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Hoobastank - The dance that broke my jaw lyrics

man, I saw you standing there You were bobbing your ... head to the beat as your fists start to ... start a fight Show us all that you can dance with your ... Dancing with friends, keeping the peace, if you didn't know I'm

Naomi King - The song that broke my heart lyrics

people say the best songs Are written when ... its from the heart Most people say the ... songs that last Are the ones from peoples pasts ... love I got what I wanted, he broke my heart I got what I needed

Kill Hannah - The songs that saved my life lyrics

up the radio I need it more than ... (more than ever now) It's the first snow of the year and ... something in the atmosphere is coming here ... I remember everything all the times when no one ever came

Mortemia - The chains that wield my mind lyrics

demons got me chained to the ground I search in vain but there's no key to be found Drag ... me down, keep me down To the ground, you scornful demons ... Drag me down, further down To the sound of the

Ramones lyricsRamones - The job that ate my brain lyrics

you can't think Gotta catch the bus and train I'm in a rush ... a mental case Yeah, this is the job that ate my brain Go ... work, it's such a drag Face the boss, he's such a nag In a

Jack Frost - The dance lyrics


The Academy Is... - The phrase that pays lyrics

eyes can't believe what they have seen. In the corner of ... you've stockpiled millions of my memories. Oh Doctor, Doctor, ... of questions, And I want them answered on the spot, right

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blood that moves the body lyrics

s the way we feel Tonight As if ... it's all unreal All right My love, won't you come back to ... love, you know I'll react to the blood that moves my body

Mayday Parade - You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the g.. lyrics

quot;You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, ... I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds ... been begging for answers That you and only you can give to

My Dying Bride - The barghest o' whitby lyrics

am I with sunken back I am the enemy of you, traitor. And the world cold. I'm still on ... - mine is greater. It is the sky that bleeds my name And ... in it's breath my heart's contained I watched

Jake Owen - The one that got away lyrics

rolled in My little sandy town She spent the summer there A couple houses ... down Well it was magic in the air When she caught my eye ... one long goodbye She was the one that got away The one that wrecked my heart I should've

The Fugees - Recharge lyrics

Wyclef] Now and, forevers, them emperors, are nova The ... lovin, the huggin, will never be over ... don't get me started Still the MC, hit the target, you get

Artist Vs. Poet - Broke but not broken lyrics

I'm broke, but I'm not broken) Like the mirror I stare ... into: Distorting my own view of how I see myself, ... pieces fell as I tell myself That everything is alright As I

Everclear - The man who broke his own heart lyrics

know you want to be my almost instant karma I know ... you want to be the one that made me pay I know you think ... you are the one that made me break I was broken

David Byrne - The one who broke your heart lyrics

the beautiful people, they did some work on your face ... And in that struggle for freedom, ... everyone looks the same (That's right) And everybody is ... human beings Although they say you're aristocracy (That

Echo & The Bunnymen - Broke my neck lyrics

I meant Lost all track And the way I went No sign of face ... of face to face I helped myself I couldn't help myself ... I tell myself Go on and help yourself

Black Eyed Peas lyricsBlack Eyed Peas - The boogie that be lyrics

It ain't five-o (naw) That's the funk yo (yeah) Don't ... didn't know (hun) It's just the way it goes (yeah) When you ... messin' with the funk (yeah) You bumpin' in the trunk (yeah) You it's what

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - The day i broke the law lyrics

With open arms to greet me at the door. You cried as I was led ... only yesterday But after all these years I can't be sure ... your going through I prayed that you'd remember me But I know

Imperia - The ancient dance of qetesh lyrics

there were another world to choose Wish all ... could just disappear Wish the shade that covers my hopes ... Would not be there The dance of Qetesh Moves like a snake

The Midnight Beast - The dance routine lyrics

s the year of the beast Again! ha-ha Dance ... crew, dance crew, dance crew, dance crew We're a dance crew, ... what you gonna do? My name is Andrew-Francis-Wakely

Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster - The day hell broke loose at sicard hollow lyrics

out here for sometime now. The woods always bring out a ... sense of peace, but that was soon to change. They ... With sleep in our eyes, hell broke loose. There were shots

Uriah Heep lyricsUriah Heep - The dance lyrics

the picture in the hall Framed in magic on the ... how it glows What's on the inside no one knows What ... stand outside it Maybe it's the dancers Or maybe it's the dance the dancer dances

Haley Rose - The last dance (feat. blood on the dance floo.. lyrics

inbetween mine Whisper in my ear tell me this won't be the ... last time That you ever dance with that smile on your face ... Look me in the eye tell me that you don't want to stay If

Jimmy Needham - My victory lyrics

turning back to the way things were I'm stronger ... now than I was before I hear the sound that freedom brings It ... loud Now I am free to lift my eyes For grace is alive

Pj Harvey - That was my veil lyrics

daylight I see him Before my sad eyes I hear him ... to lead me No never thought that you'd leave That was my ... veil That was my time Once held secret But

Prince - The dance lyrics

don't wanna give U my love 'Cause Eye don't wanna ... lose my mind Ohh Eye don't wanna ... give U my love 'Cause if Eye do it's ... gonna b the last time Eye never want

Blood On The Dance Floor - The last dance (feat. haley rose) lyrics

inbetween mine Whisper in my ear tell me this won't be the ... last time That you ever dance with that smile on your face ... Look me in the eye tell me that you don't want to stay If

Red Marlow lyricsRed Marlow - The dance (the voice performance) lyrics

back on the memory of The dance we shared 'neath the stars ... above For a moment all the world was right How could I ... have known that you'd ever say goodbye

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Dance with the one that brought you lyrics

He's a real go-getter and the best two-stepper you'll see ... 'Cause he's already out on the floor I think about somethin ... that my mama used to say to me You

Eluveitie - The dance of victory lyrics

of evil cloven tongues that speak of truth With false, ... specious words they sold what can't be bought ... stuffed by truth Hark! At the ruins of the vile I will dance ... in victory! They don

Tord Gustavsen - The dance lyrics

the Wind, and as the Wind, In a corner of the ... an endless play – So my Heart, and so my Heart, ... Stirs dust of old dreams there; He turns a toe; he gleams

Krampus - The dance of lies lyrics

without face the guests of life’s ballet ... in hand chains on you The ragged envy wobble nervous ... with friendship The pestered Jealousy clung on the soft arm of Love Courage’s

Shadow Gallery - The dance of fools lyrics

I've got a world on my shoulders that cast long ... shadows cross my eyes where traced out ... footsteps on the shores of the sea of sorrow reflect the ... changes in my life Holding out in a

Cascada - The world is in my hands lyrics

world is in my hands I'm ready to go my way ... is not today So take the change Singing oh oh oh The sky is not the end I'm ready ... a change To give me one more dance Is not too late The world

John Prine - That's the way that the world goes 'round lyrics

know a guy that's got a lot to lose. He's a ... He's got muscles in his head that ain't never been used. ... old lady with a rubber hose, Then he takes her out to dinner

Blood On The Dance Floor - P.l.u.r. lyrics

Peace Love Unity Respect These are all the things That I ... Just party and play Let the lights hypnotize my brain ... Just dance like it's my last chance to be alive

The Cinematic Orchestra - The dance lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available...

Opera Ix - The naked and the dance lyrics

fresh humidity of the green moss wets my skin, my ... to who adores a god, over the sacred stones of the ... Our bodies clinging each other, what is of the One becomes

Miss Saigon - The dance - miss saigon lyrics

Chris Chris Don't talk like that Kim What did I say? Chris ... You shouldn't be here Get the hell out. .. Engineer What's

Highlord - The trickster lyrics

ve got one foot in Heaven and my head lost in Hell Too many ... stories in my head, the kind you can't easily tell I ... too many faults Born under the sign of the Capricorn,

10cc - The sacro-iliac lyrics

s a new dance that you all can do Baby, baby, ... s he gonna say? He's takin' my breath away Well if you ... re tired of doing the Boogaloo And you're afraid

Count Raven - The dance lyrics

so long And I am so alone The wind blows outside It feels ... so come on This is the same old song I cannot go ... to understand,so come on The first moth of summer's here

Darkthrone - The dance of eternal shadows lyrics

hell To satisfy us Rape the whores in blasphemy I am man ... upon your flesh Glance in my eyes and see the eternal ... shadows dancing Playing in the desert of my life Burning -

Behemoth - The dance of the pagan flames lyrics

glory return to me receive my every fall, my every pain and ... will wake pagan brothers of our blood professing ... to the majesty of horned evil the war we'll begin will be the

Owl City - That's my jam (relient k. ft. owl city) lyrics

up the record cause the song’s just begun I’m ... hit me one more time on the phone So tired of counting ... crows with Mr. Jones My sister Hazel knows that it’s

Relient K. - That's my jam (feat. owl city) lyrics

up the record cause the song's just begun I'm ... d hit me one more time on the phone So tired of counting ... crows with Mr. Jones My sister Hazel knows that it's

Relient K. - That's my jam ft. owl city lyrics

up the record cause the song’s just begun I’m ... hit me one more time on the phone So tired of counting ... crows with Mr. Jones My sister Hazel knows that it’s

Amaranthe - That song lyrics

was a hard time living in the city Broke my mind always ... Somehow I tried to belong They were always telling me that ... I was chasing a dream Behind the lights on a dirty limousine

Bush lyricsBush - The people that we love (speed kills) lyrics

People That We Love (Speed Kills) ... Speed kills coming down the mountain Speed kills coming ... down the street Speed kills with ... again Got to feel less broke more fixed Got to feel when

Dreams Of Sanity - The creature that you came to see lyrics

and join all in - into this dance you came to see. Watch me ... this hour long And fade with the lights as you go. But that ... s what's there to bother me For you are here - you

Eloy - The dance in doubt and fear lyrics

It said I've got to chase the early rising sun next day To ... look for the highest place to rest and ... stay Don't understand the bodyless voice "Your

Paddy And The Rats - That's my nature lyrics

tell me how to live my life Coz you’ve got one and ... it’s just mine It’s my decision how to use my time ... will scream by instinct all the night So break up your

Psapp - The camel's back lyrics

You have crushed me dry From the blood to the tears in my eyes ... I can never tell you no But the rain will come and take its ... When all is said and done There's no number more than one

Naomi King - The best night of my life lyrics

go party all night long But they wouldn't leave without So I ... put on my heels and trudged along We ... all pulled up to the place The speakers booming, pool all

Charlotte Martin - The dance lyrics

my mouth i can hear all the voices say do not lean over the ledge i shouldn't look down ... and i shouldn't have found that your lips i still taste in my

Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - The day you took my breath lyrics

day you took my breath when all we built broke inside the day you took my ... breath when all the earth fell down for me the ... day you took my breath the fading breath of a candle

Kevin Hammond - The way that you move lyrics

a hurtin heart years ago it broke and since was fallin apart ... never thought i'd live to see the day no i never thought you ... so good you know its true the way you do the things you do

Patsy Cline - That's my desire lyrics

And reminisce with you. That’s my desire! To meet where ... gypsies play Down in that dim caf And dance till ... break of day. That’s my desire! We’ll sip a little

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