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Lil Rob - My turn lyrics

do what I do Keep it true to myself, you can't break me [Lil Rob] Everybody wants to know ... what Lil Rob is soundin like The same ... with, shit [Chorus: Lil Rob] The more people that

Anika Moa - My son lyrics

silence Heavy words Thrash my guts, no no no no no Were my ... plans way too soon Was my direction all a waste Should ... enough What about solution (my son) What about pride (my son

Milo Greene - Son my son lyrics

my son The weight is unique One, ... Only when you're sleeping Son, my son The weight is unique ... I would never run you away Son my only son I will never run

Lil' Phat - My glock lyrics

Hook:] I only live fa my muthaf***in glock Put all ... to the block I only live fa my muthaf***in glock Put all ... me up when they had killed my own lil thug nigga 12 smokin

Arachnes - My son and i lyrics

the rain from the window. My son and I close the eyes, ... SO WE'RE FREE; AND NO CRY, MY SON, IF OUR SEA IS SO FAR ... IT'S SO FAR AWAY, AGAIN. My son and I play with life,

Dewey Cox - My son john lyrics

Son John My son John was tall and slim He ... I was not blind When I left my two fine legs behind Nor was ... it sailing on the sea, Lost my two fine legs right down to

Tim Hawkins - My son lyrics

My son got mad 'cause I worked all the timeAnd he grew up to be a jerk like meGrew up to be a jerk like meAnd it's the cat in the cradleAnd a silver spoonAnd some o...

Lil Rob - Forever live my name lyrics

I walk up on the scene with my white sneakers My big ass ... Levis, my big ass t-shirt and look ... or Peek A Boo of what the Lil' Rob is all about When I ... leave they all follow out Lil' Rob be the one of a kind

Benzino - Shine like my son lyrics

Benzino (be so strong) My lil' 7 year old son (uh-huh) ... let your life shine like the son [Benzino over Chorus] And ... (yeah) to kick it with they son This is for y'all too, come

Lil Romeo - My biz lyrics

let me live, okay I live my biz who im with, what i did ... on a kid, come on I live my biz who im with, what i did ... yellow coupe, candy corilla My game so cold i could freeze

2pac lyrics2pac - Lil homies lyrics

homies.. Everybody duckin, my f***in lil' homies My lil' ... homies.. Everybody duckin, my f***in lil' homies [Tupac] ... Here's a story bout my lil' homies, straight thuggin Lil' bad young mothaf***ers,

Lil' Flip - My dogz lyrics

Scoopastar, Taz, Will-lean) [Lil' Flip talkin'] Ha ha, this ... puttin' it on tape, this for my dogz, nigga I'll ride for my ... dogz, I'll lie for my dogz If it come down to it, I

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - My weezy lyrics

feat. Shanell, Lil Twist, Tyga) [DJ Drama] ... the bag now hand it over [Lil Wayne] Wait a minute Wait ... So y'all niggas can fly [Lil Wayne] This a big E beat,

Lil Romeo - My baby lyrics

[caller] Can I request a song? [Deejay] Sure [caller] ... "My Baby" by Lil´ Romeo ... You got that [Chorus: Lil´ Romeo and a girl singing]

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Lil' ghetto boy (featuring daz & snoop dogg) lyrics

Dogg] Wake up, jumped out my bed I'm in a two-man cell, ... with my homie Lil 1/2 Dead Murder was the case ... I did the crime, I gots ta do my time [Daz] Them say me

Dr. Dre lyricsDr. Dre - Lil' ghetto boy (ft. snoop dogg and dat nigga.. lyrics

up, jumped out my bed Hung in a 2 man cell wit ... my homie Lil 1/2 Dead Murder was the case ... I did the crime, I gots ta do my time [Chorus: Dat Nigga ... Daz] Lil' ghetto boy Playing in the

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - I miss my dawgs lyrics

muthaf***a, yea And in my building I must keep it real ... [Lil Wayne] And man I miss the ... homie, and yea We still a army in this bitch homie Yea Cash

Damian Marley - My generation lyrics

- Joss Stone & Choir] My generation will make a change ... make a change (Yes we will) My generation will make a change ... change (Do You hear me now) My generation will make a change

Lil Rob - F***in wit my bizzness lyrics

Seeing you on the floor, is my big f***ing thrill Trying to ... last? Trying to f*** with my money, when I treated you ... your wife Trust a g with my kilo, I gave you stack's of c

Lil' Keke - My life lyrics

Talking:] Yo 2003, this for my gangsta niggaz this for my ... himself This one's about my life man, you heard me 2003 ... representing Big Unit [Lil' Keke:] This is my life, for

Lil' Flip - Mind on my money lyrics

you gotta feel me cause I got my mind right and now I got my ... [Chorus: Flip + Redd] I got my mind on my money, money on my ... doin?), I'm grinding! I got my mind on my money, money on my

Lil' Flip - My block lyrics

ghetto, it in every hood) [Lil' Flip] From my block to your ... streets, ha ha, Look From my block to yo' block, we ... chips From yo' block to my block, we packin' clips And

Lil' Flip - Say it to my face lyrics

aye, aye, aye, aye [Hook x2: Lil' Flip] Why you actin' like a ... hoe? Nigga say it to my face You rather rap it in a ... flow Why you ain't say it to my face? Now I know your ass a

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - On my own lyrics

In a 96 regal contraband On my way to the east to the ... to wash dat money and get on my ass Flip them bricks it be ... to do something i done blown my last Dolla holla at ya boy i

Lil Bow Wow - Bow wow thats my name lyrics

Wow] Uh, say Uh, uh, say (My name is) Say, bow wow wow ... Dogg (Bow wow) Yeah, uh, my name is, Hair nappy but I ... the east to the west Look at my eyes, ya know; I ain't playin

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - Where are you now, my son? lyrics

cry I've met so few folks in my time who weren't afraid to ... the morning air The single son she had last night is buried ... is done Where are you now, my son? An old man with

Lil Romeo - My cinderella lyrics

ladies? Whats up wit my lil shorty´s. It´s your man mr. ... as a dove, first time in my life, I see I need love. New ... no limit, mommy no gimmicks, Maybach Benz,

Rucka Rucka Ali - My korea's over lyrics

do Bin Laden's dry cleaning My Korea's over (That's it for ... hard for me) Say herro (To my little bastard son) Say ... and sour shih tzu Look how my people cry to me (Ah boohoo

Jethro Tull - Son lyrics

I feel sympathy. Be grateful my son for what you get. ... They'll soon be demobbed son, so join up as soon as you ... You've only turned thirty, so son, you'd better apologize.

Lucky Dube - Oh my son (i'm sorry) lyrics

my son, I am sorry about what ... deep down in me I know the reason why 'Cause the blood that ... same as the blood in me Oh my son I'm sorry Oh my son I'm

Schultz Mark - He's my son lyrics

m down on my knees again tonight, I'm ... I've done all that I can do myself His mother is tired, I ... he's not just anyone, he's my son. Sometimes late at

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - My daddy lyrics

the DJ He be Khaled, I be Lil' Weezy Baby if you ask me, ... Damn right, I kissed my Daddy I think they pissed at ... how rich my Daddy is And I'm his kid, I

Lil' Mo - My story lyrics

fifteen years been doing my thang Ooh, ooh, yea-e-yeah, ... tell the world all about My life, my heart My story, my ... To all of you is all of me My story, my everything My

Lil Boosie - My struggle lyrics

a mayne, Since I Went got my own… now they look at me ... and some artillery. All the lil niggas Got big niggas, like ... [Chorus 4X] U don’t know my struggle, So you can't feel my hustle [Verse 2:] Hard

Carrantuohill - Henry my son lyrics

you been all the day, Henry my son? Where have you been all ... the day, my currant bun? In the woods, ... in the woods all day, Henry my boy? What did you do in the

G-unit - My buddy lyrics

good? say hello to my little friend(x2) 50 cent ... My Buddy My Buddy Wherever I go he go My Buddy My Buddy you can run fo ... i stick em out tha window My Buddy My Buddy I lay yo ass

Jimmy Cliff - My ancestors lyrics

at me Just look at me My ancestors would find the sun ... help me be just a man, oh My ancestors, they were mighty ... men And my son, he will be one of them And

Aeternom - He's my son lyrics

disappeared The period of my defeat is history The ... seems to be a phantom in my restless dreams Dreams of ... circle of life He's my son, and I wish that he will be

Bloc Party - Letter to my son (bonus track) lyrics

found myself at the point where we ... unto them to be the father to my son I tried, I tried, I

Power Of Omens - My best to be... lyrics

I've bled this all my life. Pretending you would ... is real, are you real? All my life I was taught to analyze. ... My changes from deep within, ... gave your life. Take, this my son, You don't have to fight

Impending Doom - My blood lyrics

son my blood you're never alone and my word is bond My son my blood ... you're never alone and my word is bond A fathers love ... never fight alone Listen to my voice and remember my words

Kayah - For my son lyrics

I was allready waiting In my bedroom window every night I ... Like the light on a stormy sea So you would come ... of night mercifully sent me My wish for all to see So you

Lil Romeo - My crush lyrics

here's some invitations to my welcome back party. ill see

Lil' Fizz - My homies lyrics

1:] Whatz up raz man Hurts my heart just to think of what ... we had I end it with the song now Admitting that I was ... different cause Man I miss my homies And when they get

Paddy And The Rats - My sharona lyrics

accursed souls Where is my sweet lil’ liar? When it’s ... she disappeared Ooh, my Sharona, Ooh, my Sharona’s ... gone Ooh, my Sharona, Ooh, my Sharona’s gone Ooh, my

Lil Boosie - My nigga lyrics

chorus: x2] If u my nigga, u my nigga then we stick together ... thick n then thats my nigga then my nigga then ... This for my nigga, my round, my wodie, my killa, my thug, my

Lil Rob - My chick lyrics

Chorus:] You should see my chick She looks like one of ... friends You should see my chick You should see my ... chick You should see my chick You should see my

Lil Romeo - My girlfriend lyrics

[Chorus:] I wanna make you my girlfriend you, can be my ... out to Halie up in Cali, Tammy and Brandy my girls in Miami. ... family, I can't forget about my homegirl Sandy. "Who's

Andre Nickatina - My homeboys chevy lyrics

cromps(?) to kill, Gurpin' in my 74 Bonneville, no time to ... nobody does it better, get my money, kill a nigga and the ... bitch I sweat her, I gets my chedder), ching ching and all

504 Boyz - My life is sweet lyrics

Met P and I ain't came out of my pocket since See all these ... than Circuit City My life is sweet You could tell ... Make them scream wha-wha My life is sweet You could tell

Glory Bells Band - My life lyrics

boy, maybe six years old my daddy told me we must leave ... Why? I began to cry I found myself going down Til' I ... of Richard Penniman I felt my life had just begun I played

Juelz Santana - My will lyrics

Intro:] I hope my son's learnt to be not like me ... If I die tonight I hope my daughter never meet a nigga ... killed tonight, I'm writing my will tonight Give these bum

Gary Jules - My familiar lyrics

new umbrella in the rain my sun If I could lay this ... big jet airplane carry me My familiar comes Chasing ... you forever If I could My familiar, recognition Is the

Slaughterhouse - My life ft. cee-lo lyrics

Cee-Lo Green - Ref] This is my motherf***ing life (my life, ... oh yeah) This is my motherf***ing life (my life, ... oh yeah) This is my motherf***ing life

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Ym banger lyrics

leaning to the left flag in my right pockets star track fly ... I’m all about my decimels retarded in the ... feint when they passing call my whip Martin but the first

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Like father like son lyrics

(Like [8x], Like Father Like Son nigga) Like the love of a ... Father, like Like Father Like Son nigga) Father, father, ... father like son [Verse 1 - Birdman] I't

Mejibray - Crazed brain lyrics

..mada umaku ikirenai Crazed Brain kimi no kubugen ni ... ..mada umaku ikirenai Crazed Brain・・・ kanashimi no imi wo ... Crazed Brain・・・ betsuri kara shitte

The Game - Like father, like son lyrics

that call She 8 centimeters, my lil' man about to fall ... Scuffing my Air Forces, running through ... like a Bed-Stuy brethren, my first born Dre, I'm about to

Jethro Tull - Crazed institution lyrics

cross of platinum. Join the crazed institution of the stars. ... cross of platinum. Join the crazed institution of the stars.

Lil Wayne lyricsLil Wayne - Gangstas and pimps lyrics

and women All I need Is Remy and weed Somebody not afraid ... To go some for my Escalade [Lil Wayne] I'm ... it and the dro got me so scummy And to drum hole a whole

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