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God Dethroned - The execution protocol lyrics

breathes down my neck. The sword will soon decide. Who ... was right and who was wrong. Jesus ... saves, but death prevails. The execution protocol. The inquisitions death call. The execution protocol. Is it God's decision after all? I look at you

Rilo Kiley - The execution of all things lyrics

come quickly, i feel the earth beneath my feet I'm ... feeling badly, but it's not an attempt at decency ... And if you're well off, well then i'm happy some for you But i'd rather not celebrate my

Rainspawn - The execution lyrics

to your great night In this amusing show Sit down to the actor's chair And hear the ... shouts of the crowd Look inside the camera And tell us ... your last wish You ought to know that by

Shadow Of Intent - The invoking of the execution of worlds lyrics

descend through the f***ing burning skies to search for ... intel on the surface of this overtaken world for decrepit ... morbid parasites Fear clouds my mind As

3 Inches Of Blood - Execution tank lyrics

is the end, the final fight Spitting fire as it rolls ... across the grave Unearthly force and ... cruel design Feel the tremors of a sadistic death ... machine Shells explode overhead

Gangstarr - Execution of a chump (no more mr. nice guy pt.. lyrics

knew this chump see... he tried to play me He was my right ... hand man, but he betrayed me I let him chill at my crib, ... cause we were down and I went to work everyday while

Deviser - The rape of holiness lyrics

ungainly bird struggling Light pouring from all windows ... No warmth, no love Leading deeper into the damp woods ... could be spoken of only as The dark man The black goat The

Rilo Kiley - The good that wont come out lyrics

s get together and talk about the modern age All of our friends were gathered there with their pets just talking shit ... how we're all so upset about the dissapearing ground As we

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The curse of the damned lyrics

searching for our way, our way ... through the dark mountains we left behind, the fire ... and it's spark fighting the spell, drowning coins into the wishing well dreams turned into nightmares and heaven

Bal-sagoth - The obsidian crown unbound lyrics

Episode IX: The Legions of the Imperium Storm the Cloud ... Capped Palisades of Gul-Kothoth] ... [Chapter 11: The Siege Begins] And so the mighty and ... resplendent armies of the Imperium assembled before the

Grave Digger - Execution lyrics

power and glory I fought In one silent moment I was ... caught In my prison I sit with pride I wait for my last ... lonely ride Nobles betrayed me behind my back Now I hang here on

Rage - Execution guaranteed lyrics

in the subway station, they shot him dead He had broken ... secrecy - Omerta That's what they all will get They've got a ... job to do The business is too important to take a risk

Caliban - Detect your liberty lyrics

into the wide, wild liberty look well, it's reality ... and turn loose, all burden is impulse drop the anger, the ... hate you cherish turn loose, cry on me, let

Meat Loaf - Execution day lyrics

stare in the mirror My eyes refuse to blink ... Sympathy for me Hell I can't even think Send for the iceman My temperature is ... startin' to rise I've heard it before I know the truth

Johnossi - Execution song lyrics

your baby no more cause I let you go with none let ... you go with no score Well I´m not a baby no more with ... eyes full of sun, I´ll feed my love you get

Muse lyricsMuse - Execution commentary lyrics

Indecipherable screaming) Oooooaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mudhoney - Execution style lyrics

got me on the chopping block Threatening to cut ... me up If that's the way you get your kicks Come ... on, make it clean and quick I don't care what you

Anohni - Execution lyrics

It’s an American dream Have no mercy on ... don’t have mercy Don’t let them prove I was wrong When we ... know so bad what’s right Don’t let them dig up my

Skinless - Execution of reason lyrics

of data in unconventional forms Strife between instinct and a reality that's ... Revere an embraced mass hysteria Having the power to nullify ... The perilous nature of a rational mind is a blight Vast

Fallen Angels - The essence of violence lyrics

butchery and savage deadly skill Malevolent intent eradicating the weak-willed Dominating ... psychopathic murder on the rise Abhorrent rage, no mercy in dead eyes Run... Hide...

Mercenary - Execution style lyrics

the nights, into your darkness Dreams of the never, screaming for more ... Searching for answers, searching for meaning Searching for ... life, as your life fades away Turning your

Desaster - The blessed pestilence lyrics

always crawls our neck And the 14th century had seen Pandemic spawned out at black sea While Kaffa lay siege to Khan ... Djam Bek's hordes His soldiers fall one by one The pest

Hyades - Blameless in the deathrow lyrics

and voices, steps comin' near There's mess out of ... my lifeless cell Jingling keys unlocking my door ... Enter light, I'm blind Dazed and Confused, my ... hands are tied Someone is hauling me out of this cell

Job For A Cowboy - Execution parade lyrics

breaks open with the drop of a synthetic plague With flames marching and consuming the roofs of thousands. ... (Thousands) Frigid ammunition streams and buries into the

Krisiun - The great execution lyrics

is the planet we dwell Impregnated as violated with the breeding of waste Cureless ... massive infestation Propagating the failures of hallowed ... broken beliefs Like an open rotten scar, that

Darkane - Execution 44 lyrics

up to the final fate Leaving a life once full of hope ... Your trust is now in the hands of hate Souls falling ... down the darkest slope While living a secure life in

Death Angel - Execution - don't save me lyrics

the enemy deep inside The oppressor buried inside my mind His strength is growing ... day by day While mine seems to be slipping away ... Time guiltless time - Flawed design Poisoned mind - Don't save me No more

First Blood - Execution lyrics

you'll have to face the fire. Someday you'll have to ... face their law. Someday you'll have to ... face your trial. Someday you'll have to ... face the firing line. THE FIRING LINE. Wave your flag of

Legion Of The Damned - Feel the blade lyrics

my hungry blade This will be your end I slit your ... f***ing throat Blood will stain my hands I just want you to ... die To feel my f***ing hate You'll have no chance

Cemetery Of Scream - The hourglass lyrics

so far away there's an impulse in your brain it remains invisible but it's waiting for a day In the maze ... of the ego's secret place you'll detect your other self always silent still yourself The

Sarea - The catch 22 lyrics

every notion of me versus you Detect, the light in late December We ... are who we say we are Nothing can ever change that Not a ... question of murder It's the art of losing yourself

Conflict - The arrest lyrics

you take part in direct action or the police don't like the look of you; you are likely ... get arrested Here's some things to and not to do You don ... t have to say anything, nothing, but it is advisable (but

Joy Division - The kill (warsaw version) lyrics

can be skewed - good things are nice Counting on you ... - really no threats The waiting is through - deciphering the scars Just who fooled who - ... sit still in their cars It's another, 'nother, 'nother,

Ad Hominem - The psalmody of sub-humans lyrics

is the matrix of epuration Kneeled and blindfolded ... Your life of primate is drawing to an end Think of everything you've seen during one ... second The last thing that'll come into your head

The Agonist - The man who fell to earth lyrics

lies the man who fell to Earth Who ... Earth... A spare beaten spirit soul of se**** dystopia ... Whose sound is deathly frantic - deathly frantic Deathly

Dødheimsgard - The vile delinquents lyrics

plutonium Iron skeleton Murder gutter ... Sodomised mother Clinical research Auto fatality ... Accident mode Abdominal injuries Unpleasant mechanism

Ministry Of Magic - The lightning struck tower lyrics

1 (Mark) Eyes, open wide but not Of my own choosing ... I, cannot hide my eyes I see the horror Prechorus ... (Ryan) All my worst fears, right before me No way out of the nightmare i see Chorus

Marshall Law - The sands of time lyrics

colLide Walls of light divide Travelling through thr ... astral plane The vortex opens wide Judgement ... day is here You stare at me with fear Sentence passed

Blood Tsunami - The rape of nanking lyrics

December 1937 The Imperial Japanese Army Captures The ... City of Nanking The order from Prince Asaka is ... clear "Kill All Captives". Instantly the

Ensoph - Condemned (in the penal colony) lyrics

my skin the enigma appears I will no longer be the same ... man How could I thank you for this sacred gift This command will never be ... lift Say never in front of this life Say

F.o.b. - The obligation lyrics

of degradation, taught you what you have ... anger, shame, hate, disgrace rising inside you. ... equality is the obligation, this is the obligation ... that I feel! thanks to fortune,

Funker Vogt - The international killer lyrics


Funker Vogt - The voices of the dead lyrics


Brodequin - The gridiron lyrics

the flesh as fat spills onto the ground coals crackle and ... spark whilst the flames Grow higher Preparing your soul for the eternal fires awaiting your arrival gridiron glowing Red hot the skin

The Cardigans - Sabbath bloody sabbath lyrics

ve seen life through distorted eyes You know you had ... to learn The execution of your mind You really ... had to turn The race is run the book is read The end begins

Cianide - The one true death lyrics

forces elite the summoning of shadows Serpent races ... of old gather among the altar Blind inhuman instinct ... vessels of ancient knowledge Condemned ... desolation nocturnal execution Ritual sacrifice suffer the children of hell To feed

Dimmu Borgir - Spellbound (by the devil) lyrics

have returned to the torture-chambers To find ... peace among the rotting corpses You have returned ... to the execution place To inhale the smell of blood

Dog Fashion Disco - The hitchhiker lyrics

stab into the night sky, hands gripping tight ... to the wheel knuckles white approaching a figure in the headlights where are you ... headed get in we'll be on our way i'll

Gloria Gaynor - The prettiest face i've ever seen" lyrics

got the prettiest face that I've ever seen And there ain't ... another one like it, not even in a magazine You got everything I want and nothin' I need ... You're just the kind of guy who'll take my heart

Tim Mcmorris - Big dreams to take over the world lyrics

lights and Bright colours The future is drawing near, with ... New thoughts and, ideas My dreams, they all ... start right here So I take a step, and time will

Rilo Kiley - Hail to whatever you found in the sunlight th.. lyrics

to those who have come from the sunlight that surrounds you ... for those who have gone from the sunlight that surrounds you ... Hail to whatever you found in the sunlight that surrounds

Ice Nine Kills - Nature of the beast lyrics

come one and come all To the crumbling walls of our city ... Now painted with red As the stench of defeat emanates ... through the streets Is the life we once dreamed of now dead

Jefferson Airplane - The son of jesus lyrics

by Mary Magdalene and he rode the land like the man who Went ... before Young Jesus raised him loud, mother Mary raised him ... proud and he tracked The men who laid his father down

Last Empire - Trilogy of the unicorn (pt.3) lyrics

so they reach the dark lord palace Knowing this could mean certain death ... Pushing forth the ground starts to rumble Falling down into the dungeons of the dammed Fearful for their

Manilla Road - The veils of negative existence lyrics

sail the seas of negativity To banish evil from this ... place I fight with sword of fire and lightning I am the ... guardian come this day I will never put my sword down I

Municipal Waste - The thing lyrics

winter 1982 Research was going steady And there was nothing much to do In the distance ... wolf flees But no one knows The carnage that this animal will

Onslaught - Prayer for the dead lyrics

am the face of death Creator of the ... thread Manipulation master class The lines ... between unread I am the broken one The soul you once ... betrayed Disciple of impurity The epitaph I crave Our

Ayreon - The fifth extinction lyrics

Glimmer Of Hope] [Anneke van Giersbergen:] Through their eyes ... we will see [Bob Catley:] With their hands we will create ... [Anneke van Giersbergen:] In their world we will be free [Bob

40 Below Summer - Step into the sideshow lyrics

step up to the plate And please allow me to ... demonstrate As you step into the rear of the sideshow bus ... Strap it on cuz it's time to get a head rush Twist the cap and tap the bottle That

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