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Kid Cudi - The arrival lyrics

& Dot Da Genius (WZRD) - The Arrival [Album WZRD] Kid ... & Dot Da Genius (WZRD) - The Arrival [Album WZRD] Kid ... & Dot Da Genius (WZRD) - The Arrival [Album WZRD] Kid

Dark Funeral - The arrival of satan's empire lyrics

are smeared in blood. Feathers fall from angel wings, from ... the sky. Father Satan gather your legions, it is time to ... claim your throne. The arrival of your dominion, so long

Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons (part 2) lyrics

the full moon rised in the sky, it awakes. Master, ... bring out the dark forces upon me I ... and to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence Reach for an end

Adestria - The arrival lyrics

[Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental] [Instrumental]...

Inferis - The arrival lyrics


Olympic - The arrival lyrics

aqua blue sky Just look at the wonderful features There is ... no other place where one would more ... you? Come, shake my hand. They are born already dying All

Folkodia - The arrival lyrics

Skywards for its destiny Now the velvet blue-black night ... no mortal dwells Away from the lights Of the cities of the ... blind I looked up to the sky And saw the star that

Airged L'amh - The arrival lyrics

a great celebration on the crest of the hill Though my ... lasted long enough... By the Gods I feel a great desire to ... kill these savages By the Gods I will kill them myself

Zack Hemsey - The arrival lyrics

and turn off delight And the shock had a force to invite ... was bedeviled and blown By the way she’d hung up the phone ... Her last words now a drone They had him feeling just oh so

Agressor - The arrival lyrics

the universal master, prepare the attack, prepare his revenge ... will be read to bring the snange And his mighty power ... are going to change the face of the world And you'll

Dark Miror - The arrival... unholy crusade lyrics

one day we saw them coming, Never knew what they were looking for; Only knew ... they came where the ocean ends They approached ... our shores and landed, “In the name of the queen we

Demonical - The arrival of armageddon lyrics

and fire, damnation reclaims the dark vicious wrath ... descending... cast into the unlight, bring forth the pain ... and fear reveal the final dawn, the end of the

Exlibris - The arrival lyrics

dreams become so real The road lies before you It's the only way - you can do no ... into your soul And find the place where life stands still ... will be your guide And when the night is over We are there

Hordak - The arrival of the new season lyrics


Hypocrisy - The arrival of the demons lyrics

the full moon rised In the sky, it awakes Master, ... bring out the dark Forces upon me I ... And to kill Watcher, open the Gates of Death Reach for the silence Reach for the

Amon Amarth - The arrival of the fimbul winter lyrics

winter arrived Raging across the world With a fury that ... defied the memory of man Terrible wars ... where fought, the like had never been seen Men ... slew without a thought The ties of kinship were no more

Noctem - The arrival of the false gods lyrics

enough words To alleviate the misery that Cortes took to ... redeem Spanish barbarism at the gates of the kingdom of ... diego da landa will return the descendants of Yucatan the

Lethal - Arrival lyrics

Forging notes that never die The air now rings with dissonant ... we fall from our feet As the storms of time subside The ... us on to believe And die for the things we had hoped for The arrival sets us free A killing

Centinex - Arrival of the spectrum obscure lyrics

innocence Are transformed by the terrestrial silence When ... will the rain turn to dust When will ... turn to black This is the arrival - The dreamlike decay of

Requiem - Arrival + revival lyrics

.. + You are sticking the knife again In the back of ... an innocent Hiding from the daylight, living on the run ... a devil's son Flames from the oblivion, sheltering your

Gates Of Ishtar - Perpetual dawn (the arrival of eternity - end.. lyrics

Cold, burning inside, I'm not the same I've changed my ways ... Pain growing inside, I'm not the same I've found my way ... Nothing is the same anymore The times have changed, I feel so

Ablaze My Sorrow - The battle lyrics

I raise my fist against the northern sky As I scream in ... anguish and in pain The blood from your veins caress ... forever is gone When the night fades away I return

Azaghal - The pit of shoggoths lyrics

abomination of abominations The goat with a thousand young ... beyond body, beyond life The unholy pit where the black ... realm begins And the watcher guards the gate The

Hypocrisy - The abyss lyrics

again I feel no guilt for the lost ones I'll stab and ... I look around and see all the pain gone Feel alone again

Deadlock - The winter's day magic lyrics

Tired and uninspired. Oh yes the song I listen to says so much ... conversations those I hope they soon run dry. And the ... your call because I need you there. But the phone doesn't

Deadlock - The more money they get, the colder their hea.. lyrics

more money they get the colder their hearts. To love ... Instead of holding him tight they would rather watch him fall. ... to be extinct. That is how they want him to be (but what

Gil Scott-heron - The subject was faggots lyrics

Subject Was Faggots and the quote was "ain't nothin' ... prancing and shit Trying their best to see to see the ... misfits who attend the faggot ball faggots who

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The sinister show lyrics

rain, that’s what we do Another jet, another bus Our on the ... quest, just for the rush Way up high in the ... down under Waiting hours all the time On the ground the arrival is all that counts We’re

Mors Principium Est - The harmony remains lyrics

but your world is bound There was of this mirror only ... shown Darken image at the back of flesh I am least the ... one who cries Just the air firing red at the sky

Requiem - The invisible touch lyrics

Suddenly something's carrying the burdens Far from my soul ... Innocent child, healing the world With weight of her ... like a miracle you gave me the keys to carry on, for

Absu - The thrice is greatest to ninnigal lyrics

to Ninnigal Acknowledge the prayers Subsequent to earth ... The seventh gate of Nana- ... 'Outcry thy sin!', While the sixth portal of Lord Mastema ... opens wide. Nana: God of the Moon: I convoke to thee. Our

Avery Watts - The takeover lyrics

Verse 1) Cock back the hammer, The Takeover has ... all united as one We compose the whole globe from the east to the west And if seeing is ... believing, You’re looking at the best Patiently wait,

Battlelust - The sword of death lyrics

I stand in my tower, clothed in marble and ebony and ... my vast infinite kingdom the shadows reveal flocks of ... wolves hunting in the night warlords gather their

Cirith Gorgor - The black hordes lyrics

the arrival of the impending plague, the Black ... Hordes rise to face the growing threat. Religious ... and indistinct in appearance. The minds resolutely set to

Crimson Moonlight - The pilgrimage lyrics

inside of me And when the never fading love Was ... days began I walked beside the constantly flowing Spring of ... and strength I ran towards the fields Inviting me to let my

Hypocrisy - The departure lyrics

to life Naked and tied to the floor In the corner of my ... eyes I saw them coming through the door ... I open my eyes and faced the airborn lights [Chorus]

Magic Kingdom - The final star lyrics

our children live in fear The madness of humanity is ... I hear your cries I see the fury, I see you die We are ... reaching for the sky. We'll never see the

Deinonychus - The final affliction of xafan lyrics

and devastating In the horizon the ultimate thunder ... flashes perpetual ligthnings The arrival of the grandsin, ... revealed in cloudbursts The satanic power unmasking the

Abba lyricsAbba - Arrival lyrics


Gregorian - Arrival lyrics

sing Sing the song They sang with us When they ... away Bring, bring Bring them back again To these lonely ... We'll be here Awaiting their arrival How that moments

Sarah Brightman - Arrival lyrics

sing, sing the song they sang with us when they ... away Bring, bring, bring them back again to these lonely ... day We'll be here awaiting their arrival How that moment's

Ayane - Arrival of tears lyrics

yuganda kakusei no naka de akaki yoru ga me wo samaseba kuroki yami towa no nemuri tsukikage ni obieteru honoo ga tsutsumikondeku subete wo yakitsukushitemo inori d...

Ancient - Arrival lyrics

instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental... instrumental......

Hawkwind - Arrival in utopia lyrics

ships which sailed, through the air Dreamed of steel and ... For we don't like it here There's nothing for us to fear

Mortifilia - Arrival of messiah lyrics

message from the sky totally changed the ... world Everyone expected arrival of godly son And at the ... Christianity entered into the brains and mastered them I

Alt-j (∆) - Arrival in nara lyrics

she submarines The rope loops round her feeble ... feet Before the dawn Breaks on her sorry ... constricts Rips her towards the ocean She never finds her

The Cinematic Orchestra - The cinematic orchestra - arrival of the bird.. lyrics

Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not available Lyric not avai...

Demonoid - Arrival of the horsemen lyrics

yet I am Starvation divine The new god to be known among ... troops march toward us They will struggle in vain War ... Death your final breath I'm the one that strikes you from

Deinonychus - Arrival in mesopotamia lyrics

again, walk again; regain the pain. Let us go now, I'm so ... .. My eyes are burned by the sun. I start over where my ... life begun. The world turns, there is night and day. In

From Atlantis - Arrival of a rival lyrics

this Could this be just the way we are Or is this ... what we're all afraid of In the eye of the storm When ... what we're all afraid of In the eye of the storm To take

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