich boys like She ... guards a slingshot from their sight Now you may call it

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - The lights are going out lyrics

a painting on the wall That wasn’t there at all Ten ... minutes ago There’s a girl who walks the line She’s with you all the time She won’t ... let go And I can’t see me with another girl As everything

The Pack - At the club lyrics

Like Ty Cause My Flows Is The Cleanest And They Call Me ... her Ass Real Large Bring The Beat Back Cause Is Slap Like ... Me She Miss Me Freaked Her At A Party It Was Hard To Tame

Lena Meyer-landrut lyricsLena Meyer-landrut - The girl lyrics

runs to the wishing well With her pocket full of dreams ... One after the other Throws them all into the deep Throws them all into the deep The ... she listens Waiting for the wind to change Desparate

David Gilmour - The girl in the yellow dress lyrics

mesmerizes with a smile Dark eyes as ... compelling as the bourbon That girl in the canary yellow ... t smoke, but he takes one nonetheless It helps to keep his

Royksopp - The girl and the robot lyrics

you´ll return I´m in love with a robot In the night, call ... me back I´m so alone In the night, wait up for you Even ... want me to Go to bed, leave the lights on What´s the use

Sixx:a.m. - Girl with golden eyes lyrics

to me in Persian Tells me that she loves me The girl with ... in my veins And trust her with my life I wish I had never ... I just can't resist her The girl with golden eyes Every time

Michael Jackson lyricsMichael Jackson - The girl is mine with paul mccartney lyrics

Dreams Since I Met Her From The Start I'm So Proud I Am The ... In Her Heart [Refrén] The Girl Is Mine The Doggone Girl Is ... I Know She's Mine Because The Doggone Girl Is Mine [2nd

The Animals - The girl cant help it lyrics

She can't help it, the girl can't help it) (She can't ... help it, the girl can't help it) She walks ... by, the men folk stand and gawp (She ... can't help it, the girl can't help it) She winks her

Joan Armatrading - At the hop lyrics

dressed up in our Sunday clothes Me and my baby See us ... walking down the road We're going to the hop ... Down at the hall you'll find us dancing ... I'm dancing right across the floor Me and my baby See the people Hear them shout for

Reo Speedwagon - Girl with the heart of gold lyrics

promise Ever since i met that girl There's no one else in the whole wide world Said she'd ... stay and be with me forever Mysteries have ... long been told About the girl with the heart of gold And

Avatarium - Girl with the raven mask lyrics

spy with my eye, a little girl going to the market In her ... head a giant mask yeah Oh girl with the raven mask Where do ... you have your home? Oh girl with the raven mask Do you live there all alone? What can it be?

Boy George - Girl with combination skin lyrics

mother called her angel So imagine ... When she walked into the party With a black boy by ... Sometimes I get angry I'm the girl with combination skin ... Her mother called her angel So imagine

Kym Marsh - The girl i used to be lyrics

heart, I don't wanna soul that's torn apart I don't wanna ... have to live with all the pain u give me, I don't ... I don't wanna lie here on the floor, I just wanna find my

Miguel - Girl with the tattoo enter.lewd lyrics

innocent eyes (eyes) That smile on your face makes it ... easy to trust you If they only knew, the girl with the ... tattoo, like I do Doin' what you doin' just to get you

Nicole Scherzinger - Girl with a diamond heart lyrics

! What happened to them we could've did, We could ... and let me walk right out the door The girl with the ... but a dream, now you're left there imagining In a room full

Common - Gettin' down at the amphitheater lyrics

Hey give it Boogie like the BX sex regular booger bitches ... Get the backseat G bumps'll make you buy tapes ... Ex cape the fire tonight switch like ... we live and shit This swamp water style'll keep em dirty and

Reba Mcentire - The girl who has everything lyrics

just got the wedding invitation. There's gonna be a ... celebration like you've never seen. ... and his wedding ring. Oh what can I bring. What do you ... give the girl who has everything. She's

Mystery Jets - The girl is gone lyrics

girl is gone, the girl is gone The girl is gone, the girl is gone Trading love ... laugh But when its gone and the night has passed I want the ... thing that i cant touch Fingerprints on

Kenny Chesney - The woman with you lyrics

hit the door 6:55 sack full of ... groceries split down the side. Can goods scattered ... all the way to the curb. Look on her face ... and a can of beans sitting there on the front porch swing.

Cradle Of Filth - The nun with the astrail habit lyrics

world was her cloister, the abbess Duboir In the convent ... touched Angels and melted their hearts her choirs inspired ... the search For the lost holy grail, the Benedict

Kenny Rogers - The factory lyrics

can´t say that he loved his work but he fed ... time But he was a lucky man At least he had a job down at the factory Forty years cut ... a thankful man He had a job down at the factory Sometimes

Blondie - Love at the pier lyrics

fell in love down at the pier You were sunbathing, I ... a beer We fell in love at the pier I'm no sentimental slob ... my beer Well, maybe it's the hot pants, maybe the heat Or

Gabriel & Dresden - Tracking treasure down (at the same time) lyrics

this could just dissapear at the same time you keep ... tracking treasure down can't stop I'm soked ... this could just dissapear at the same time you keep

Joe Walsh - At the station lyrics

was standin' at the station Out at the end of the ... Feelin' mad, just a bit impatient And I wish that you ... up my mind Yes I was out there on the platform Pay phone

Don Moen - At the foot of the cross (ashes to beauty) lyrics

Scott, Kathryn; At the foot of the cross Where grace ... shown me your love Through the judgment you received And ... my heart, now I can Trade these ashes in for beauty And

Willie Nelson - Sister's coming home - down at the corner bee.. lyrics

mama's gonna let her sleep the whole day long the whole day ... mama's gonna let her sleep the whole day long Sister's ... coming home mama don't like the man that done her wrong that

Walter Becker - Down in the bottom lyrics

it's alive and well That little habit that you left with me Here in the suburbs where ... it's hard to tell If I got the bear or if the bear got me ... How did you know that it would take me down Down to

A Day In The Life - The girl that destroyed me lyrics

I can tell you I'm still breathing but I'm lost I haven't ... never again will I see you the way I did last September, ... never again will I see you the way I did last September,

Camel - Down on the farm lyrics

morning, before daybreak Down upon the farm, on the ... fishpond All the little ducks, they go ... Sunday morning hear the churchbells ringing High up ... in the trees the birds were singing In the

Lil Pump lyricsLil Pump - At the door lyrics

Big Head on the beat Lil Pump Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh ... This is CB's beats I be, I be drippin' head ... on your hoe I got junkies at the door, I got junkies at the

Inkubus Sukkubus - At the end of the world lyrics

years, A parasitic cancer that feeds on your fears. And the ... wise men say "Look to the sky", For the day is ... coming when everyone dies. There's a plague in the East, there's a plague in the West. There's an angel calling, and her

Donna Lewis - At the beginning lyrics

journey Never dreaming what we'd have to go through Now ... and I'm suddenly standing At the beginning with you No ... to find you Unexpected what you did to my heart When I

Nightrage - At the ends of the earth lyrics

words, Anxious to find the real essence Of the human nature. Love, hate, colours, ... alien for you. You broke down in disgusting pleasures.

Scotty Mccreery - The trouble with girls lyrics

trouble with girls is they're a mystery Something ... trying to figure out Just what them girls are all about The trouble with girls is they're ... pretty Everything about them does somethin' to me But I

Ark - The hunchback of notre dame lyrics


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