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Metallica lyricsMetallica - Master of puppets lyrics

of passion play, crumbling away I'm your source of self ... that pump with fear, sucking darkest clear Leading on ... Dedicated to How I'm killing you Come crawling faster

Impellitteri - Master of disguise lyrics

I was in the Garden of Eden, the serpent, ... wild animals that the Lord God had made. There she was ... Eve, in paradise, and willing to give me a listen. So I

Ronnie Drew - Master mcgrath lyrics

sixty nine being the date and the year, Those ... and more did appear, For to gain the great prizes and to ... bear them awa', Never counting on Ireland and Master McGrath

Family Force 5 - Master of disguise lyrics

boyfriends jealous Sweating at the neck, and a little bit ... nervous There's nothing wrong with having some fun I ... betcha he's thinking it's love on the run. No

Grand Magus - Master of the land lyrics

the search goes on inside Deep within my ... scorn Let me be reborn Into glory ride Make me master of ... the land Master of the land Master of the land Answer the call

Silent Force - Master of my destiny lyrics

of my indecision Has brought me the ways of concern ... Your message is building the walls around me I'm ... trying my best not to fall And ... the better I am Elevating my sense of control Preparing my heart and my thoughts as I

And One - Master master lyrics

me why You and I Fly so high Master master What I ... Is oil for me Charity Master master Gimme more Need ... Like hundered times before Gimme more Master master

Pulp - Master of the universe lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got so big, it hurts Raise ... your eyes and graze your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... and cracks Your bitter laughter breaks his back I am

Pulp - Master of the universe (sanitised version) lyrics

am the Master of this Universe And I've got so big, it hurts Raise ... your eyes and graze your knees Oh, for your master is displeased Because you ... and cracks Your bitter laughter breaks his back I am

Gabriel Cyphre - Master of madness lyrics

just wanna dream again Without this shit in my ... brain Disaster of gladness I'm the master of ... I just wanna dream again Without this shit in my ... brain Disaster of gladness I'm the master of

Leonard Cohen lyricsLeonard Cohen - Master song lyrics

believe that you heard your master sing When I was sick in bed ... that he told you everything That I keep locked away in ... my head Your master took you travelling Well at

Nouvelle Vague - Master and servant lyrics

s a new game We like to play you see ... A game with added reality You ... treat me like a dog Get me down on my knees We ... call it master and servant We call it master and servant It's a lot

Accuser - Master of disaster lyrics

at the pool Another boring day What's the matter with ... the world Crying just for peace Taking care ... fad Nowhere in this f***ing world crisis looming Ghaddy

Black Sabbath lyricsBlack Sabbath - Master of insanity lyrics

your eyes Voices are calling Killing rain falling down ... from the sky Crying with nightmare tears Out on the ... You'll see blood on the ground Cities are burning

Dawnrider - Master of the black lyrics

Pendras] I caught you for a reason My master ... wanted you Now I will bring you to him And I know what ... for A hundred bloody nights [Pendras] He will

Sacred Steel - Master of thy fate lyrics

me to be ! In your eyes I've grown much too strong... Have I ... Chosen One ? (Cursed) Dark Gods CROM and XU ! You deny me. ... hand !") [THE TYRANT KING:] "I have fallen from Grace. You left me behind (and)

Stevie Wonder lyricsStevie Wonder - Master blaster (jammin') lyrics

s feeling pretty It's hotter than ... July Though the world's full of problems ... Marley's hot on the box Tonight there will be a party On ... They want us to join their fighting But our answer today

Depeche Mode lyricsDepeche Mode - Master and servant lyrics

s a new game We like to play you see ... A game with added reality You ... treat me like a dog Get me down on my knees We ... call it master and servant We call it master and servant It's a lot

The Quakes - Master planned community lyrics

society We came out here to get away We're the architects ... of our own decay Master planned community On the ... society We came out here to get away We're the architects

Sacred Warrior - Master of lies lyrics

I'm gonna tell ya a little story ... man named Lucifer He is the master of deception and he wants to ... see you burn He's got the power in him to make ... I tell you this my friend Master of lies Master of lies Lies

Sinbreed - Master creator lyrics

in this nightmare Trapped in my mind ... Hunted by ghosts of the night A sound behind my back, ... the dawn of day Save from danger, chase the night away

Exousia - Master of master's lyrics

of Master's, GOD of god's YOU ARE THE LORD of all ... creation YOU ARE THE KING of every nation MASTER of Master's, GOD of god's YOU ARE THE ... all creation YOU ARE THE KING of every nation Listen....

Lizzy Borden - Master of disguise lyrics

this mask engraved I'm under, a masquerade ... of thunder Callling out, you wonder who I am I ... can hear you screaming to the bells I'm ringing ... Pardon me, you're dreaming, I'm your nightmare's end

Avantasia - Master of the pendulum lyrics

the one who‘s stretching out his hand Is it it or is ... Like a mistletoe I‘m clinging to the cold, yeah I am the ... to twine around The rock of ages for those who‘re meant to

Dimmu Borgir - Master of disharmony lyrics

from the hordes of the living Into the blessed darkness ... Master of disorder Take my impure ... Save me from cowardness Master of sin Take my cursed heart

Gehenna - Master satan lyrics

Satan Master Satan Master Satan Master Satan Master

Adam Lambert - Master plan lyrics

run away from everything that you fear So afraid don ... You see the fake in everything that is real You hate the ... don't define what makes us right or wrong Waste of time

Power Quest - Master of illusion lyrics

you want us to see Masking the wreckage of our own ... reality Ignoring genocide in corners of the ... if there's some oil or gold. Why don't you just ... turn a blind eye to their plight How can this be right?

Sinister - Master killer lyrics

my wounds will heal - as they give your name Rivals meeting ... head you`re dead I am the master killer - fall to me Pray for ... which you can`t see I, the master killer - strike you down Can

Laura Marling - Master hunter lyrics

am a master hunter I cured my skin And ... nothing gets in Nothing as hard as it tries Want a ... Well I'll tell you that I got a little lot on my plate

Lammoth - Master of dreams lyrics

this place? It seems very wrong I try to move but stay on ... vain Now the scene is changing, rearranging I have to ... try to get away from it... All turns

Liege Lord - Master control lyrics

far futures calling and your needs at hand I'll ... re not able to shut down my master plan Once you'd crowd ... around me, marvel young and old our machine brings

Escape With Romeo - Master our lips are sealed lyrics

me a oh master to the universe next door ... the next plateau I was heading for through pale phantoms ... ? when I find the wishing well master our lips are

In Thy Dreams - Master of lies lyrics

cold morning filled with mist Thick all ... so hard to breathe A growing sickness Covers the black ... burned soil MASTER! What have we done wrong? ... once But now we're starving! The once so fertile land

Magic Kingdom - Master of madness lyrics

Defends our people and kingdom You are the only one, ... chosen by angels and Gods You know that something grows You visions revealed ... that a threat is coming soon Master of Madness, leads the holy light You keep the secret of the

Morgana Lefay - Master of the masquerade lyrics

time So I knoe what suffering means Rage - I am black ... Don't you know that I'm hiding inside you? I am the master ... of disguise A new wind of justice ... The soul that you keep is going to be reborn Awake - I

Airya - Master of the rain lyrics

and we can't control Our ghosts are day by day with us ... Only power over nothing, This was left to our souls ... If you can't feel bigger Then, save our souls!

First Aid Kit - Master pretender lyrics

thought that I was weak Always ... thought I could get hurt pretty bad Still get ... That I had some sense of integrity That would rise above ... whatever tried to change me But honey, now I won't

Gamma Ray - Master of confusion lyrics

s off, can't leave a message And now you're waiting, ... to me And now I'm running like the wind But I won't ... much time, I'm sorry once again No matter where I'm going

John Hiatt - Master of disaster lyrics

one there Choking in clean underwear Bleeding ... tongue Eight ball pounding in my lungs Ship to shore I ... I shouldn't be here I thought I made that loud and clear

Holy Moses - Master of disaster lyrics

mind beside can't deny the sign a return to the time did ... you bodies in the mind. Master of Disaster It's going ... piece by piece like pulling teeth the anger has begun

Mercenary - Master game lyrics

banner i'll break your kingdom do assemble forces now ... let the game commence Disrespect ... the name would you play the game Pin me down as I am now ... bring me down 'cause you won't ever

Noble Beast - Master of depravity lyrics

am sovereign to this kingdom of corrosion The ... of society's implosion I bring you pain and exploitation ... will escape my hand All kingdoms on their knees Awaiting

Skyclad - Master race lyrics

tie And understand these things are what give us this right ... To go around the world acting superior We live with ... and a fictional past And though some of us still have

Anna Tsuchiya - Master blaster lyrics

cry This hunger Got heaven under fire Dogs of ... out the sun Now waiting for the thunder Sky risin' ... I'm ready, take me into flight I stand all around me

Cirith Ungol - Master of the pit lyrics

you never kneel To the Master of the Pit Violently stirring their brew of corruption ... slave With the hearts and tongues of the Gods in the hands ... The Legions of Hell below forth their

Cydonia - Master shadow lyrics

to the game, wake up from your destiny ... A presence in my brain dragging me in the hollow I fight ... against my shade I'm losing my control Deceive your

Devil You Know - Master of none lyrics

of life for me I never laughed so easily, I never cried ... hard I've never stood so high above, I've never fallen so ... far What can I do? My God, what have I done? I crave

Dio - Master of the moon lyrics

You know And then the night You're just another empty ... know Hey you, you're just master of the moon And then the ... everyone you know Hey you, master of the moon We can shake

Dynasty - Master of disguise lyrics

has many faces He’s the master of disguise He can be a ... star Maybe he’s a pretty girl Master of disguise He ... in your side now He’s waiting for you He’s the master of

Heath Hunter & The Pleasure Company - Master & servant lyrics

Never gonna play the game of master and servant ... Ever wanna see the happy light in your eyes Never gonna ... play the game of master and servant Never say good

King Leoric - Master of the kings lyrics

denies it, the dragon's mighty breath ? Burning so bright and causing pain and death. ... On his hoard he is lying, defending with his life. ... And if someone is trying his life's balanced on a

Master - Master lyrics

all you preachers Stop looking to the skies We are your Masters We need no disguise Your ... dan There're still all stinking Vulturies There're scandalous

Nightwish - Master passion greed lyrics

Passion Greed Who the hell are you ... waste, to ever think of you again Hey Judas, your ... done Never sorry, never wrong More more more more more

Sacred Warrior - Master's command lyrics

Is caused by all the things I've said and done But your ... for me is so real You forgave me And you sent your only ... "My people are falling away from me People, I'm

Arise - Master of gravity lyrics

in the bleak flourocent light, a glimpse of the future. ... the laboratory's cleansing, quiet calm. Reality seems ... far away and drifting further. [Chorus] I lie

Front 242 - Master hit lyrics

You seem so... Tender Give me some more Of this warm ... beasts I’m so fond of Master, I’m so glad to feel your ... understand your reluctance Master, I feel so warm and I’m so

Ritual Steel - Master rage lyrics

are the longhaired plague We have no one but our ... and fury Faster than lightspeed we overrun your lines ... lesson you learn Like raging hellhammers We slay with

Savage Grace - Master of disguise lyrics

blue, My trap will be sprung upon you In the moonlight, ... flesh glows The object of my cruel ... desire. As you scream, beg and plead I laugh as I ... day I'm the law, I'm the right. I'm the fight against

Allen-lande - Master of sorrow lyrics

I'm prepared for anything You won't get that close now ... from your lies Knowing what you will bring me ... Knowing that I want no more When ... the snow was falling I could see your footprints

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