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The Day Brings And The Night Fall Through It All And Youre Not Here lyrics

Browse for The Day Brings And The Night Fall Through It All And Youre Not Here song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed The Day Brings And The Night Fall Through It All And Youre Not Here lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to The Day Brings And The Night Fall Through It All And Youre Not Here.

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Alyssa Milano - Through it all lyrics

ve been here Fighting for so long ... Holding it together What went wrong I can't go ... Another day like this There's so much missing Within yur ... kiss Here I am - Dying Hoping that

From Ashes To New - Through it all lyrics

not a day that passes by The pain has not amassed inside It’s breaking me down to the ... ground It’s like I crashed and died It’s hard to leave your

Device - Through it all (feat. glenn hughes) lyrics

ve been alone Felt abandoned at times Given into the fall I can't forget what it's ... like When I felt numb And so hollow inside You carried ... me through it all Across the divide And when I went through it all You gave me your

Alicia Keys lyricsAlicia Keys - Through it all (deluxe edition) lyrics

morning when you wake Might not wanna face today and all your ... take Please don't ever loose the faith and don't fall under ... gonna love you gonna hold ya through it all I, I, I, I'm gonna

Chapin Harry - The day they closed the factory down lyrics

man parade. He'd tip his hat and just like that another score ... he'd made I'd watch the girls all watch him; moths ... drawn to the flame. The money showed, the laughter

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The day i broke the law lyrics

home I hope to find you all alone With open arms to ... greet me at the door. You cried as I was led ... away It seems like only yesterday ... But after all these years I can't be sure

Norther - Through it all lyrics

past the time of my own time I ... I was going wrong This night, this fight, will change my ... life All I know will be like it was Unlike the lies you ... will survive Soaring high Through it all Burning bridges made

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Through it all lyrics

down and tell me what you find Back ... in the pages left behind Everybody ... Ours ain't no different from the rest Each step we take, it's ... glory When we were young and brave We fought to save the

Matt Redman - Through it all lyrics

it all you are faithful Through it all you are strong As we ... walk through the shadows You walk on. Oh. ... keep your word God of Love and faithfulness, God of Grace and Holiness Have mercy on the

Hillsong Worship - Through it all lyrics

in my life You see me through the seasons Cover me with ... Your hand And lead me in Your righteousness ... And I look to You And I wait on You I will sing to You,

Hope Partlow - Through it all lyrics

get crazy hanging out with my friends sometimes And ... I act moody and I can't remember why But ... me as I am Somehow understand If I get lost in what I

Front Porch Step - The day you took the good away lyrics

saw you standing on that bridge. Right then ... i knew the life that i would like to ... hair tangled my mind. Right then i knew that i would love you ... for all time. You ran your hand across the ledge. right then

Escape The Fate - The day i left the womb lyrics

where are you today? You took a piece of me the day you went away, No ... recollection or the smell of your perfume, I ... took a piece of you the day I left the womb. Brother,

Nevermore - The day you built the wall lyrics

am the black lord I am a slave ... Our world is dying We are all naive I am the darkness ... I am the grave I am the voice you love to hate ... Blame the world or blame yourself Or

Foals - Give it all lyrics

I haven't seen Give me the red light turning green Give ... me the words but not the page Give me it all Give ... me the time but not an age Give me a look but not the rage Give me the feel

Rob Halford - Night fall lyrics

love is killing me, it draws me to the dark Your ... veil of ecstasy that leaves the telling mark The spell you ... cast inside is stabbing through my heart It reaches deep within, it's tearing me apart

Brown Eyed Girls - My style (the day they received the song) lyrics

mame chajido anhatdeon nande My(my) style(style) Heonde ... My Style (You makes me fall in love with you) eoneu ... Ttak nae seutail iya Miwohallaedo motae nan My Style (You

Odd Dimension - The day meets the night lyrics

Father] I will bother to a feeling Never left ... by my side (as I try, with my pride, to unfold this ... things When you lived by the sun Everything could be

Astral Doors - The day after yesterday lyrics

time is here to say goodbye Welcome to ... heaven my friend Damage done the war is won This time I know it will end Walk the walk, try ... what you preach Talk the talk, your rage must be

Kellin Quinn - Fall down, fall down lyrics

can feel you through the thick skin I created And you ... still see through the lines that I write It's more ... concerning that I fall out of place I'm searching

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The future is now lyrics

city’s made of diamonds And tomorrow glass will grow On the freedoms that divide us They’re coming after me ... A thought that starts a riot They’re coming after me) NOW

Candlemass - The day and the night lyrics

woke up with a scream in my throat ... Something evil I saw then I choked Never thought I ... would dream of LaVey And never see the light of day ... Then the dawn reeked of swine like a

Ocean Colour Scene - Day we caught the train lyrics

never saw it as the start its more a change of heart ... Rapping on the windows, whistling down the ... chimney pot blowing off the dust in the room where I ... plans in solid rock Stepping through the door like a troubadour

Funeral Party - The golden age of knowhere lyrics

saw the ages brought down by fear ... Watched them run off and return for years and years ... Sought out the lights making all lost clear As we dried out ... blank stares from ear to ear Here we are Suit up, we're

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The day lyrics

fire, the glance of ice, Deep below a ... grave of the divine, The queen of oceans, the sleeping ... my prayers, hear my wish in the winds Force of anger, ... raging tides, Can’t stand this burden, the weight of

In Fear And Faith - It all comes out (on the way down) lyrics

our love is strong But baby it's just when the lights are ... off That it all comes out it all comes out Every single ... time that I'm not with you Baby, I'm alone, baby,

Metallica lyricsMetallica - The day that never comes lyrics

stay down You pull away He hits the flesh You hit the ... to black your eyes Just keep them closed Keep praying Just ... keep waiting Waiting for the one The day that never comes

Novembers Doom - The day i return lyrics

can't believe, the hell that has taken my life. ... me away, from every hope and dream. Countless days, for a ... thousand years, in a cold and lonely place, I right the

Shinedown - It all adds up lyrics

here got 'em all lined up Same bitchy girls and boys On their hands, on their knees Slither through the ... streets Programmed to seek and destroy And it all adds up And it all adds up Oh my my,

Explosions In The Sky - The birth and death of the day lyrics

not available Lyric not available Lyric not ... available Lyric not available Lyric not ... available Lyric not available Lyric not ... available Lyric not available (instrumental

Haggard - The day as heaven wept lyrics

of man's darkest chapters, it has just begun In the sign ... of the cross they rise It's the epoch of the inquisition ... Too many brothers and sisters have died... .

Magic Man - It all starts here lyrics

up inside my bones Just the kid looking out the window of ... down mobile home Warm eyes, and a crooked smile Radio ... droning on and on Don't hold back, don't

Auaesuve - The benighted era of the new age lyrics

civilizarion of outer-things and their and native slaves ... by new heights of deception…their angle of dimensions just a ... corner of our own, filling the native minds with pre

Gutter Sirens - The death of the day lyrics

you get a gift cherish it with your look Warm touch, the ... joy of the moment, the spark in your eye When you ... million of faults You are the candle’s light, the warrior without a weapon Look, the day

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The day hell broke loose at sicard hollow lyrics

year. We had been camped out here for sometime now. The woods ... that was soon to change. They took us by surprise. With ... eyes, hell broke loose. There were shots going off like it

Persephone - The day you went away lyrics

birds hid in the trees There wasn´t the smallest breeze ... While the woods froze in nameless ... to believe that this would be the day... No more waves came

Icon Of Coil - The soul is in the b-side lyrics

your night burn Hunt me down It will ... you Turn to years Meet the pain Breathing concrete At the sky Neglecting the sun ... Remember feelings The things you did Beneath the

Machine Gun Kelly - Been through it all lyrics

can say that I made it Cuz in my heart I'm the ... greatest (yeah) I been through it all This song is for ... everyone out there Who's ever made it through the hard times You know? I been through it all For everyone whos ever

A Sound Of Thunder - The day i die lyrics

in this lightless haze I've wandered here for days Trying to ... voice my silent scream Nothing can bring it out I've ... tried to call and shout But I can't wake up

Tracy Bonham - Did i sleep through it all lyrics

drank too much at the sunday school party Badly hung ... over for my babysitter Did I get through it all? Did I sleep through it all? ... lied too much when I stood at the alter Did I get through it

Casketgarden - The day when silence died lyrics

sea of tears And the oceans we've bled Divide ... Our continents of fear and blind In the shade of a ... new sun Creating an other world of lies Cry mankind

Gaia Epicus - The savior (will come) lyrics

day goes by, another desperate cry A million ... burn in a lake of fire When all we had is lost, no more ... in a lake of fire Is this the point of no return? Is it

M2m - The day you went away lyrics

I wonder could it be When I was dreaming 'bout ... You were dreaming of me Call me crazy, call me blind To ... be suffering is stupid after all of this time Did I lose my

Reba Mcentire - The day she got divorced lyrics

got up and put her make up on Made a ... of coffee extra strong At the kitchen table sucking on a ... cigarette Read the paper in a cloud of smoke ... While the dirty dinner dishes soaked

Naglfar - And the world shall be your grave lyrics

is the future of this feeble ... Your wretched kind shall bother us no more A dead race to ... oh stinking bags of meat Nothing but a filthy virus soon ... by rage, I am fulled by the pain That shall bring all

Nashville Cast - The end of the day ft. connie britton and cha.. lyrics

the bottle at the end of the day Want to be there for heaven ... Let it open the gate I'll give up the lying, ... you're gonna stay I'll be quitin at the end of the day.

Mewithoutyou - The dryness and the rain lyrics

off rooftops like bottlecaps and bending lamp posts down in the ground. then came a ... my windows but you were not that strong wind or that ... might sound You left the bar in shambles, the rabbit

Runrig - And the accordions played lyrics

the bracken green on the hills see the gifts of every ... summer suns sinking low in the long grass always rising and ... falling down there’s bluebells growing under the

Donovan - The owl and the p****cat lyrics

Owl and the P****cat went to sea In a ... beautiful pea green boat. They took some honey, and plenty ... Wrapped up in a five pound note. The Owl looked up to the

Arcade Fire lyricsArcade Fire - The well and the lighthouse lyrics

m serving time All for a crime I did commit You ... want the truth? You know I'd do it all again Left for dead Heaven ... my head! I heard a voice Calling from down inside the well

Bon Jovi lyricsBon Jovi - All about loving you lyrics

at the pages of my life Faded ... memories of me and you Mistakes you know I've ... made a few I took some shots and fell from time to time Baby, ... you were there to pull me through We've been around the block

Nina Hagen - And the angels sing lyrics

meet, and the angels sing The angels sing the sweetest song ... I ever heard You speak, and the angels sing Or am I ... into every word Suddenly, the setting is strange I can see

Olympos Mons - The last light of the moon lyrics

left her father's castle gate behind Her ... feet barely touching the ground Take me away This ... what she said I promise and swear To you Ahead were days of music, dance and wine We

Silverstein - The weak and the wounded lyrics

begins. I can't escape as it pulls me further into anesthesia. Tear down my sense of ... Corrupt my soul. The end begins. In my eyes. ... a deadman's bed, only to fall into a trap of lies and

Jackson 5 - It all begins and ends with love lyrics

joy you bring to me each day Makes lonliness seem far ... away It all begins and ends with love Each time you're ... touching stars I never could It all begins and ends with love

Magnum - The blue and the grey lyrics

the wind calls Over the fields Of the blue and the ... grey And slowly the night falls It hides and conceals Oh, the blue and the grey Your ... thoughts of pride and glory These things won't bring you home

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - The sun and the moon and the stars lyrics

subtle look God help me Is all it took To sell me One ... Your name unheard And I'm broken The sun and the moon and the stars in the ... sky are laughing They've seen it all before For the wind in the trees and the

Eldritch - All and more lyrics

put the blame on you for all your hesitations, The big ... s on you so you can't hide, It all depends on you if you ... counts if how much you dare and how much you tried So where are you now? Where are you

Jamie's Elsewhere - The saint, the sword and the savior lyrics

far from home, conscious of all the questions you will never ... ask. I'll wait and see if you can ever reach a ... I'm holding my breath, and we don't have long. But

Jamie's Elsewhere - The saint, the sword, and the savior (album v.. lyrics

far from home, conscious of all the questions you will never ... ask. I'll wait and see if you can ever reach a ... I'm holding my breath, and we don't have long. But

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