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Limbonic Art - Beyond the candles burning lyrics

am a dark star rising on the raveous bleaky sky A black ... slunning so deep within the night Maliciously I dwell in ... With a stonecold heart into the core of my being Beyond the candles burning, beyond all

Dirty Vegas - Burning the candles lyrics

t wearing What you should All the people that you've had? The ... Count your blessings Count the times You forgot their names ... Committed the crimes All the people that you've had? The

A Tale Of Two Cities - The fire burning through our wings lyrics

such an easy read I strike the match before my past becomes ... I pulled us down to earth The fire burning through our ... wings I couldn't claim the rising sun Fear takes

Project Hate Mcmxcix, The - The divine burning of angels lyrics

burn, fed her with flames The divine burning of angels ... your pain before You watch the sun set forevermore Our ... our lives grow dark As the longing re-appears in our

Deviser - The fire burning bright lyrics

convocation sabbat With the power of moonlight The ... figures contorting themselves Some of them wear ... headdresses Draped with the hides of animals Still

Burning In Hell - The end of the world lyrics

my heart, a lot of pain, in the name of Gods my soul follow ... trust in a strange Because these can be your killer And ... live Because it’s arriving… the end In the night, walking

Carnifex - Black candles burning lyrics

leave me to die Scream Let the suffering begin These are the voices of all the undead ... I was ever alive Black candles burning And it's hell inside

Liza Minnelli - Days of the waltz lyrics

you gave me your hand. On the first time we went waltzing, ... Ah, the time we spent waltzing was ... grand. And the candles were all burning, And the ... glittered and shone. On the first time we went waltzing,

Jane Siberry - All the candles in the world lyrics

how many of us will there be? more than we are now. ... and where will we come from? the rivers, the oceans the ends ... of the darkest inlets the lightest-coloured seas.

Argus - Four candles burning lyrics

I can no longer see Four candles burn in the dark And they're ... that's guiding me I fear the choice that lie before me I ... fear I have not the strength to return from Hell

Michael W. Smith - The happiest christmas lyrics

a homecoming Christmas With the snow fluttering down 'til the ... world seems new Bright candles burning Old friends ... returning The wishes of children coming

Holy Moses - The hand of death lyrics

stand inside my hell take the hand of death I don't care ... what they think Don't they know about I need you in my ... blood crack the liar's eyes I have no choice

Graveworm - Into the dust of eden lyrics

the moon is full The stars are shining bright ... Children of the night Following the path ... Searching for the light The visions of the time As the

Satan's Host - The unholy sabbath lyrics

dormant in time Born of the Devil torment your life. ... Conjuring Demons from the un-light, Revolution now ... comes alive. I am the one, the one that you fear In this

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Lighting up the candles lyrics

up the candles, lighting up our love ... Lighting up the candles, lighting up our love ... Lighting up the candles To what use to be Tender ... moments of love Lighting up the candles, lighting up our love

Chris Colfer - Candles lyrics

not answering my phone all the games you played , the ... When it was you and me blow the candles out , looks like a ... tonight I beginning to see the light blow the candles out

Darren Criss - Candles lyrics

not answering my phone all the games you played , the ... When it was you and me blow the candles out , looks like a ... tonight I beginning to see the light blow the candles out

Hey Monday - Candles lyrics

Not answering my phone All the games you played The ... it was you and me Blow the candles out Looks like a solo ... tonight I'm beginning to see the light Blow the candles out

Daughter - Candles lyrics

boy, take me away, into the night Out of the hum of the ... do whatever you say to me in the dark Scared I'll be torn ... birthday card Blow out all the candles, blow out all the candles "You're too old to be

Rage - The mirror in your eyes lyrics

cried But you never know the day when things will change ... it felt so very strange The mirror in your eyes (the ... alive and that is why The mirror never lies (there's

Jez Dior - Candles lyrics

Verse 1] Lipstick on the letter that she sent me ... electric night Hands on the walls her legs in flight Don ... its just me and you to have the city Were all alone the way

Omnium Gatherum - Candles for giordano bruno lyrics

to a dramatic play bleed in these arms until the chains are ... broken" After all there was something real When ... Full insanity for the earth Laughing I know you

Gothic Knights - The witching hour lyrics

Hide away in a darkened room Candles burning, sweet perfumes The ... for wondrous things to come The magic works first you must ... pay Holy father send your blessing unto thee

Barry Manilow - The old songs lyrics

she's willing to give us Another try And if all those plans ... I've made Don't melt the lady's heart I'll put on the ... 45's [Chorus:] And maybe the old songs Will bring back the old times Maybe the old

King Diamond - The ritual lyrics

I look into the eyes of Victoria Enter the ... books A strange symbol on the wall, black candles burning ... low In the gloomy light, I see an altar ... I see liquid dark as Hell, there's one for every Puppet

Candlemass - The well of souls lyrics

bind unto myself today the strong name of the trinity ... Crypt of despair the old man is there forming a ... magic and prayers Guarding the well the black hole to hell

Cradle Of Filth - The cult of venus aversa lyrics

am She Lilith Mistress of the dark Of Sheba First ... Lead all too enslaved by the flesh To trespass against ... for you Midnight strikes, the candles sputter Muttering their recking spells I snuff their tongues, my heart a-flutter

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - The noose lyrics

our souls are all mistaken in the same misguided way We all ... re just choosing our own way the future now incinerates before ... glory now have spiraled down the drain (wooow) The best of

Seelenkrank - The special part... lyrics

Take off your dress lay on the bed See the candles burning soon Feel the steel feel the cold Take off your shoes ... your fate this night Feel the pleasure feel the lust The

Iron Savior - The demon lyrics

Just the wind and a grave Sanctuary ... he can be safe Safe from the shadow Devouring his soul The haunting delusions When the ... taking control Lost inside the realm of darkness Lost

Sacred Oath - The invocation lyrics

the night the unsuspecting souls play ... with fire Back into the woods where they began their ... moonlit rite Out of the night shadows kurk behind ... every turn Torches light the fire as their souls begin to

Katra - The end of the scene lyrics

candles have burned out But the wind is still strong There's ... no hand to hold on The streets lead to nowhere ... Darkness has fallen There's no one to lead on

Silent Edge - The curse i hold within lyrics

Just empty words inside The bitterness, the pain within ... and smiles: "Face the moonlight in dreams with you ... feelings surround me It's the curse I feel cold within

In Mourning - The poet and the painter of souls lyrics

his empty eyes are watching the moon Cuts on faded fingers ... hands Writing down the feelings, asking all about the questions Pleading answers, ... screaming, scared for what they will tell Turn the lights

Sally Oldfield - Keep the fire burning lyrics

rain on desert sand And in the cool night I feel the warmth ... strong and It's lighting up the night! Keep the fire burning! light it up tonight, Keep the fire burning! come on, come

Carleen Anderson - Burning bridges lyrics

mountains so high Light at the end of the tunnel leads us ... not wait All my bridges burning up ahead Ain't no use in ... I take Life's just a walk on the wire And time will not wait

Dj - X - Burning house of love lyrics

you can see it from from the freeway. no silhouette, but a ... light left on, burning there for love. smoke is rising ... from the fire, coming out my back door

The Jam - Burning sky lyrics

in your little world, I hope they’re going well and you are ... too. Do you still see the same old crowd, the ones who ... really sorry that I can’t be there but work comes first, I’m

Banaroo - Let's keep the fire burning lyrics

on going In whichever way the wind is blowing I'll be there 'til the World stops ... Baby I will keep this fire burning When nobody else is I am ... on going In whichever way the wind is blowing I will be there 'til the World stops

Jennifer Rush lyricsJennifer Rush - Keep all the fires burning bright lyrics

me why I do not dare. There was calling, in the dark of ... me alone. Even stronger by the light of day, And I knew ... be long. Keep all of the fires burning bright, You’ll

Crimson Glory - Burning bridges lyrics

been hurt before you know the pain And just to love is not ... a restless heart naked in the frozen winds of sorrow Now ... I feel the bridges burning Flames reflecting in my eyes

Bobby Darin - The party's over lyrics

It's time to call it a day They've burst your pretty balloon ... And taken the moon away It's time to ... wind up the masquerade Just make your ... mind up The piper must be paid The

Everly Brothers - The party's over lyrics

It's time to call it a day They've burst your pretty balloon ... And taken the moon away It's time to wind ... up the masquerade Just make your ... mind up The piper must be paid The

Hammerfall - Keep the flame burning lyrics

at the crossroads, where the future meets the past Oh ... can´t you feel, there´s magic in the air We´re ... knights and mighty men, with the power to assay Faithful and

Barren Earth - The ritual of dawn lyrics

Fire She’s gone Hold the candles and slay the sky ... her home Sanctify Curse the darkness to make it right ... Watch the dawn, closing her eyes See

Marvin Gaye - The party's over lyrics

It's time to call it a day They've burst your pretty balloon ... And taken the moon away It's time to wind ... up the masquerade Just make your ... mind up the piper must be paid The party

Anna Nalick - The lullaby singer lyrics

say, "baby, turn the light out" But I can ... see there's something crying in your ... now Yeah, you used to be the glitter in the dirt And now

Dala - The great escape lyrics

was a paperback I’d skip the boring chapters, but life ... work like that and this is the morning after. Will I, ... forever? Will I, no matter the weather? I, I’m not a

Epysode - The other side lyrics

of incense sail through the room Bathed in the light of ... the candles For you, I'll reveal my ... faces (Maymos, Esh - In the Other Side) From another

Mandragora Scream - The seagull's creed lyrics

tales at dusk which weave their lair... of deliria ... nymphs, ghastly mermaids, Gather the pearls of their names ... In fulmoon reveries, Follow the seagull's creed. Far from

Marlene Dietrich lyricsMarlene Dietrich - The boys in the backroom lyrics

what the boys in the backroom will have, And tell ... them I'm having the same. Go see what the boys ... in the backroom will have, And give ... them the poison they name. And when I die, don

Powderfinger - The metre lyrics

the candles out raise a glass to the ... night Let all the tension out you've been wound ... tender trap to plan ahead all the time If you measure the ... leave behind Welcome to the saving grace Welcome to the

Black Abyss - Burning bridges lyrics

me in my dreams I´m lying on the battlefield And blood is ... screams for death They shot a bullet in your head ... Around me all is dead The world has gone insane So

Cadaveria - The magic rebirth lyrics

and praise the dead spirit Bury your hopes ... can rejoice me except the world of pretence. The god ... make experience of me relish the horror of a bloodshed feel

Krisiun - Burning of the heretic lyrics

darkening and degrading the entire universe at last, the ... morality will hunt and whip the prosecuted into a burning ... spree, hanged at the stake, burning souls are set free Forced

Live - The distance lyrics

him come into the city let him find his lucky ... search of you I have lit all the candles, sat in all the pews ... the desert had been done before, ... my hair I saw that... oh the distance is not do-able in these bodies of clay my brother

Megadeth - The conjuring lyrics

black conventicle, As we anathematise All of those who ... oppose us. Don't summon the devil, Don't call the ... priests, If you need the strength The conjuring. Obey

Anita O'day - The party's over lyrics

it's time to call it a day They've burst your pretty balloon ... And taken the moon away It's time to wind ... up the masquerade Just make your ... mind up The piper must be paid The

Persephone - The gift lyrics

a young girl Standing near the house. Gazing at the ashes, ... All went up in smoke. There was something about her ... Her pale and fearful eyes, The way they stared at me. This

Punk Goes... - The reaper by pierce the veil (blue Öyster cu.. lyrics

times have come Here but now they're gone Seasons don't fear the reaper Nor do the wind, the ... sun or the rain..we can be like they are ... Come on baby...don't fear the reaper Baby take my hand..

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