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Rebecca St. James - I thank you lord lyrics

s a hurry up world and my days go flying by But I don ... t want to forget to thank you for my life And in my blindness you give eyes to see That in my ... struggle you will fight for me So from my heart I've got

Shaggy - Thank you lord lyrics

this one goes out to the father For shower of good ... Right now I gotta give thanks And praise most I ... [chorus] [KY-MANI] Thank you Lord for what you've done

Clay Evans - Thank you lord lyrics

you Lord I thank you Lord You been better to me Than I been ... to myself and I Thank you Lord (Repeat 4x) Verse 1: Made a way You made a way You made a way

Kirk Franklin - Thank you lyrics

Lalalalalala) Mary Mary (Lalalalalala) (thank you) When ... I look back over my life (thank you) And all the times you ... brought me through (thank you) I just wanna say father, thank you Oh umm! When I was lonely

Tamar Braxton - Thank you lord lyrics

gave my heart many times before I've been used, and lied to ... d never change Till I got on my knees and I prayed Crying ... please take this pain away Oh lord I need you in my

Donny Hathaway - Thank you master (for my soul) lyrics

You, Master, for my soul Thank You, Master, for my soul You ... gave me food to eat, you kept shoes on my feet & You kept me Lord, i know (i) ... t been so good this week but You continue to Bless me & i

B. J. Thomas - Thank you lord lyrics

you my Lord For a beautiful day Thank you my ... Lord I'm so happy to say Thank you my Lord For the flowers that grow There would be nothing ... I know Without You Thank you my Lord For the sun in the

Ayo - Thank you lyrics

I wasn't always How many sins I don't know ... lied and I cheated But still you would guide me through In ... times I turned my back on you You would still be there and

John P. Kee - You blessed me lyrics

and over again I discovered You are my friend I need You, I ... need You I want to thank You, Lord for the blessing You ... and over again I discovered You are my friend I need you, I

Mary J Blige - Thank you lord lyrics

can I say thank's to you From the bottom of my heart i want to ... say- I'll give thanks to you (Thanks to you) I owe it all unto you (Oh I thank you) Thank you

Los Lobos - The neighborhood lyrics

finds trouble on the street A piece of rock to ... Sister holds her baby in the bed Dreams and wishes dancin ... in her head A love forever is what he said That's

Dmx - A minute for your son lyrics

got a minute for your son, Father? I need to talk I’m so ... tired of trying to run, Father Let’s take a walk I’m so ... sorry for whut I’ve done, Father It ain’t my fault The

Tim Minchin - Thank you god lyrics

made a big mistake I turned my face away from you, Lord ... I was too blind to see the light I was too weak to ... feel Your might I closed my eyes; I couldn't see the

Shania Twain lyricsShania Twain - Thank you baby (for making someday come so so.. lyrics

thank you baby for lovin' me like you do I ... someone I gave up waitin' -- for love to come along There had ... to be someway -- I knew I'd find it ... someday Chorus: Yeah, thank you baby! For makin' someday come so soon Yeah, thank you baby

Hezekiah Walker - Thank you died for me lyrics

Jesus you died for me, You sacrificed Your life me. ... Jesus, You set me free, You loosed the chains that were ... binding me. Jesus you died for me, You sacrificed Your life

Chicago - In the country lyrics

my reasons And my ways Keep on changing From day ... to day As I grow It becomes so clear Why I'm here It's ... all here for you and me The beauty of life Someday you

Elaiza - Thank you lyrics

would like to say thank you, for your attention I'm so glad ... somebody, who's very special For my life, who's part of me There aren't so many words to

Alcazar - Thank you lyrics

remember when music got into my heart Someone was telling me ... there's someone singing the way things are I couldn't ... believe the first moment That music could sound like you do

Chris  Tomlin lyricsChris Tomlin - Thank you god for saving me (feat. phil wickh.. lyrics

can I give to you What can I offer to the king ... For all the love you've shown For all your mercy ... over me I called your name, you heard my cry Out ... of the grave, and into life My heart is yours, my soul is

Culture Club - God thank you woman lyrics

thank you thank you God thank you woman What we have is ... What we have should last forever Heaven at my feet I ... would give the world to you Or anything you need There

George Harrison lyricsGeorge Harrison - The lord loves the one (that loves the lord) lyrics

Lord loves the one that loves the Lord And the ... law says if you don't give, then you don't get loving Now ... the Lord helps those that help themselves And the

Royksopp - Thank you lyrics

you, forever, for the things you've done Nothing ... better, than to say this Thank you, forever, for the ... Nothing it's so easy As they say it is So, Thank you,

The Pretenders - You didn't have to lyrics

you boy For the beautiful flower Thank you ... boy for the stars in your eyes Thank you boy for ... giving me your finest hour What a ... surprise You didn't have to Thank you

Ryan Keen - Thank you lyrics

seems, All i want to see is you, In more than just my ... dreams, You know I'm missing you, Im ... on playing, Im gonna make you proud, 'Cos wherever you

Tina Turner lyricsTina Turner - The love that lights our way lyrics

just give the sign - I'll be first in line; ... me strong and steady when it comes... Fill my heart with ... ll stand tall, When we show them that love can conquer all...

Skillet - Come my way lyrics

from everywhere Just to see your face and touch the healer's ... Desperate, I push through the crowd If I could touch your ... clothes I could feel your power Come my way, come my way, come my way Please

Dwight Yoakam - The heart that you own lyrics

pay rent on a run-down place There ain't no view but there's ... lots of space In my heart The heart that you own I pay the ... it right on time Baby I pay you every single dime For my

Protoje - Come my way lyrics

oh Yeah, yeah, yeah Say you should come my way Though you don't see I know one day that you must be my lady For only ... if Jah will make this grow For you should come my way

Disciple - Come my way lyrics

ever feel safe Running from the darkness in the atmosphere ... hear it calling my name Are you gonna come my way? Are you ... gonna come my way? Well I'm dining with enemy on the seventeenth day It's

Reel Big Fish - Way back lyrics

back to the way Going back to the way That ... much better Going back to the way Going back to the way That it used to be When we were ... together It's been so hard for me To take all the things that come my way It's been so

Nerf Herder - Are you ready for the summer lyrics

you ready for the summer? Are you ready for the good times? Are ... you ready for the sunshine to come down... to come down? Hey, you said Yeah! Hey. Yeah Man.

Naomi King - The song that broke my heart lyrics

people say the best songs Are written when ... its from the heart Most people say the ... songs that last Are the ones from peoples pasts ... Would you call me a sinner If I wanted

Ramones lyricsRamones - The job that ate my brain lyrics

of bed at 6:15 In a rush and you can't think Gotta catch the ... take this crazy pace I've become a mental case Yeah, this is the job that ate my brain Go

Mayday Parade - You be the anchor that keeps my feet on the g.. lyrics

quot;You Be The Anchor That Keeps My Feet On The Ground, ... I'll Be The Wings That Keep Your Heart In The Clouds" ... honestly, I have been begging for answers That you and only you can give to me A voice

Kill Hannah - The songs that saved my life lyrics

up the radio I need it more than ... ever now (more than ever now) It's the first snow of the year and ... something in the atmosphere is coming here

Mortemia - The chains that wield my mind lyrics

demons got me chained to the ground I search in vain but there's no key to be found Drag ... me down, keep me down To the ground, you scornful demons ... Drag me down, further down To the sound of the

Hoobastank - The dance that broke my jaw lyrics

man, I saw you standing there You were bobbing your ... head to the beat as your fists start to clinch Oh ... "No Fear" in your eyes, and also on your shirt

Yolanda Adams - Thank you lyrics

I think about how you saved my soul I'm compelled to praise ... of this chance to say thank you When I think about what you ... I'm reminded to praise you for all that you had do So I

Richard Smallwood - Thank you lyrics

times I've fallen And yet You forgave me, thank You, Lord, I thank You For unmerited favor, And Your brand new mercies Thank You, ... how I thank You For wakin' me up this morning For

Bethel Music - Thank you lyrics

do I say thank You, Lord For the way that You love And the way that You come For all that ... You've done All that You'll do My hearts pours out Thank You You don't have to come

Chris Brown lyricsChris Brown - Thank you lyrics

yall don't know what yall do for me you see with out yall non ... I mean non of it so i say thank you listen [Verse 1] Out the gate i got it started alright

Kenny Rogers - The factory lyrics

can´t say that he loved his work but he fed ... At least he had a job down at the factory Forty years cut ... was hard enough to make a man forget his fear of hell He was a

Kingdom Come - Thank you all lyrics

flags, standing tall Thank you God, for my friends For a ... fair second chance Thank you all, thank you all I'm so ... glad you're around Always there, when I'm down Knowing you

Boyz Ii Men lyricsBoyz Ii Men - Thank you lyrics

was young (BOP) And didn't have no where ... to run I needed to (wake up) and see (and see) ... What's in front of me (na-na-op) There had to be, a ... better way Say it again, a better way

Dmx - The rain lyrics

Now I know, only I, can stop the rain Uh.. uh.. uh, uh, uh ... Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It's not that we gotta ... Now I know, only I, can stop the rain It doesn't have to be the way it is, you say it is

The Beatles lyricsThe Beatles - Thank you girl lyrics

oh you be good to me, you made me glad when I was blue ... and eternally I'll always be in love with you and all ... I gotta do is thank you girl, thank you girl. I could tell the

Charice - Thank you lyrics

said when you find love you'd better hold on You gotta ... keep it close to you but you gotta give love if you ... gonna get love and you don't know when love's found

Kavana - Thank you lyrics

you thank you thank you baby Du du du du du du du du ... Thank you thank you thank you love Everybody's going ... say goodbye And I wanna say thank you for being there I know the time is getting late And I

Gentle Giant - Thank you lyrics

I know it's been hard. You spend half your life, just ... testing the ground. THANK YOU, I thought you would come ... Just foolin' around. THANK YOU, for taking me as I am.

Ryan Adams - Thank you louise lyrics

when she was young, They said she was the pretty one ... her as she goes Waiting for the birds to come She holds the ... hands of someone young Whose mother comes and she

The Calling - Thank you lyrics

around, the writing's on the wall Don't you think we're ... broken dreams, I found truth My God, I should know you're ... know it's right to say I thank you for my days Come

Ben Rector - Thank god for the summertime lyrics

start my Saturday the right way Playing wiffle ball at ... place League champs since the third week of May (deal with that) While we’re working out the lawn chair strike zone Go

The Cataracs - Thank you feat. dev lyrics

homie lend me some cash, thank you Bartender fill my glass ... thank you Took a drug test and I ... passed, thank you Pretty girls fiving me that ... ass, and all I can say is Thank you! Let’s go Thank you,

Packy (the Specktators Collective) - Thank you in advance lyrics

nights get the mind right Lookin' at the ... dark sky make me hungry for the limelight All I ever think ... I don't know if I can pay for it Fans say I'm they're

Leona Lewis lyricsLeona Lewis - Thank you lyrics

I've ever put you through hell Only called ... help If I've only thought of myself Couldn't find the words ... felt If I've ever lied to your face Shut you out to keep you away You'd always give and I

Rebecca St. James - Thank you lyrics

am caught in the middle of So much that I ... cannot see the forest for the trees And oh I feel the ... Something I know is amiss in my soul My eyes are on me They

Kaci Brown - Thank you lyrics

you For being everything you always are For being there ... like no oneelse You know my heart Do you realize what you've done for me You made me ... see that love is worth believing in I

Hellyeah - Thank you lyrics

t say, Is it too late now that you've gone away? So many ... words, So many ways, If you can hear me now, there's ... more turn, If one's too much then.. I just want to say, Thank you, For everything, You

Jaya The Cat - Thank you reggae lyrics

thirty you head to work Get your coffee and your paper and ... it Shakedown when Friday comes try to turn your paycheck ... into more than surviving but you know that there's something

Naomi King - Thank you lyrics

far apart Oh, oh no. At the time we were down Never ... this far up Oh no. But anyway, we were down night and day ... I blamed you for my pain But it was never you,

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