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The Day I Ruled The World lyrics

Browse for The Day I Ruled The World song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Day I Ruled The World lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Day I Ruled The World.

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Nevermore - The day you built the wall lyrics

am the black lord I am a slave Our world is dying We are all naive I am ... the darkness I am the grave I am the voice you ... love to hate Blame the world or blame yourself Or just

Chapin Harry - The day they closed the factory down lyrics

said, "I watch him walk down Main Street A ... sweet one man parade. He'd tip his hat and just like that ... another score he'd made I'd watch the girls all watch him; moths drawn to the flame. The money showed, the laughter

Front Porch Step - The day you took the good away lyrics

saw you standing on that bridge. Right then i knew the life that i would like to live. ... Your frizzy hair tangled my mind. Right then i knew that i ... would love you for all time. You ran your hand across the ledge. right then i felt that

Escape The Fate - The day i left the womb lyrics

where are you today? You took a piece of me the day you went away, No recollection or the smell of your ... perfume, I took a piece of you the day I left the

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The day i broke the law lyrics

I'll be coming home I hope to find you all alone With open arms to greet me at the door. You cried as I was led ... away It seems like only yesterday But after

Setherial - The mournful sunset of the forsaken lyrics

yout lungs collapse under the heavy weight of the final punishment The burden gets ... heavier and heavier As the winged horror grasps its prey ... A swarn of avenging messengers wielding blades

Artension - The day of judgement lyrics

s Fading, I'm Praying The Best For Me Room Shrinking, I'm Thinking Of destiny ... Forever Never Far Away The Day Of Judgement I'm Asking No Questions, No Fantasy

Reba Mcentire - The day she got divorced lyrics

of coffee extra strong At the kitchen table sucking on a cigarette Read the paper in a ... cloud of smoke While the dirty dinner dishes soaked Woke ... up the kids and coaxed them out of bed Then she burnt

Odd Dimension - The day meets the night lyrics

Father] I will bother to a feeling Never left ... untold by my side (as I try, with my pride, to unfold ... this time) Who can be crying on my grave? I'm gonna

Olympos Mons - The last light of the moon lyrics

left her father's castle gate behind Her ... feet barely touching the ground Take me away This ... time i´ll stay For good That´s ... what she said I promise and swear To you Ahead

Persephone - The day you went away lyrics

birds hid in the trees There wasn´t the smallest breeze ... While the woods froze in nameless grieve Unable to ... believe that this would be the day... No more waves came

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The day lyrics

fire, the glance of ice, Deep below a grave of the ... divine, The queen of oceans, the sleeping heiress, Hear my ... prayers, hear my wish in the winds Force of anger, raging

Candlemass - The day and the night lyrics

woke up with a scream in my throat Something evil I ... saw then I choked Never thought I would ... dream of LaVey And never see the light of day Then the dawn

Astral Doors - The day after yesterday lyrics

time is here to say goodbye Welcome ... to heaven my friend Damage done the war is ... won This time I know it will end Walk the walk, try to ... practice what you preach Talk the

Brown Eyed Girls - My style (the day they received the song) lyrics

byeoreseo wanni nae mam gajilleo wanni Naman araboge ... saljjakkung ni mam yeol sun eomni Eotteon ... yeojal johahaneunji Ne nune nan an chaneunji ... Kkatalseureon nal han ingi haneun Nal banhage han

Explosions In The Sky - The birth and death of the day lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available ... Lyric not available (instrumental

Katatonia - Day and then the shade frank default remix lyrics

will rise To dreams of freedom And ... avow To return the treason that came under your ... reign The day and then the shade I have slept Inside the season that froze within my

Ocean Colour Scene - Day we caught the train lyrics

never saw it as the start its more a change of heart ... Rapping on the windows, whistling down the chimney pot ... blowing off the dust in the room where I forgot I laid my

Bette Midler - The gift of love lyrics

ask me what I want. You ask me what I need. ... It's nothing you can buy. My heart's not ... ruled by greed. I don't love a diamond. Diamond ... s you see through. I want you to hold me. I want

Sacred Oath - The omen lyrics

ruled a world possessed with hate It's destruction was ... a product of your fate This world is done,I'll build anew ... Though my father is king, his reign is through Watch my

Running Wild - The guardian lyrics

the darkness, before the light The guardians' soul ... stood the sands of time He ruled the void, he ruled the dark ... All came to birth, the holy spark Watch out, be

Demons And Wizards - Seize the day lyrics

and on this is my way I've made up my mind But will ... I find what I search for Soon I will ... reach the western shore Far behind in ... the distance Lie the fires of doom There's a voice

Anthony Hamilton - The day we met lyrics

can’t imagine my life without you baby, you taught ... me how to breathe Going in and out of relationships I ... crazy send someone for me I thought I knew what love

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The day the world gets around lyrics

day the world gets 'round to understanding where it is, Using all it ... s found, to help each other, hand in hand The day the world gets 'round to

Nelly lyricsNelly - The champ lyrics

go [Verse 1] Ever since I was a kid I’ve been dreaming ... about this First day of practice I was thinking ... about this Picture on the news, yeah they see about this Even in the paper they

Miracle Of Sound - The day the world died - metro last light son.. lyrics

day the world died We disappeared Past rusted turnstiles We persevere The wheels ... of conflict Still move and turn The day the world died Nothing was learned

Huey Lewis - Until the day after lyrics

i believe you can love someone ... forever i believe if it's right love will last a lifetime if you say i will stay everyday ... right here by your side loving every night soft perfume

Arch Enemy - The day you died lyrics

precious child with an innocent mind Born to suffer, ... in this life or for another So hopeless and ... relentless falls this remorseless day The dark

Jon Oliva's Pain - The evil beside you lyrics

young but never told How the world could be so cold As we ... change from young to old The night takes us away The night takes us away As the day falls to the night Then we

Arrayan Path - The liberation song lyrics

was the start of communist scheme a vision of equal division to change the world, give a hand to the poor a ... classless society But did it succeed? How can it be?

Deicide - Day of darkness lyrics

is now the day When the fires fall from the sky Let us ... pray When the darkness falls we will die ... Endless pain Crucifying death from above We must

Prince - The most beautiful girl in the world lyrics

Could you be The most beautiful girl in the world It's plain to see You're the reason that God made a girl ... When the day turns into the last day of all time I can

Arryan Path - The liberation song lyrics

was the start of communist scheme a vision of equal division to change the world, give a hand to the poor a ... classless society But did it succeed? How can it be?

Fields Of The Nephilim - The watchman lyrics

is hurting, a world speaks out of tune Promise ... calls, promise falls, what are we to do? ... With a clouded view, you follow me through ... Sadly the tides are changing, my world slips out of you

Cheyenne Kimball - The day has come lyrics

ve been down inside waiting around It really makes ... you tired letting another year passing by us by Time ... goes slow and I don't know why, don't know ... why So weak in my head, you hold me back, I

Magnum - Pray for the day lyrics

for the day This city's wall Concrete for chains ... Will crumble and fall Pray for the day On top of the world ... Nothing breaks in Cross after cross They

Bloodbath - Outnumbering the day lyrics

wildfire As far as the eye can see Purging inferno ... catastrophy Waves, highwater At the places it ... shouldn't be Sweeping, whirlpool insanity World

Dagoba - The day after the apocalypse lyrics

day was yesterday Innocent and guilty passed away ... Long live the king of the wasteland This is the story ... of a dead man No doom for the downward No more peace, no

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - The day the world went away lyrics

d listen to the words he'd say But in his ... voice I heard decay The plastic face forced to ... portray All the insides left cold and gray There ... is a place that still remains It eats the fear it eats the pain The sweetest price he

Kenny Loggins - The bells of christmas lyrics

a boy Kneeling by the window Lookin out across the driveway at the rain Will it ... always rain I remember the bells Comin' from the ... churchyard And I thought they played their music just for

Lana Del Rey lyricsLana Del Rey - The happiest girl in the whole usa (donna far.. lyrics

on me sunshine Walk with me world It’s a skippidity do da day ... I’m the happiest girl, in the whole U.S.A. Good morning ... morning Hello sunshine Wake up sleepy head

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - Back in the day lyrics

we're gonna do right here is go back Way back, back into ... time Yeah, yeah-yeah ... Hathaway, Leena Horne) (Miss Aretha, (The Real Thing) ... James Brown, Billie Holiday) (Stevie Wonder, Gladys Knight, Louis Armstrong) (Minnie

Army Of Lovers - The day the gods help us all lyrics

to be found Found to be guilty A foolish game a crying ... shame Over the hills Down through the valleys ... The evil eye an end to die Until the day the gods

Conflict - The day before lyrics

what if we manage to stop cruise cruising in, will it make ... any f***ing difference? To the inevitable countdown to world ... war three, the power monger's decision Will it be our lifelong stance,

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Kiss the day lyrics

are the days we throw away The Words we never say "I'm ... so fragile, and so wrong" And we ... re still knocking on the door Of a world that's gone

Annie Haslam - The day you strayed lyrics

the day you strayed into my life And everything was turned ... around Since the day you came into my life My world is full ... of sweeter sounds And the day's you've loved me in my life

Manic Street Preachers - This is the day (the the cover) lyrics

didn't wake up this morning 'cause you didn't go to bed ... you were watching the whites of your eyes turn red the ... calendar on your wall is ticking the days off you've been

Brian Mcknight - The day the earth stood still lyrics

was a king without a crown They hanged him on his throne And ... nailed him in the ground The prophet, he upon the tree, ... Sacrificed himself for the whole world to see He bled

Perkele - The day has come lyrics

got enough of your f***ing shit, all that you have done to ... destroy our world The day has come to get the f***ing ... scum The day has come, we'll get them

Simple Minds - Let the day begin lyrics

s to the babies in a brand new world Here's ... to the beauty of the stars Here's to the ... travellers on the open road Here's to the ... dreamers in the bars Here's to the

Artas - The day the books will burn again lyrics

- Forever Lost Smells like we've been betrayed Guilty spot in this world Light our spirit make us strong ... out loud! Dark shadows in the night Teaching us we are not

Damnation Plan - The day of awakening lyrics

is the reason why it had to come this far? what ... is the reason why you have crossed ... the line in the other side was it reality that ... made you feel so faint? was it reality that made you turn

Ministry Of Magic - The hero lyrics

winds have shifted. Despite our hopes and dreams it ... seems. Our fears grow strong inside our wounded hearts. ... You’ve grown, the hero. Under the stairs is

Six Feet Under - The day the dead walked lyrics

the end begins Slaughter Time of humans end Terminated ... bowels of hell Curl up and die Cowarding-controlled You ... are nothing You will fear thee Plague of zombies Curse of

A Sound Of Thunder - The day i die lyrics

in this lightless haze I've wandered here for days ... Trying to voice my silent scream Nothing can bring ... it out I've tried to call and shout But I ... can't wake up from this dream So I'll leave today

Graveworm - The day i die lyrics

by the power The obsession in my mind Voices from the ... darkside Call the dead to reach the grave ... Crying for existence Visions of a dying world Is it

Hollywood Undead lyricsHollywood Undead - The kids lyrics

kids / Ghetto jeans / Gangstas / ... 40's and the bling bling sidekicks rollin with the ... cleanest feel Shorties / Homies / Hollywood, / ... Moscow, / Shake that ass like you care wave your hands in

Lion's Share - The day the earth caught fire lyrics


Magnet - The day we left town lyrics

the morning sun seeps in through a crack in the blinds We open up our eyes Let ... s get off this queen-sized bed Where far too many ... dreams were left for dead It's such a glorious day So

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