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Elysium ( Pol ) - Forgotten sunrise lyrics

but something is missing The light of the day Brightness ... of the sun Just a solar eclipse? ... An error of mother earth? No! It?s a hint of ... .... Good betrayed upon the evil light turns to black

Amorphis - Forgotten sunrise lyrics

I am abandoned Banished from these lies Long my tale's been ... in the cold For ages has lain

Aiden - The last sunrise lyrics

sink your teeth in. Bite the blood that drains the life ... those things you need to breathe. My body dies, But still my ... To sing this song. I´m right there (I´m right there) by your

Allen-lande - The forgotten ones lyrics

for your fear to win But there is someone who remembers ... waiting for a sign that leads the way to you Someone who ... you Keep that in mind when the hope fails When the world

Echoes Of Eternity - The forgotten goddess lyrics

exister En restant separe Forgotten Goddess Forgotten Goddess ... One can’t live without the other Each half makes a whole ... exister En restant separe Forgotten Goddess Forgotten Goddess

Killswitch Engage - The forgotten lyrics

were once the source of a pureness that can ... be defined And now you curse the day, how can you leave your ... is your last time you are forgotten You let your dreams die you

Rata Blanca - The voices of the sea + the forgotten kingdom lyrics

+ When men are lost in the depth of their dark, The old ... return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the earth ... destroy the sea and sky, Peace for

Mystic Circle - The forgotten lyrics

are the forgotten They walk the path of enlightement Science ... Persecuted for centuries They hate the church In the sign ... of satan The all-seeing eye Will show them the way They are the forgotten Ready for the fight They

Sinsaenum - The forgotten one lyrics

my own volition cast away the prophecies fullfilled I ... reign over the invisible, made of fire. it ... burn burn down to reveal the ancient memories of death

Zack Hemsey - The forgotten lyrics

to repent that those devout forgotten will not find you Don’t ... to pay your respects, accept them as your brother I’m ... all those in pales of blood Then focus their lives on lies

Digital Ruin - The forgotten lyrics

close your eyes, it could be the end We've lost sight of what ... [Bridge] If it's all the same, are we gonna learn ... someday If it's all the same, take me now Rain

Elegy - The forgotten lyrics

hated by many, he can't stand the very sight of himself. ... wish him harm, while all the time there is a sympathetic ... from an admiring lady. As the years pass, she slowly gains

Green Day lyricsGreen Day - The forgotten lyrics

in the world’s the forgotten? They’re lost inside your ... down in history Where in the world did the time go? It’s ... Well don’t look away From the arms of a bad dream Don’t

Augustines - The forgotten way lyrics

you stronger indeed Ride the subway alone, drunk on ... Christmas eve Look at all the misplaced faces Baby it will ... you'll see Hold me in forgotten way And it's getting harder

Incrave - The forgotten lyrics


Killus - The path of the forgotten lyrics

so intense that i feel the weight Something so intense ... thinking and imagining In the careless world where we live ... You're a prisoner, it's the path of the forgotten Now I

Elffor - The forgotten dying moon lyrics

waiting for blood From the darkness came and took our

Nokturnal Mortum - The forgotten ages of victories lyrics

thunder of the drums is heard and cattle ... Sunset is driving near, The heat of hoofs - all around ... melt away in the shaggy beard of great and ... wise elder sunset. The forests and the mountains

Dark Empire - The forgotten sin lyrics

leaves of time, I see, Cover the ground eternally. This ... a concern for today? Well bother, I've seen you in action and ... well, I'm going to put up the fight. Again and again,

Firewind - The forgotten memory lyrics

or mankind will fall The bullet's red rain Thou shall ... today Boundaries of our motherland No longer there, no ... longer there Nuclear weapons against

Bury Your Dead - The forgotten (featuring frankie palmeri of e.. lyrics

burned over and over again by the flames of time (now that you ... burning forever) I was in the dark but you held me I was ... so lost out there just floating along It's

Eternal Reign - Lost clouds + forgotten sunrise lyrics

it feels to be Always feel the fear of being betrayed A ... again and again Hands up to the sky shout out in pain Your ... used to be I will show you forgotten sunrise Who drew the thorn

Ost+front - Anders (ständ remix by forgotten sunrise) lyrics

Sie liebt den kleinen Prinzen nie zu sehr Er rennt im Käfig unruhig hin und her Will endlich zu den anderen Kindern Sie sollen seine Leiden lindern Dem...

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - The more things change lyrics

More Things Change the more the stay the same The more ... things change the more the stay the same Ah, is it ... just me or does anybody see The new improved tomorrow isn't

Sinister - Into the forgotten lyrics

abuser Victors of pain, gather the sin Together we are, ... hell we're in. Into the forgotten Into the darkness Into the ... in me Final damnation upon the weak parts in me Deny the

Almah - Forgotten land lyrics

the morning seems dark as the unknown Night seems without ... ending as a road To the forgotten land Solo Thousand ... are gone Hidden within tears they''re still alone Drifting in

Dark Age - The elegy of a forgotten science lyrics

has died And for years the voices lied At times that we ... down Before you stare at the sun With a nailed crown Our ... destiny done There is no need to face our

Fugatta - The last wizard lyrics

You're almighty but I'm not the only one The magic force is ... for me now you will die With the mysterious power of the ... Prophecies protect me I am the last wizard, lord of wisdom!

Death - Forgotten past lyrics

in your mind there is another side A morbid truth one ... hear people scream, to watch them die Return back to the ... you now obey Images of the forgotten past Your first life

Neurosis (col) - Forgotten past (death cover) lyrics

in your mind there is another side A morbid truth one ... hear people scream, to watch them die Return back to the ... you now obey Images of the forgotten past Your first life

Seventh Avenue - Tale of the forgotten dreams lyrics

growing in my mind As the daylight fades away Danger ... Seems that we will never win Then we can hear the howling wind ... [BRIDGE] Remember the days when we're far away We

Riverside - Forgotten land lyrics

Deserted, empty place Where the dead silence feeds on lost ... whispers There was a Kingdom here A City ... its praise were being sung by the mountains Oh, listen to them

Cantata Sangui - For the forgotten one lyrics

I seen the darkness nest Hearken at my ... eyes as black, reflects But the worst is yet, to, come For the forgotten one... Kin

Digital Summer - The thrill lyrics

you to your knees Until the thrill is gone Just so ... t want to be right Until the thrill is gone We'll go all ... We take no prisoners Don't bother with regrets We push

Mechina - Ode to the forgotten few lyrics

by our human tears Have we forgotten what it means to be human? ... Awaiting the day This dream will be Lost ... in the endless waves Our past ... consumed by the tide As worlds come to

Opera Ix - Forgotten gods lyrics

the eyes of the raven I saw the rain falling on the world The entire nature bending Under the vehemence of the furious wind ... That was the time, The favour of the Stone, I asked

Noctem - The arrival of the false gods lyrics

enough words To alleviate the misery that Cortes took to ... redeem Spanish barbarism at the gates of the kingdom of ... diego da landa will return the descendants of Yucatan the

Kaledon - The jackal's fall lyrics

of the forgotten reign They ride the wind For the glory ... of the king The reign of power come back to the light They ride the dragon ... Fighting the undead In the night the evil comes To

Onward - The last sunset lyrics

while I'll rest, gaze upon the last sunset. Feel no cold, ... final round, Onward to death the only way. I'm not afraid. ... last pure breath, fade with the last sunset. I shall go to a

Azrael (jap.) - The betrayers lyrics

Money grubbers are sitting on the chairs We're people at the ... bottom of the ladder Working like slaves ... or for worse delegation of the nation Most of them are

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The eldar lyrics

ve seen the moon And the first sunrise I'll leave it ... to the memories And kiss the wind goodbye For the ... inside this dream Of the Eldar's Song of doom I

Jim Kroft - The jailer lyrics

eyes, Why sighing, still there is the new sunrise But ... that you know you´re hitting the wall, Keep seeking you know ... still I´m searching Doing the best or the best I can Doing

Skyclad - The ilk of human blindness lyrics

2045 they lay upon The beaches burning Insects on a ... concrete melanomas Punctuate the hot sunrise Spines now ... by global warming Microwave their last goodbyes. For sixty

Stan Rogers - The jeannie c lyrics

forsaken This day was lost the Jeannie C. And my living ... We set out this day in the bright sunrise The same as ... any other My son and I and old John

Mechina - The world we lost lyrics

inhabitants of Earth. By the time this message arrives ... sleep. For some, this is the last opportunity to send a ... forget Earth. I won't forget the world we lost." &quot

Insania (swe) - The land of the wintersun lyrics

long time ago in the night Many men dressed in ... white Ready to fight for their land and to be free Driven ... to a land in despair, which they had to bear Oh their hearts

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The empire of the clouds lyrics

ride the storm, to an empire of the ... clouds To ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ... ghost To ride the storm, to a kingdom that will ... come To ride the storm, and damn the rest,

Nightwish - The greatest show on earth lyrics

Point Six Archean horizon The first sunrise On a pristine ... Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping After ... spending our brief time In the sun, to work At

Kaledon - The angel lyrics


Illdisposed - The hidden ache lyrics

dreams tugged around you The dreams so cold, they are mine ... With the prospects they haunt you My ache is hidden ... hidden times All hail to the forgotten past They took me

Logar's Diary - The spells lyrics

Our lives are very unsafe in these days of fear Why must ... once it's worth being These days we must escape in the ... night If we want to lose the threatening might Great

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - The wizard (uriah heep cover) lyrics

was the wizard of a thousand kings ... I felt a deep desire To free the world of its fear and pain ... And help the people to feel free again ... Why don't we listen to the voices in our hearts Coz then I know we'd find we're not

Blood Tsunami - The rape of nanking lyrics

December 1937 The Imperial Japanese Army ... Captures The City of Nanking The order ... Captives". Instantly the Japanese soldiers begin to ... rape and kill on sight The Rape of Nanking 300.000

Kaledon - The prophecy lyrics

Demons, White and Black, There is no good, without Evil, ... And then, Daeniel the Great What good is and ... what evil is ? Only the ways of destiny... But

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