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The Divine Visitations lyrics

Browse for The Divine Visitations song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Divine Visitations lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Divine Visitations.

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Keep Of Kalessin - The divine land lyrics

Universal power unite In the dazzling starlight For the ... union in twilight Divine the essence of nature Fulfilment ... We gaze and call upon The bringers of the storm And

Epica - The divine conspiracy lyrics

had been Able to win From the need to succeed We need ... to be innocent to live the life we've lived for so long ... to be blind enough to live the life we live right now

Axenstar - The divine lyrics

call out to the enchantress why, why? We ... have crossed the line between what's right and ... what's right and wrong In the name of the one that stands ... again I scream out through the open window I reach out into

Epica - The divine conspiracy (anniversary edition) lyrics

had been Able to win From the need to succeed We need ... to be innocent to live the life we've lived for so long ... to be blind enough to live the life we live right now

Project Hate Mcmxcix, The - The divine burning of angels lyrics

burn, fed her with flames The divine burning of angels ... your pain before You watch the sun set forevermore Our ... our lives grow dark As the longing re-appears in our

Cadaveria - The divine rapture lyrics

by the eternal rhythm of divine breath, perverse he smiled ... to the prickly knock of rain drops,

Donovan - The divine daze of deathless delight lyrics

ye the mystery through all this ... free from deathless delight. There are so many ways, forms ... which to gaze, Live in a divine daze of deathless delight,

Motionless In White - The divine infection lyrics

get your f***ing chin out of the sky. I will never stop 'til ... Sharing needles at the altar. Father, f***ing ... see that faces opposition in the world today Is a product of

Necrophagia - The divine art of torture lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Betraying The Martyrs - The hurt the divine the light lyrics

I am Take your son Isaac to the mountain Abraham Here I am ... Bring the sacrifice asked in Moriah ... He had cut enough wood for the sacrifice On the third day

Aevum - The divine war lyrics

The Amazing Journey (Instrumental ... Part II – The One In the times when no one decides ... Someone must be the guide Andreas is The One ... Onwards battle they marched Without hesitation

Lunarium - The divine infidelity of a false prophet lyrics

corrupt society, but I knew there was a world out there ... see. Upon my neck I carried the wicked emporer’s taint A ... gold medallion With the image of a saint So I

Protest The Hero - The divine suicide of k lyrics

answers now because I know the questions will be asked Like ... if I brought the joy I found in the ... confessions of a mask The tip of my tongue's already

Illuminata - The divine puppet lyrics

gentle guardian echo through the air I sadly treasure every ... Locked into a narrow lair As the shepherd of your herd ... souls and wonders to lift them up I am but the spirit the

Job For A Cowboy - The divine falsehood lyrics

stood in the sand from the mouth of the sea and I ... horns rested ten crowns as the discord of trumpets grew ... written in ink or blood in the book of the life of the lamb.

Pierce The Veil - The divine zero lyrics

I’m falling through the couch like a suicide mission ... tonight My God, here comes the downside Wild eyes of ... terror pray for sex on the beach while Oceans of

The Breeders - Divine hammer lyrics

disappears this near You're the rod I'm water I'm just ... looking for the divine hammer One divine hammer ... I'm just looking for one divine hammer I'd bang it all day

Nina Hagen - Divine love, sex and romance lyrics

inna real lovelife theres just no other and in my ... arms made by the divine mother he's at home there is just ... no other my lovelife so so divine, you're my divine tantra

Coldrain - Divine lyrics

we've waited for? Welcome the end of fear, welcome the end ... of pain This is the end of all imperfection ... Welcome the end of love, welcome the end ... so beautiful by design? It's the circle and the line, nothing

Blind Guardian lyricsBlind Guardian - Control the divine lyrics

what I was I'm doomed to be The tempter and the secret foe ... grow Still I claim to be the chosen one and Still I claim ... We're bound to no law There's no one before us Ethereal sons Now disobey Awake

Psyclon Nine - The saint and the valentine lyrics

When I can't even feel the pain When I've been so anesthetized No, I don't mean ... anything Nothing to the divine As I lay my heart before ... t mean anything Nothing to the divine As I lay my heart

Hatebreed - Divine judgement lyrics

s a wish for reprisal The vengeance the divine has ... chosen In the reflection of this anger Is ... of all that is despised They'll claim it's justified They'll say it's divine judgement

Benediction - Divine ultimatium lyrics

all seeing eyes, scrutinize the world. Syndicate of one. ... mankinds affairs. In his divine wisdom, he laid down the ... dismissed without care. The deadlines expired - crush them. With their own evils!

High On Fire - Snakes for the divine lyrics

at gold, the ancient crime Rise up, fall ... down Cities come alive and they will die Rise up, fall down ... your sentence, you're handed the snakes of divine Suffer the scourge by the powers

Everdome - Divine tragedy lyrics

alone, my heroes died The answers on my head The angel ... fell, the demon lied The Seer is cold and dead There is a God in every man A ... man within a God Even if the pen is sharp I'll choose the

Enthroned - Divine coagulation lyrics

is above is mirrored with the below to produce the miracle ... As all things are born from the unique the meditation of the ... as derivation are born from the unique when we become &quot

Pathology - Path of the divine lyrics

forth consciousness and dark The smoke will hide the light of the serpent And from the central ... realm we spread the seed Wisdom we now gain the ... prophesies And the Karma will be felt The enter

Skylark - The heaven church lyrics

Divine Spirit: The last night falls on my mind, ... behind, I'm feeling sure, in the arms of the church. I want ... fears...strong. But now the Star is rising, we trust in

Avulsed - Divine wine lyrics

In a special way The divine wine Of dark red tones ... That no one knows They're exclusive Human meat ... gives the taste Years in barrels does

Devilyn - The seven virtues of divine lyrics

seven virtues divine Making human close to god ... Follow these virtues The divine seven Hate: The primal ... one 'Tis the fuel Hate is what makes the

Isis - Divine mother (the tower crumbles) lyrics

divine mother stumbles Cancer wrapped ... around her heart The eyes of gods kept Infect ... fingers pry open the clearest cages Sickness has ... been made Father and sons Stoic fire

The Divine Comedy - Theme from casanova lyrics

and ensemble, inspired by the writings of the eighteenth ... and spy; and performed for us there by the composer, Neil ... of young musicians, under the baton of Dr. Joby Talbot. The

Fit For An Autopsy - The desecrator (ft. tim williams of vision di.. lyrics

me father for i have sinned. Taken the life of a man who stole The ... innocence from the unprotected. A storm of ... conviction. Hell embraces the patron saint with all its

Beholder - The ring of freedom lyrics

m gonna reach the island I'm gonna break the ... spell I am the only real hope for my land ... To find the ring of freedom I will be ... facing hell I feel inside me the power of faith Tonight the

Lee Ben - Song for the divine mother of the universe lyrics

mother I’m coming home Now I know ... far Now I’m close Sweet mother I’m coming home Tell me ... mother can you hear me sing Your ... love is everything Oh mother, please hold me tight Cause

Tom Jones lyricsTom Jones - All mine (with the divine comedy) lyrics

stars may shine bright All the clouds may be white But when ... and such sad regrets Oh as these starry skies As they ... mistake You shant escape, tethered and tied There's nowhere

Purgatory - The daimonion lyrics

by a divine inside voice Which shows me the way A way which makes me ... Possessed devilish and with the demand long for darkness ... eyes, your ignorace And open the deepest abysses of your soul

The Divine Comedy - Our mutual friend lyrics

her. I saw her in the pub, I met her later at the ... us We talked about the noise And how its hard to ... hear your own voice Above the beat and the sub-bass. We

Grave - Encountering the divine lyrics

in the winter plague To command the ... led Sworn to authority by the weakened flock In search of ... and faith Bring forth the child of light Show me the

Eluveitie - The day of strife lyrics

riios rijiaspe toutias The mountains trembled When the ... Antumnos' doors opened wide The ancient one stepped forth To ... bring to justice the grim tyrants A withered

Jedi Mind Tricks - The philosophy of horror lyrics

when he defined time I was there when the guns first let off ... There when they cut King Charles head off There when the CIA battled the ... crack And the tradgedy and triumph of

Skylark - The guardian angel lyrics

Divine Oracle: In front of the dark church of Heaven we are ... searching for the truth... White Warrior: ... .. I can't pronounce even the Holy Name. The Guardian

High On Fire - The path lyrics

Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental Instrumental In...

Necrophagia - The sick room lyrics

Without a view Hacked up Then consumed Fresh defiled

Akercocke - The promise lyrics

are fairer in beauty Than other daughters of man Recognise ... faith in sex and death Rather than the wisdom of the divine Have no pity for those ... Mired in the prophet delusion Content to

The Divine Comedy - The secret garden lyrics

Take me inside you— There I will find you Quietly ... Water is seeping Down from the skies and Into your eyes and ... Into the secret garden The icon hangs alone on the wall;

Adagio - The inner road lyrics

clouds always surrender to the nightfall. But still there ... a million ants, swarning on the ground. Spirits will come in ... of time. Walking through the fields of light, I can free

The Divine Comedy - The booklovers lyrics

Daniel Defoe: To christen the day! Samuel Richardson: ... Nathaniel Hawthorne: The letter 'A' Herman Melville: ... Ahoy there! Charles Dickens: London ... Fyodor Dostoevsky: Here come the sleepers... Mark Twain: I

The Divine Comedy - The dogs and horses lyrics

long A flower blooms and then it's gone Summer follows ... lasts Don't ever dwell upon the past For one day you are ... here, and the next you are gone Every

The Divine Comedy - The pop singer's fear of the pollen count lyrics

da ba da Oh yeah Laugh at the tears you're crying Smile ... get your fingers clicking To the rhythm and the rhyme Otherwise you'll just be kicking ... help myself I'm in love with the summertime Even when I get

The Divine Comedy - The seafood song lyrics

Who will have a fishy When the boat comes..." And then he says "With our ... s sing for those in peril on the sea Who cater ceaselessly

The Divine Comedy - The summerhouse lyrics

you remember the way it used to be? June to ... September in a cottage by the sea Distant cousins local ... we climbed every tree together And it never ever rained

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The day lyrics

fire, the glance of ice, Deep below a ... grave of the divine, The queen of oceans, the sleeping ... my prayers, hear my wish in the winds Force of anger, ... Can’t stand this burden, the weight of times, Unleash

Karl Bartos - The tuning of the world lyrics

today – her song filled the air She lent her voice to ... death and despair The sofa on stage turned into a ... like a dream I connect to the sound inside my mind Closer

Necronomicon - The symbol of life lyrics

the right hand of the Gods The right form of the cross Synthesis of the spirit Who takes a ... human form The spirit who accepts to take a ... transcend all humanity For their return at the Sun The Divine incarnated Among the mankind

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The hand that feeds lyrics

re keeping in step In the line Got your chin held ... you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you ... A charade And behind it all there's a price to be paid For the blood On which we dine

Behemoth - The thousand plagues i witness lyrics

old man I am Yet I possess the knowledge of thousand sages ... existed for billion years The invisible army I am Though the won battle still to come The father of ambitious and

Behemoth - The thousand plagues i witness [bonus track] lyrics

old man I am Yet I possess the knowledge of thousand sages ... existed for billion years The invisible army I am Though the won battle still to come The

Desert - The unsubdued lyrics

of the stake Will burn my flesh On ... final day They will not see me smashed ... My crime is the truth you are trying to hide ... Knowledge is poison for the divine lie God I have sinned I

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