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The Earth Is Our Mother, Just Turning Around, With The Trees And The Forest lyrics

Browse for The Earth Is Our Mother, Just Turning Around, With The Trees And The Forest song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Earth Is Our Mother, Just Turning Around, With The Trees And The Forest lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Earth Is Our Mother, Just Turning Around, With The Trees And The Forest.

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Oi Polloi - The earth is our mother lyrics

can you buy or sell the sky? The warmth of the land ... The idea is strange to us. If we do not ... own the freshness of the air And the sparkle of the

John Denver - The flower that shattered the stone lyrics

Earth is our mother just turning around With her trees in the forest and roots underground ... Our father above us whos sigh is the ... wind Paint us a rainbow without any end As the river

John Denver - The flower that shattered the stone (reprise) lyrics

Earth is our mother just turning around With her trees in the forest and roots underground ... Our father above us whos sigh is the ... wind Paint us a rainbow without any end As the river

Gungor - The earth is yours lyrics

voice it thunders The oaks start twisting The forest sounds with cedars breaking The waters see You and start their writhing From the depths a ... song is rising Now it’s rising from the ground Holy,

The Gathering - The earth is my witness lyrics

She looks at her baby and she sighs The slight ... that she takes it builds her and Makes her strong She ... refuses to give her up And we close our eyes Her hands touch the round stomach And

Matt Pond Pa - Trees and the wild lyrics

future is belligerent tells me work and worry even without sense ... embarrassing when you let them drink they tell you what they think i'm not listening

Magica - The earth is young? lyrics

listen to the seers And you're crawling underneath The blanket of divine protection ... and trust. Yielding to your fears, Relinquishing the ... to dust. But I want to know And I need to show I'm not

Air Supply - The earth is lyrics

s a man with the smallest of worlds in his hand And a tear fills his eyes ... tries to hang on Holding his world together There's a ... girl in the other half of the sky And she's wondering why

Before Their Eyes - The nighttime is our time lyrics

s nights like these That we forget about ... you've ever done You are the barrel between my teeth The ... blood stains on the sheets Your everything I need (your

Magica - The sun is gone lyrics

the sun is gone Forever out of this ... game And the sun is gone Her eyes will never be the same She lost her soul ... Caught in the demon's eyes She lost her

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The flower that shattered the stone lyrics

is our mother Just turning around With her trees in the ... forest And roots underground Our father ... above us Whose sigh is the wind Paint us a rainbow Without any end As the river

Anybody Killa (abk) - Trees and woods lyrics

everyday (Chasing after you, and you never see it coming) And ... you (Chasing after you, and you never see it coming) ... (Chorus 2x) I ran through the trees and the woods chasing

Dot Hacker - The earth beneath lyrics

was wrong, the earth beneath our feet won't last for ever I'll ... done.... I want to apologise, by the power invested in ... in a way I got wrong, By the power invested in your way I

Agharti - The sky is falling lyrics

clouds all around me, the sky is falling I never thought I ... love it when I see it, chaos around, I'm screaming The future in ... question, our lives in action There's

Dead Can Dance - Song of the dispossessed lyrics

river is deep and the road is long, Daylight comes and I ... want to go home. Awoke this morning To find my people's ... tongues were tied Amen And in my dreams They were given

Masterplan - Earth is going down lyrics

can see the world is changing in time No matter ... behind I can hardly tell the secret in your eyes I don´t ... wanna know when the sun will fail to rise Time

Paul Mccartney lyricsPaul Mccartney - The pound is sinking lyrics

Pound Is Sinking The Peso's Failing The Lira's ... Reeling And Feeling Quite Appalling The Mark Is Holding The Franc Is ... Fading The Drachma's Very Weak But

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The earth dies screaming lyrics

warm dry wind is all that breaks the silence, ... The highways quiet scars across the land. People lie, eyes ... closed, no longer dreaming, The earth dies screaming. Like

Cipes And The People - Fade away lyrics

can't fade away The way I feel for you There ain ... can say What I'd do for you And every single day I make it ... through this game called life It's always

Axxis - The world is looking in their eyes lyrics

Lights in the demonstration Fights are all ... ways must be found 'Cause they wanna be free, baby They ... wanna be free See the livin' history The world is looking in their eyes And

Breakbot - The mayfly and the light (feat. irfane) lyrics

your heart a moment To feel what ... I'm about Give your heart a moment You will feel ... left out You say good night and walk away And I pray you ... air I slowly drown Give your heart a moment To feel what

Matt Redman - The glory of our king lyrics

to cry out if we don't Now's the time to raise a song Hear ... shout loud We will join our voices to the sound Stand up ... stand up the time has come Sing it out,

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The day hell broke loose at sicard hollow lyrics

cold which was unusual for this time of year. We had been ... out here for sometime now. The woods always bring out a ... that was soon to change. They took us by surprise. With

Dragonforce - The sun is dead lyrics

us away We fight 'til the end Among the ruins ... days ahead Through confusion and hatred, we try to understand ... In silence we stand alone Caught in the eye A

Gordon Lightfoot - The soul is the rock lyrics

soul is the rock and the rock will not be moved ... Nothing is disputed, yet nothing is disproved And the seeds of the earth that were planted long ago

Lion's Share - The day the earth caught fire lyrics


Tiffany Alvord lyricsTiffany Alvord - The reason is you lyrics

to smile as I walk down the street I don't need a reason ... to feel complete Not another question, I'll tell ya, no ... one could take your place I guess that maybe the

Charlie Hall - The rising shout lyrics

part the heavens, touch the earth You open eyes to see Your ... worth And the walls are coming down, and the walls are coming down And ... every plan of Yours prevails Lord, Your purpose

Brian Mcknight - The day the earth stood still lyrics

was a king without a crown They hanged him on his throne And ... nailed him in the ground The prophet, he upon the tree, ... Sacrificed himself for the whole world to see He bled

Primal Fear - The sky is burning lyrics

sold my soul for eternity On the wrong side of heaven Hell is ... s forgotten son Ten thousand miles away from home On the ... dark side of hell Turning cold for the final time No

50 Cent lyrics50 Cent - Just f***ing around lyrics

If nobody wants you You like the smiles n the dimples on my ... I ain't MASE! 50 Cent skip the bullshit, you f***in' tonight ... got some henny We can go and get right I ain't never been

Reba Mcentire - I'd rather ride around with you lyrics

cousin's gettin' married at the Methodist church That's why ... work I'm supposed to hold the flowers When the new bride kisses the groom That's what I'm

President Romana - The ballad of robin hood and the lady clara lyrics

Robin was a-walking through the Sherwood forests green, He ... seen, She'd a smile to melt the Prince's heart (if he had one ... at all!) And a wit to match the stranger's she was travelling

Celtic Woman - The sky and the dawn and the sun lyrics

is the moon tonight Hiding its ... guiding light High Heaven and earth do sleep Still in the ... dark so deep I will the darkness sweep I will the ... moon to flight I will the heavens bright I will the earth delight Open your eyes with me See paradise with me

Inspiral Carpets - The wind is calling your name lyrics

think about me Anymore than is necessary (But) when you ... feeling kinda heavy I know the way that your mind works ... In the night I hear you calling It

Misery Index - The carrion call lyrics

out your dead... Call of the carrion crow, civilized man ... had no friend Whale of the silent sea, the ocean is yours, they've left it empty Hawk ... and the emerald dove, soar and sail on wings above Across

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The future is now lyrics

city’s made of diamonds And tomorrow glass will grow On the freedoms that divide us They’re coming after me ... Now who’s knock-knocking at your door? A thought that starts

Tim Ripper Owens - The world is blind lyrics

wait til someone comes and opens up your eyes And shows ... you all the places you don't want to be ... A frozen Russian city the tundra of Siberia Pollution is so bad that when it snows the

Javier Colon - The answer is yes lyrics

are you still there? This long silence is more than I ... try to hear me out anyway? The space between us just keeps ... we're going I can see it in your eyes, girl that you're

Hysterica - The bitch is back lyrics

took the train from utopia Promising ... curves of euphoria It seem the way she wants, It seem the ... every time She puts you at the end of the line There's no

Alan Jackson - The thrill is back lyrics

ll i'm ready to raise the blinds in this place Think I ... ll rejoin the human race You said yes now ... your wearing my ring Guess I can ... B.B.King Chorus Cause the thrill is back the heartache

Alison Krauss - The road is a lover lyrics

met a man Traveling down the road He looked me in the eye ... And he gave me a ring And he gave me a rose And he ... some gypsy lies [Chorus:] The road is a lover You never

Potty Mouth - The bomb lyrics

ve found a place where the trees have the coolest shade I've ... a need to for hiding when the world is prying 'cause... ... I dropped a bomb and the bomb was me I dropped a bomb

Tom Waits lyricsTom Waits - The piano has been drinking (not me) lyrics

has been drinking, my necktie is asleep And the combo went ... back to New York, the jukebox has to take a leak And the carpet needs a haircut, and the spotlight looks like a prison break And the telephone's

Charlotte Church - The water is wide lyrics

water is wide, I can not get o'er And ... neither have I wings to fly Give me ... a boat that will carry two And both shall row... my love and ... I Where love is planted, O there it grows It grows and

Dj Bobo lyricsDj Bobo - The soundtrack of our lives lyrics

keep the soundtrack of our lives tonight And we can be ... forever young Together we can dance and feel ... alright Before the rising of the sun We stay young, we stay

Senses Fail - The past is proof lyrics

I think therefore I am where the hell does that leave me A ... I'll never stop searching for the truth I'd rather die along ... Cause everything in my past is proof I never stopped

Kim Walker-smith - The king is here lyrics

King is here, the King is here You're alive inside of ... me The King is here, the King is here Love will never ... leave [x2] We worship and we praise We lift Your holy

Arkngthand - The king has arrived lyrics

inside and take a look at the horizon See the river... ... silver, gold and shining steel A true king ... s parade in it's pride and glory The stagg from King's

Axel Rudi Pell lyricsAxel Rudi Pell - The end of our time lyrics

our way to nowhere behind the black sun We're passing by the old horizon Coming close to the edge, when we realize There ... s a hole in the sky, the world has gone Written and

Here Comes The Kraken - The legend of the rent is way hardcore lyrics

s our last wine We have been ... destroying And fighting in too many wars ... Caus Trying to kill each other Taking lives Running over ... Forsaken Maybe tonight It's our last wine I can't wait to

Into The Ocean - And the mountain gave birth to a mouse lyrics

of a burning city. The devil’s in my home — he ... sleeps with my wife. And my child, well he’s a red sin ... creeping underneath beds. And they kiss, they suck, they touch

Jesus Culture - The king is here lyrics

King is here, the King is here You're alive inside of ... me The King is here, the King is here Love will never ... leave [x2] We worship and we praise We lift Your holy

Kids In Glass Houses - The best is yet to come lyrics

started with the sun in your eyes The devil in your ... throat and in your thighs A pocket full of ... notes A head of lies is no good for you Wrestle with ... the questions in your head Fumble with the

Lionel Richie - The world is a party lyrics

world is a party (x4) As I watch the ... as it keeps spinning round And try to figure out what's ... going down With so much joy and love in demand Why can't we

Migos lyricsMigos - Just for tonight (feat. chris brown) lyrics

for tonight, oh Just for tonight, woo I want ... you, you want me Just for tonight (Only one night) ... Just for tonight (Just for tonight) I want you baby

The Who lyricsThe Who - The song is over lyrics

song is over It's all behind me I ... it She tried to find me Our love is over They're all ... chorus: I'll sing my song to the wide open spaces I'll sing

Agnetha Fältskog - The heat is on lyrics

you haven't much to say 'Cos the heat is on The heat is on ... You know you're in the hands of fate Now you've gone and ... found me you appreciate That the heat is on The heat is on

Bt The Roots - The roots is comin lyrics

Roots is comin' (16X) [Black ... Thought] I rip the vocal backflip yo the kid is ... s a hint: I'm from Phila with a Del but not the Rio Well, ... I'm guessing here is like exactly where the Phi go

Matt Redman - The benediction lyrics

the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord smile ... on you, shine His light upon you. May the Lord ... lift you, turn His face towards you. Give you His peace, give you His peace.

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