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Rise Against - The ghost of tom joad (bruce springsteen cove.. lyrics

walkin' 'long the railroad tracks Goin' ... someplace there's no goin' back Highway ... choppers comin' up over the ridge Hot soup on a ... campfire under the bridge Shelter line

Rage Against The Machine - The ghost of tom joad lyrics

walks along the railroad track He's Goin' ... some place, there's no turnin' back The ... Patrol chopper comin' up over the ridge Man sleeps by a ... campfire under the bridge The shelter line stretchin'

Bruce Dickinson - The ghost of cain lyrics

your hour of darkness be not afraid As the moonlight shivers on your ... find you here, save you from the danger Come back to lead ... you home, from the hooded stranger Conjuring

Mercyful Fate - The ghost of change lyrics

December night I hear... The voices from the other side ... Do you... Still remember the old oak tree I... Do, the ... see me once again You are the ghost of change, And now we

Asaf Avidan - The ghost of a thousand little lies lyrics

right through my walls The ghost of a thousand little ... my finger-tips, and my eyes The ghost of a thousand little

Dashboard Confessional - The ghost of a good thing lyrics

guess it?s luck, but it?s the same Hard luck, you?ve been ... you so much I could die for the words that you say But, I ... you so much I could die from the words that you say But,

George Jones - The ghost of another man lyrics

by me He's playing with the baby That belongs to her and ... a woman That was held by these two hands It must be ... leaving hell to live With a ghost of another man. My name is

Mike + The Mechanics - The ghost of sex and you lyrics

I have nothing in my defence There can be no forgiveness To ... Suggest I never knew The ghost comes back to haunt me The ghost of sex and you I held her

Satyricon - The ghost of rome lyrics

time, to the waters below My song, for the ... silence above The spirit of promise, on the table of ... stone Under my skin — all the life you have ever lived

Keldian - The ghost of icarus lyrics

birth of legend so long ago Now holds ... the truth for those of us who know He spread his ... to face his god Now as the sunlight is burning my face ... Throwing my mind out of time, out of place Traitor

The Ready Set - The ghost of los angeles lyrics

And I can't love you in this ghost town We're all dead and we ... you tonight Is someone out there Don't say that you're the only lonely one You know I'm

Louis Xiv - The ghost of chapel royal lyrics

it back at once gratefully The sky's so blue It's an ocean ... An ocean with all sorts of life in it But me Why did ... did you have to go away? Mother, you'd scream at the king

Ceremonial Castings - The ghost of alice lyrics

Alice The Night Awaits! My Sweet ... Alice, The Age Of Seven Taken From Her Life, ... Tonight I Kill For Alice The Path Of Death I Pave Tonight ... So She May Bring Flowers Upon Their Graves The Prayers Of

Mastodon - The ghost of karelia lyrics

With human blood Shades of darkened skies Emptiness ... Twilight holding through Offering Life in zenith ... shot eyes Flattened portrait of the night sky Feel crust

My Chemical Romance lyricsMy Chemical Romance - The ghost of you lyrics

If I died we'd be together I can't always just forget ... her But she could try At the end of the world Or the last ... Could I Should I And all the things that you never ever

Icarus Witch - The ghost of xavior holmes lyrics

he sailed into the shadows of darkness He prayed to once ... again see the light of day {July, 1807} In the ... to survive Heading out into the uncharted regions of the sea

Rosanne Cash - Sea of heartbreak feat. bruce springsteen lyrics

1, 2 1, 2, 3, 4] The lights in the harbor Don't ... m like a lost ship Adrift on the sea The sea of heartbreak ... love and loneliness Memories of your caress So divine how I

Mcrae Tom - Ghost of a shark lyrics

m gonna leave any minute See the skyline disappear Head out of the city Burn my clothes ... I was here Tell me now is there difference Between a shark

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The ghosts of saturday night (after hours at .. lyrics

cab combs the snake, Tryin' to rake in ... a solitary sailor Who spends the facts of his life like small ... twenty-five cents, And the last bent butt from a package

Iron Fire - Ghost of vengeance lyrics

through hell and back I feel the time attack but I still ... carry on the dream I fight the mighty beast from deep ... within released but in the dark I still scream I take

Danger Danger - Ghost of love lyrics

Held The Gun, You Pulled The Trigger There Are No Saints ... For Salvation In Our Church Of Regret One More Kiss, One ... We've Got No Alibi Cause The Ghost Of Love Is Beating In

Daughtry - Ghost of me lyrics

it was dead and buried Then it woke you up last night ... shoulder 'Cause that's just the ghost of me You're seeing in ... your dreams Wait, there's no rhyme or reason

Max Q - Ghost of the year lyrics

I'm counting on you To count the fingers on my hands That's the amount of time I've got I'll ... feel drowned And now they wanna crown me (for the ghost of the year) And now they

The Rasmus - Ghost of love lyrics

you’ve lost? Are you scared of the dark? Now that you’re ... gone All that remains Is the ghost of love Deep in my ... mind I hear the chains Of the ghost of love You are

Manic Street Preachers - Ghost of christmas lyrics

day, stuck in the seventies play all day with ... oh my god, I got a tomahawk how sweet life can be ... used our imagination a leather football was perfection

Imelda May - Ghost of love lyrics

can't survive another night I'm lost again and ... can't get to the light And the bottle is as empty as my mind ... And the truth I search is getting ... I found my life is on trial There's not much time left for me

Alter Bridge - Ghost of days gone by lyrics

I sing this song tonight To the ghost that will not die And ... somehow it seems to haunt til the end Do you feel the same ... again Do you ever cry for the Ghost of Days Gone By I

Annisokay - Ghost of me lyrics

time won't run away tonight The ghost of me will disappear ... will not run away tonight The ghost of me will disappear ... Things get misunderstood In the time of my dying It doesn't

Concordia - Ghost of you lyrics

indecision I will wait for the day that you give in Your ... I see through, see through the ghost of you Rip it up ... it into pieces Let me lift the veil You don’t have to fear

Selena Gomez lyricsSelena Gomez - Ghost of you lyrics

my back, to the door Feel so much better now ... Nothing left to lose Theirs a voice thats in the air, ... dont look back no where Theirs a voice thats always there

Ring Of Fire - Ghost of america lyrics

the deserts to the oceanside From the mountains ... to the plains From two thousand ... years of peaceful life To only strife ... and pain Came to move them from ancestral homes

Dawn Of Oblivion - Ghost of cain lyrics

legacy of blood in the family Is haunting down from ... paradise The Garden of Eden and the serpent's bliss ... The knowledge sets you free ... Corruption and greed to abuse the future Uphold the laws to

House Of Lords - Ghost of time lyrics

walk into another day I'm afraid to look you ... in the eyes I paid the price for hurting you I fail ... to read between the lines If everything is ... here away And I can't see the light anymore I'll be

Iamx - Ghost of utopia lyrics

are haunted by the tremor of your light Walking circles ... crossing lines And if the stirring of your soul, of ... This is psychosis This is the jigsaw blown apart You are

Courtney Lynn - Ghost of you lyrics

my back, to the door Feel so much better now ... Nothing left to lose Theirs a voice thats in the air, ... look back no where (no way?) Theirs a voice thats always there

Pig Destroyer - Ghost of a bullet lyrics

Or ten rogue angels torching the house of god. I fell ... my kidneys. Maybe a pair of wings. Maybe the ghost of a

The Misfits - Ghost of frankenstein lyrics

the name of God how could you? Take such ... in your hands Born from the dead As the lightning fed me ... I’ve come to see that When they speak my name It’s only in

Rebellion - Ghost of freedom lyrics

from a serpent's tongue They won't believe you so in vain ... you come To warn the Romans of an ambush you must Too blind ... they are me Arminius they trust Segestes Don't you

Satellites - Ghost of a memory lyrics

numbers match again The morning spotlight shines ... through the window pane And picks out the knots deep in the wood On the piano where you were stood

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Ghost of time lyrics

heart beats anxiouly in pain of irremediable passion in this ... he´s my solely love , yes my other half. Fast the springs ... evanescent and also by the summers spirit went.. now

Katatonia - Ghost of the sun lyrics

once changed my style When they said hello I said goodbye ... played a role I was out there marketing my soul The ... city of glass that I live in The

Revolution Renaissance - Ghost of fallen grace lyrics

of nowhere land The scars of a lone man A once powerful ... ship crumbles from the rust Skeletons that wilt to ... dust Sands shift on the plain As the wind stirs up the memories of mine I hear

Cavalera Conspiracy - The doom of all fires lyrics

doom, the doom the doom of all fires the ghost, the ghost the ghost of all martyrs the dust, the dust the dust of ... empires the roar, the roar the roar of the lion the crash, the trash the crash of the west

I Exist - Ghost of a king lyrics

of the continents presenting himself ... the ghost of a king. Trapped somewhere ... to a debt, restrained in the way of a spell, for shredding ... the flesh of a warlock. Was cast into

Charlie Daniels - The legend of wooley swamp lyrics

you better not go at night There's things out there in the ... middle of them woods that'd make a strong ... things that creep around on the ground And they say the ghost

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my ... face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my ... thrill of the chase Death could be the

Pantokrator - The madness of nebuchadnezzar lyrics

O King, art King of kings... Thou art this head of Gold! Dew covereth my skin ... as I wake up in the fields Amongst the beasts I ... hair is grown like eagles feathers My nails like claws of

Chastain - The battle of nevermore lyrics

you ever felt like crying In the head of the storm If you ... ever felt like dieing The ghost of theory won There's a ... light in the dark If you take the chance

In Mourning - The art of a mourning kind lyrics

on the pride of others It is their fine art of slaughter One ... bloodstains on sacred ground The art of the mourning kind The ... cry of Gods children, when Eden

Dragony - The one and only (bonus - chesney hawkes cove.. lyrics

am the one and only Call me, call ... it I'll still be doing it the way I do it And yet, you try ... tell me I'm no best I'm not the same as all the rest I am the one and only Nobody I'd rather be I am the one and only

Demi Lovato lyricsDemi Lovato - The house that built me (miranda lambert cove.. lyrics

know they say you can't go home again ... don't know me from Adam But these hand prints on the front ... My favorite dog is buried in the yard I thought if I could

Efterklang - The ghost lyrics

at the way you Look out where you ... walk! What kind of fish you are? I ll make you ... do some harm! Look at the places Look at what s wrong ... What makes you feel so dark? The ghost, the ghost, the ghost

Factory Fiction - Ghost of love lyrics

can't believe all the things you say to me I just ... can't believe all the things you say I'm standing ... I'll realise Ain't that ghost of love,ain'that ghost of

Elton John lyricsElton John - The ballad of blind tom lyrics

a wonderment" "No! The kid's a freak" But that ... His black hands resting on the keys Hoppin' like a big old ... quot; Just throw old Blind Tom a bone From the times of

Ella Henderson - Ghost lyrics

keep going to the river to pray 'Cause I need ... something that can wash out the pain And at most I'm ... sleeping all these demons away But your ghost ... the ghost of you It keeps me awake My

Coco Jones - Ghost (cover ella henderson) lyrics

keep going to the river to pray 'Cause I need ... something that can wash out the pain And at most I'm ... sleeping all these demons away But your ghost ... the ghost of you It keeps me awake My

Karen Elson - The ghost who walks lyrics

ghost who walks She's on the prowl For the man she loved, ... in June When he drove her to the lake So they could watch the ... full moon The ghost who walks She's on the prowl

Marie Fisker - Ghost of love lyrics

veins Yesterday I fell out of grace I made you feel bad ... I belong Tell me, stay on the right track You know I've ... much Yesterday I fell out of grace I made you feel bad

Lion's Share - The edge of the razor (feat. bruce kulick) lyrics

the eye from the blind In the last temptation of the sky They have burned the bridges of ... Now as I wonder why Shadows of tomorrow pass me by Will I

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