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Adair - The art of staying alive lyrics

dawn, And yet I wonder When the scholars find our bones A ... years from now under All the ashes of the earth, Will we ... be together? The only thing I know for sure.

Adair - The ghosts of who we were lyrics

littering the streets Hear the sadness filter through the ... an on until we bleed Feed the fire Until there’s nothing ... we’ve designed I see the man Dying in the spotlight

Cristina Scabbia - The theory of everything part 2 ft. michael m.. lyrics

need to take him to therapy Help him function in ... society [Father] It's worth a try, who ... . He could help me complete The Theory of Everything [Mother and Father] A future to

Cristina Scabbia - The theory of everything part 3 ft. sara squa.. lyrics

Mother] They were seduced by the mystery Something forbidden ... [Girl] My love [Mother] My son [Girl] All lost ... [Mother and Girl] Our world is not

Tom Petty lyricsTom Petty - The best of everything lyrics

you are tonight I wish you the best of everything, in the ... all goes by so fast Yeah, the bad nights last forever ... And the good nights don't ever seem

Powerman 5000 - The end of everything lyrics

fate of our civilization rest upon the finding of this group, and I ... Yeah Yeah What's between the head and the hand Understand ... that the world is much smaller than

Cristina Scabbia - The theory of everything part 1 ft. michael m.. lyrics

Father] I'm so close to the answer A dazzling symphony of cosmic strings I feel the ... pulse, vibrating just out of reach The music of space ... master equation Unification of the great and small I hear the notes but the arrangement is

From Ashes To New - Destruction of myself lyrics

near Although I've tried there's no rewind I cannot ... s me inside that mirror Cuz everything I do reflects on me And ... I choose effects me deep These scars are from the wounds I

69 Chambers - The collapse of time and space lyrics

In dark chambers that night The twin offspring of a mating ... Between beast and daughter Of a decayed family What use ... a tractor and a plough For these weren't fortuitous seeds of

Refused - The apollo program was a hoax lyrics

to have our say Consequence of no choice at all Empires ... tables (Cause if we have the vision I know that we are ... words for a while, choke in the truth of a million dead There is no prestige in your

Adair - The diamond ring lyrics

oh, Why? I'll peel back the skin from my head Let the ... myself to sleep and escape The nightmares of being awake. I ... ll set the air afire. You never even

65daysofstatic - The conspiracy of seeds lyrics

a crack Shadow! Untold! The hoax that harms The hoax! ... That harms the spirit The first! One to arrive The ... last! To confess They've got! Their arms

God Forbid - The end of the world lyrics

it's our affliction The remains of yesterday Help us ... get away from the destruction of our world Running for cover ... as the ghost walk as man Running ... for cover as the world comes to an end Will

Heather Small - The garden of eden lyrics

pace is fast and the stakes are high The game of ... life, yes we play this all the time Don't take for granted ... more I dare you to dance in the rain And watch the sun rise

Ice Nine Kills - The product of hate lyrics

world is spiraling down The segregation of everything ... Is the source of the blood on the walls It's ... A story told so full of holes Just allows the lies

Lorien - The island of the dragon lyrics

Island of the Dragon are away in time A ... land of wonders existed It was the ... center of everything. During ten thousand years ... The Empire reigned on Earth.

Lapis Lazuli - The downfall of humanity: the downfall lyrics

charge is abandoned, wasted The ashes are raining from the ... sky There is no forgiveness for what ... we've done The task that was laid upon us ... face what we have wrought Destruction and ruin, it caused us to

Diablo - The art of self-destruction lyrics

cannot be shared I became the living icon of weakness It ... made me reveal your lies I'm the incarnation of suffering I'm ... the harvester of your lies Your lies make a

Desaster - The art of destruction lyrics

won't exist again This is the art of destruction my friend ... to blow this world again The Art of Destruction Purest ... fire, reaping flame Fear the blade of the insane The Art of Destruction Execute few

Count Raven - Destruction of the void lyrics

In my minds eye I see people they are not free In my world I ... I realised eventually You're the family that makes me smile ... need you and you need us Together we break free There's no other way to go To feel the

Becoming The Archetype - The eyes of the storm lyrics

CHAOS AND CONFUSION I put THE SKY IN. TURMOIL. I see the world as the SUN DOES I ... wreak havoc in a WHIRLWIND The WIND is at My FINGERTIPS And

Discharge - The possibility of life's destruction lyrics

you hear the sound of an enormous door slamming in the depths of hell The ... possibility of life's destruction Can you hear the cries of ... pain the mournful sound The possibility of life's

Against All Authority - The production of self destruction lyrics

Self destruct Defy all the trust you stole Self ... Self destruct Defy all the trust you stole Self ... all A different view, a new offender Monitor the world and

Berzerker - Destruction of the damned lyrics

…I came from heaven to… kill!!! I came from heaven to finish you up This is your end, die!!! Hornet, my son, don’t let me fail I know you won’t cause I need to for...

Emmure - The philosophy of time travel lyrics

awaken to another day (She's nameless, she's ... faceless) The beating of my heart serves as a clock ... closer towards my death These words I've shared These

Anaal Nathrakh - The final destruction of dignity(dieletztenta.. lyrics

not available not available not available not available not available not available...

David Bowie lyricsDavid Bowie - The voyeur of utter destruction lyrics

shake And stare at the sun Till my eyes burn I ... shake At the mothers brutal vermin I shake And ... stare at the watery moon With the same ... desire As the sober Philistine And I

Inepsy - The fury of destruction lyrics

city in siege, the enemy is there! Teh tower of fire! Destruction is everywhere! Fire! ... A child is screaming His mother's death No guilty for the

Manilla Road - The fall of iliam lyrics

– To Iliam’s shore Dreams of plunder – The Grecian hordes ... his rage Upon Paris – And the Trojan race [chorus] ... Harken the tale of Aeneas – Last hero of Iliam

Adair - Barricade the doors lyrics

the memories and practice all the lines. Play it one last time ... and then erase the tapes. And I wonder: could ... you ever feel the way you did before? All the

Setherial - The limbo of insanity lyrics

ahses flew by the winds In a cold diabolic ... Two worlds collide Infernal destruction, armageddon reign! The ... me I'll transcend into the dark Where time and apce

Aeon - The return of apollyon lyrics

Landscape after landscape They march fast full of hate ... Apolluon lord of destruction We summon you o mighty one ... Apolluon lord of destruction Return o mighty one

Blood Label - The depravation of the human race lyrics

to eliminate Every trace of Life There is no salvation ... are responsible for our own destruction We are to blame To blame ... The depravation of the human race (Infesting every

Centinex - In the arch of serenity lyrics

the skies of the twilight A millenium of ... chaos, in the land forlorn The purest hate unleashed As I'm ... the reaper of everything that is holy I gather my

Shape Of Despair - The bliss of sudden loss lyrics

sense of horizon at werge, of destruction it strikes upon ... blessed as pursuing horde of raptors this paralyzing glow ... It has begun step up front, thee convicted as centre of

Root - The festival of destruction lyrics

His name will break out In the streams of blood we will wash ... our Hearts And from the broken skulls of our enemies ... We will drink the elixir of Death to the birth of Power !

Infernal Torment - The end of civilization lyrics

first I felt confused because of the ravings of this sick ... I felt confused because of the ravings of this sick world ... I feel is total hatred Send the message clear Die you queers

Enthroned - The apocalypse manifesto lyrics

I saw the whore {From Babylon} ... apocalyptic hatred pull down these false allied for the ... highest pleasure of my tremendous being. As the ... a slaughtery poisoned fog. The dark one summons the destruction of thy holy kingdom... No

Ragnarok - The key is turned for the seventh time lyrics

And make human statues cold The stars shine so clear in a ... malicious and vengeful is out there It must be as the wise man ... occurence waste All life and the creation of the world It

Skullview - The night of metalkill lyrics


Necrophobic - The slaughter of baby jesus lyrics

Destruction, death Searching, death to all... .................................. ............................. .................................. .........................

Manowar - The dawn of battle lyrics

Thunder The storms moving in And ... My soul has been healed By the power of steel And the ... sound of glory I will send into the ground All that are found

Sharm - The fall of the wizards lyrics

from Heaven, An army of Angels, (falling) Sent with ... a message, Destruction and chaos. I see it all

Battleroar - The curse of medea lyrics

to make even gods cry Sons of a mother doomed What gain is ... win release Quitting this loathed existence I did bind that ... accursed one By these strong oaths to me Oh to

Skeletonwitch - The despoiler of human life lyrics

light from eyes, despoiler of human life Force of destruction fury and fear, oceans of ... kill, my axes swinging arcs of death Unholy bloodshed and ... Rabid aggressor, frenzy of violence Exuding evil and

Darkness Divided - The will of man lyrics

seek Truth I tried to use these filthy hands I lied and ... crippled white flag waving in the winds of pride and shame ... I am a victim You are the victor I have been

Dream Master - The circle of life lyrics

my side This world is full of lies Facts we discovered ... maybe another time Are changed and ... we follow are not, owners of the truth Set us free from man

Shadows Fall - The taste of fear lyrics

Open myself to sweet destruction Pray for your affection ... Into ruins It comes around The taste of fear When I see ... your face it haunts me The cold embrace, decaying

All Shall Perish - The day of justice lyrics

through all destruction We've found our place in ... figure begging to be strong Their sights are losing their ... We fight hard and see the only means we have is soon

Dawn Of Winter - The oath of the witch lyrics

Pay no attention to these tears. They are the devil's ... in my brain Bent on dark destruction Witch Bitch Break free ... from the chains of his control Save yourself

Morgul - The mask of sanity lyrics

to be unleashed The eyes that see from within ... Waiting to lose its grip The mask of sanity, I stare in ... A malignant tumor Devouring the planet The feeling of

Nevermore - The death of passion lyrics

for me. She is gone, and the void speaks to me" ... You paint the sky in obsidian lies And ... I know how you changed time The riptide lies ahead, all my

Reverend Bizarre - The wrath of the war elephants lyrics

force of pure destruction. Crushing tyranny. Steaming ... Horror triumphant. Where they roam, all life is gone. ... A beast unlike any other. The daughter stands by the mother

Samain - The seal of jidda lyrics

rides a black horse the death burns in its back ... outside of all world's force draw its ... bloody track Coming from the city beyond the well-known ... it's got no mercy it's got the earth-curse Give me all

Saviour Machine - The invasion of israel lyrics

all the nations for the final dream To break the ... dancing here unseen. To thee, complete destruction Israel ... Behold apocalypse, behold the rage. For all the atheistic leaders and crusades

Cemetery Of Scream - The ray of cry lyrics

took another step to raise the dark from source to drink ... from vanity the wall of our dreams crack the ray of ... cry crack the ray of light to fade out the sun

Destruction - The violation of morality lyrics

ve lost faith - counting the days Meaning of life - ... - Sophisticated cage Raping the seeds - Desperate evil needs ... [Chorus:] Violation of morality - Violation of

Dragonhammer - The end of the world lyrics

thousand sixty, year in the future The world is going ... towards destruction People are mad without the ... Destination and mistery of human life Evil corporations

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