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Packy (the Specktators Collective) - Defining moment lyrics

s on my mind 'Bout to take the ride of my life, a lot up on the line Life got it's moments, ... some of them define you Like losing the ... More and more it feel like the same damn thing And so I

Green Carnation - The everlasting moment lyrics

will always seem to care The fading light that blur you ... given time She'll kiss the sorrow goodbye The ... everlasting moment is divine You have a

Ok Go - The one moment lyrics

re right There's nothing more lovely There's nothing more profound ... Than the certainty Than the certainty that all of this ... arms to me This will be the one moment that matters This

Elegeion - The last moment lyrics

I'm sorry You should know the truth I used all My ... it away I would've put down the knife I wouldn't drain out ... how much you mean to me. The last moment of life I know

Olivia  Newton-john lyricsOlivia Newton-john - The right moment lyrics

on another wheel Going round in slow ... motion Caught up in another dream Drifting on a blue ... you surrender And wake up to the real But you don't want to

Explosions In The Sky - The only moment we were alone lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not availabl...

Intervals - Moment marauder lyrics

t blink, I think there's tragedy chasing after me ... Finding the perfect moment to take its life I don't ... think that I'll have the strength to survive this one

Sirrah - In the final moment lyrics

s the world I chose to lay down in ... Salvation from foul deeds The shelter that I crave for The ... my illusive stories Another mission failed but the next

Disturbed - The vengeful one lyrics

assuming the chaos taking In a lack of ... raw humanity It’s as if the entire world’s Fallen in ... love with their insanity Hear the innocent ... voices scream As the tormentors laugh and wallow

Dubioza Kolektiv lyricsDubioza Kolektiv - The right moments (in dub) lyrics

find it The right way The right moment Gotta find it There's somethig I've reached ... my dreams Gotta find it The right way So feel it man the rage Is takin' our way yo' The spirit man will run And the

Cliff Richard - The best of me lyrics

was so wrong I can't forget the way it used to be And how ... you changed the taste of love for me You ... thought I'd find You were the one moment I'll always have

Dagorlad - The holy battle of vorneas lyrics

men walking Thousands of them Wearing helmets And coats ... bow and arrow. Heading to the Hill of Agony To destroy the ... all those, protecting it, On the plane of Vorneas. Facing

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - The real thing lyrics

know the feeling It is the real thing The essence of the truth The perfect moment ... That golden moment I know you feel it too I ... know the feeling It is the real thing You can't refuse

Björk - The modern things lyrics

such have always existed they've just been waiting in a ... mountain for the right moment listening to the ... dabbling outside all the modern things have always

Human League - The word before last lyrics

man I saw Was happy then And then loved And on TV ... was someone else Who looked the same A similar voice taken The clothes changed But the face ... imagery His brain bypassed The eternal moment laid bare No

Aion (pl) - The meeting lyrics

placed ages from here, In other worlds staring at us, from the abyss of time. I can see their star-shaped eyes Warm and ... glowing to extreme There the life pulsates I feel no

Alphaville lyricsAlphaville - The paradigm shift lyrics

s dance Stop to fight We do the paradigm shift tonite Yeah, ... And it's coming up out of the blur Out of your mind from ... deep below The hidden harmonies discover

Avalon - The glory lyrics

the solitary moment of His birth On this barren ... land All of heaven kissed the face of the earth With a ... was only thirty-three And in the shame of dying a criminal`s

Disdain - The black hour lyrics

here it comes the darkest moment The friend in need is a ... friend indeed When the sun is shining, or when it's ... hiding Into the light, or out of the night

Insomnium - The bitter end lyrics

silent moment right before the Dusk fades away I open my ... eyes but the darkness stays Nightfrost ... covers the Brittle flowers Around ... eyes She is all mine By these frosty waters I rest by

Gordon Lightfoot - The watchman's gone lyrics

like birds of a feather We too have followed the ... It feels so good, Knowin' the watchman's gone If I give ... Would you please bury it in the fields? I seen a rose

Montell Jordan - The rain lyrics

wanna feel what lovers feel There's no need to pretend if you ... ll kiss you as every drop Of the rain drops down No, you're ... s like heaven opens up And the rain comes down First you

Novembers Doom - The voice of failure lyrics

struggle to reach above the fault, In the same moment of ... collapse Born to suffer by the fate of this world, come with ... me now, and bleed Visions of the promised land, I close my

Slayer - The antichrist lyrics

Watch it unfold I am the Antichrist It's what I was ... Watching disciples Of the satanic rule Pentagram of ... blood Holds the jackal's truth Searching

A Call To Sincerity - The price you'll pay lyrics

fell away from me I stood on the edge of this cliff, gazing ... for a sign But there was nothing. I waited for the rain to wash me from the ... place when I was sleeping The worst get worse when you breathe There's nothing left for

John Farnham - The reason why lyrics

did I do Before the day I set my eyes on you? ... my time Just working on the things I had to do And then ... me so much more You're the reason why I listen in the

Lionel Richie - The way i feel lyrics

on a summer's day You are the beat inside my heart You are ... I want you to know that's the way I feel I can look in ... I can see joy in my life then only your love can reveal

Seven Thorns - The henchman lyrics

alone frightened by death They will remember my name I ... hit in the shadows to seize the right moment To do what the ... soul So I prayed for just another clue And suddenly,

Drist - The scalpel lyrics

?), have they, cut you down? And bore, ... And found your weakness, Let the vultures spree for more The mass of silence, Death can ... only lead, The blind so long, Before we see

Kaledon - The abduction lyrics

undead King, the Jackal, invokes a creature ... from the Azrael's womb His cries from ... the high of the tower make to tremble the ... ground ...with his power The clouds race to cover the sun

The Contortionist - The parable lyrics

you, guide you. You are the language. Ever flowing, ever ... echoing. You are On the eve of knowing all, my dear ... all will be clear. And the truth is I couldn't love you

Zendaya Coleman - The same heart (feat. bella thorne) lyrics

see the spotlight in my dreams, I ... all leards of a different feather, where they were together ... you and I am I I wanna rule the world, you wanna wake it up,

India Arie - Beautiful flower lyrics

t make it through I sing these words because I was that ... to Now we're moving from the darkness into the light ... This is the defining moment of our lives 'Cause you

Jake Coco - The girl next door lyrics

me never want to waste a moment with you and I'm still with

Fatima Spar - Overall lyrics

for' for the breaking in waiting to be ... ease your pain' i wait for the blow impending my muddy ... for?' i pit myself against the overall gloom i struggle

Tool lyricsTool - The grudge lyrics

it like a cornerstone Otherwise it all comes down ... denials and Grip 'em to the lonesome end Clutch it ... like a cornerstone Otherwise it all comes down

Glasperlenspiel - Moment lyrics

deiner hand. in diesem moment, wünsch ich mich zu dir. ... du nicht hier? in diesem moment, wünsch ich mich zu dir. ... fragt mein herz. in diesem moment, wünsch ich mich zu dir.

Angelo - Moment lyrics

Nagaku matotta kanashi miwo nugi sute te sora heto Wakare ru chijou ni hakanai inori nokoshi tobitatsu Haga re ochiru hodoni kidu iteiku kakegaeno nai mono ryouude ni...

Ling Tosite Sigure - Moment a rhythm lyrics

Dou ka mioboe no nai kono shunkan o tatoeba juuni-senchi de kimi o kaitara Tooku orenji no shuugou-tai sae mo furerareru you ni Kuuchuusen tatta ano hi o ...

Eelke Kleijn - The big chill lyrics

Listings 1. Defining the Pattern (Intro) 2. Luigi's ... 3. Ondine 4. Attack of the Synthesizer Orchestra 5. Be ... Else 6. Symphonia Part 1 7. The Magical Number 7 8.

Eelke Kleijn - The magical number 7 lyrics

Listings 1. Defining the Pattern (Intro) 2. Luigi's ... 3. Ondine 4. Attack of the Synthesizer Orchestra 5. Be ... Else 6. Symphonia Part 1 7. The Magical Number 7 8.

Skyline - The highest mountain lyrics

through runningthrough the maze. Where´s our love when ... a daze. We will fight the wrong running through ... that maze. I´ll climb the highest mountain I´ll do it

Cherish - Moment in time lyrics

up to you Baby I can't breathe when you touch my body When ... could make time stand still Then I know we'd live this moment ... really hate missing you I rather be kissing you And I don't

Allegaeon - The renewal lyrics

conditions and shifting the seas With life hosting life ... endlessly a complex design The skies clear up for the ... cleansing has passed The layers show signs of a

Jake Coco - The sun will shine again lyrics

with a bitter smile to change the world but let your shoulders ... in look over your shoulder the sun will shine again don't ... break don't let them see you cry the sun will

Blue October - The follow through lyrics

.. it leaves you hollow another attempt just to settle the ... score a war, you know the one you built it up it's ... real defining humiliation Oh it knocks at

Evans Blue - The forgiver lyrics

whispers So strip the beginners Their right to see ... clearer Should the death of a life be the wager ... Ask not why For they'll single you out Would the

Mason Jennings - The light part ii lyrics

regardless, in the evening A light is thrown by ... crosses everyone It's the light that's changing It's the light that's changing It's the light that's changing It's

Project Creation - The voice of cheops lyrics

now know That your voice is The same as ours… Now we start ... To know the future And who we are Can ... feel it We can sense it The great Pyramid Is changing

Aiden - The courage to carry on lyrics

the one The sinew of defining rage The fabric of a dying ... madness I have found The courage to carry on You ... brought the funeral light The courage to carry on And I've

Sarea - The plague lyrics

wear the mark defining time Earth shook many a ... Death is called upon I'm the one to carry out his will I ... m the plague Harvesting lives ... on fingers decayed I'm the plague I am the plague

Alex Parks - Moment lyrics

You look at me I can see You through What you do to me? Aching for you to stop Yearning for all that you've got Don't you break on me I need you to stay Right by...

Electric Light Orchestra - Moment in paradise lyrics

soul To save it for someone Moment in paradise Just a moment in ... paradise Oh, yeah Moment in paradise Just a moment in ... yeah She floated out upon the wind That blew my thoughts

Kaizers Orchestra - Moment lyrics

Dine. Du og dine er even Du har ei klokke som tikker kun for deg tikker kun for deg og den sjebnen Og du river. Og du river og du sliter Du har et hol som du kan...

Namice - Moment of truth lyrics

(pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba) (pouze hudba)...

Willie Nelson - Moment of forever lyrics

as it was for me Did you feel the hand of destiny That was ... guiding us together You were young enough to ... I got to dance with you For a moment of forever Sometimes when

Bobby Darin - Moment of love lyrics

Of silver and gold And all the money My pockets could hold ... Still I would pay them all for a moment of love ... know he'd trade it all for a moment of love Once I had true

Bif Naked - Moment of weakness lyrics

stand here in the pouring rain You couldn't ... even be there to pick me up. Yer taking ... yer out of luck! Just a moment of weakness. I should ... examine my head! Just a moment of weakness. I never meant a

Aldious - Moment lyrics

wanna...Just wanna feel this moment Munashisa mo kanashimi mo I ... wanna...Just wanna live in the moment Tatoe kodoku na hibi ... wanna...Just wanna feel this moment Ushinau kyoufu sae mo I don

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