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Hanson - Blue sky lyrics

true conviction I stare into the distance, there is no truth ... Everybody's looking for a blue sky Searching for an answer ... on a satellite I know that there's got to be a blue sky out there to see A blue sky waiting

Hide - Blue sky complex lyrics

shinigami no shita de Oh blue sky. nouten ki na ada hana ... onchi no chokoreeto Oh blue sky. it's just a sunshine junkie ... yori no tobari matsu Oh blue sky. ¨ kore ga saigo no

Daze - Sky is blue lyrics

is blue I know that it's true I'm ... you And I allways will do Sky is blue I know that it's ... of you... I met you in the city, An afternoon in the ... I fell for you right from the start. A feeling so hot,

A-ha lyricsA-ha - The blue sky lyrics

Blue Sky I find it hard to breathe ... As life just eats away At the faces that surround me They ... look tired today The lady at my table Doesn't ... it doesn't seem like this Blue sky's here for me There

Ryan Adams - Blue sky blues lyrics

to rain? and let yourself go blue for once and let go of that ... trying not to slide into the ocean. I can take care of ... enough i carry you across the icy lake across the icy lake

Patty Griffin - Blue sky lyrics

farther I come the farther I fall Whatever I knew it ... or later with a view from the ground Chasing the race and the races run you down Sooner or ... later with a view from the ground And a tear in your

Great Big Sea - The river driver lyrics

was just the age of sixteen when I first ... went on the drive, After six months hard ... down to die Just get a little bluebird to sing for me alone, For

Parkway Drive - Blue and the grey lyrics

sky, Dear sky don't cry for me, Be the ... I could never reach Cold sea, Please don't let me sink, ... carry me home I stood at the shore and spoke to the ocean

Jamiroquai lyricsJamiroquai - Blue skies lyrics

these are the figurines Acting out all the ... my eyes I thought I knew them all by name But they ... started looking much the same And it’s no surprise ... How can I give up on all the days I know I’ve won There’s

Blue Öyster Cult - Blue oyster cult lyrics

on a bay of dreams Warm weather and a holocaust The tears ... as down And ripe enough for the luxor dream Recall the ... or schedule Resume through the morning tide Where entry is

System Of A Down lyricsSystem Of A Down - Goodbye blue sky lyrics

and now.... Goodbye, blue sky (Goodbye, blue sky) ... Goodbye, blue sky (Goodbye, blue sky) We fall in sleep as

The Moody Blues - Blue world lyrics

of me Paid my dues, spread the news Hands across the sea ... open doors Someone found the key And it's only what you ... sound Human symphony Heard the voice, had no choice Needed

Brendan Perry - The devil and the deep blue sea lyrics

You’ve had your day out in the park You better come inside ... Earth It’s all over It’s the final curtain call For too ... many life forms There’s just no time left at all

Buono! - Blue-sky-blue lyrics

Kokoro no oku ni Kiritorareta Blue Mine Ima nara wakaru ki ga ... ooki na sora Kimi mo miteru Blue Boku ga kaeru no wa Kimi

Electric Light Orchestra - Mr. blue sky lyrics

Today's forecast calls for blue skies... Sun is shinin' in ... the sky There ain't a cloud in sight It ... new day Runnin' down the avenue See how the sun

Connie Talbot lyricsConnie Talbot - Mr. blue sky lyrics

is shinin' in the sky There ain't a cloud in sight ... hey, hey Runnin' down the avenue See how the sun ... shines brightly in the city On the streets where

Nerf Herder - Mr. blue sky lyrics

sun is shining in the sky There ain't a cloud in sight It's ... stopped raining Everybodys in there play And don't you know it ... day hey hey hey Running down the avenue See how the sun shines

Alan Parsons Project - Blue blue sky i lyrics

imagine what could be Where the horizon cuts the air Look ... for me out there Someday i'll touch the blue blue sky Someday i'll touch the blue blue sky If i could

Alan Parsons Project - Blue blue sky ii lyrics

imagine what could be Where the horizon cuts the air Look ... for me out there Someday I'll touch the blue blue sky Someday I'll touch the blue blue sky If I could

My Dying Bride - The light at the end of the world lyrics

stands forever, alone in the sea Of rock and of sand and ... grass and shale, the isle bereft of trees. - ... Small. A speck in the wide blue sea. 'Tis the last of all the land. A dweller upon our

Donovan - The walrus and the carpenter lyrics

spoken] Presenta the grand circo! The prima del ... and began again. [spoken] The sun was shining on the sea, ... He did his very best to make The billows smoothe and bright -

Above & Beyond - Blue sky action lyrics

had enough, I'm giving in The sun is shining Melting the ... clouds away Got me some blue sky action I'm breathing today ... takes my breath away It's either leave or drown I'm on a blue sky getaway The sun is

Fluke - Blue sky lyrics

used I been beaten black and blue, and I, assumed that Id been ... made me cruel, made me just the same as you did things I ... none gotta get it all and then some, Gotta look how far I

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

and despair will not then exist and we shall smile ... we shall smile as big as the big crescent moon which lies ... stars and disreaching them our arms would wave like a

Francesca Battistelli - Blue sky lyrics

a friend When you’re lost in the doubt And you can’t see ... what’s around the bend Just hold on Don’t ... are, wherever you are When the rain is falling And there’s

Black - Blue sky lyrics

looking backwards Just throw the switch and step back Looking ... I have to let you know That the game begins with you When I ... know that somewhere, there is a blue sky for us? On

C.n. Blue - Blue sky lyrics

for a place to live in, There’s a long way to go, ... dreaming of a life. When the night has seemed to be, Just ... fear at the free, it’s intertwined.

Hien - Blue sky lyrics


Meat Loaf - Blue sky lyrics

Have you a breath to breathe? And have you veins that ... so hard to see that we're all the same machine? Don't we all ... live and die under the same blue sky...

Beecake - Blue sky paradise lyrics

million walking with their feet on fire, but it’s not ... Children running with ice in their shoes, while a child cries ... alone with the fear. Cheap faces shining

Feenixpawl - Blue sky (feat. jason forté and mary jane smi.. lyrics

sky and the wind in my hair White clouds ... and the sunlight is here again Take ... see clearly And I'll take the wheel I can feel it in the ... [Chorus] You know I found the ways to get you back We're

Runblebee - Blue on the run lyrics

storm Running on Blue storm Running on Blue ... (Yeah!) Where has the sea gone For all they

The Boomtown Rats - The elephants graveyard lyrics

you slip the noose when the beast broke loose The ... elephants graveyard ain't the place to be And white turns ... black, dies of heart attack The elephants graveyard need the

Ring Of Fire - Blue sky lyrics

gone I look out my window The blue sky goes on and on ... just a mystery Guess that's the way it's supposed to be No ... way to know by now The happy ending I've got to

Crystal Ball - The eye of the storm lyrics

number 19 Would not arrive The tower's calling To guide them home Instruments gone crazy ... They were all alone From the deep blue sky They flew ... right Into the eye The eye of the storm The great

Damh The Bard - The mabon lyrics

shapes in the moonlight, I hear the rhythm ... of the distant Pagan drums, Within the hills, Shadows dance in the ... sunlight, I feel the power of the wise and ancient

Patti Smith - Blue poles lyrics

as I write the sun dissolves Blood life ... streaming cross my hand And these words, these words Hope ... immortal hope Hope streaking the canvas sky Blue poles

Signum Regis - The secret of the sea lyrics

I gaze upon the blue sea All those pleasant visions ... haunt me All the old romantic legends, all my ... dreams They keep coming back to me ... Like the waves on a shore Where the

Amy Macdonald - The green and the blue lyrics

the sky, it always grows and the lights they never fade. There ... s magic In the air, I can feel it everywhere ... But the green and the blue come between me and you. But

Gary Jules - The road beside the highway lyrics

we found our way down to the river And searched for the ... crossing there Where people-less leaders ... watch the children of chaos Fall into ... disorder We took the sky my sisters and I With the

Rata Blanca - The voices of the sea + the forgotten kingdom lyrics

+ When men are lost in the depth of their dark, The old ... return whit a powerful song. Their sorrow will curse the earth ... destroy the sea and sky, Peace for mankind will

Lou Reed lyricsLou Reed - The city in the sea / shadow lyrics

In a strange city Alone Their shrines and palaces are not ... like ours They do not tremble and rot ... winds Resignedly beneath the sky The melancholy waters lie A

Holding Onto Hope - The keeper and the calm lyrics

be washed away I welcome the storm To bring you back to ... settle, please Settle the sea to save us, please And be ... fear burning in your eyes As the lightening lights the sky

Domine - The battle for the great silver sword lyrics

I) The Dawn Of Steel] ... [instrumental] [II) The Pipes Of War] This is The ... untold On a misty morning at the break of dawn Out of the ... Doom Black armours shine in the cold morning light They

A Loss For Words - The torch and the name lyrics

can't see... the sunlight anymore. I swear ... my eyes. You could split the skyline with machetes, To set the atmosphere on fire. The ... Fallout snows down in red and blue. The asphalt bubbles under

Eternal Legacy - The coming of the tempest lyrics

become desecrated A darkened sky roars... within the night ... of tragedy Annihilation of the shores Chorus: They run.. ... . for their lives, to flee from the

The Mekons - Blue arse lyrics

ve got the greenest people working on ... this dragging their little feet and their thick ... stuff HO HO HO Stare into the microwave face to the screen ... now come alive to the fat beetle humming 'Deceive the world' reach out to crush it

From Autumn To Ashes - The royal crown vs blue duchess lyrics

this act of cowardice. The look stapled on your face ... cries out for forgiveness, the one thing that I cannot give ... ever see that one person and the way they do these things and

Metal Church - The end of the age lyrics

wind, it's crying out the tune Of a prophet's only ... hope to tell the world He wrote down it on ... but alas no one believes Of the vision only one man could

Factory Of Dreams - The piano in the sea lyrics

song Now vanishing In this sea of darkness Never giving up ... hope To brighten this dark sea The song so faint But for ... song Now vanishing In this sea of darkness Never giving up

Firewater - The man on the burning tightrope lyrics

in? Well once upon a time there was a happy ever-after to ... but you wont hear one today. The man is sweating bullets and ... beats out a cold tattoo as the band begins to play. So

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The empire of the clouds lyrics

ride the storm, to an empire of the ... clouds To ride the storm, they climbed aboard their silver ... ghost To ride the storm, to a kingdom that will ... come To ride the storm, and damn the rest,

Good Charlotte - The fish and the wart lyrics

his face (yeah yeah) And the fish in the sea couldn't find ... In themselves to deal with the wart They were just fish I ... fish! (yeah yeah) And the fish in the sea couldn't find

Naomi King - The bottom of the sea lyrics

world is changing, yeah The earth is shifting The skies ... and clouds are warping and they're melding into one The sea is rising, yeah The droughts ... are ending The night and day are morphing

No Doubt lyricsNo Doubt - Blue in the face lyrics

yourself sick till you're blue in the face Relax and sleep, ... yourself sick till you're blue in the face But you'll ... up a chair Take your time the world's not going anywhere

Damh The Bard - The selkie lyrics

in, Moonlight tripping off the waves, Along the bays. Like ... a mirror between the worlds, I catch the ... it slips through my fingers. Then out from the water, From

Donovan - The voyage of the moon lyrics

mast, my love Far from her seashell past And gently does ... on her starry way. Of silk they have been spun, my love Her ... on her starry way. All in the Sea of Sky, my love The

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - The moon just turned blue lyrics

up the phone, lose my number leave ... it's broken and sore And the moon just turned blue goodbye ... heart won't die from this and the moon just turned blue,

Dead Sara - Blue was the beautiful you lyrics

yourself There's hope for God There's ... hope for all sinners There's hope for man There's ... ve been a good love, singing the way, the way You plead,

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