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Tears From The Past lyrics

Browse for Tears From The Past song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Tears From The Past lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Tears From The Past.

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Civil War - Tears from the north lyrics

as the longboat disappears behind the morning mist so clear The ... were seeking land could they understand that they never ... would return They're out on the last crusade

Enigma - Tears from the moon lyrics

hearing us talking And all the things I should have said ... I feel something falling from the sky I'm so sad I made the angels cry Tears from the

Sinéad O'connor lyricsSinéad O'connor - Tears from the moon (feat. conjure one) lyrics

hearing us talking And all the things I should have said ... I feel something falling from the sky I'm so sad I made the angels cry Tears from the

Conjure One - Tears from the moon lyrics

hearing us talking And all the things I should have said ... I feel something falling from the sky I'm so sad I made the angels cry Tears from the

Dominion ( Uk ) - Tears from the stars lyrics

aura of time, ripped out of the blazing skies Genesis of a ... new strain, the mother feeds her child Silence ... broken, the birth of mankind, but the ... conceal fears unspoken Like tears from the stars And the

Sepultura lyricsSepultura - From the past comes the storms lyrics

Your reflection inside the mirror Shows a past soiled ... by the blood of innocents The human greed will be their own ... destruction The apes in their cages surrounded by thorns

Boards Of Canada - Tears from the compound eye lyrics

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Lilith - Tears from the crystal moon lyrics

by the night With her cover of ... stars I'm the child who was born In the ... Darkness My mother the Moon Is crying tears of ... Crystal ...Spirits of the Night Listen to my calling

Månegarm - Echoes from the past lyrics

roar In the midnight sky Like echoes from the past A silent rain falls ... from above As my tears roll down the eye I remember ... a time Not far from now When all was calm and

Dark Miror - From the ashes lyrics

are the shadows from the past been awaken We are the ones ... and I will show you around these lands Now it’s time to ... for all we used to live by The world against you, everything

Billy Idol - Postcards from the past lyrics

keeps burnin’ Can you feel the passion? Can I make it ... will last Like a postcard from the past Yesterday is ... history It’s there for all the world to see Like a memory

Perkele - Stories from the past lyrics

day we started the band And the first gig we ever had In the ... days when we were punks The day I cropped my hair And I ... tattoo When I understood the meaning of pride (2x) We

Blaze Bayley - Voices from the past lyrics

Weeping I have tried to close the door On the very past where ... I was born Shutting out the past so I survive But now I hear ... in my mind Voices from the past Voices call me back Voices

Icy Steel - Memories from the past lyrics

not always lived But I was there Sometimes rust is a ... Offers wisdom Look at the world Through the eyes of ... I close my hand Within me the fire of the past The past of

Korn - The past lyrics

chose to take From the past You want a game That's ... affection Is hate without the pain Life is a connection ... Seperate from the brain You chose to take From the past Can't you see the

Drakkar - Coming from the past lyrics

up and walk!" this was the answer of Jesus: "I ... I am back" Coming from the past, I'm a traveler in ... a million lives Coming from the past, I will never ever die

Edguy - Voices from the past lyrics

into this life Always on the run Just find the lucky ... place The place beyond the sun I don’t give a shit ... On the people what they say They always told me, honey If

Helker - Ghosts from the past lyrics

this out Try to clean my past I very often dreamed How ... ahead I can't stop myself From watching the crowd Without ... love for us I want to let them out The ghosts that haunt

Marillion - A voice from the past lyrics

voice from the past Entered my head today Fresh ... and pain. A voice now past. A beautiful soul. Gone, ... clearly - clearer than the living Talking perfect sense

Illusion Suite - A ghost from the past lyrics

in my bed, I can sense him. The ghost from my past brings A ... wind from the cold well of souls. Lost ... in the midnight of illusion, An ... undefined. Scarred of these eerie visits, A bestial

Expect Anything - A letter from the past lyrics

new and strange Face the world And Try to stay alive. ... Between truth and lies Face the world Just try to stay alive ... see this letter? This letter from the past, Are you sure

Leeland - Tears of the saints lyrics

Of The Saints There are many prodigal sons On ... our city streets they run Searching for shelter There are homes broken down ... People’s hopes have fallen to the ground From failures This

Neil Sedaka - Pictures from the past lyrics

Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found...

Burning Point - Voice from the past lyrics

drown in deepest seas I'm on the edge of forever Lost in the twilight, collision of ... -- Chorus ---------- Voice from the past Forever lasts On ... it echoes in me I've been there done that, the story of my

Druid - Blast from the past lyrics

coming fast Demented horror, from the past Few can conquer, ... of dishonour In it for the dollar Follow your desire ... Don't be fooled by liars The lies stay with them all from

Dream Master - Echoes from the past lyrics

loose the anger I have inside Facing ... all the power of my fears Trapped ... a cage of agony I´m afraid the beast is going out ... surrounding me It seems they are getting stronger every

Oratory - Heroes from the past lyrics

virgin seas they salied in search of land ... despite fear they bravely found a new world ... Where the mysteries of the glorious nature are silently ... a world where we don't fear the unknown we could try, try to

Bound By Entrails - Voices from the past lyrics

have seen the rising of the damned Filling the air with their brackish pride. And I have ... seen the fall of the gods, Lifeless idols left as ... time. New worlds rising from desperate efforts, Ascending

Narnia - No more shadows from the past lyrics

Died For Me On The Cross Took My Sins And Threw ... Them Away he Lit The Fire In My Soul At Last I've ... Goal Hand In Hand Through The Fields Of Fire No More

Marduk - Echoes from the past lyrics

no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics no lyrics inustrial song...

Dark Lunacy - From the don to the sea lyrics

heart, I want to redeem you The smell of death from Mafia's ... Feel me, I feel your pulse The spark’s alive in you The ... smell of death from Power's breast Has filled

Overload - Tears are falling lyrics

and sorrows Struggle with the pain inside, I try to ... overcome Listen to the silence, wondering what I’ll ... do Absent from reality, talking to myself

Graveworm - Tears from my eyes lyrics

will never see Memories of the past Traces of grief that ... eyes Losing my last hope Tears from my eyes Filled with ... dreams Tears from my eyes For a dying world

Axenstar - Tears of the sun lyrics

in from the cold, like poison through my ... Solemn shores release m,e from this pain But I believe this ... end Until we all will break the chains Ice cold winds

Paradise Lost - Victim of the past lyrics

faith in others Lost faith in all ... of what we endure Into the grave, the heartless ... as a shroud Born to save, the night has fallen Born to ... save, just save us from the past No-one can save you now

Extol - Tears of bitterness lyrics

put away, God forsaken The downfall of my faith The ... fades away A glance towards the sky So unreachable without ... signs I'm drifting towards the unknown The solitude

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - The son of the forest lyrics

under roaming feet, ice in the ground so deep I wander to the north in the freezing storm ... Trees of the silent night want me to have ... a hike Together we shall be like a father

Iron Fire - The final odyssey lyrics

understand it This is the final odyssey Turn to pieces ... in my own misery In the silence, I die alone In this ... memories fade to gray In the darkness, tears fall like

Berlin - The world is waiting lyrics

never laughs, never feels the sun And when you ask her how ... away And she doesn't know them And every day goes by ... like a silent dream Behind the same four walls closing off

Ub 40 lyricsUb 40 - Tears from my eyes lyrics

are leaving, leaving with another Things that we've done together I'll always remember though ... you're with another, baby. Tears from my eyes keep on falling

Flogging Molly - From the back of a broken dream lyrics

your soul drips from the plate To the floor where she ... is standing Her eyes lit by the fire From the torch you are ... Many years brought many tears And many more will soon be

Sbtrkt - Trials of the past lyrics

You're a carrier a carrier of the light inside of you. Glows ... green in the pitch black night night night ... What to be, down cruising in the ocean, and sin it's due. So

Mournful Congregation - Tears from a grieving heart lyrics

tears from a grieving heart We flow to the deepest depths Every crevice ... A sea on earth is a sea of tears Forever being added to For ... mankind to drown in The shards of shattered hope

John Newman - The past lyrics

I, I, I get a little lost from my home And I, I, I, I'm ... Would you walk back through the door? Should I keep looking ... I keep searching through the past, the past All or not-no-no

The Poodles - Echoes of the past lyrics

not to fight. On and on, the same old story. Another ... night we fall from glory. When will we ever ... ever hear me calling you. The echoes from the past, oh.

Sampha - Trials of the past (feat. sbtrkt) lyrics

re a carrier, a carrier, of the light inside of you Glows ... green in the pitch black night, night, ... sheets A torpedo cruising in the ocean, and soon it's due So

Fat Joe - The hidden hand lyrics

Joe] Yea, time to educate the youth (Speak on it God) ... Cause if we won't, then who will? (True) Terror ... wild adolescent, blessed with the foul essence Messin around

Nightingale - The glory days lyrics

I can feel is the beat of my heart And I count ... every breath that I take The darkness will drain all the ... of me For better or worse There s shadow in my soul now I

Pegazus - Tears of the angels lyrics

can see Unholy thoughts came from the devil Humanity fails at ... awakens, end of nations Tears of the Angels Man's sins ... will be burned Tears of the Angels Earth's breath will

Carlene Carter - You are the one lyrics

you are the one You're the one in my heart You're my ... s greatest thrill You are the one in my heart And I know ... Well I've had some sweethearts And dear, so have you

Harmony - Maze of the past lyrics

You are carrying burdens from the past Yesterday is ... at night Cause dreams of the past Keep you away from the light ... around, in a maze of the past Memories, burning on and

George Jones - You are the one lyrics

are the one, you're the one in my heart You're my ... greatest thrill You are the one in my heart and I know ... will. I've had some sweethearts and dear so have you And

Reilly Maggie - Tears in the rain lyrics

is going many miles away from you I think there's ... I think it's time I told you there's something deep inside of ... me there's someone else, I've got to

Sevendust - The past lyrics

the water that's falling from my eyes lays a soul I've ... left behind the edge of sorrow was reached ... but now I'm fine I've filled the hole I had inside I'll

Astral Doors - Tears from a titan lyrics

I'm lying with the dying This is a song about ... must tell it again and again The people cry; revolution, but ... no one dares From a whisper in the leaves to the breeze off the ocean Domino

Degradead - Resemblace of the past lyrics

will not be answered The question lies within ... Timeline has been pushed To the edge of eternity There's ... no way to escape From the past no way To get out

Royal Hunt - Tears of the sun lyrics

.. no help, we're on our own The end - as they say - is a ... walk down the street in Belfast - think of ... your back: highest alert all the time - you are under attack,

Count Raven - The coming lyrics

Silence in the air, people are nervous, ... everyone is in fear This is the day the earth stands still, ... and the sinners they must beware All through ... I see a new star coming in the black sky And now I know

B. J. Thomas - From the start lyrics

love with You You put me together My love's forever I will ... years And some pain and some tears But you pulled me through ... wonder why I didn't love You from the start I was confused then Lost in a whirlwind That

Never Shout Never - The past lyrics

I sing songs about the past. How I was raised and I was ... going to school. And I saw the look in her eyes. My mother ... wanted to go. Just to prove them wrong. I've been smoking

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