Thats Why I Still Have Echoes Bouncing Around Inside My Head But They’re Ghosts They’re Ghost I Can Feel Them Haunting Me lyrics

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Bad Religion lyricsBad Religion - My head is full of ghosts lyrics

head is full of ghosts But I'm no revenant Despite my resident's rivalry And I'll be ... the faithful pilot On our blind trajectory Do you want ... to know a secret Will you hold it close and dear

Fozzy - Inside my head lyrics

can I feel this way? When I know it's right To chase ... your demons away And it's so hard but it it's right ... Inside to feel the fight To keep you far away Why do I need? To make it bleak

Orgy - Inside my head lyrics

time you think of me like your g*****n trophy It ... just pushes me away Pushes me I never said I'd make you ... mine Why do you insist on pushing all the time I

Liveonrelease - Inside my head lyrics

to yourslelf and fade shooting star with a razor blade ... what you got is more than i can take you've never touched ... the ground and you can scream without making a sound

Godgory - Inside my head lyrics

to a trip with me Inside my brain to insanity A guided ... journey to misery You listen to what I say I don't ... know you, you know my name We sit and talk and you're

Modestep - Inside my head ft. teddy killerz lyrics

words you say reverberate Inflicting way too much pain If I could put an end to ... unwanted friends Cause now I've got you stuck inside my- ... Too colour clear, living in fear [?] breathing any near

Digital Summer - Inside my head lyrics

need to say it You don’t think I’m as strong as you are ... ´Cause I don’t cover up my scars And inside my head I fight Different battles

The Connells - Inside my head lyrics

my head I hurt a lot 'Cause I'm thinking about me And what ... I did to you I can't imagine what I have lost I'm not ... has passed beneath us On a bridge reaching down fro you.

Meg&dia - Inside my head lyrics

s got inside my head He's sleeping in my head ... He's got hold of my hand I am not anymore surprised at ... your phone calls at 4 in the morning (Hello, hello)

Radiohead - Inside my head lyrics

do you want from me? Now you got me Now my fingers bleed Now they're staring at me I'm a coward now I ... hold my peace Now you tie me up to your feather bed And I

Inspiral Carpets - Inside my head lyrics

ll speak of colours I won't even know She'll speak ... to me and then she won’t show ... The picture of you inside my head The picture of you inside my ... She speaks a language I’ve never heard Keeps me

Grudge Connection - Inside my head lyrics

me f***ing go!!.. inside of me. there's that beast. ... that eats me from the inside dont let me go, dont let me grow, slowly my head goes ... unsure let me scream my hate, many are the things i

Hopes Die Last - Stuck inside my head lyrics

you lie, Wandering what can be Lost behind your eyes. ... The sun's so clear but you're still dark. It was ... you begging killed for so many years. ... Tragedy. I lost a shadow, made him see a

On An On - Ghosts lyrics

are spirits coming to find me They're not stopping until it's done I can feel them taking me over I can see them ... from fifty six miles away But I can't hear what they're saying They gotta believe me that

Red - Confession (what's inside my head) lyrics

feel fine And I can’t smile But I feel the anger coming Its ... underneath I don’t know why It’s always overflowing It’s a ... constant fight Deep inside And I wanna forget it I

Murray Head - Why do we have to hurt our heads lyrics

do we have to play those games? Give us the truth and put ... the bad to shame Never quite sure where to lay the blame ... Is the outside unreal, or is it in you mind? Is the inside

Burt Bacharach - I still have that other girl lyrics

have to say that we should finish it now Before we weaken ... 'cause we already know this is wrong I could give in Sometimes I think that I will Despite ... the temptation I try to be very strong If my

Elvis Costello - I still have that other girl lyrics

have to say that we should finish it now Before we weaken ... 'cause we already know this is wrong I could give in, sometimes I think that I will ... Despite the temptation I try to be very strong In my

Ra - The voice inside my head lyrics

found a reason to let you in You found a reason to be my ... sin Perfect time, perfect place For the light ... of your disgrace I didn't have a warning before the fall

Paragon - War inside my head lyrics

I sit - an empty room Listening to this certain song Thinking about things that went ... wrong Deaden my senses - numb is my heart It ... that we're apart Don' t let me hang on in the dark [Bridge] Minutes turning into

Children Of Bodom - War inside my head lyrics

inside my head War inside my head War inside my head War inside my head War inside my head ain't a pretty sight But I ... don't want no sympathy It's happened a thousand times

Fractured - Fractured - you are (the voice inside my head.. lyrics

eyes go blind 1000 times, yet I still try to see. ... These hands will mend your wounds again, but ... you free. You are the rope around my neck, you are the voice inside my head, you are the

Bryn Christopher - My kinda woman lyrics

a ripple on the water like a leaf on a tree since ... the first day I've met you baby you've been a ... part of me Like a line from a love song or a poem

Dixie Chicks - Voice inside my head lyrics

was only a kid When I said goodbye to you Ten summers ... ago But it feels like yesterday Lost, scared and ... alone Nothing I could give to you I tried, I really did But I couldn't find another

Assemblage 23 - The noise inside my head lyrics

s 3AM, And I am laying wide-awake, And I can't sleep ... for the noise inside my head. The world vibrating, With a cruel cacophony, Flooded ... with the thoughts my mind has bled. The restless

Sacrety - Storm inside my head lyrics

lights are out, the people gone, ... Silence fills the place that I called home I'm standing here outside ... alone, The raindrops fall down on my skin.

Hüsker Dü - What's going on (inside my head) lyrics

was talking When I should have been listening I didn't ... hear a word that anyone said It might not have been so ... very important 'Cause I was concerned about instead

Anette Olzon - Like a show inside my head lyrics

falling down down down Wishes trembling mind Seeking ... for the bright bright light Darkness cold and blind ... Like a show inside my head Keeps repeating Find whats

Puff Daddy - Can't nobody hold me down lyrics

Mase) [Puff]Bad Boy... we ain't gon' stop [Verse One: ... Mase] Now with Sean on the hot track, melt ... like it's hot wax Put it out, all the stores, bet you

Puff Daddy - Can't nobody hold me down (original club mix) lyrics

[Puff]Ahe he [Mase]Yo turn me up in the headphones [Puff]Like that? [Mase]Yeah [Puff]Bad ... Boy... we ain't gon' stop [Verse One: ... Mase] Now with Sean on the hot track, melt

Arkaea - My redemption lyrics

m searching deeper inside, inside myself until I, can find a place to rest my head. If I surround myself with your ... negative self-respect, I'll never get the chance to live. Time for change,

Ceremony - It rained today inside my head lyrics

above are closed to me forgetting names when shaking hands friends and lovers i've left behind i'm as apathetic as the

Shigga Shay - Echoes (ft. sylvia ratonel) lyrics

find me an.. Uh, yo See I gave ... her my all but she played me like an X-Box It was all an ... act and a moment fact so fake like a Mascot ... Ain't nothing right when you left me nothing in the corner, torn and surprised Born from a lie, that smile of yours was all a disguise

Kayla Bogan - Ghost lyrics

I evil? What is going on? All these people Don ... t know what I'm hiding from But you are You ... are Everything I want and more But you are ... Sometimes I feel you haunting me With all your love It

Good Charlotte - Ghost of you lyrics

will wait until the end When the pendulum will swing back to the darker side of our hearts bleeding I will save this empty space next ... to me like its a grave where I lay a place for us to sleep

Alter In Mind - In my head lyrics

into a ceiling Thirsty for some feeling Here comes the pain ... And depression again (Am I insane?) What is upside down ... This world or me? I’m begging you To set me free So

Machine Head - Ghosts will haunt my bones lyrics

me feel my palms around your throat Let me see the ... pain of lost control Let me hear your heart racing inside ... Let me see the darkness that you fight When the night crashes

Asteroids Galaxy Tour, The - Ghost in my head lyrics

In My Head I turn my own baby talk to me And when ... I gave my in my slave When you meet me up to ... me And when you treat me like I'm freak Are you I go to me Like it always The one and I can the one I can debate

Black Flag - Beat my head against wall lyrics

my head against the wall one more time Will this solve my problems at ... all? I don't care about parties or a good time I won't ... stand in your line Swimming in the main stream is such a lame dream No method to the

Pegazus - Haunting me lyrics

feel the icy cold Breath of a spirit I ... don't want to know The dark, is the place to hide Hear the ... of footsteps As they pass me by I don't want to live I

Seven Witches - Haunting dreams lyrics

time I shut my eyes I see that haunting face in my ... mind Why do you torment my soul See I´m trapped all ... alone Is Jacob the chosen one Angel ... of mercy Living on, on the run Shifting

Bananarama - Ghost lyrics

a ghost before me You walked back into my life ... Now I'm so confused Emotions bruised You can't turn ... the clock back baby It was far too long ago I may

At Vance - Why do you cry? lyrics

I was wrong I said too many things that I ... should have left unspoken But where do you belong There ... hold on what we've got So why should I pay the price And why should I roll the dice Deep inside I feel the shame You name the pain and thats the shame

The Fray - Why lyrics

many times do I have to try to tell you? That I’m sorry for the things I’ve ... done But when I start to try to tell you ... That’s when you have to tell me Hey, this

Honor Society - Why didn´t i? lyrics

shoulda listened to that little voice inside my head ... When I saw her in the study typing on her Mac. ... The place was packed, but I still felt like we were all alone,

Loreen - In my head lyrics

whisper your breath touch me Your hands reap me slowly giving in Time is steady still ... I'm losing track I'm dizzy so confusing I feel you ... all around you're everywhere can't tell if you're for real

Bbm - Why does love (have to go wrong)? lyrics

a look in the mirror What do you see Take a ... look deep inside you Are you still free? There is no peace of mind When love turns so unkind. ... Why does love have to go wrong? When we try

Cage The Elephant - Around my head lyrics

Ooooooooh I don't know why I got these feelings, yeah, I just can't seem to get away ... from Can you dig it? You may never see it No ... you will find it falling off my tongue I take it down town,

Daichi Miura - Inside your head lyrics

umaku yodominaku Kono kimochi dake mawasenai Sarigenaku ... kotoba erabu Kono giwaku wa tabun seikai Sonna ... hyoujou nanka ippatsu de yarareru tte Meter

A Life Divided - Feel lyrics

know you're weak, got lost in time I dream a way so I can ... fly There are stones on my legs I can't move aside, I ... got a rock on my chest So heavy and might It

Gabrielle lyricsGabrielle - Inside your head lyrics

d like to get inside your head I'd like to get to know you ... better A full understanding is what I'm after Tell me will ... you share what's on your mind Even at those times When

Tim Mcgraw - Ghost town train lyrics

I Could I Would Rewind The Times She Cried and I just Turned around and Walked away. Wish There ... Was a Switch that I could Hit and She'd Love me like she

Revis - Re use lyrics

heavy the sky was outside of my windows And from the inside I watched it go by With all ... that I've got to reach back to remember The things I fought, so

Shadows Fall - Haunting me endlessly lyrics

in the grip of suspicion Trapped beneath the sword ... of absolution Escape is impossible, Indulge yourself in ... ignorance Blocking out the sun, turning in the

Lääz Rockit - Ghost in the mirror lyrics

incomplete Time just seems to fade away My ... reflection Caught in this familiar place Was it fortune ? ... Was it all from my design ? Fractured moments Stay

Christopher - Still in love lyrics

I, if I could hold you so close now I could look into your eyes ... You'll forget what I said to you When you left, when ... you left And if I, I could get to you right now I

The Offspring lyricsThe Offspring - (can't get my) head around you lyrics

inside your soul there's a hole ... you don't wanna see Every single day what you say make no ... sense to me Even though I try I can't get my head around you Somewhere in the night

Jennifer Lopez lyricsJennifer Lopez - Still around lyrics

you remember what you said to me the day I met you Like ... yesterday I still can hear your voice, you promised ... to be Still in my life no matter what you had to

Bryan Adams lyricsBryan Adams - Why do you have to be so hard to love? lyrics

it some man that didn't treat you right left you ... reaching out for him in the middle of the night is there some heartache that you can't out ... run that makes you so afraid to get close to anyone

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