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Aaa - Eighth wonder lyrics

sekai, tamerau jidai demo tomaranai dakara tsugi no maku wo akeru mada owarenai riyuu nante iranai moumokuteki de ii mugamuchuu ni ikitekita kokoro ga ima koko ni iru koto wo tsutaeta garu'n da kono sakebi wo kiite kure Go! mission one to get ready mission one

Patty Griffin - Mad mission lyrics

were drinking like the Irish But we were drinking scotch Bartender turned on a movie Everybody turned to watch And every single eye was gleaming As he reached the final scene Well, at least mine did Here's lookin' at you, kid It's a mad mission Unde

Kurt Cobain - Scoff (early demo) lyrics

?] mission that's assassin [?] that's a mission [?] that's a mission That's a robber [?

Mitch Malloy - Mission of love lyrics

s a wounded angel Losing her way in the dark. She's living in danger Of losing what's left of her heart But I'll be there to pick up the pieces And i'm gonna catch you whenever you falling Yeah! I'm on a mission of love I'm right beside you

Donna Summer lyricsDonna Summer - Love is the healer lyrics

many times in my life I've been alone, left alone Heart broken and Turned around I find myself Crying in the night time Dying out loud In the night I sleeplessly Wake up From a dream that's Tormenting me I, I, I, I, I gotta get help Oh, yeah Love is the healer Lov

Dub War - Mission lyrics

you lost your way you have no understanding from you 2 me an me to you there's just too much demanding the wires they have crossed connections surely faulty we'll never win the national by riding on a donkey to climb the corrupt ladder an reach the greedy star

Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - Man with a mission lyrics

me when I get too deep, talk to me there's nothing to tell, Everyone, is a hydocrite, look to me, I'll save your soul Now somebody out there must be reading my mail Cuz' everybody knows I'm a man with a mission, coming to your town today, I can damm yo

Attack The Hero - Mission (flo rida whistle cover) lyrics

is my mission, baby, mission, baby To let you know Hey, I'm gonna show you how to do it And we'll start real slow You just put your hands together And you come real close This is my mission, baby, mission, baby Here we go! Look, I bet you like scream

Less Than Jake - Down in the mission lyrics

quicksand, i'm always getting deeper The more I struggle, the more I get in deeper And here I am, out there doing time Out on the mission, down on the mission line I'm down in the

Hall & Oates - Man on a mission lyrics

m a man, gonna make I can walk all alone through a river of fire 'Cause my heart is true Put my soul on the line That's what I'd do, that's what I'd do There's a power in passion That I can't control It's a natural reaction And I can't let it go I'm a man on a

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - Fifty-mission cap lyrics

Barilko disappeared that summer He was on a fishing trip The last goal he ever scored Won the Leafs the cup They didn't win another till nineteen sixty two The year he was discovered I stole this from a hockey card I keeped tucked up under My fifty-mission cap I worked it in

Eidolon - Lunar mission lyrics

minus 30 brings our focus into sight The realization of a dream Serene landscapes now engulfed by clouds of white By flames of hope we launch to unsuspecting skies Lunar mission To find a new existence Above the clouds we soar Our mission holds no

Golden Resurrection - Man with a mission lyrics

Christian:] I'm a man with a mission God is the reason I'm sharing this news for you I'm a man with a mission I've made my decision My heart is marked by the cross I'm a man with a mission Running through fire Until I reach my goal I'm a man with a mission Jesus i

Mando Diao - God knows lyrics

I turned left just like you told me to I get excited by the moves you do I’m on a mission and I’m gonna get away Well I saw her standing all colored in red I felt the blues just by the things she said I want my mission so I can escape today God knows - I ain’t sleep

Gabriella Cilmi - On a mission lyrics

s tough for me to make a move And I know what I gotta do Cause I got everything to prove I got a plan I'm sticking to The word is that I'm over doubt But I don't let it get me down I ain't nobody's push around If they could only see me now There's only one th

Jyj - Mission lyrics

pull it off Dashi hanbeon sijak dwineun naui stage Tugeowojin jomyeong arae milryeo oneun feel yo! my screaming Shimjangwi seumyeon oneun naui music Let's get it party tonight crazy I gotta dance now Nal hothage mandeuneun bulah bulah melody oh

Capital Cities - Center stage lyrics

s a good time to do it on your own There's a good time, now it's time to go There's a good time, do it for a change There's a good time, step out from the cage Everyday I walk away with the feeling that I'm center stage There's a good time There's a good time

Dragonsfire - Man on a mission lyrics

re marching on, when duty calls Armored force, through enemy country A desert force, our convoy is moving Keep your eyes open Our routine is clear, clean and sweep Search and destroy the foreign leaders The Sound of a gun we're trapped on the street A gunfight

Royal Hunt - The mission lyrics

quot;Move along it takes too long,you`re holding back the line!" I tell you -we`ve been waiting here forever "Go ahead,don`t worry-yet-`coz everything is fine" A brand new world for us-it`s now or never We`ll change the r

The Pretenders - The phone call lyrics

is a mercy mission from a faceless messenger who dont want to see you hit Here's the word Listen to it Somebody you used to know is back in town You better go This is a mercy mission A voice you'll never hear again from a southside callbox Win

People In Planes - My black widow lyrics

widow in a white room will you survive? Black widow in a white room with no diguise Black widow in a white room you stand out a mile Black widow in a white room Black widow on a mission can't stand what she's missing Black widow on a mission

In Flames - Through oblivion lyrics

affection took the best of me Deep inside, the absent mind Denial and hypocrisy All this the same To do this we part our ways My destination, my mission, my intuition so close I feel it changing me Suddenly I know, I have to let it go All that's bee

Jim Reeves - Padre of old san antone lyrics

strolled to an old mission garden and as I was kneeling alone An arm gently fell on my shoulder it was the padre of old San Antone We went for a walk in the garden and as we were talking alone He told why he came to the mission to the mission in old San Antone Then the chapel

Rawhead Rexx - Holy war lyrics

m the man with a mission sailing over sea To bring you what you need Under god and king I'm serving You have to believe me I grant you creed Feel my desire the unholy fire Set out by the sacred storm Trust in god gave me the power To decide between death or life The sacred missi

Futuristic - Man on a mission lyrics

Verse 1] You can't stop a man on a mission And I'm a man on a mission Been spitting for a minute Used to tell my mama stop doing the dishes Cause the mic was in the kitchen I'm trying to record here, I'm tryna make hits You looking at me like I

30 Seconds To Mars lyrics30 Seconds To Mars - The mission lyrics

open up my head Inside I find another person's mind I'm gonna take this chance I've got I run denying as we speak Hiding my face among the weak Some say their day is all away Into the wild I'm with a mission Over the hill Come here with me Into the wild Into

Quincy Punx - Beer run lyrics

get to the party and yell out, "Who's got the cups?" You're on a mission, a mission to get f***ed up. Ya baby-sit the keg until It's spittin' out just foam. Yer just gettin' buzzed so there's no talk of goin' home Beer run! Beer run! The keg is fried,

Tim Mcmorris - Mission control lyrics

me off towards the sky and count down the ignition Into the universe I fly, I’m going on a mission I am just a robot sent to do another lunar space walk, a lunar space walk Everything was go, but then I ran into a problem One of my systems crashed

Dolly Parton lyricsDolly Parton - Mission chapel memories lyrics

oh it's quiet in mission chapel and the music like his love has died away And I'm standing in the middle of these mem'ries Mission chapel mem'ries of our wedding day I see the rives still scattered all around that fall upon my satin wedding gown And the wedding be

Procol Harum - Man with a mission lyrics

m a dog in a manger A cat with a mouse I'm the prodigal stranger I'll burn down the house I'm a self-educator A collector of news I'm the cool liberator Any topic you choose I'm a man with a mission I'm a shooting star I've got no inhibitions I don't care who you are Got m

Eso - Don't rely on anyone lyrics

to believe in myself Though they said there’s nothing Here that is worth the while Maybe I’m mad but I think there’s something coming I can feel the anger running I feel that things are changing Maybe too swiftly As things are getting harder We’re on a m

Overkill - Let us prey lyrics

took three damn days for the mission man Heard he's comin' straight from hell With a fast track bleedin' and siren screamin' If you don't listen you could never tell Three days dead and risin' Where you goin' now? I wish you well Three days dead and risin' Wit

Billy Talent - Cut the curtains lyrics

my girl You're so hot, when you walk you melt snow And now that disco has finally grown old Let's buy back our souls So let's see Ya we've got 5 bucks between you and me My mental dishes are finally clean So cleared are we Cut the Curtains the actors have

Equilibrium - Born to be epic lyrics

walk on fire alone And still consider it's cold I call volcanos my home If they erupt I see gold I walk on mountains of ice And still consider it's warm Right to the top would be nice 10 000 miles are my norm No mission too hard No challenge too big Because I was born B

Primal Fear - Black rain lyrics

I watched the rising sun A walking shadow on the run There's no hope and there's no anger, I'm defensless I stand alone out in the cold Ten more miles on desert sand The farth still shakes - I hear tank shells explode Is it just a dead memory Stranded in the thirty third latitude

Johnny Hollow - Stranger lyrics

like a rose cloaked in daggers Your grin I can lease for the anger I'm sorry You felt that You needed to hide The Different inside you You know I'm filthy Shut up, And listen Why don't you give up This mission Shut up, And look at me I'm just a stranger

Chris Cornell lyricsChris Cornell - Misson lyrics

through you, and drowning in your swirl Circling, unfolding in your will I'm going to glide on the winds of your breathing And alight on your guarded heart I'm gonna tear all your temples down I'm on a mission now Smoldering down inside your mood Slithering and

Elton John lyricsElton John - Burn down the mission lyrics

tell me there's an angel in your tree Did he say he'd come to call on me For things are getting desperate in our home Living in the parish of the restless folks I know Everybody now bring your family down to the riverside Look to the east to see

Jordan Pruitt - Permission to fly lyrics

your information This is me, I'm on a mission I don't need no ones Permission to Fly Permission to fly Nothing it can measure Inspiration is forever I don't need no ones Permission to Fly All the things I love, I love, I love Gone to peices Here and off of what Look

Accept lyricsAccept - Like a loaded gun lyrics

m victimized and tantalized Brutalized and chained They'll devastate - intoxicate They're driving me insane - forever They regulate - investigate Complicate my life Everyday insanity There's nothing going right - I mean forget it I've been there before

Joey Mcintyre - Here we go again lyrics

found it hard to pretend that this has come to an end Just when I thought I was out they pulled me back in It always happens like this Just when I start to forget I try it on all over again and it fits so perfect Back in headlines, in the papers Hang

Enigma - Goodbye milky way lyrics

I go, shall I stay 107 light years away many times, so many doubts But no reason to talk about Mission is over, mission is done I will miss you, children of the sun But it's time to go away Goodbye milky way For a better world without hate Follow yo

Demilich - The sixteenth six-tooth son of fourteen four-.. lyrics

were born by Fourteen Four-regional Dimensions Their milt and spawn gave your life of various alterations You know there's no god or belial Your mission's to show the only way is denial Denial... All christians and satanists you see must be crucified befo

Manimal - Human nature lyrics

caress of humiliation Ruled by a voice of a forreign nation Taking it’s vengeance on you with a war Too late to pray for redemption Here’s your mission, obey your superior’s command Look at yourself in the mirror of confidence Take no prisoners

Fifa Diamond Cats - Týnky písnička lyrics

four hours to go You sent me flowers I know This is the start of something very special You´ve got me feeling this good I wouldn´t stop if I could You´are pushing limits, but it feels of natural Should I play? Hard to hold Should I stay? Should I go?

The Downtown Fiction - Don't count me out lyrics

t tell me what I can't do Cuz I'll go out and prove you wrong And I won't chicken out cuz it's not my scene You can cast all your doubts but I'll still believe Don't fade into the background I'm hanging on a thread now Yeah, I'm dressed to impress but I still feel weird in my sk

Pro-pain - Make some noise lyrics

the zone - our mission: Achieving the goal We act alone - for reasons beyond our control Under the gun - our power of reason prevails Second to none - in whatever the mission entails We're fighting a war For truth and never more The need to

Rage - See you in heaven or hell lyrics

we feel, it might be so unreal And what we know, it's under construction We have learned, the truth, it can be turned Well, it just depends on what we believe is real In secrecy our mission will be Let's create our future aware I'll see you

Faith No More lyricsFaith No More - Collision lyrics

My mission When the dawn breaks With a handshake Relaxed and feelin' great Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on All the day's plans All the shaking hands Beepers and suntans Screeching...head on I'm needing a head on Collision My

Laibach - Abuse and confession lyrics

Lord Christ! You've been Sacrificed Crucified Sanctified Glorified Braised Lord Lord God! You've been Sacrificed Bilified Demonised Mortified Shamed You gave me flesh and blood And the will and the way To serve Thee, my Lord Until Judgement day It was

Project Pitchfork - Orange moon lyrics

I faced my ideas I've been shocked about the side effect When you heard what I planned to do You wanted to hold me back It seemed the only way to me It seemed the only way It is the only way for me It is the only way I don't want to act like

Simple Plan - Outta my system lyrics

try to brush it off Keep calm and collected But it just won't work They tell me: "Read a book, Learn to cook, Anything to keep your mind off her!" And now I'm so-oh Tired of feeling so low-oh Seven weeks in a row-oh oh I don't

Floorfilla - Anthem #1 lyrics

a mission 3x come on people get crazy on the dancefloor are we ready? 5 4 3 2 1 RIGHT! on a mission dancefloor Stick To The Bassline Kick To The Floor Pump That Body And A LIke It More Rock To The Beat And Rock That Rhyme Now Pump That Body One More Time

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Light lyrics

my hand And walk in the light Understand, there's a fire to ignite You know we have a responsibility It's true we've been chosen And now we have the possibility Of melting what's frozen Walk with me with the rapture inside Can't you see it's not y

Newsboys - Strong love lyrics

swings to the left, she leans to the right, but that doesn't make a flight a given. And some pitch their tents in the middle of the fence, but it doesn't matter where you're living. His spirit's in me his spirit's in you, so there's a common bond between - Future girls lyrics

are the future girls! Diamonds and castles Heroes, kings and battles A world full of shiny stones and pearls Times are now changing All of this means nothing In this crazy universe Cause we’re the future girls And we move round and round in circl

Adultery - Last hope lyrics

were born in the last sunny days during the remains of the beauty of light, Which was so intact and beauty virgin. You are the last, but the strongest one. Only you have survived and you will remain. Your heart will be lasting but all evil that Amblogh has, will tempt

Helalyn Flowers - Before the sunshine lyrics

see the night Is coming like a giant escape Children of the unknown It's time for our mission Are you ready to go? Are you ready to go? You feel inside the calling The voice of your fate Creatures of the lost It's time for our mission Are you

Dispatch - Mission lyrics

it be known, to all you misbelievin' what you've been seein' that we will not stand will not be mistaken we'll go there leave this weakness don't take this from me we'll go there leave this weakness 'cause I have been waiting [CHORUS:] Lo we are not so

Agnostic Front - Bomber zee lyrics

end is here per se Coming near break of day A bomber prepares for a flight A blitzkrieg mission tonite [Chorus:] Writhing in my dreams Feeling the painful screams Torturing my brain Driving me insane Bomber up and away Causing destruction

Jackob's Dream - Outer realm lyrics

was staring out the window My thoughts dancing on the wind Thinking of the future And the things that could have been Twenty-four and all alone In a world of pain and fear The hands of time move slowly-quick And the night is drawing near Ever reaching higher

Failure - Gone lyrics

name escapes me now but once i remembered in place of wonder not long ago there was no (name or two) the wonders of this place always amazed always deceived nothing had a place nothing had a purpose until i found out all things had

Queensrÿche - The mission lyrics

the wooden chair Beside my window I wear a face born in the falling rain I talk to shadows from a lonely candle Recite the phrases from the wall I can't explain this Holy pain Six days ago my life had taken a tumble The orders came from high above they say A

Konshens - Mi madda lyrics

Intro:] This is for the mothers of the world Yeah, yeah, eah eah eah We thank you (ohh ohhhh) This one goes out to all the mothers (and you know) Mama I love you (always) Yeah I got to tell you [Chorus:] Mi madda, mi glad yuh neva dash mi wey

Legion Of The Damned - War in my blood lyrics

son of a thousand wars Born and raised in endless combat Human killing machine was bred A trail where the dead soldiers lie Years splattered with blood Walk a path strewn with corpses Doing mission after mission Now war is in my blood War is in

Darkness (ger) - Death squad lyrics

of death they hide in bars Assuring victims after blast Innocent people torn away Terrible dues they had to pay Death, terror and crime They choose as their sign Kidnap, maim and kill Their mission fulfilled Death squad Death squad Death squad Death squad Abdu

Impiety - Death squad (darkness cover) lyrics

of death they hide in bars Assuring victims after blast Innocent people torn away Terrible dues they had to pay Death, terror and crime They choose as their sign Kidnap, maim and kill Their mission fulfilled Death squad Death squad Death

Nightmare (fra) - Mission for god lyrics

of the anarchists Are spreading the disease Where targets for the terrorists that noone sees Children full of explosives Are waiting for their task Nothing to identify behind this deadly mask Pleading absolution Terror on the nations Is this

The Misfits - The black hole lyrics

the pull of gravity As light gets stripped away All the endless colors All turn a shade of grey I know there’s something out there Something we ain’t seen Something undiscovered A nightmare or a dream But soon we’ll know Lock controls And se

Nuclear Blast All-stars - In the picture (feat. tarja turunen) lyrics

so low, I felt so strange I couldn't move in hours A pulse of light that disorients I trembled with might and main The fever is killing me Creeping and mourning Spreading all night and day Insatiable yearning You'll never see me running

San Cisco - Mission failed lyrics

it's ok it's fine But you’re going try to pretend You’re not losing your mind You'll break coz you won't let it bend And you failed your mission again When you can't get what you want You search all through the night Shadows on the road Remind yo

Electric Light Orchestra - Mission (a world record) lyrics

many days, we travelled from a distant place and time To reach a place they call the planet Earth. There was to be a celebration On the mission of the sacred heart. The planet Earth from way up there is beautiful and blue And floating softly through a rainbow. But when you to

Cloudscape - Someone else lyrics

behind lines of fire where conditions are barbaric Everyone is floating in a sea so dark and cold We bear an illusion of a world, a world with candour Believing in freedom and a life of growing old Thinking of my loved ones to escape the fear I feel Longing for so

Set Your Goals - Our ethos: a legacy to pass on lyrics

s take it. Let's take it back to the start again. When we didn't have an ally in our heads. When we only had a show to motivate us. To keep us far from trouble. Keep us guarded. Simple words with a deeper meaning. Something to relate to that we could call our own. Coll

Here Comes The Kraken - Dont fail me darko lyrics

here now They gave me a new mission Blood and bones that's for sure Obey me I know its wrong I'm running away from the hospital They come for me Once Again Confusing Kind of fun Awaiting the moment Why to feel regreat? I dont care your f***ing face Distorted visio

Owl City - Bombshell blonde lyrics

blonde, she's a bomb, she's an atom bomb Rigged up and ready to drop The bad news, I'm a fuse and I've met my match So stand back it's about to go off That vixen, she's a master of disguise I see danger when I look in her eyes She's so foxy, she coul

Krypteria - Ignition lyrics

s nothing wrong here Just trust us, we'll soon show a movie and serve another drink to you Isn't this comfy ? Well, yes, we're being led by the blind but at least we'll go down amused Ignition, but who sent me out on this mission ? I can't believe I

Latif - Without u lyrics

remember that day You told me that yo mamma Was taking you away That he put her through some drama Tears came to my eyes Really didn't wanna cry But it hurt so bad on the inside Tell me how can this be, That you're not here with me And I c

Toto lyricsToto - Burn down the mission lyrics

tell me there's an angel in your tree Did he say he'd come to call on me For things are getting desperate in our home Living in the parish of the restless folks I know Everybody now bring your family down to the riverside Look to the east to see where the fat stock hide Behind

Conception - And i close my eyes lyrics

tried to fall asleep but the beat of your breath resounds in my head the grainy light of dawn provides my disgrace can you tell me why am I here what force do you possess Pull me tighter, my dear be my shelter tonight forever your men The depth of your mind a miss

Tanner Patrick - "undercover martyn" by two door cinema club lyrics

she spoke words that would melt in your hands And she spoke words of wisdom To the basement people, to the basement Many surprises await you In the basement people, in the basement You hid there last time, you know we're gonna find you Sick in the carseat, cause you're not up to g

Chastain - The 7th of never lyrics

re resiliant, we'll defy The evil cast upon us We organize the strategy For the force that we face By the light we defend the right We see the odds against us The rise and grace of vicious thought Must die within this place We can't turn back

Dyslesia - Rest in space lyrics

you look at me I've got a story Of seven men who left the earth We told them show us now Rest of space you'll be ours heroes 'til the end of time the pride of XX°th century A star ship scans the universe 1998 a milestone in history Messager one left

Alien Ant Farm lyricsAlien Ant Farm - Consti2tion lyrics

temptation proves to be too much And all the avenues explode, yeah My situation hard to touch And you don't want me anymore And I can't take that anymore This is my mission statement Just listen and don't negate it My woman, tis of thee Sweet land of you and me [CHORUS] I

Exousia - Conquer lyrics

to save All the world It was the mission Of my lord Kill the death Destruction of the evil Defat the sin Was his target It was his love, not the hate It was his passion for the men Fight to conquer Fly to win, never surrender Magnify strategy

Pennywise - Rise up lyrics

it's up to you what you really want to do take time - to find a way Focus on your vision you're on a secret mission Ignore what the masses say Well it's up to me what I really want to be And I'm still searching for the day We got to fight we got to feel we got

Cans - Silent cries lyrics

can I take on this mission? That I've been told to do My hands are tied, I am crucified I'm a stranger in a strange land So now I'm feeling the pressure It's boiling up inside Where hatred only grows stronger Comes a man, a beast, a killing machine And visio

Q Da Kid - On a mission lyrics

Q Da Kid:] First Kane did it Then Big hit it He left J with it Tag now I'm izzit This is history bein made all over Just when they thought that it was all over They hatin expect me to fail Expect me to lose don't expect me to sell Well hell I got breakin news Q shine bright like Jacob

Nightmare (fra) - The winds of sin lyrics

am the chosen one The evil child in black I am the angel of sin Endoctrinated, ready to attack The blood I spill, F*** and kill The enemies of God! Another child is riding a mission Another child is sacrificed Another child is a symbol of salvation Another child will die In th

Emilie Autumn - Let it die lyrics

is your mission Should you choose to accept it Well, I hope that you do This is your story Should you choose to remember Well, I hope that it's true I've finally a reason To let it die, let it die You've given me a reason To let it die Let it die Li

Heavenly - Victory (creature of the night) lyrics

is going down Replacing the sleep fight will carry on tonight, tonight I have to run away and Find another place to go And still feel alone. I'm in this world To be alive and I can give All they'll never find. Something I dream to cross the freedom way "But now

Nazareth - Demon alcohol lyrics

times comin’ so the messenger said Better guard your liquor like your own homestead Took it under cover, then we took it underground In temptation, we had another round Governor came, ’bout eleven or twelve Under so much pressure,’couldn’t help himself Word got out to the na

Harris Lauren - The edge of darkness lyrics

ve looked into the heart of darkness Where the blood-red journey ends When you've faced the heart of darkness Even your soul begins to bend For a week I have been wating Still I am only in Saigon The walls move in a little closer I feel the jungle call me on Every minute I

Iron Maiden lyricsIron Maiden - The edge of darkness lyrics

ve looked into the heart of darkness Where the blood-red journey ends When you've faced the heart of darkness Even your soul begins to bend For a week I have been wating Still I am only in Saigon The walls move in a little closer I feel the jungle call me on Every minute I

Ministry - Lieslieslies lyrics

we have called you together to inform you that we are going to overthrow the United States government Do you still think that jet fuel brought down the World Trade Center? [Laughter] Does anybody else see a problem here? If the government has nothing to hide why are

Centinex - Hellbrigade lyrics

flash in the night, the legion is here Like a mighty predator of hatebreathing steel Out in the fields the aim is to kill Until the end the fight gives a thrill We are the hellbrigade Troops of terror and fear We annihilate, we desecrate Out on a mission to devastate The moon

Phinehas - Panhammer lyrics

on come on, are you a dead man? Pull up your skirt, we're on a mission. WHO SAID WE'VE WON? We need a hero not a politician. Don't you know our legs will never carry us far enough When we've put our faith in a map a blind man drew for us The attrition of th

R5 - My confession lyrics

you see things in girls, physical attraction Oh oh oh oh (2x) I want you in my world, you'll be my addiction Oh oh oh oh (2x) I want it so bad Your driving me mad Its killing me more than you know, oh The taste of your lips The curve of you

Jackson United - 21st century fight song lyrics

re gonna on Washington the people's will shall be done wage war on everyone the devil's work must be undone stand up and listen a true patriot's mission this war of attrition now we'll keep on marching on hey! hey! hey! hey! hey!

Little Big Town - Fury lyrics

caught him sleepling in a liars bed Sneaking around just like a copperhead Mr hotshot will loose right now Love turned the corner and she turned the page Fueld by the fire of a lovers rage Now shes more than just leaving Love never hurt so bad She bruised and betr

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