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John Cougar Mellencamp - Blues from the front porch lyrics

it's another hot day In Lima, Mississippi. Evan played the harmonica, And the old group sang. Some are laughin', some are crying' Most are still relyin' on the old (damn tar). Yeah in Shannon County, No one's overworked today. There ain't no use to, So they took our dignity and

Josh Henderson - The jerk theory song lyrics

in the world was i thinking, when i went and bought you those flowers and candy, I was thinking that every girl wants a nice guy, someone she can trust, but i guess i was not right. what is wrong with me?... or do I have to be... a jerk so yo

Henderson Josh - The jerk theory song lyrics

in the world was i thinking, when i went and bought you those flowers and candy, i was thinking that every girl wants a nice guy, someone she can trust, but i guess i was not right. what is wrong with me?... or do i have to be... a jerk so you'll want me... a jerk so we can be...t

Little Big Town - Front porch thing lyrics

Lord willing and the creek don't rise My baby's got a song to sing While the crickets and the train whistle harmonize Doing that front porch thing Clanging out, banging out a feel-good tune Strumming on my old 6 string Sure can kill these country b

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - Front porch junkies lyrics

ain't kickin' it inside We ain't kickin' it outside We're just sippin' moonshine watchin' chicken fry And makin' that swing swing side to side Singin' "Hoop, hoop, hoopty do" Come on, girl, can you feel that groove? The mandolin is st

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - Front porch junkies (remix) lyrics

ain't kickin' it inside We ain't kickin' it outside We're just sippin' moonshine watchin' chicken fry And makin' that swing swing side to side Singin' "Hoop, hoop, hoopty do" Come on, girl, can you feel that groove? The mandolin is strummin', All my

Pinhead Gunpowder - Porch song lyrics

don't wanna write I just wanna drink all night HEY! HEY! another day starts a new Waste half of the that one too On the porch with Paddy HEY! HEY! sleep right through Then sit at my desk - yeah right Drink all night again Oh.. oh.. on the porch with Paddy Oh.. oh.. oh.. oh..

John Cougar Mellencamp - Rain on the scarecrow lyrics

on a wooden cross Blackbird in the barn Four hundred empty acres that used to be my farm I grew up like my daddy did My grandpa cleared this land When I was five I walked the fence while grandpa held my hand Rain on the scarecrow Blood on the plow This land fed a nation

Schultz Mark - The time of my life lyrics

packed his bags when he was just 18 To see a world he thought he'd never seen But he knew when he met her That she was the girl He'd been waiting for And each night they spent talking on the front porch swing And like it came straight out of

Ani Difranco - The true story of what was lyrics

light blue flickering rhythm of the neighbor's big console t.v. is basking on the ceiling of another insomniatic spree and outside sleep's open window between the drops of rain history is writing a recipe book for every earthly pain oh to clean up the clutter of echoes co

Kenny Rogers - In our old age lyrics

home from work today I saw our future And old man and his wife were holdin' hands They were sittin' on a front porch swing like two young lovers I waved to them as I went by then I realized That life does not grow dimmer with the settin' of the sun The

Kelsea Ballerini - The first time lyrics

put on my make up Spray my perfume Sat on the front porch, waitin' on you Said we would catch up because it had been awhile I hate to admit it But my hands are shaking Barely breathin' Heart is racin' Looks like feelings don't always change their

Anti-flag - The consumer's song lyrics

t trust them as far as you can throw them because as strong as you may be you won't be able to move them an inch but you don't have to believe me go ahead and be the corporate stooge that they trained you to be and... then you'll see what you get for your loyalty! the

Blackberry Smoke - The only thing she left behind lyrics

left me without givin’ a reason why she didn’t even hang around to watch me cry she didn’t even leave a note tellin’ me “daddy, that’s all she wrote” the only thing she left behind was me she left me here to wonder what in the

George Jones - The bird lyrics

curse the day she bought me that old bird Squalking, talking, telling everything it ever heard She never would have known about Big Betty Brown and me But he fowled up and told her Some things you won't believe Oh, my woman moved out on me today And left t

Charlie Daniels - The girl next door lyrics

all of my life every day and every night The only thing that I could think of Was doing all I could do to find me a true blue A foxy little lady to love I looked uptown downtown looking all around town Searching and trying so hard Looking for the right face but l

Kenny Chesney - The woman with you lyrics

hit the door 6:55 sack full of groceries split down the side. Can goods scattered all the way to the curb. Look on her face saying don't say a word. So, it's me and her and a can of beans sitting there on the front porch swing. Western sky all turning red. Head on my shoulder she sigh

Dog Fashion Disco - The christian dance song lyrics

say Children sit down and now listen Obey the rules cause I'm a Christian I am exactly what you want me to be And this world in front of me, yeah Is larger than infinity Pathetic and untuned Tell me of the guilt Under the devil's oath Just say the word and you're forgiven Your

Bruce Hornsby - The road not taken lyrics

in the southwest Virginia town of Richlands I fell in love with an Appalachian girl She lived in a long line of little row houses On the side of an old strip mining hill She walked along on the jagged ridge And looked as far as she could see But the hill

Highwaymen, The (country Supergroup) - The last cowboy song lyrics

is the last cowboy song The end of a hundred year waltz The voices sound sad as they're singin' along Another piece of America's lost He rides the feed lots, clerks in a market On weekends sellin' tobacco and beer And his dreams of tommorrow surrounded by fences But

Yelawolf lyricsYelawolf - The hardest love song in the world lyrics

Intro] I usually don’t do this, but f*** it You know what? [Verse 1] You’re like the hardest thing I’ve ever seen And I’m from the gutter so believe me I’ve seen some hard things You come from where the black flower grows I wanted to cut you down and take you home C

Mark Lanegan - The gravedigger’s song lyrics

piranha teeth I've been dreaming of you And the taste of your love, so sweet Honest, it's true Through my heart flows sleep And the dark, heavy rain Where the gravedigger's song is sung You've been torturing me Tout est noir, mon amour Tout est bl

Rupert Holmes - The pina colada song lyrics

was tired of my lady, we'd been together too long. Like a worn-out recording, of a favorite song. So while she lay there sleeping, I read the paper in bed. And in the personals column, there was this letter I read: 'If you like Pina Coladas, and getting cau

Florida Georgia Line lyricsFlorida Georgia Line - Country in my soul lyrics

I like a little Captain in my coke. You know I like a little good time in my smoke, With a pair of tan legs hangin' off the tailgate, Underneath the bridge down Harrison Road, I like fried chicken right off the bone, I like my peaches home grown. Pickin' on

Chase Rice - Country in ya lyrics

got that LA look with the Hollywood swag California tags on the Cadillac I got the FLA dirt road attitude I'm a talk with a drawl boy through and through smile ugh You got the city girl with an uptown smile Drivin this ol' boy country wild I got a chevrolet, watch say We t

Radical Face - The deserter's song lyrics

black, cold and vacant now I sat on the hillside The stars up above me Like pinholes in velvet I listened to the song That I hoped I'd never hear And off behind me Guns snap like insects We're fighting for causes We don't really fathom But we'll charge ahead

Raske Menn - The sad, sad, sad country singer lyrics

m only 40 years old and already I feel my life is over Cause there's nothing out there for me no more, nothing that I haven't seen or done I've been to all the places I wanted to go Like Niagara Falls and Middelsborough I've driven all the cars that I've wanted to drive Chev

Hilltop Hoods - The nosebleed section lyrics

one-Suffa for my people in the front in the nose bleed section This is for the headsets loving the mix, My people in the front row, covered in spit, Batters in the box (uh), Suffa to pitch,(what) Hilltop Hoods, all up in this bitch, And we the funk leaders, punks you can’t be

Kaiser Chiefs - Country in c lyrics

live in a country in the sea No one's got a plan to leave Keep my face in a jar by the door Keep my brains in a jar by the fire Keep my brains in a jar by the fire I live in a time of holy war No one goes there anymore Keep my teeth in a glass by the bed

Matt Redman - The father's song lyrics

have heard so many songs Listened to a thousand tongues But there is one That sounds above them all The Father's song The Father's love You sung it over me and for eternity It's written on my heart [CHORUS:] Heaven's perfect melody The Creator's s

Racer X - The executioner's song lyrics

a note lying on his desk But the words already smear the morning press Tell him that he's got a job to do A lethal dose that he'll be giving you Should have run when you heard the screams Now it's all one big bad dream Hang your heard sadly, dose his j

D.o.a. - The kenny blister song lyrics

........ ................ ............ ...................... Kenny, Kenny blister man who ran away ......... ................ ............. ....................

Neil Diamond - The american popular song lyrics

s a popular song An American popular song And there's something about it Can't live without it It's the tune of the day Somehow it takes you away And it grabs you And it holds you Feel it control you Makes you want to clap your hands Makes you want

Hetalia Character Songs - The delicious tomato song italy lyrics

quot;oi supein, kotoshi mo tomato ga takusan toreta zo, kono yaro!" boono tomato boono! tomato boono boono uu! tomato! aka agete midori sagete tomatomatomato hn! pasuta ni wa tomato daro pisha ni mo tomato daro miwaku no akai tesoro tomato dais

Lisa Mitchell - The land beyond the front door lyrics

s a land beyond the front door Near where the bike leans And nobody sees It's like a good dream In the dark you hold me And we go slow dancing Like we're in a movie And nobody knows And nobody sees The land near where the bike leans Well darling

Dave Martone - The goodie squiggee song lyrics

.... Instrumental .... Instrumental .... Instrumental .... Instrumental .... Instrumental ...

Parkway Drive - The siren's song lyrics

is lost Beyond this sleek veneer Beneath the neon existence Her face is grey And everything she longs for turns to black The chemicals bring little vindication And white lines lace every vein Does she realise what she's become? But she's not waking And Sh

Skinless - The front line of sanity lyrics

my friend We stand at the end We've failed to find The way out The falling of messiahs and raising of funds Is a procession of liars Thieves and wrongs The new order of the land is to live in fear Now decide Where you stand Look to the edges of earth It's barr

Marilyn Manson lyricsMarilyn Manson - The la la song lyrics

I'm going to lick you Then I'm going to eat you So... La la la la La la la la, lalala La la lala La la la la... Lalala La la It's a f***ing dance

Ally Kerr - The sore feet song lyrics

walked ten thousand miles, ten thousand miles to see you, And every gasp of breath i grabbed at just to find you, I climbed up every hill to get, to you, I wandered ancient lands to hold, just you. And every single step of the way, i pay, Every single night and day, I searc

Neil Diamond - The gift of song lyrics

to make you free And songs to take you to another time Forgotten reasons that are made of rhyme For you and me The songs of life That somehow make us free And songs to fill the heart Like quiet candles on a winter's night They touch the space That lies

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - The simpsons theme song lyrics

Simpsons... Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! (2x) Da da da dada da da da dadadadaaa... Dadadadadaaa da da da da

Jasmine V. - The break up song lyrics

Had Our Love Behind Bars, No Visitors No Oh No He Held My Heart On Death Row Yeah, He Did! I Don't Know What Was Inside His Mind It Wasn't What I Thought So? ..Him Know, Yeah, Yeah Bridge: This Is When We Both Started To Change The Page Beginning After Th

Mark Owen - The greatest love song lyrics

at the stage, With an open mic trying to catch the light, The air I breathe, The silence, The voices laught tonight, I fail to say what I think of you, Maybe it could be this time, You dont really know what you mean to me, What I feel is what I cannot say, Communicate,

Baby Dee - The robin's song lyrics

woke up one morning heard a robin's song. I asked that robin "Why do you sing?" "It was a voice whose rhymes are worlds That made my song for me How could I not sing?" I woke up one morning heard a robin's so

Jon Lajoie - The best christmas song lyrics

is the best Christmas song that ever existed This is the best Christmas song that ever existed If you don't believe me, well you should believe me 'Cause this is the best Christmas song, so listen to it now Christmas is my favorite Christmastime of the year Bells are jiggling an

5th Dimension - The girl's song lyrics

d like to make a long distance call to a number in west L.A. I've been trying to reach it all day but no one answers tell me Why was I so unkind I hope he's still on that line I'll make it up to him If he hasn't changed his number If he hasn't changed his mind I know it's late but please

4everfreebrony - The jelly bean song (acoustic) lyrics

I was ever king I'd lose myself in my power I might have everything But I'd lose myself by hour so much power by the hour might have everything If I were king Life is like a bag of jelly beans Sometimes it's sweet Life is like a new song 'cause it's never what

Freak Morice - The break-up song lyrics

Day, I'm waiting in the cinema Tearing up our tickets, Sighing as I text your number You said you'd come, You said you'd come We both know that you won't turn up, You won't turn up Shut my phone and shut you out of my head Every time we breakup, I break down Every time I fall ha

Greg Kihn Band - The break-up song lyrics

had broken up for good just an hour before Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh Now I'm staring at the bodies as there's dancin' 'cross the floor Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh And then the band slowed the tempo and the music gets me down Uh uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh It was

Jim Reeves - The hawaiian wedding song lyrics

is the moment, I've waited for I can hear my heart singing, soon bells will be ringing This is the moment of sweet Aloha I will love you longer than forever Promise me that you will leave me never. Here and now dear all my love I vow dear. Promise me that yo

Autopilot Off - The cicada's song lyrics

I have decided that there's only one way out And I tried so hard to fight it, but the blade kept coming down! Nowhere to hide... You were always way too strong Out in the night... As cicadas sing their song Tell me, are you listening...? Because no-one hears a thing Tonight I h

Terry He - The childhood theme song medley (90's kids tv.. lyrics

USED (in order): Pokemon - Season 1 Fairly Odd Parents "My Shiny Teeth & Me" - from Fairly Odd Parents Digimon - Season 1 Bill Nye the Science Guy Arthur Spongebob Squarepants Cardcaptors - Season 1 Yu-Gi-Oh - Season 1 Team R

A Camp - The same old song lyrics

s my prayer I'm getting nowhere I'm stepping up the stairs But falling behind, ooh I'm a one man show That nobody knows My body's thorn out I'm wondering why I can't go on singing this song But the angels will not hear The world is so old From all that i stole Th

Big Bang - The north face® song lyrics

Never Stop Exploring The North Face jeomeolri jeongsangi boyeo chagaun gongie simjangeul deoukdeo jeulgyeo amudo gaji mothan gileui saegileul yeoleo hangeoleumdeodeo GO GO moduda hamkke dojeonhaebwa TOP: Nunape geochin jeoji duryeoum boda ganghan ogi nae ga

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - The best love song ft tpain lyrics

off the past, turn off the trouble, i’m about to take you to a whole other level! dj turn off what you’re playing, i want the whole club to hear what i’m saying! because this girl means too much to me, and now we’re on the floor and she talks to me. and if i wanna take her home it’

Heather Dale - The server's song lyrics

hall is well crowded, the feast underway To cook and assistants all homage we pay But lest we forget those who serve us this day I ask you to raise up your glass- To those who eat last and who give us the best Let's drink to the few who would serve all the rest At court or at

Demonlord - The bastard's song lyrics

buy me a new life I'm gonna sell my soul for it I really need a new one Even if I have to die for it I wanna change my clothes I wanna change my hair I want the burning leather that the Demons wear I know this can't be the real deal There's gotta be another way I'm gonna sta

Disneymania - The siamese cat song by b5 lyrics

are Siameeiz if you please We are Siameeiz if you don't please We are former residents of Siam There are no finer cats than I am We are Siamese with very dainty claws Please observing paws containing dainty claws Now we're lookin' over our new domicile If we

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