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New Hope Club - The chainsmokers - closer lyrics

but I'm okay Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them But I hope I never see them ... again I know it breaks your heart Moved to the city in a

Bars And Melody - The chainsmokers - closer lyrics

But I'm OK. Hey, Tell your friends it was nice to meet them. But I hope I never see them again. I know it breaks your heart, moved to the city in

Lash - The chainsmokers- kanye ft. siren (lash remix.. lyrics

I am going I have never been the one Trying hard to hold my ... wanna be like Kanye I'll be the King of me always Do what I ... yeah-ah, yeah-ah I'll be the king of me Born in a

Bars And Melody - The chainsmokers - don't let me down lyrics

What you gotta do is close your eyes, feel it flow. I'm ... trying to fight the pain, but I'm slowly falling ... that you're scared, so close your eyes. The pain will heal,

Close Your Eyes - The end lyrics

are the voice of the end We are the voice of the ... taken from me This ain't the change we need, we're not ... it seems you're just stuck on your way This is the end we're

Lil Kim - The jump off lyrics

(Yeah) Aiyyo Tim man this the jump off right here man! ... (Jump off!) Whoa! (Whoa!) Whoa! (Whoa! ... (It's Queen Bee nigga) It's the jump off (Come on) [Verse

Calibre - The load off lyrics

of share and profit when did the market turn this decadent ... desired expertise claiming the orbit since when are ... ? i don't wanna get my mind off things i don't wanna take the load off i wanna give this

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The drop-off lyrics

s young And nobody has their prices No one is no one ... And nobody in a crisis There's no swimming past the drop ... off Or feeling sorry for yourself You don't go swimming

Elbow lyricsElbow - The take off and landing of everything lyrics

have the time-worn shimmer of ... new number on you You kiss the wrist of the hand that has ... twisted itself all into your hair You close the blinds ... me and clear all obstacles on the stair You are an open book

Comaduster - The send off lyrics

m wrapped around the way you chant You’re ... height. A perfect ‘send you off’ To become the planet Show your heart. Tell me you’re ... entertained. I’m at a loss, there is nothing, nothing,

Kim Richey - The absence of your company lyrics

me If you can look me in the eye and say that you don't ... wear And a place to be In the absence of your company. ... If you're better off without me If you truly do

Rza - The drop off lyrics

Aiyo, I left ten pounds in the trunk and I gave Sha' ten ... make sure he drops them shits off I'm on my way ... back to Mexico, to pick up another hundred (What up?) Can you

Flyleaf - The kind lyrics

like being in love You rob your own mind And defile your bed ... You ignore the fate Of the players who Both end up dead ... for us And you pretend for them This fairy tale will make them jealous of you But its

Leann Rimes - The light in your eyes lyrics

can take your dreams and turn them upside down Friends will ... don't ever lose that light in your eyes Don't ever lose that ... light in your eyes. People make you

Peter, Paul And Mary - The house song lyrics

Wednesday morning And taken off the market in the afternoon. ... s been good for you. Take the grand look now the fire is ... burning Is that your reflection on the wall? I

Capital Lights - The night of your life is when you'll die lyrics

up before the day is faded, I got a really ... I'm catching dirty looks from the ones who won't admitt when they're wrong scaring all the ... girls just by repeating the name of this song you

Diabulus In Musica - The voice of your dreams lyrics

days shape the path to weariness Endless ... sleepless nights shaking your thoughts It's your need to ... everything's under control Your own demons feed your inner

Fm Static - The shindig (off to college) lyrics

far so good it looks like, the time is almost near, ... And so Hey, let's dance the night away, And bang, bang, the boogie like Kid Rock said, I ... tho? Tonight might not be the best time, That we've ever

Pitch Perfect - The riff off lyrics

fine and you're mine I'll be yours till the end of time Cause ... Like a virgin Touched for the very first time Like Like ... see how you do it Put up your dukes lets get down to it

Angel Dust - The one you are lyrics

I'm correct, I'm an ideal There are thousands to be led I ... We'll rise as high as the sky I look into the mirror ... - and I hear him say: Break the chains that tie you down And

The Comas - The science of your mind lyrics

Help me make this go away The science of your mind Is not ... like mine So go and find Another kind In the presence of another The days will find a way

Fountains Of Wayne - The story in your eyes lyrics

re really not to blame For the love that's deep inside us ... now Is still the same And the sounds we make together Is the music to the story in your

Illusion Suite - The devil in your heart lyrics

You will never make it on your own. Turn the wheel of ... time. Your moment of truth could last ... forever. The devil in your heart is leaving now. You

George Jones - The love in your eyes lyrics

ve seen the rockies bloom in the springtime The bright scenes ... and gold And I've seen the moonlight dance on the ocean ... balet that unfolds I've seem the bright lights of old New York

The Moody Blues - The story in your eyes lyrics

re really not to blame For the love that's deep inside us ... now Is still the same And the sounds we make together Is the music to the story in your

Jake Owen - The journey of your life lyrics

and came back home Honest as the day was long And right ... looked me right straight in the eyes Said here's some words ... to get you by To help you on the journey of your life You

Milk Inc. - Your friend lyrics

to get out of your mind Tryin to leave those ... Why don’t you? Wanna get the weight off your back One ... ease the strain on your neck You’re standing on the

Saviour - The quiet calm lyrics

forever With my world in your palm I am the quiet calm ... me Only if you need me I am the quiet calm Dont remind me ... free forever So f*** what they say I know it feels like

A Fine Frenzy - The world without lyrics

must be written that the moon elbowed the stars and ... our best to make it hard for them” Your house turned into ... paper cranes, we watched the wind blow them away Some

Alesana - The murderer lyrics

.. Just take a drink, steady your nerves. Let's get this party ... up! Oh no, you're fine right there! Just don't mind me as I ... you all in! my little sheep your wolf has come... You

Duff Mckagan - The majority (featuring lenny kravitz) lyrics

call me the mean man You point your ... And it's so easy for you The majority, the majority And ... there's no peace for you The majority Your white

Metal Church - The spell can't be broken lyrics

for reasons quite unknown The fact remains you have no mind ... to call your own Condoned by a bible I ... for myself No duplicates, there's only one inside my shelf

John Paul Jones - The smile of your shadow lyrics

(Instrumental *John Paul Jones - bass guitar, double bass, keyboards, guitars, electric mandola, Kyma. *Pete Thomas - drums, percussion. *Paul Leary...

Middle Of The Road - The sun in your skin lyrics

..... ............. ......... ................ ....... ......... ......... .......... .......... .......... .......... ......... ...........

Elvis Presley lyricsElvis Presley - The thrill of your love lyrics

have wished for the wealth Of a great ... for a bright star above But the thrill of it all To me seems ... so small When compared to the thrill of your love I'd rather give everything That I own

Amery Rey Tuesta - The swing of your fear lyrics

you think you are? I won't be your puppet! I'm not your ... I will die free You are not the lion king! So, don't come to ... feet's To dance fooled with your fears All alone I'm with your issues I can't wait to get

Lincoln Brewster - The power of your love lyrics

renewed Flowing from the grace that I found In You ... Lord I've come to know The weakness I see in me Will ... be stripped away By the power of Your love Hold

Lincoln Brewster - The power of your name lyrics

children weren't made for the streets And fathers were not ... isn't how it should be Let Your Kingdom come Surely ... were not made for war Or the broken meant to be ignored

Bobby Darin - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile when you are gone Will ... color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my ... love, and see All the lovely things you are to me

Embersland - The mirror of your soul lyrics


Four Year Strong - The sound of your heart lyrics

a second to discover that your skin is getting tougher I ... quot; You've been building your walls up as high as you can ... What's the point of fighting back if you

Gaias Pendulum - The trail of your blood lyrics

ll cross the oceans to take the stars for you I'll cross the ... rivers to find your frozen dreams I'll sacrifice ... myself slaved to your will I'll kill my lovers

Grave Digger - The shadow of your soul lyrics

out to find a sacrifice The wind blows straight into my ... face Sweating hands cover the knife I try to hide my ... thrill of the chase Death could be the

Lucy Lawless - The love of your love lyrics

I could protect you from the truth Deliver you from evil ... Spare your innocence and youth That I ... could simply will it Was the real untruth I was wrong

Brenda Lee - The shadow of your smile lyrics

shadow of your smile, when you are gone ... color all my dreams and light the dawn Look into my eyes, my ... love, and see All the lovely things you are to me

Maze - The look in your eyes lyrics

and over your love was never less than real ... tried You wanted me to be your man It took awhile sweet ... I understand I can tell by the look in your eyes That your

And One - The end of your life lyrics

was the light of my youth my only ... twenty orbits later then i met her at dawn again ... would be happy to be into the water into the sea i ... love you to the end tell me (tell me) who

Thomas J. Bergersen - The hero in your heart (feat. merethe soltved.. lyrics

are longer Embraces reach farther Hands hold harder Eyes are ... find out what we´re made of The hero in your heart Can never ... leave your side The hero in your heart Can never

Jackson Browne - The light from your smile lyrics

the light from your smile Can be seen for a mile ... By travellers dark in their sorrow If you want me to ... my way And I'll stay by your side 'till tomorrow Woooah

Dark Suns - The sun beyond your eden lyrics

me by hiding this place In the palm of bloody hands ... Emotions playing through the rain When is the new ... beginning The pale-faced picture in the ... soul is mine No trembler in the worlds storm-troubled sphere

Dark Tranquillity - The wonders at your feet lyrics

descending Smear our names, the stains unending Turn ... forgiveness With the lens distorted Crush the ... Famine in our heart Bring up the silence louder Eradicate the

Alex Day - The time of your life lyrics

want you to know The things that I did I know you ... you think I miss our times The plans that we made I don't ... way So here we are Together tonight I hope you're

Taylor Dayne - The door to your heart (duet with keith washi.. lyrics

needed me I wasn't there I didn't care The way ... you cared about me I broke your heart So many times Till there was nothing you felt inside ... be needing you Till I lost your love Now you're all I'm

Delirion - The light of your eyes lyrics

a moment between the midnight and the beginning ... of the dawn. I heard four thousand ... stars whispering your name. Towards world end. In ... solitude I stand. The night's so cold when you are

Neil Diamond - The shelter of your arms lyrics

world No matter where I go The crowds are all the same To ... them I'm just A pebble in the sand A face without a name ... say or do But you And in the shelter of your arms I find

Dreamaker - The end of your suicide lyrics

is clouding your fat will decide your death ... or not Flames burning in your mind A hell you like to hide ... The show will be the end of your suicide Another path you´ll

Elane - The land through your eyes lyrics

fear No dusk, no dawn find their way to me To lead me out ... wrongfully Now I can see the land through your eyes Can ... feel the wind carry me up high ... Through the clouds and endless skies

Elvenking - The time of your life lyrics

saw a miracle happening up in the sky I feel I don't have the ... to survive I see a crack in the wall It is happening Still ... my eyes I feel I don't have the strenght To do what is

Eternal Deformity - The force of your heart lyrics

at the throne of the highest wisdom Take your ... sheep into the dark A taste of his blood is ... worship me little mice Til the end of time I came down ... worship me little mice 'til the end of

Feist - The limit to your love lyrics

to give us a little sun There's a limit to your love ... Like a map with no ocean There's a limit to your love Your love, your love, your love ... There's a limit to your care So carelessly there Is

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