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Edge Of Sanity - The forbidden words i + ii lyrics

no man breach the gate to this most blasphemous of halls Lest bitterness and chaos be the harvest they wouldst reap He must n'er become a slave to this Child's beck and call For she must never waken from her Crimson Sleep.. The monastery stood towering above the ruined city It sh

Glorior Belli - The forbidden words lyrics

my mind echoes the ireful chant, See me stand with fire in my hands! Master, Hear now my wicked words, As they drill the fragile cosmic plan. In this very hour I call upon thee, Vpon blazing forces to transgress! May thy eternal black fire Leads my soul to wo

Eyes Set To Kill - The forbidden line lyrics

walk past the forbidden line in hopes of finding A further distance A further distance All these thoughts are what brought Darkness to our day We'll always live alone Under the surface of shame Tell me your lies staring you dead in the eyes

The Misfits - The forbidden zone lyrics

say that's where man began On this wasted piece of land Where evolution's yet to show...Forbidden Zone Blasting into outer space The Planet of the Apes Evolution's one hero... Crossing a plain, into another dimension A million years into the future

Azrael's Bane - The forbidden lyrics

m looking for a sign to show me the way Biding the time and counting the days Playing my cards and playing my hand Searching my soul and making my stand I searched in the darkness and I tasted the forbidden fruit on the vine I pushed the boundaries and I reached for the sky I d

G.b.h. - The forbidden zone lyrics

the desert with a bottle of J.D. The red pipe glows with lines of c. Things are normal but they won't be soon. Hairy monsters in the next room. Frogsheads and midgets going oingoboingo .. Take my hand and we'll explore, the forbidden zone. Whe

King Crimson - The power to believe ii lyrics

carries me through days of apathy She washes over me She saved my life in a manner of speaking When she gave me back the power to

Redemption - The fullness of time ii: despair lyrics

now Alone with your betrayal There's no way to feel secure Anymore Broken Crushed in soul and spirit With no way to set things right again CHORUS Gone You have stolen everything I ever had And I'm left with nothing more than pain And I know I'll never trust the way that I

Gallows - The vulture act i ii lyrics

you work for the father of sinners never saved, you carry the net, and he holds the spade. You will drag the lakes, he will rob the graves. You will be remembered, no one will speak your name. Cursed are the places you have been, you lead us there and forced us in. Ta

Beyond Twilight - The perfect heart part ii - think lyrics

thoughts Of ages untold Think of what It tells you Lost tales of ages past The whispering winds are roaming fast Oh so

Gil Scott-heron - The other side, part ii lyrics

it, quit it [x4] home Told him, kick it, quit it [x3], can't go home I know when they told me, kick it, quit it [x3], can't go home Feeling so much worse now, kick it, quit it [x3], gotta go home Yeah, my friends say "stop" To

Bauhaus - The three shadows part ii lyrics

classic gentlemen Say your prayers To the wind, of prostitution To your faces, and Rex complexes Riddle my breast Full of the oppressed puss Oh gentlemen, with your fish The you surround, all around And you man, will always point Your fishes, at me But I will always ex

Hexenhaus - The eternal nightmare - act ii lyrics

within a vicious circle Approaching the limits of pain Falling into the pit where death is calling Still roaming my mind Haunted by distorted visions Memories echoes from the past Crying myself to sleep, fells like I`m dying The nightmare won`t rest Trapped in the eternal nig

Catamenia - The fallen angel pt.ii (the rising) lyrics

new era to come No mercy shall done For those on my way And i will surely prevail As vowed for name Astarte Revenge shall be one part As now betrayals crushed All behind turns to dust Our victory on battle So now I've reached the crown On my feet mortals go do

Equirhodont - The monolith of demons ii lyrics

saw thousands of Things. I lived thousands of Lives. I died thousands of Deaths. I made three Steps. With the Mystical Diamond of Magic I stabbed my Heart Covered with the ashes of my Ancestors. I made three Steps. I have learned the passion of Death A

The Decemberists - The tain (parts i, ii, iii, iv, v) lyrics

upon this pillow Made of reed and willow You're a fickle little twister Are you sweet on your sister? Your fallow won't leave you alone. And granted for their pleasure Possesions laid to measure She's a salty little pisser With your cock in

Nightmare (fra) - The dominion gate (part ii) lyrics

s a blast in the vortex A direct access to Hell The DNA has mutated and failed The machines breath, the men are dead The bringers of the holy fire The bringers of the light Are shaping the boundaries of infinity Creating unhuman beings We're realizing a dream But do we know,

Nevermore - The hurting words lyrics

it's so hard to show the way you feel Sometimes it seems like the words aren't real Sometimes it makes no difference what you're trying to say When all the words come out wrong anyway I've said too many words to catch them all in time I've used the hurting words that took

Borg,kevin - The last words lyrics

I lie awake The weight of the world on my mind I worry 'bout What I, leave behind Too much to think about What you would live without If I ran out of time If these were the last words that I ever got to tell you, I ever got to say The last words To carry you every night and

Root - The mysterical words of the wise lyrics

by Time they rest at the very bottom of Ages But they are not forgotten as it looks like. In deep eyes of the most famous Magi The Words sparkle - the Words of the Wise. During the sleep like Black Butterflies they'll come flying The old secrets they whi

Sarah Brightman - The last words you said lyrics

in time I know, Darling you'll come back to me. Roses will bloom again, But Spring feels like eternity. In your kiss it wasn't goodbye. You are still the reason why. I can hear you whispering in the silence of my room, My heart still surrenders like the s

Queensrÿche - The killing words lyrics

for me I'll understand I just need time to comprehend your changes There's always been these changes in you I remember that there was a time when Fears we had we left behind and we danced But it seems the more we learn We learn that it's Over,

A Close Second - The two words that changed your life lyrics

know you’ve got yourself In a mess What the hell were you thinking Way back then? We’re all here while you’re out there (Out there somewhere) In a hole out there somewhere (Free) Free from the truth (From the truth) That hides beneath all of her

Powergod - Temple of the forbidden eye lyrics

to the secret place Feel the wind right in your face You must decide which way to go Hurry now don't be too slow Battle of time, life an't no crime Welcome to the... Temple Temple of the forbidden eye The temple of the forbidden eye is burning So run for your life A

Meat Puppets - Forbidden places lyrics

said I shouldn't have gone I don't know I went ahead on anyway Night time wore to dawn I found my free will had gone away from me Behind the masks that pass for faces Hours are lost in forbidden places Nowhere for me to run Not that I f

Axxis - The world is looking in their eyes lyrics

Lights in the demonstration Fights are all around Signs of a generation New ways must be found 'Cause they wanna be free, baby They wanna be free See the livin' history The world is looking in their eyes And sees a fire burning The world is

Killer Be Killed - Forbidden fire lyrics

is sacred, it's for everyone. Can not let your government call them forbidden songs. Born from a generation in defiance. You can not kill the beauty which your soul sings. Catch the forbidden fire Revolution's on the wire. Scream the forbidden fire. Stronger than

Manilla Road - Forbidden zone lyrics

ve traversed on my own, To the forbidden zone, The place where, All the others never dare to go, To reach beyond the norms, A fusion of all forms, To go where no one else has gone before, Open all those hidden magic doors, This is the place of magical unkno

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Forbidden beat lyrics

was a boy who had too many toys and an ache inside of his bones. He sought extrication through chemical vocation and now he answers to Jones. It's deadly and alluring, the sound of pounding heat, Enslaving all who dare succumb to the temptations of the forbidden beat. Thinking today o

Eternal Reign - Forbidden path lyrics

up in the burning skies, it's glowing fiery red Somewhere so far away the journey lies ahead So far we've come to nowhereland so far away we've flown Lost in time in this tortured land so many miles away from home I have lost the cool winds of heaven, lost

Ram ( Swe ) - Forbidden zone lyrics

through this barren, toxic wasteland I hear the engine roar as I shift gears My leatherclad hands firm on the wheel Ready for dangers that lie before me as I enter where no-one would willing go The night begins to fall the moon is rising Over ruin

Angela Ammons - Forbidden kind lyrics

s something in the air Do you feel it, too It's stronger every day But only with you I feel it when we touch It's the emptiness you bring And so I cry a cry Hoping tears will set me free Does anybody hear Does anybody care Like a thousand broken voi

Nightmare (fra) - Forbidden tribe lyrics

quot;The spirit will never die..." They hail the mountains They ride the storm And stare us from the skies Indians in their domains Are like a swarm Of crazy lullabies When they're out in the plains There, you'd better beware Cause they've

Behemoth - The reign ov shemsu-hor lyrics

Chapter I: The forbidden legacy ov a fallen race] [instrumental] [Chapter II: Invocation ov the watch gods] O Mighty Watcher! Thou art all and all art in Thee free me from mortals intoxicate with Thy self love O Mighty Sentinel! Thou art the conciou

Assassin - Forbidden reality lyrics

the land of myth and tales the forbidden temple lies Hard to reach, hard to find Jungle surround that ancient place Already the last priest is dead, no one alive It is the secret of the old temple Where no one stepped in for the hundred of years Because of the fears

Dimmu Borgir - The promised future aeons lyrics

and dreamlike still in its mortal disguise A passionate ritual in the ruined gardens theatre The painted angels - Shadowed high above Once they gathered to worship at the picture of me Like a whisper where there are no words Appears the perplexed - The statue of might

Passenger lyricsPassenger - Words lyrics

quot;Words" Well the first time that I saw her, Standing in the middle of the road, Eyes as bright as christmas lights, Wearing someone else’s clothes, I did my best to ignore her, But ignoring my best pretty soon, We spent the night all tangled tight

Johnny Cash lyricsJohnny Cash - The vanishing race lyrics

Ii ou Ii Ii Ii ou Ii Ii ou Oh wagon trains rollin' along they fade from my visions and in time will be gone I see an eagle in space my people will follow oh oh a vanishing race Ii Ii ou Ii Ii Ii ou Ii Ii ou An Indian brave rolled along one day on a lonely mountain trail And

Angra - Lasting child (part i: the parting words / pa.. lyrics

- THE PARTING WORDS Years gone by - Awake again In a glowing star - That shines so far Lasting child - Remains inside Playing around - A future denied High overhead, dusk is insight Fumbling the mist Lingering around... Blow, Carrying winds Take me high Where

Angel Dust - Into the dark past (chapter ii) lyrics

from the night of time rising from damnation growing furtive to old size a thousand years old nation Finding victims for their "Reich" the lands' got a lot of strangers they call back the crystal night to burn the war creation In a land wh

Mistaken Element - The chozen one lyrics

have nothing to fall back on The hole opens under me I can touch the delirium Now I know... Nothing can stop me Nothing Nothing can stop me Nothing Driven by obsessions Have made me someone alive Without any disillusion... Nothing can stop my obsessions It m

Necrophobic - The tower lyrics

haunting wind from the frozen it carries the message of death it howls and whistles and whip through the night it's storming towards nazareth as the fool is cast from the tower to drown in the waves below the tower is shattered of lightning and through conceit his weakness

Shriekback - The bastard sons of enoch lyrics

decked the angel said "f*** you screw" Shook the garden's dust from off his shoe Then he walked in the desert a mile or two He came to the plain where the medlars grew And he sat down on the burning sand Looked at the red on his brown

Axxis - The wolf lyrics

time-shrouded in mystery The mist, the fog-there is nothing to see Full moon-shining down on earth Now, tonight-starts the forbidden starts the forbidden birth Gruesome - howlin’ to the moon A creature-is on the hunt, the hunt Somewhere-deep inside the man A beas

Bal-sagoth - The splendour of a thousand swords gleaming b.. lyrics

THE ANTEDILUVIAN ORACLE:] Behold glorious Hyperborea, gleaming jewel of the north; an eon-veiled kingdom forever steeped in ancient legendry and the renown of its martial splendour... but of late, an ill wind whispers malignly through its opulent labyrinth of mar

Hardline - The y lyrics

the wonder, in the palm of my hand Maybe all that I know Hear the laughter, of truth as it tries Maybe all that I show Reaching out to sympathize the simple words The shadowed lies are walking in my way happens every day A fevered tone of much surprise taken back I r

Rhapsody Of Fire - The last angels' call lyrics

five long days the final plan the wise words of Iras convinced all of them The path to Erloria could be a safer way to reach the grey mountains, Dar-Kunor's old caves Epic horizons, majestic falls green golden valleys moving to north SEVEN WIZARDS CAME FROM DISTANT LAND

Ayreon - The new migrator lyrics

METAMORPHOSIS] "For the first time during my journey, the Migrator communicates with me. He speaks to me directly, but without words. The Migrator tells me that my corporeal body inside the Dream Sequencer has died. While my body will now sleep fo

Domine - The eternal champion lyrics

I) Prologue] [instrumental] [II) Screaming The Battlecry] The time is now we go to wage war against the enemy i'm the Campion,the Defender of Humanity with vengeance i will ride upon them all [chorus] I'm immortal wielder of steel a war machine I'm the leade

The Hollies - The day that curly billy shot down crazy sam .. lyrics

tall man standing in the street Gun hanging by his side Just one man that he'd like to meet That's when I began to hide I recognised him from the face of his son The hate in his eye didn't lie And what I did can't be undone Borrowed time there's none to buy Well I hi

Fairyland - Across the endless sea part ii lyrics

The Endless Sea (Part II) Here we watch the horizon while the waves come crashing by To complete our desires, in the darkest of thunder we follow the one Feel the waves of the ocean as Edoran carries his voice Five centuries have now gone by, for the love of our peers w

Cauldron Born - The final incantation / in the dreaming city lyrics

circles etched upon the floor Hours of fasting and prayer Time to open the forbidden door Triangle of manifestation Call on the Legions Here they will be bound The Tetragrammaton spoken Bathed in blood spilled fresh Black book of knowlege bound in human flesh Hours

Bilocate - The dead sea lyrics

falling into the cursed land The Blood running in me won’t be disgraced I can see the blackness taking Place But the time of my skin is near the end Now this is what I will need In this salvation that I should bleed We walk into the silent lake To end

Mortician - Lord of the dead (mortician part ii) lyrics

coming true Tall man comes for you Chill runs down your spine You know it's time to die Sphere drills in your head Now you're lying dead Last one at the wake Tall man robs your grave From the hearse into the morgue Blood is drained out of your corpse Body c

Jedi Mind Tricks - The executioners dream lyrics you don't f*** around with the infinite There's no way you do that... Pain in hell has two sides, the kind you can touch with your hand The kind you can feel in your heart Your soul, the spiritual side; And you know, the worst of the the spiritual" [J

Alghazanth - The way of the scales lyrics

voice is fire and the wind is my herald Watch the world burn as I start to howl There's a sense of loss in its ashes' warmth But also freedom from what weighs us down The quintessence of the thirst for knowledge Fuels this toilsome journey through hell It is the pure

Amoral - On the other side pt. ii lyrics

Don’t lie to me I know it’s there It has to be Eyes Why can’t I see My way away Away from here Fallen leaves, mistake for dead sparrows No more purpose in a turn of a stone The road to ruin paved uneven and narrow For the journey’s to be

Bal-sagoth - The sixth adulation of his chthonic majesty lyrics

quot;O', great and luminous ones, who came from beyond the stars to slumber serene beneath the earth of the third sphere, hearken to me! Hear me, o' mighty one, o' great Khthon! Awaken and hear my adulation, o' divine and glorious God of gods! From thy hoary

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