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Ten Toes Suicide lyrics

Browse for Ten Toes Suicide song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Ten Toes Suicide lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Ten Toes Suicide.

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Skinlab - Ten seconds lyrics

seconds before your suicide Ten seconds before your drive, will you survive? Ten years gone by, still I wonder why Sterilize these four walls of my mind Now that I'm alone There's nothing left to get me through a time The pain goes on and on and on

Ella Fitzgerald - Ten cents a dance lyrics

work at the palace ballroom, but gee that palace is cheap When I get back to my chillly hallroom, I’m much too tired to sleep I’m one of those lady teachers, a beautiful hostess you know; One that the palace features, at exactly a dime a throw. Ten cents a dance, that’s what they pay

Anita O'day - Ten cents a dance lyrics

work at the Palace Ballroom, but, gee that Palace is cheap; When I get back to my chilly hall room I'm much too tired to sleep. I'm one of those lady teachers, a beautiful hostess, you know, the kind the Palace features for only a dime a throw.

Devin Townsend - Suicide lyrics

hour suicide ...To get me out of here In three years, 'Deicide' is all I'll ever hear. Death of God ...Death of feeling anything at all All my life this is understood Wasting my time like you knew that I would...knew that I would So I hide my internal suicide All my pride just to

Psyclon Nine - Suicide note lullaby lyrics

again The smell of smoke it fills your lungs Never again Choking on the fear of darkness falls Never to be held Never to be free Never hear what they say and never fall for me One last kiss to satiate Ten thousand times is not enough Closing thi

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Suicide lyrics

night is mine, it burns so black, And there will be no morning light, The human race's foul disease, Will keep the morning from our sight, Why can't we say the secret word, Respect for nothing, fire or flood, Expect no quarter, no reprieve, We writhe a

Ja Rule - Suicide freestyle lyrics

Case] Ummm, Say all that I want to do Is to live my life Ummm, but everytime I turn around Another nigga dies Niggas catchin five to ten years And it just ain't no use [Ja Rule] Uhh, uhh, ever heard of a nigga dying twice My love is just to liv

Exciter - Suicide overdose lyrics

lives in the blackened night It lurks in the valley of the lost A voice is heard from the past It's coming back to claim its freedom Tremors fall from the souls Chains are broken beckoning call Life will end, all sins will crawl Stop the toture blood must flow Suicide,

Tanner Patrick - "toes" by lights lyrics

you are a cliffhanger ending I'm the one that doesn't know anything Like a magpie and a ring I'm always going to be looking right to you Oh, you capture my attention Carefully listening Don't wanna miss a thing Keeping my eyes on you Got me on

Redman - Suicide lyrics

Intro: Redman (Blam)] Gilla, yeah! Man, f*** that, nigga! (Yeah, yeah, yeah!) Yes, sir! Gilla House! You already know the business, nigga! Gilla House, nigga! [Verse 1: Redman] Yo, you ain't gotta' ask, dog - who am I? I walk in the street, my mid

The Damned - Suicide lyrics

s too much confusion for a young man to take, Look at my eyes that ain't easy to fake I got no spirit left to break I'll slash my wrists ain't no mistake Help me...oh help me Help me...oh oh help Suicide suicide it's hap'nin' again Suicide suicide I'm losin' my brain Su

Norah Jones - Toes lyrics

current is strong from what I've heard It'll wisk you down the stream But there never seems to be much time My toes just touched the water My toes just touched the water Daydreamed on the bank again I was swimming with the fish And I though

Lights - Toes lyrics

you are a cliffhanger ending I’m the one that doesn’t know anything Like a magpie and a ring I am always going to be looking right to you Oh, you capture my attention Carefully listening Don’t wanna miss a thing Keeping my eyes on you Got me on my toes If I

Sinergy - Suicide by my side lyrics

everyday through this nightmare no signs of waking up Surrounded by my fear and frustration paralysed here I stand So I surrender now, and give up on myself Been sinking for so long, I'm one to deep now How much more can I bear? Seems no one even cares I'm drown in a sea

Abscess - Suicide f*** lyrics

Splatter Bits of Brain Disgusting Matter Felt No Pain Bloody Chunks Skull and Hair Tragic Loss but I Don't Care Suicide F***, Suicide F*** You Took Your Life, Who Cares you Sucked Suicide F***, Suicide F*** F*** You Suicide F***, Suicide

Cock Sparrer - Suicide girls lyrics

in the morning, out all night, going where she can't tell But she knows it'll be alright, she's with the suicide Girls Strutting down the street, with an attitude like she own's the world Don't even think she'd look at you, she's with the Suicide Gi

Inxs lyricsInxs - Suicide blonde lyrics

t you know what you're doing You've got a dead wish Suicide blonde Suicide blonde Suicide blonde Suicide blonde Suicide blonde was the color of her hair Like a cheap distraction for a new affair She knew it would finish before it began Wow baby I think you lost t

Casket - Suicide lyrics

your dadies little girl So cute, so innocent Protected from real life Now you´re shaking the devil´s hand Everywhere. at any time He gives you what you need True love you hope to find But all he knows is greed Your independence Is just a memory With this poison in your veins

Jjamz - Suicide pact lyrics

chased fame, we chased fortune We could barely catch our breath You looked great and I looked gorgeous We turned some heads and even broke some necks And it came time to take our lives You turned your back on the suicide pact And left me dancing with

Born - Suicide lyrics

shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai shuutai BAIBAI MADLY MADLY SUICIDE MADLY MADLY SUICIDE I throw away the status quo jiko furan ken'o ryuuketsu gisei kako haiki rinne tensei sousei setsubou MADLY MADLY SUICIDE M

Hallows Eve - Suicide lyrics

took the pills that made me fast to speed my brain Future is past Rapid pulsations upon my heart Pulsing my blood from part to part Suicide I'm still living Suicide I'm still giving To suicide I bring the gas To suicide I give my ass Open the can

Kosheen - Suicide lyrics

that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Drop that rhythm and you unwind Keep that feeling and you step in time All too pretty for a real life Suicide Suicide Slip ´n´ slide Y

Manic Street Preachers - Suicide alley lyrics

m going down to suicide alley 'cos the air that I breathe tastes better down there I'm going down to suicide alley 'cos it seems as if, as if it's the only place for me and I'm going down to suicide alley where you can't get at me and I'm going down to suicide alley w

The Raveonettes - Suicide lyrics

little girl on Lonely Street Little runaway girl Do it again, do it again Your boyfriend's mean And your mom's a bitch Little runaway girl Do it again, do it again Run, run, runaway little girl and Get your foot in this trashy world Empty-hearted bus by yo

Lil Peep lyricsLil Peep - Suicide w/ mackned lyrics

just spend a 100 on a double cup Sucking on me, say it when I f***ing nut F***ing on me, molly got me f***ing up Lil Peep, shawty, let me f*** it up I just spend a 100 on a double cup Sucking on me, say it when I f***ing nut F***ing on me, molly got me f***ing up (Who?) Lil Peep

A Flock Of Seagulls - Suicide day lyrics

ve got a question I've got a question you should know Give me the answer Give me the answer for my sobs Give me a reason, it's for the things you said and done Give the answer Why did you leave me alone You got to tell me You got to tell me what'

Paul Gilbert - Suicide lover lyrics

was the best girl that I ever kissed How was I to know she was a terrorist But she didn't mean to hurt me Yeah, in fact she looked surprised When her love exploded right into my eyes She's a suicide lover You could say her love's the bomb Suicide lover She's in a crowded street

Man Must Die - Suicide gene lyrics

Stand helpless, alone in this world Panic stricken as I hear the key in the door His world a place of failure and rage My world of mental and physical pain I've tried to understand through time Why these images of my death Consume my mind I can't face

Bring Me The Horizon lyricsBring Me The Horizon - Suicide season lyrics

stare at broken clocks, the hands don't turn anymore The days turn into nights, empty hearts and empty places The day you lost him, I slowly lost you too For when he died, he took a part of you! No time for farewells, no chances for goodbyes No explanations, n

David Rush - Suicide ride ft k.young lyrics

out of 5 teenagers in this world think about committing suicide. Just to let you know at one point in my life ya'll wasn't alone. But just know it ain't worth it. Huh oh (Huh oh) I'm going on the suicide ride Huh oh (Huh oh) I'm pressing on the gas, the rain hittin

Deathgaze - Suicide dance lyrics

koto shite ageyou sekaijuu makikonde Kairaku wa me no mae sa Douse sukuwarenai inochi nara yamechae yo Onozomi no hora decadence Afureta namida no kazu dake gomakashite LET'S VAIN SUICIDE DANCE FULL HIGAIN EVERYBODY HAPPY SUICIDE DANCE LET'S VAIN SUICIDE DANCE FULL HIG

Danko Jones - Suicide woman lyrics

slides the room like a snake She's got a man at home but she's on the make She's a woman but she acts like a little girl I don't know why I even went out with her Cause she might look pretty but she's ugly as hell Everyday I went out with her I was just killing myself

K-ci & Jojo - Suicide lyrics

thinks I'm going crazy 'Cause I don't even sleep They say I'm lookin weak But everything they say is true Girl I can't make it without you And I don't know which way to go Up or down, fast or slow So I think it's time for me to go away And I know it sounds crazy Bu

James Arthur lyricsJames Arthur - Suicide lyrics

two You ready? Here we go It ain’t the gun It’s the man behind the trigger Gets blood on his fingers And runs It ain’t the lie It’s the way that the truth is denied But if there is one thing that I’m guilty of It’s loving and giving when you take too much If so

Imperia - Suicide lyrics

the pictures in my head* Make me fall in the dark tunnel Like a carousel, carousel When someone is laying cold In the grave while everyone else They are smiling around me It drives me crazy So f***ing crazy Suicide It must be heaven to me Suicide Let me fa

Jack's Mannequin - Suicide blonde lyrics

there is no world wrapping me up I've got a view from the valley Living well but we're dying young To bankrupt a blue sky I saw the post office from the book On my way to the west side Going broke but I'm feeling good I brought my girl to keep me with it She's a suicide

Rage - Suicide lyrics

ve been stumblin' through my years All I had was sweat and tears When I thought I had it made I was always much too late And throughout my whole life I've done everything wrong No way out - suicide No way out - suicide I am losing all I get For

D12 - Suicide lyrics

Bizarre] Pay attention [Girl] Why u doing this to me? [Swifty] Come on, quit the yapping, there's no justification for the way that I be acting I be asking for forgiveness, now you wanna end this? I'm clean as a whistle, I promise I won't hit u but I still do Every 5

Excretion - Suicide silence lyrics

the sight of the sky. Pain, burning inside. Suicide as I leave mankind. Silence, why? Suicide silence. A world so silent and dark. Suffering souls, staring eyes seeking for salvation. God and forgiveness, is it all lies? Waking up in the darkness. Cold wind

Kreator - Suicide terrorist lyrics

Terrorist Bringing Worldwide death Random killing Cruelty obsessed Tool for those who know no compromise Dicating demanding lives Leaders breathing hell Cities burn the day you die now Suicide Terrorist living sacrifice Nameless icon withing blood

Johnny Mandel - Suicide is painless lyrics

early morning fog I see Visions of the things to be The pains that are withheld for me I realize and I can see That suicide is painless It brings on many changes And I can take or leave it if I please. (I try to find a way to make All our little joys relate Without that ever

Manic Street Preachers - Suicide is painless lyrics

early morning fog I see visions of the things to be the pains that are withheld for me I realize and I can see That suicide is painless It brings on many changes and I can take or leave it if I please. The game of life is hard to play I'm gonna lose it a

Nightcore - Suicide circus (the gazette) lyrics

no fuhai Here is a hell on earth I felt a chill The disappointment that increases [TICK-TACK...] Nobody can rewind time [TICK-TACK...] Don’t look away Suicide circus Aged hatred and young cold-blooded mind Reason of the chill soko ni ugomeku Poverty

Otep - Suicide trees lyrics

1] i spent my whole life in love with despair kept my lungs full with the breath of their mute atmosphere ... i became what i hate. and thus shall i remain to give birth to a mighty assassin armed with a weapon of words to defy the lies to never co

Elliott Smith - Suicide machine lyrics

got a place in the sun selling people shade Renting out a room in a remote little corner A profits promenade Talking on the phone Waiting for a ring Well, everybody's trying to turn me into a suicide machine I'll be riding forth on my pony You'

Cathy Dennis - Suicide lyrics

is still Everything is restless in my heart I hate the way this feels Suddenly I'm scared to be apart The days are dark when you're not around The air is getting hard to breathe I wish that you would just put me down I wish that I could go to sleep Lovi

Exarsis - Suicide disorder lyrics

way to get rid of your burdens inside Sick thoughts translated to pain by your suicidal mind The doctor diagnosed you with major depression, obvious symptoms on your behavior Hand in hand with a dangerous tendency METHODS -- of inflicting pain Driving your brain -- MENTALLY IN

Jedi Mind Tricks - Suicide lyrics

Vinnie Paz, baby, they call me Louie Dogs Jedi Mind Tricks, Philly, Italiano mobbin' on you This is murder rap, I'll burn his back and push your sternum back And have the doctor cover your head just like a turban wrap A certain fact, you'll be prayin' on a Persian mat Or

Nas lyricsNas - Suicide boune lyrics

Rhymes] Ay fellas I think you might wanna s-s-sneak your ratchet in here for this one Ay ladies Put your petroleum jelly on your face Yo Nas, we got a big bet in the streets that you knock they ass out in the first 30 seconds of the first round GET 'EM!

Rihanna lyricsRihanna - Suicide lyrics

is still Everything is restless in my heart I hate the way this feels Suddenly I'm scared to be apart The days are dark when you're not around The air is getting hard to breathe I wish that you would just put me down I wish that I could go to sl

Germs - Suicide machine lyrics

a pill and a dream Died yesterday Put a gun in his mouth and blew his way out Just a pill and a dream It's a suicide machine She danced all night to the storm in her mind She waits in the gutter Someone she'll never find Just a sill and a scheme It's a suicide machine She cried about the

Born From Pain - Suicide nations lyrics

the line Feel the weight All around us now Growing harder, cutting deeper Future's heading southbound See this pain In a world without mercy Slipped away, lost the track Only hurt here Suicide Suicide nations Suicide New horizons Colder days

Cathedral - Suicide asteroid lyrics

natures eye, earth sinners fly On a suicide asteroid Trans-mutation - space rejection The hellish fleet must die Grim reflection in the sky Dark mirror of manblind Aliens walking amongst you Twist directions knife yea! Half way to paradise

Choking Victim - Suicide (a better way) lyrics

on the dragon the other day, Tompkins Square Park up by Avenue A. Halfway down the forty and a pig come up to me, said "listen here boy, gotta show me your ID." Well living in a police state, I tell you man, it ain't that great, I know it doesn't even ma

Glass Animals - Toes lyrics

your hand down, boy Welcome to my zoo Put your hate inside Might be black while white I can still help you See those snake bamboo Funky shake ass move Honey, can you spy The divine apes wine 'Cause he can't see you I'm a man, I'm a twisted

Astral Doors - Suicide rime lyrics

I'm drinking the night away Working on the suicide rime There's no reason for one more season Sharing what is mine Here you are, my final spell God is great but I guess I'll see you in hell There we can ride the flames The eternal wishing we

Avant - Suicide lyrics

Lady Since you walked out of my life It feels like the world is just caving in on me Damn, I cant live in these four walls all alone And you know how much I love you And how much I wanna hold you How could you do this to me Girl since you closed the door in my face Its been

Eskimo Joe - Suicide girl lyrics

lips that kiss Words of teeth And I was wrong To let you know So drink your coffee And catch your bus Cause I just want My suicide girl My social suicide girl Poison in the wall Razors in the apple core She's my social suicide girl She'll catch you in

Get Set Go - Suicide lyrics

ve been thinking bout drinking draino A nice big glass to make all my pain go Somewhere else, Somewhere I can't find it And I've been thinking about eatting bullets A sweet sweet feel of the trigger as I pull it Bury a bullet somewhere deep inside

Kataklysm - Suicide river lyrics

s no surrender There's no immediate answer We all drown in the suicide river This is reality, there's no place to hide We all die in this suicide river Come with me and drift away To lands of freedom, lands of passion There is no self prison There i

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