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The Pharcyde - The e.n.d. lyrics

This ain't nothin but the end So follow me into the ... and let your soul be free The E-N-D The E-N-D The E-N The E ... N The E-N-D [Imani] Now ... that my people open up their eyes up and wise up so we

Modern Life Is War - D.e.a.d.r.a.m.o.n.e.s. lyrics

long hot days just before the summer... Knowing that we're ... stuck here... And there's something happening ... Knowing we know we gotta get there. It's true what they say..

2 Times Terror - D.e.a.d. lyrics

my shadows in the pale moonlight* Devotion, ... Disrupting systematic all the functions of life. Die, ... Death close our eyes. Until the ground cuddles the mind away.

Sister - D.e.a.d. lyrics

D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D. D.E.A.D....

The Herbaliser - The blend lyrics

resurrect Directed live from the 2-1-2, 7-1-8, and 5-1-6 area ... to genocide Verbal defender, the brain infiltrator Break and ... structal" delegator The pen and the pad and the

Kat - N.d.c lyrics


Nocte Obducta - N.-d. lyrics

zurück auf die Täler Lethes, um noch einmal das zu ... Nebeln und in die Fluten Lethes stürzen. Sollten sie ... schneidend scharfen Felsen, Lethe würde sie doch noch mit sich

Deichkind - E. s. d. b. / electric superdance band lyrics

It's time for you to win the race! Bist du im Leben

Black Eyed Peas - Shut the phunk up lyrics

it work But it still ends up the worst And I'm craaazzzy For ... know) We wine and dine Did them things that couples do when ... in love (you know) Walks on the beach and stuff (you know)

Black Eyed Peas - Party all the time lyrics

All The Time Party All The Time Party All The Time ... Party All The Time If If We Could Party ... With My Boys Party Party On The Top Yeah That's What I Do

Cassandra Complex - E.'.o.'.d.'. lyrics

are, they were, and they shall be again They came, ... and we are here They sleep now, and we watch for them They sleep now, but they ... shall return We are their dreams, and we shall wake them We are their dreams, and we

Black Eyed Peas - Rockin' to the beat lyrics

to the beat Rockin to the beat Rockin to the beat ... Rockin to the beat Rockin to the beat ... Rockin to the beat Rockin to the beat ... The beat, the beat, the beat, Rockin to the beat

Black Eyed Peas - That's the joint lyrics

a-doom chick-a-doom That's the joint, that's the jam Turn ... up, play it again That's the joint, that's the jam Turn ... up, play it again That's the joint, that's the jam Turn

Coldworker - D.e.a.d. lyrics

demise Salvation was never the key Before a lie, we won't ... Ravage and burn, it's all by the book Sermons of old, fits us ... in the mold, while for answers we

Alestorm - The sunk'n norwegian lyrics

you can get drunk any time of the day The landlord's a bastard ... the barmaid's a whore But give them no shit or you're straight ... out the door The Sunk'n Norwegian's the name

Overkill - The rip n' tear lyrics

cross Everybody movin from the right to the left Everybody ... movin from the life to the death Everybody movin from the good to the bad Everybody ... movin from the happy to the sad Everybody churnin and

June Carter Cash - The l&n don't stop here anymore lyrics

I was born and raised in the mouth of a hazard hollow ... a rambling past my door Now they’re standing in a rusty row ... of empty And the L & N don’t stop here

Carl Perkins - The e.p. express lyrics

t stop Gonna a little bit of the jailhouse rock The mystery ... train done jumped the tracks again So honey let's ... Blue Hawaii I'm here to stay There's a whole lotta shakin'

Mac Demarco - The way you'd love her lyrics

skin been keeping, How's the dream been going, Since you ... this time. You left her out there somewhere, Told her how ... it really means to love her. The way you'd love her. The way

Antonio Banderas - The actress hasn't learned the lines (you'd l.. lyrics

a week, two matinees My how the worm begins to turn When ... will the chorus girl ever learn? My ... how the worm begins to turn When ... will the chorus girl ever learn? The chorus girl hasn't learned the lines you'd like to hear She

Agust D - The last lyrics

myeongdeurui gogae show me the money mot hange anira an han

Piggy D. - The dare lyrics

worth it all to you And all the teeth you’re gonna lose ... worth it all to you And all the teeth you’re gonna lose ... It’s worth it all to you And the teeth your gonna loose To

Jin - G.o.l.d.e.n. lyrics

we got that hot shit.. its the G.O.L.D.E.N and the emcee ... back at it again.. its the G.O.L.D.E.N and the emcee ... . lets take it back to the basics.. cos face it..

Pulled Apart By Horses - V.e.n.o.m. lyrics

Slow your breathing, you havn't got balls! And now it … new Scream and shout! Slow your breathing, yeah Slow your breathing You haven't got balls! Slo...

Paula Cole - P.r.e.n.u.p. lyrics

advice: Before you sign on the dotted line, Filled with ... hope for the perfect life, Love yourself ... P.R.E.N.U.P. Think of the years you dedicate Think of

Lowkey - Who said i can't do grime lyrics

Whether you're in HMV or KFC, HMP or ... 'em see A.N.D let you know their C.A.S.E From LDN not NYC, ... on the M.I.C, Im M.I.B Like BIG the ... MVP, VIP to the E.N.D E.g. my CD, is way to

Mucc - D.o.g lyrics

Sakuran shiteru kyuutai Shuutai sarashi ORE ga ikiru Yuiitsumu ni no sainou no henrin Nenrei kasanete miekakure Tetteiteki ni kousen taisei Hi no kona makic...

Genetikk - G.e.n.e.t.i.k.k. lyrics

[1. Verse: Karuzo] Hereinspaziert, Sensation, Sensation Genetikk übernimmt über Nacht die Nation Von Paris bis Rom, G's lieben mein' Flow Ich war überall...

N.e.r.d - Jump feat joel madden and benji madden lyrics

sad Punk rock, tatoos, leather jacket Good grades don't ... about wealth to death Maybe there's something else (I'm ... by ourselves Cause trust me there's something else (I'm

Black Eyed Peas - Let's get re-started lyrics

s get retarded in here And the bass keeps running, running ... And- In this context there's no disrespect So when I ... From all intellect and the let rhythm effect To lose the inhibition, follow your

N.e.r.d - Lazer gun lyrics

like dirt today Turn on the radio and it make you thirst ... it make me so sad like the worst of days It's in the ... street makin' cats where the earth decays Then I seen a

Black Eyed Peas - Simple little melody lyrics

stressful Thought love was the reason we was here for Turn ... you still owe me back on the low yo’ Ya’ keep blowin me

Lunarsea - Tales of n.d.e. lyrics

shallow ground I'll be the first resort, my veins are ... With me singular worth born, the same as always Doze in ... that outline What I see is the hell? or my deuced brain stay

N.e.r.d - Break out lyrics

just happend So what? But they're all laughing What's up? ... [Hook] Why the tears have no fear We are ... PUSH PEOPLE He just let the bullshit pass, PUSH PEOPLE

Maximum The Hormone - A-l-i-e-n lyrics

Obenchara seifu Taburakasu teisai Detchiageta meisai Denjā entāpuraizu Kiyo hōhen shinjō Irimidareta shinsō Danjiri atta nihon Nihirizumu tōrai? Niritsuhaihan mon...

N.e.r.d - Kill joy lyrics

no one cares, if she's in there, and the wolf's still in the woods (Beautiful losers) To ... you they might look beautiful, but they're rotten in the inside

Papa Roach - Don't look back (ft. n.e.r.d.) lyrics

"I'm here." "There's no turning back now.&quot ... Yeah, lets go." We're the gladiators, taking my heart ... your lies, I'll fly so high the birds won't reach me So

Kelis - Ghetto children ft. marc dorsey & n.e.r.d lyrics

Boy You’re my life And there’s so much for you to ... be To some boy In society There’s a secret to why You must ... dreams come true And this is the message we bring to you Hey

Ice Cube - The bomb lyrics

s like a holocaust to the boss when I toss Too much ... knowledge kicked then you're lost In a shuffle of ... feet, Jinx the fiddler And I control your ... D.G.E. it might trouble you Then I transform like a

Black Eyed Peas - Meet me halfway lyrics

Ooooooh. I can't go any further then this. Ooooooh. I want ... you meet me halfway, right at the borderline that's where i'm ... night n'day took my heart to the limit and this is where i'll

Black Eyed Peas - Pump it harder lyrics

Pump it (Louder) Turn up the radio Blast your stereo ... Niggas be envious I know why they hatin' on us Cause not so ... us, from London back down to the U.S. We rockin' it

Black Eyed Peas - Mare lyrics

Mare Ahh she, Look at all these pretty ladies on the dance ... floor, (Ow) On the dance floor, (Ow) On the ... it like it. Look at all these pretty girls dancing like they're on the roll. Pretty

2pac - If my homie calls lyrics

school, you and me G Back in the days we played practical ... on everybody smoked with they locs and the yolks on All ... through high school, girls by the dozens Sayin we cousins,

Black Eyed Peas - Don't phunk around lyrics

you And I'm interested in the long haul Come on girl (yee ... d up and go leave ya For another senorita You forgot that I

Black Eyed Peas - Out of my head lyrics

Cause I'm sick and tired of motherfucka argue What you think ... Cause I'm about to blow When they open up the bar I'm a hit the bar I didn't drive my car,

Mac Dre - The m.a.c & mac d.r.e. "wit the mac" lyrics

] Cherry to Peach, peach to the plum Rite bout now I'm about ... I'm a young black brotha 4rm the V town city Records for my ... Just livin large, Ooo they wood hate 2 see a brotha in

Charles & Eddie - N.y.c. lyrics

on Joy's front steps It was the summer of love We were in ... York City Vibe was cool with the radio on I think it was Sly ... Que Sera Sera" My mother kept saying you're wastin'

Black Eyed Peas - Where ya wanna go lyrics

you single let me know, all these things I wana know. Lady, ... my love machine. We can share the energy, makin pretty melodies ... are. We could take it to the stars, we could go far and

Bubba Sparxxx - Back in the mud lyrics

2 1,2,3, let's go Back in the mud I've been in I confess, ... I'm so happy here There's nothing you can do to ... pit bull temperament At the Pony, at the Flame, either

Black Eyed Peas - Another weekend lyrics

can come for the weekend come. We can come ... for the weekend come. We can come ... for the weekend come. We can come ... for the weekend come. Hey hey hey ... He said we could go his the p-bus, I was like, &quot

Black Eyed Peas - Electric city lyrics

Sub-sonic mega bolt base from the kickin' Na Na NaNa Na Na ... Bitches on my dick (Oh No) They on my dildo Do Re Mi Fa So ... La Ti Do I get the money money, I get dough EQ the equalizer for the stereo

Deathstars - The mark of the gun lyrics

barrel looked her Deep in the eye And she said “I want ... you” She looked the gun Deep in the eye The gun ... want you too” Doom strike the tame today Day with a bowie

Kendrick Lamar - The jig is up (dump'n) lyrics

Intro] Praise to the almighty, HiiiPower Me and ... My nigga Cole in this motherfucker. Wassup nigga? (My ... niggas on point, game tight) There we go yeah, turn me up

Second Person - The alphabet song lyrics

my love with every letter of the alphabet I love my love in ... I love my love with an E for the earth I’d give him I love my ... love with an F for the faith I keep I love my love

Black Eyed Peas - Missing you lyrics

can't stand another night Stand another night ... Everythings don't seem like they used to be Between you &amp ... song If loving you is wrong Then it must be wrong Even if

Immaculate - T.k.n.d. (you figure it out) lyrics

Satan's will be done The hatred in your veins It's ... Bangers all around Breaking their necks For thrash ... die Faggoths as well By the reaper Thrash Kill and

Black Eyed Peas - Alive lyrics

love you And it's true your the only one and I do, I adore ... you said - you said That I'm the only one You said that I'm ... love you And it's true your the only one and I do I adore

Black Eyed Peas - I gotta feeling lyrics

good night [x3] Tonight's the night night Let's live it up ... take it off Let's paint the town We'll shut it down Let ... s burn the roof And then we'll do it again Let's

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