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Bauhaus - The man with the xray eyes lyrics

would want to wear Wipe away the night's last cold stare Red ... fist curled 'round the house Was away boy Shelly's ... Chocolate power is so crisp The atomic open house is really

Current 93 - The teeth of the winds of the sea lyrics

and despair will not then exist and we shall smile ... we shall smile as big as the big crescent moon which lies ... stars and disreaching them our arms would wave like a

Rage - The edge of darkness lyrics

t stop now Everywhere we see the atomic threat will be ... Handled by the bad, the deceivers that gone mad Lead ... To hell and back, we're On the edge of darkness Never

Pyracanda - The dragon's cult lyrics

in the dust of the morning sun. Lies the mighty ... I can think, he has been there. Chorus: Kill the ... bomb in disguise . Kill the sleeping dragon! A virgins

Jedi Mind Tricks - The immaculate conception lyrics

sets us free." [Ikon the Verbal Hologram] The War of ... Gods and Men I condemn them who believe In ancient ... fallacies and the heresy of thieves Burn the

Brown Eyed Girls - Atomic lyrics

nan teojyeobeoril geoya atomic bomb (love in atomic ... oh touch me baby (neon naui atomic accelerator) maeumi nae ... myohan pijikeol romaenseu atomic bomb (love in atomic

Nina Hagen - Atomic flash deluxe lyrics

Flash Deluxe Atomic Flash Deluxe Atomic Flash De ... .. Atomic Flash Deluxe Le Sassasang ... fall Babylon will fall Atomic Flash Deluxe Atomic Flash

Blondie - Atomic lyrics

is beautiful Ah, tonight Atomic Tonight make it ... is beautiful Oh, tonight Atomic Oh Atomic Oh Oh Atomic ... Oh Atomic

Sleeper - Atomic lyrics

is beautiful Oh tonight Atomic Tonight make it magnificent ... is beautiful Oh tonight Atomic Atomic

Darkthrone - Atomic coming lyrics

now leaking nuclear fear Atomic coming! Prepare Atomic ... coming! Forge Atomic coming! Behold Atomic ... choose your direction They're pulling rank through the

Anti-nowhere League - Atomic harvest lyrics

You ain't seen nothing yet Atomic Atomic Atomic Two ... million men were sent to do the deeds of one Racing with the ... To sow those seeds of haze Atomic Atomic Atomic Who reaps the harvest we have sown? Two

Impiety - Atomic angel assault lyrics

in flight Blades seal their fate Winged corpses in ... Brutal call to assemble They launch their raids Reeking ... My call for war is one Atomic Angel Assault Demons

Kix - Atomic bombs lyrics

you all night long Listen to atomic bombs Hear the people scratch ... On the shelter door Leave us alone ... you all night long Listen to atomic bombs Safe and sound you're

Nocturnal - Atomic warfare lyrics

swords and blood Riding with the northern winds Only armed ... Nuclear terror Beware, the snakes from above Bomb raids ... over paradise Hellish, Atomic Warfare Atomic Warfare

Portugal. The Man lyricsPortugal. The Man - Atomic man lyrics

t help it I'm just always in the middle Read the bible in the ... evening hang with demons on the weekend After you I don't ... get it) Follow down to the red bouncing ball As you

Jello Biafra - Atomic power lyrics

s strength and mighty power They're sending up to heaven To ... get the brimstone fire Take warning ... my dear brother Be careful how you plan ... You're working with the power Of God's own holy hand

Killerpilze - Atomic lyrics

Sie drückt die Kippe auf dem Tagebuch aus und zündet sich die nächste an. Das Leben wird in vollen Zügen geraucht, weil's mit jedem Atemzug zu ende geh'n ka...

Attomica - Atomic death lyrics

Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found Not found...

Eisenfunk - Atomic bomb lyrics

----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- ----------------- -----------------...

Jochen Miller - Atomic lyrics


Koda Kumi - Atomic energy lyrics


David Guetta lyricsDavid Guetta - Atomic food lyrics

Brocoly, Beet, Carrots Atomic Food Oranges, Bananas, ... Butter, Jam, Salt Atomic food Beaf, Chicken, Fish, ... Wine, Brocoly, Cucumber Atomic Food Onions, Bananas,

Koffin Kats - The final day lyrics

To end it all. And feel the power of a million suns we ... Now close your eyes and feel atomic fire rain on you. Now ... Did it serve you well? The family that prays. Still

Angel Dust - Atomic roar lyrics

light of oppression Talk to the witches because We've broken ... be In disaster and disease Atomic Roar Destroying the souls ... Destroying their lives March of the night

Impiety - Atomic wrath of azzazzel lyrics

enthroned Atomic wrath explodes with power ... Holocaust inferno Radiates the sunless nether Diabolical ... thousand eternities! Behold the unchallenged Fury of, thy

Beatsteaks - Atomic love lyrics

is atomic love just a minute ago i ... was watching the show now we're shaking the ... and we're screaming "the cure" this is atomic ... love and she knows what the part is kiss in a shot and

Eidolon - Atomic rage lyrics

shadows descend across the violent sky in search for ... life - amidst the terrace they shall loom the lifeless ... take aim as freedom falls - they all will pay from mass

Heavens Gate - Atomic lyrics

an' terror is rulin' the land peace is so hard to ... of pain bursting loud in the night this madness is ... War is eating us down to the bone we're lying here dying

Monster Magnet - Atomic clock lyrics

moon crashed into the desert It gave me my brand ... new home These souls gone to feed in my ... crater I eat 'em as fast as they come I dig your love and

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Atomic garden lyrics

to play in my garden I see the hippies on an angry line ... guess they don't get my meaning I'm ... enchanted by the birds in my blossoms I'm ... enamored by young lovers on the weekend I like the Fourth of

Babybird - Atomic soda lyrics

asked me not to speak Then kissed me on the cheek You ... song Drink this baby, it's atomic soda It'll blow your mind ... to how it was Standing in the snow, icicles on your nose I

Satanika - Atomic curse lyrics

red, fires are burning Here they come from the other side ... ! No longer humans Death in the streets Polluted air - Atomic winter Spread the disease.

Angels And Airwaves - The moon atomic (...fragments and fictions) lyrics

Moon Atomic (...Fragments And Fictions) ... It's like the day has turned to rust Like ... ve gotten out As bullets rip the air in two from house to ... we are, so terribly sorry The moon you felt, it has no side

Destiny - Atomic winter lyrics

2048 there came some desperate waves. ... They called it war, everything ... all right so far. But when the nations declared that ... had failed, you could hear the sound of death when it hit the ground. The human race was

Firelake - The city of ghost lyrics

eagerness of timely fraction The world of science applauses in ... nation’ ‘Happy nation’ The World of destroyed illusions ... It takes a bit experimenting The heat goes up, so as the stuff

Factory Of Dreams - The neutron star lyrics

and faster Became Supernova The Neutron Star is born ... Hidden from Earth Within the Dimension of Sound Dimension ... Magnetized mind Pulsating atomic clock Ascending

Pagan's Mind - Atomic firelight lyrics

the host of our needs Recall the insence of you Backfire, ... Cycles to reign I know there's a change in the future ... Follow, now the world is in changes (I am on

Atomic Rooster - The price lyrics

no I don't) If I had known the truth before, I never would ... your eyes and seen beyond the grave. I never would have ... buy a harp for me. But now the bargain has been made and

The Monks - Monk time lyrics

now! You know we don't like the army. What army? Who cares ... you kill all those kids over there in Vietnam? Mad Viet Cong. ... My brother died in Vietnam! James Bond

Saint Vitus - The war starter lyrics

a thousand more I have heard the children cry And I have seen ... me warrior But I'm actually the war starter Long ago in ... days of old I gave you clubs then broadswords Now you use

The Bridgeheads - Expression lyrics

glass it’s broken all in the atomic storm of black hearts ... landslides they never had much of a chance ... he knew it all he sat in the first row stuck on tube no

Impiety - The scourge majesty lyrics

King of Terror Coronation of the Black Goat Deliverer of ... eternal suffering Atomic conflagration.... Master ... purity.... Requiem for the Earth as rebellion arise

Atomic Kitten - The moment you leave me lyrics

You make me believe, you are the one for me (It seems) And ... now I find it's hard The way you're treating me (It's ... myself over you (hoohoo) The moment you leave me The

Cathedral - The unnatural world lyrics

every day To earn from God their moral wages Their world is ... dying - for forgiveness they pray Yet meanwhile the ... Yeah Mechanical slaves to the Doomsday Machine But you

New Eden - The promise lyrics

risk of the horizon is worth the aging of the mind Go and ... sands of time Sheltered by the wings of Infinity Soldier of ... broken dreams Diving in the sea of eternity Soaring

Atomic Kitten - The last goodbye lyrics

t no headlights on the road tonight Everybody here ... here's a dancer in the arms of love And he's ... dancing on the sky above And the truth is that we'll never

Atomic Kitten - The tide is hide lyrics

be your number one I'm not the kind of girl Who gives up ... like that Oh, no It's not the things you do That tease and ... hurt me bad But it's the way you do The things you do

Atomic Kitten - The way that you are lyrics

baby, baby, you're the one Keep me awake, baby, ... it over thinking about all the times we've spent together ... Don't worry about it 'cause the feelings I had No longer

Aversions Crown - The oracles of existence lyrics

the oracles of existence ... Watching over the planets To restore balance ... cleansed Advocated at the signal from our brethren ... existence Stimulated through their extinction Star maps

Bobby Darin - The breaking point lyrics

ve reached the breakin' point Don't stand ... nerves Observe your curves Then suddenly... I wanna crush ... tight I wanna kiss and tell the world I fell in love tonight

Funker Vogt - The 3rd war lyrics


Sodom - Splitting the atom lyrics


Anihilated - No rest for the wicked lyrics

the deepest darkest lair The wicked plot mankind’s despair ... They never cease their endless quest To sink their knives into your chest ... complete Upon your graves they'll dance their feet And

Atomic Tom - The moment lyrics

by the busy set Where she is ... dressed The silhouette Of innocence And ... pace To take it all in. Then someone calls "We're ... And "ready lights" The camera frames, A frail

Civil War - War of the world lyrics

will rust Break down of the human race Common sense is ... now has turned to hell There is not a god The pain is ... on the street tonight It's time to ... join the ultimate fight Be prepared

Conflict - The day before lyrics

any f***ing difference? To the inevitable countdown to world ... war three, the power monger's decision ... any point in singing yet another wanky war song... the

Eradicator - Possesed by the devil lyrics

for the battle fighting to kill Hail ... to the mighty king Die by my sword ... This is my profession Met the witches after the fight It's ... initiate my sins 'till the final massacre's complete

Eradicator - Thrashing through the pit lyrics

at night at the hall Now it's time to have a ... to strike Sound will fill the eternal skies Infernal ... you ready to shout Ignite the fire and scream to our sound

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