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The Hollies - Running through the night lyrics

ve been runnin' through the night Tryin' to reach and hold you ... taken you away Ever since the day I cared all my dream we ... away [Break] Ever since the day I cared all my dream we

Scarlet White - Running through the storm lyrics

s getting Dark out The sky is filled with clouds I ... heart begin to pound I hear the thunder And it's pouring ... down There's no escape when you're on the ground You better take cover

Slaves - Running through the !6! with my soul lyrics

me, could not believe The way that you have treating me ... be me again Suppressed by the need to chance And waiting ... finally walk, walk, walk on the ground Cause you know who

Eddie And The Cruisers - Songs From The Film - Running through the fire lyrics

smokestack lightnin’ Runnin’ through my veins Trouble hangin’ ... out nine to five Every night runnin’ all over this town ... gonna take me higher Just another small flame Just runnin’ through the fire Just another small

Daniel Schuhmacher - Running through the fire lyrics

I just couldn’t get it right They said I didn’t have it in me ... You bet I never took the fight Now I know that they ... standing strong I’ve been running through the fire I’m

Silent Force - Running through the fire lyrics

it takes, A strike to start the fire, I find that all it ... is just a strike to start the fire I stand there ... before his eyes I stand there mesmerized by all the

Nightcore - Running through the storm (scarlet white) (ni.. lyrics

s getting dark out The sky is filled with clouds I ... heart begin to pound I hear the thunder And it's pourin' down ... There's no escape when you're on the ground You better take cover

Dub Pistols - Running from the thoughts lyrics

from the thoughts i keep bumping back ... keep dragging me into it Running from the thoughts i keep ... away How many times we been through it Communication Breakdown

Riot ( Usa ) - Running from the law lyrics

from the law for something I did not ... do fearful of the lies fighting for the truth ... I can't let them catch me my life it will be ... when evening comes I'll be on the run Running through the

Itchy Poopzkid - Through the window (into the night) lyrics

you see my life is going down the drain? I'm starting to ... your name All alone with the shadow that's by my side. ... All alone through the window into the night. On my

Deep Switch - The dark angel lyrics

the burning eyes in the whirlwind sky Flashing ... clouds unfold the thrill of steel - when the ... wheels within wheels - when the dark angel comes. At the

Reinxeed - Through the fire lyrics

find a way to survive when the water draws near and all the ... gone But sadly to say there's no way When they save ... all the people According to the class they live All hope

Level 42 - Running in the family lyrics

send us to our room He'd be the voice of doom He said that ... We'd be crumbling One night, my brother Joe and me ... Climbed down the family tree That grew

Runrig - Running to the light lyrics

round the sacred mountain the rushing stream feel the ... power in everything by the water. where the air is clear ... hearts grow younger again they promise bring the greenest.

Arlo Guthrie - Running down the road lyrics

down the road Make my get away ... and I've been told You were there beside me Running down the road Walking down the ... street Meet me down the line Police car at my feet

Aretha Franklin - Through the storm lyrics

never seem to hold on to what they've got. Some they never ... stay together You and I will be no ... can keep this love alive. Through the storm Through the tears

Pellek - Through the fire and flames (dragonforce cove.. lyrics

a cold winter morning, in the time before the light, In ... reign, we ride towards the fight. When the darkness has ... fallen down, And the times are tough all right. The sound of evil laughter

I Declare War - Through the eyes of the killer lyrics

a cold and silent night Something strange grasping ... victims Hoping Preying on the weak Surrender Yourself it ... Fighting his urges for The taste of the fresh blood Why

Moonlight Agony - Through the desert storm lyrics

my skin I can't go on, the end is near. Sand is my ... hearse, vultures circle the sky On dunes in the ... comes Sargon lead us Through the desert storm we will ride

Noumena - Through the element lyrics

another place or time the sound will play forevermore The one with magic in name is ... deep down and stuck there to the core Can not see all this ... wanton misery Through the night of shades, through the doom

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Through the wire lyrics

G they can't stop me from rapping ... can they? Can that huh? I spit it through the wire man Too much stuff ... man It's your boy Kanye to the... Chi-town what's going on

I Declare War - Through the eyes of the killer (album version.. lyrics

a cold and silent night, something strange grasped the air, reeking of the smell ... victims. Hoping. Preying on the weak. Surrender yourself, it ... Fighting his urges for the taste of the fresh blood.

Melissa Manchester - Through the eyes of grace lyrics

and John are in their morning places He looks at ... she looks straight ahead Neither one is hungry, but they need ... to be fed. Yesterday the kids came by to see them,

Seven Kingdoms - The ones who breathe the flame lyrics

us charge with Our swords in the sky Aim for their heads ... Make sure their hills are red By our ... blades on this Cold winters night Seven days of freezing

Hatebreed - Through the thorns lyrics

Now it's all irrelevant The journey here and what it ... meant The time and distance Others ... from my path I will get Through, the trials Through, the

Donald Lawrence - Through the fire lyrics

re gonna play it smart You're through before you start But I ... begun When love is good, There's no saying no I love him ... I'm ready to go [Chorus:] Through the fire, To the limit, To the wall For a chance to be with

Kylie Minogue lyricsKylie Minogue - Through the years lyrics

of you My body is blazing The flames alight and lick at my ... hear Muddled words of you Through the years Too many a ... true Now I wonder my way Through the years Through the years

Nina - Through the fire lyrics

re gonna play it smart We're through before we start But I ... begun When it's this good, there's no saying no I want you ... I'm ready to go Chorus: Through the fire To the limit, to the wall For a chance to be with

The Pigeon Detectives - Through the door lyrics

a reason reason doesn't ease these troubled times in this ... light will come down shining through the door every time i try ... light will come down shining through the door the door... shining

2pm - Through the fire lyrics

through the fire mezase Higher tsukame ... he 3 . 2 . 1 Let’s go Go through the fire Don’t be a liar ... he 3 . 2 . 1 Let’s go Go through the fire eien no Flyer hane

Reasoning - Through the now lyrics

away through the now. From once upon, into the beyond. Betray the lines ... t look down. Just move on - through the now. How long until we ... Reach out to me, swim with the tide: it's destiny. Into the

Signum Regis - Through the desert, through the storm lyrics

is the end of the journey It's been all enough ... This feels like a cage, there is no more space Just ... this life was meant to be Through the desert, Through the

Chaka Khan - Through the fire lyrics

re gonna play it smart We're through before we start But i believe ... begun When it's this good, there's no saying no I want you ... so, i'm ready to go Chorus: Through the fire To the limit, to the

Charice - Through the years lyrics

t remember when you weren't there When I didn't care for ... but you I swear we've been through everything there is Can't ... Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do Through

Cinderella - Through the rain lyrics

In a world gone mad To find the truth To Understand And I ... know it's hard To turn the page To walk the line To ... have the faith But sometimes when

Kt Tunstall - Through the dark lyrics

oooooh! how do i show all the love inside my heart well ... new and i'm feeling my way through the dark and i used to ... 'cause i'm feeling my way through the dark try to find a

New Eden - Through the make believe lyrics

and sleep again, dream another dream I'll be by your side ... my friend, through the make believe Through the

The Rolling Stones lyricsThe Rolling Stones - Through the lonely nights lyrics

the lonely nights I think of you Through the ... it, what's wrong with you? Through the lonely weekends I'm far ... on some neon avenue Making the lonely pay for me Why don't

Pro-pain - Let the blood run through the streets lyrics

and you want to save the world. What is your solution ... ain't going down without a mother f***ing fight. Cause that's ... up, and stand all. So let the blood, let the blood run through the streets. We're all one

Kanye West lyricsKanye West - Through the wire - remix lyrics

Ferris, they can't stop me from rappin', ... can they? I spit it through the wire, man If this ain't ... Please light ya lighter for the producer and the writer Feel

Darkthrone - The winds they called the dungeon shaker lyrics

the depths of the underground Through the ... real metal sound Governing the molten core No more slavery ... anymore The Winds! They Called - The Dungeon Shaker

Blackmore's Night - The last leaf lyrics

field Branches reach for the sun With the green of a ... world that has just begun The springtime is here again ... that is all around See the last leaf shivering As the

Blackmore's Night - The other side lyrics

you be a message? I can see the spirits start to rise Trail ... of sparkle in the dead of night From afar, from the other ... side Fading laughter in the ever after I remember when the time ran out Night was

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - My blood. my life. always forward. lyrics

home last night So drunk I could not see ... passed out on the floor heard you yelling at ... drunk or sober LOOKING AT THE WORLD Through the bottom of ... a glass LOOKING AT THE WORLD Makes a man go mad

The Gossip - Casualties of war lyrics

what did I see Falling from the skies in front of me Not ... Was it too much to feel the touch Of someone that you ... you fall down do you hear the sound Of broken dreams

Sinbreed - Through the dark lyrics

is the night – you're on your own. You ... cage. Nowhere to run, the time stands still. And your ... A golden light shines through the dark. Make your step

Alexz Johnson - Running with the devil lyrics

Trying to find his way through the city Crawling through an ... alley On the floor by your door Needing ... help with the feeling That he's had before ... high Nevermind when you're there Cause they never play fair

Fferyllt - Ночь Лесного Бога (night of the woodgod) lyrics

fires, Forest calls to the darkness of nights. Smoke. ... It reaches out to the clouds grey, Shine of ardent ... eyes. Roar… Runs again through echoing forests, Shine,

Gamma Ray - Empire of the undead lyrics

through the cold night, fever in my mind Shadows in ... are coming from behind Tonight I'm gonna meet them 'cause tonight I wanna die I wanna be an ... undead until the end of time Living like the

Shriekback - Running on the rocks lyrics

hooks and spears We shake the tall trees till the leaves ... drop round our ears Swimming the cold water where the sun will ... Making preparations for the whip-crack time Hauling the

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Heart bleeds black lyrics

come and go They lack life In a year they ... are gone They lack grace They're one hit wonder They lack ... will It's in our hearts, the music we feel Heart bleeds

Autopsy - Running from the goathead lyrics

on the floor I realize my fate I've ... hate How did this horrible night come to be Piece by piece it ... grabs my throat All I see is the head of a goat It's

Kirsty Hawkshaw - Running down the way up lyrics

me revolve around. Derive their meaning from my self will. ... As I watch the sun highlight your Midas ... touch. Conscious light gets through somehow. Yet I always fail

Lionel Richie - Running with the night lyrics

heart of the city street was beating ... Lights from the neons Turned the dark to day ... We had to get out Before the magic got away We were running with the night Playingin the

The Casualties lyricsThe Casualties - Soul of fire lyrics

in the winter snow of NYC Beer and ... Blood and Hell but they lived free Their ship was a ... van to change the land Their crusade began as a life of ... FIRE - LIFE OF FIRE Across the oceans and the sea through the desert and many cities Four

Indigo Girls - Running from the cold lyrics

took off last night with my coat and my intention ... to make connections with the eyes that left me blind left ... my love for the strength of that white, white

Seventh Wonder - The great escape lyrics

...AND THE EARTH WEPT I tuck you in ... I forgave you just like mothers do From under your shoes I ... to rust One last pill for the pain Sit down, let me

Aurora - Running with the wolves lyrics

row the boat to safer grounds But ... feels My lungs still breathe, my mind still fears But we ... re running out of time, time For the ... echo's in my mind, cry There's blood on your lies The

Pretty Maids - Night danger lyrics

through the darkness like a fire in the ... s in sight Racing with the devil in the middle of the ... row if you're gonna lose the devil's gonna take you down there below The darkness has the power, and it has come to

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