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Lil' O - Da fat rat wit da cheeze lyrics

Intro] Fat Rat!!!.... Fat Rat!!!.... Fat Rat!!!.... Fat Rat!!!.... [beat comes] Fat Rat! ... !!.... Fat Rat!!!.... Fat Rat!!!.... Fat Rat!!!.... [Lil

Evils Toy - Time lapse lyrics

deranged and restless Sometimes empty Sometimes mad This ... silver turns to gold Time is but a static state some ... relative and passing by Sometimes slowly Mostly sad It is

Paddy And The Rats - The six rat rovers lyrics

away from Galway To pirate some ships Well, come on ... to jigg Oh we want more The six Rat rovers Down on the ... Drinkin’ all me whiskey Then we have no fear Fight the

Cane Hill - The fat of the land lyrics

night didn’t happen this time. Racing home with one ... wish I’d known. I’d never be the same, never go home. Every ... with insanity. We’re saturated. Hanging from the apple

Donovan - The fat angel lyrics

Translove Airways, get you there on time. Fly Translove ... Airways, get you there on time. He will bring orchids for ... my lady, The perfume will be of an ... Translove Airways, get you there on time. Fly Translove

Lyle Lovett - The fat girl lyrics

piano And she told her mother The children made her cry ... And her mother told her They don't mean it They don't ... mean it They don't mean it They don't mean it Now the fat

Darkthrone - The claws of time lyrics

in the Claws of Time Bone Hard Deathsane ... By Angels Beneath the Cruust, Shredding Moans

Dean Martin - The test of time lyrics

I know the kiss we share Is sweet ... compare But will it stand the test of time The lovely glow ... that's in your eyes The music in your sighs Oh will they stand the test of time Time changes mountains time

Emmure - The philosophy of time travel lyrics

awaken to another day (She's nameless, she's ... faceless) The beating of my heart serves as ... closer towards my death These words I've shared These ... things I've felt They are meaningless Life is

Redemption - The fullness of time ii: despair lyrics

Alone with your betrayal There's no way to feel secure ... And I know I'll never trust the way that I once did You have ... all of my dreams And turned them to ashes in my mouth

Hevilan - The end of time lyrics

End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe ... End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe ... End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe End of TimeThe

Naomi King - The matter of time lyrics

Maybe I'm running out of time, (hey, hey-yeah) But when ... my whole world changing And then when I held you today ... to feel you In my arms for the rest of my life I want you,

Sandra lyricsSandra - The wheel of time lyrics

say, my laughter wasn't real Time to cry 'bout you inside And ... It changed my life, that's the wheel of time Till now I ... see you Miss you so... Sometimes I feel, you're close to me

Score In Sight - The sense of time lyrics

without dreams That´s the stuff I was used to Just ... you for your grace Then came the space of time ... me too So thank you for another chance First time

All Time Low - The beach lyrics

Everybody's living like they're crazy in love I'm a ... is so above me From the floor of any life I lead ... today Well, they can take, take, take the

Cece Winans - The test of time lyrics

know your name I hold your fate I am the one who created ... you I own the world Yes, it's all mine So ... I am God And I shall stand the test of time Now we hear the waters roar And we see the

69 Chambers - The collapse of time and space lyrics

In dark chambers that night The twin offspring of a mating ... a tractor and a plough For these weren't fortuitous seeds of ... bound to end in tragedy In the collapse of everything A

John Frusciante - The battle of time lyrics

may be far at all I've got these clothes to deceive me I've ... s bigger I've got a man on the side You'll see my lie ... archives I'll always have the side All the times of hate

Hittman - The test of time lyrics

have no way to get back home The long and endless road is far ... behind you And hearts of ice they melt alone The hidden ... message heard between the lines Is only there to waste

Klf - The klf what time is love live at trancentral.. lyrics

hmmm-hm-yeah Ummm-hmmmmmm They're justified and they're ... ancient And they like to roam the land They ... re justified and they're ancient I hope you ... understand They don't want to upset the

Lord Of The Lost - The sands of time lyrics

my name As if you say it for the last time The last time in ... will not hear Cause in our time he's nowhere near We are ... We'll be hiding Deep in the sands of time Now I need

Van Morrison - The lion this time lyrics

lion this time again He's in the circus in a cage He's trying ... to break out of the frame The lion this time He hears ... same old sad refrain But they can't hold him with no chain

Redemption - The fullness of time i: rage lyrics

down by the persons that I trusted ... with one hand held behing their backs carried knives Didn ... t see the blades 'til they were buried in my back ... one hears your voice No one there to save you As I take my

Scelerata - The spell of time lyrics

a life time Could be shorter than a ... moment Longer than a sigh The measure of a dream Beyond ... infinity Against the spell of time You know you ... want to be a legend To be the richest man But money

Alan Parsons Project - The very last time lyrics

need to remember the day When we said goodbye for ... the very last time There was still so much to say ... But time came between us and quietly ... you away Let me remember the day We walk to the garden

And One - The consequence of time lyrics

grey, we're going frail Like the walls The walls around us ... pictures of the past The telephone that never rings The postman he never brings The ... message from the new town The consequence of time Time

Argus - The hands of time are bleeding lyrics

hands of time are bleeding Drawing the ... this world from me For these forlorn eyes wish not to ... I do entreat you Obscure the light for me It's far out of

Armory - The eyes of time lyrics

Why can't I find? Are you the essence of change in my mind? ... will to be Seeing through the eyes of time Uncover secrets ... for eternity Seeing through the eyes of time Feel the pain

Avian - The depths of time lyrics

in the grand universe Reside the ones that control it all ... Across the millions they ate the first To witness what ... s darkest fears From The Depths of Time they're rising

Axenstar - The sands of time lyrics

a time when the world has gone completely ... powermad We find the way to paradise written in the sands of time Waking up to ... another day, with a strong will to

Blake Shelton lyricsBlake Shelton - The very best time of year (feat. trypta-phun.. lyrics

sleigh Go caroling down the street while everybody ... Jingle Bells, Jingling all the way And if snows just a ... little too much and there ain't no place to go Baby,

Chemical Vocation - The test of time lyrics

mind, frame me off for further thoughts of past and youth. ... The city slept while we were ... to not let go. We take your time, no need to write you. We

Chronology - The eye of time lyrics

The time the ages – they're waiting for me Like a ... like pages – and I will read them all They'll show the ... me to stay away I've got the chance I have to try Eye

Decrepit Birth - The quickening of time lyrics

voids of space within the pockets of time Countless ... . coincide Recreated within the five planes Reflect the ... image of each other And the endless planes beyond

Eruption ( Slovenia ) - The sands of time lyrics

are all caught in the sands of time No one can ... ever escape Whatever we do the end is the same We die we ... born we start to die Such is the nature of time They say it

Eternal Oath - The tears of time lyrics

your beauty was drowning The sadness of life is not for ... tight in my arms Mild as a mother I kiss you to a dreamless ... sleep In your eyes I saw the pain for the task you had In

Forefather - The folk that time forgot lyrics

withering flower without its roots ... of soul Quietly leaving the world behind Names to praise ... But we'll resist until the end Till the last of us ... fall And we will love you to the end Our folk that time

Freak Kitchen - The smell of time lyrics

so hard Ain't worth a dime There's no escape From the smell ... of time Smell of time Bingo, baby, you just won ... Would you mind filling out the questionaire? Someone goes

Ed Harcourt - The man that time forgot lyrics

s the man that time forgot Put your eye to the ... what he said When he fell in the gutter "Not even all the tea in China Can pull me out ... to cause you pain I'd like the chance to start again And

Helion Prime - The ocean of time lyrics

your story could change If time didn't limit your life to one ... would you visit if you held the key Imagine the greatness ... would see Traveling in time isn't out of our reach A

Sammy Kershaw - The heart that time forgot lyrics

when I feel like a night on the town Old friends haven't ... my life And you walk in on the arm of the new man you found ... There's no way that I can slip ... out Except out of my mind They say time can heal every

Adam Lambert - The last ones (time stands still) (uh huh her.. lyrics

I can't let it go... The difference you made ... You rearrange me... Time stands still, now And we're the last ones. 'Cause everybody ... re so blind to see. Oh, and the difference you made Turned

Leetstreet Boys - The song of time lyrics

laid down his Master Sword The boy grew up he lived his life ... a desk Reminisced about the days he set out on the quest ... If I could just go back in time I could find a way to make

Marshall Law - The sands of time lyrics

through thr astral plane The vortex opens wide Judgement ... fear Sentence passed before the crime Youe end is drawing ... near You'll never know The reason why No one will die

Pandora - The sands of time lyrics

I hope you'll find some other ways 'cause CHORUS: I ... ll be loosing mine in the sand of time I'm a fool for ... I'll be holding you thru the heat and thru the cold Could

Project Pitchfork - The queen of time and space lyrics

upon a time A single soul began to shine ... In the center of it all In a ... this chamber plays a girl There is a landscape with a ... chamber plays a girl She is the center of it all She is the

Queens Of The Stone Age lyricsQueens Of The Stone Age - The vampyre of time and memory lyrics

here, it is as I feared The illusion that you feel is ... truly fall apart You think the worst of all is far behind The Vampyre of time and memories ... I survived. I speak, I breathe, I'm incomplete I'm alive -

Stratovarius lyricsStratovarius - The hands of time lyrics

to all your dreams? Did they become true at all? We ... cannot undo the deeds of the years They leave you on ... fears Don't look for the future Don't live in the

Borrowed Time - The thaumaturgist lyrics

wounds adorn the blessed child? Noble warrior ... lord My staff... conjures the ghost, the father And was ... wielded by the son Kneel my child, know I'm ... miracle dealer, search for the reaper Thaumaturgist,

Redemption - The fullness of time iii: release lyrics

here surrounded By the pieces of my life Would it ... die Dreams piled high On the back of this broken man Is ... that we are all playing The motions of all our

Redemption - The fullness of time iv: transcendence lyrics

The smoke has finally cleared ... And I can see the wreckage of my past that lies ... to me And I have learned the Truth behind the lies and the lies behind the truth

Jamie Christopherson - The stains of time lyrics

away the anger Here I stand beneath ... The warm and soothing rain The droplets falling Gently down ... on the terrain Wash away the sorrow All the stains of time But there’s no memory It’s

Saint Vitus - The waste of time lyrics

eyes A new war has begun The rules are old as time For a ... game never won The tribes are rising The ... All morals forgotten All the talking done Ragged fists

Satyricon - The infinity of time and space lyrics

me down to the core Of the innermost deep within (myself ... Show me and help me capture The seed of my existance And ... Guide me in grasping the nerve Of my own melody

Genesis lyricsGenesis - The magic of time lyrics

magic of time that surrounded the world In the mist and the ... cloud of new life The seas had been filled and the ... air made clean Awaiting the change on the ground

Bt The Roots - The session lyrics

Thought] From the Tunnels in the wee hours of the black ... morning From The Roots sprout the Foreign ... This is mad abstract All the way live from Philly, we got the hip-hop coalition called the

Michael Nyman - Michael nyman band - time lapse lyrics

camera. Usually spontaneous, they work as visual diaries of ... of his international travels, they feature everyday moments or ... unfolding events, capturing the unexpected, or focusing on the less seen. Some works are

Lil' O - The throwdest lyrics

Lil' O] And another one, and another one And ... another one, and another one Bounce, bounce, ... that you're so throwed And the way you walk, and the way you

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