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Jimi Jamison - Taste of love lyrics

yeah Wooh Taste of love Who's the little wild one ... Give the little lady a prize Oh yeah Oooh, you set my ... a crazy notion Give me a taste of love Oooh, a little lady love Don't leave me standing at

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - Taste of india lyrics

I love the sweet taste of India Lingers on the tip of my tongue Gotta love the sweet taste of India Blame it on the ... beat of the drum God I love the sweet taste of India

Backstreet Boys lyricsBackstreet Boys - Love will keep you up all night lyrics

I'll just scream it in my mind Nothing good in life is ... even though a face may try Love can keep you up all night ... 'Cause love will keep you up all night

Gala - Taste of me lyrics

If one thing would kill Our love It would be jealousy I ... want to love you Without any demands I ... wide open hands You can love many If that's what you need

Ghost Town - My last thought lyrics

, I'm runnin', in circles My face is turnin' blue My ... by Like a slide show (Oh oh) I guess I'm dying proof ... And this life is a sideshow (Oh oh) Ohhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh My last thought is, where did my

Mazzy Star - Taste of blood lyrics

oh red, The taste of blood On lips of wine Red ... are you looking for, The taste of red, The taste of fear ... convincing smile Red oh red, The taste of blood On

Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Taste of my love lyrics

hot night. Could it be for a taste of my love Down on your ... please please please. My friend said I should call ... to me. Help yourself to a taste of my love. Call up room

Bellarive - Taste of eternity lyrics

we come So aware Of all that You’ve done Of all ... So Father we come here The taste of eternity Is here on our ... With every breath we sing of Your majesty It’s here in

Brother Firetribe - Taste of a champion lyrics

the dark To get back the taste of the champion Follow your ... heart Regain the taste of the champion Head for the ... triumph With a heart of a lion You got the taste of

Atrocity - Taste of sin lyrics

touched your graceful body in my darkest fantasies I told ... with your eyes It's like a taste of sin red lips tell only ... nur gequält It's like a taste of sin, it's like a taste of

Critical Acclaim - Taste of ink lyrics

and I´ll do everything thet´s taste of ink I´m feeling free ... world´s aproching me with taste of ink Until you gone out of me until you just st me free

Div - Taste of life lyrics

shiawase no aji ga ii TASTE OF LIFE OODAA wa mukanshinna ... GETEMONO kurai? TASTE OF LIFE Kagayaku mitsuboshi wa ... chanto hihyou shite kure TASTE OF LIFE OODAA wa mukanshinna

Everclear - Taste of hell lyrics

said you didn't do those type of things, but you went and ... awful truth is that you broke my heart And now I'm going to ... you when I give you Just a taste of hell A little flavor of

Cauterize - Taste of tears lyrics

on my doorstep in the rain. Make ... for you, if you would take my breath and hold it in. I ... need to be inside of you. Show me where it ... hurts. Show me what love's done to you. Don't try to

Dark Princess - Taste of shame lyrics

When you look up in sorrow of gentle crimes. Give me one ... more day of despair I get the night of ... cry. You can swallow my grief. There's no time to ... Deliver me from hate Love still reasoning your life

L'arc~en~ciel - Taste of love lyrics

Sono utsukushiku hosoku shinayaka na yubi Yasashiku namaraka na ugoki wa maru de chou no you Tatoeba anata no me ga mienaku nareba Watashi ga me to nari isshou ...

Clan Of Xymox - Taste of medicine lyrics

body is tense to the touch of fear The terror screams ring ... It sends a shiver down my spine Through these walls I ... whine It sends a shiver down my spine I lost faith in

Rebellion - Taste of steel lyrics

Save your blood To grant a taste of steel My Petschenegan ... your face in the mud A taste of taste of steel Do you move ... Feel the battle's thrill A taste of taste of steel

In Fear And Faith - Taste of regret - (ep version) lyrics

out of hiding, show us your face. ... Don't be afraid of what they'll say Just close ... let it fade away. Let go of the past, that tore you apart ... We weren't meant to be one of them, but to live life, love

Blood Red Throne - Taste of god lyrics

the mud I felt this aim of blood, the old taste of blood ... soul, I show you your god. My hatred grows, I feel what you ... the inside. ...and I used my knife to cut my own flesh, I

Legion Of The Damned - Taste of the whip lyrics

predatory gaze Relieve me of my burning agonies Surrender to ... need Make me bleed Chain my hands submit to your every ... the rope slowly around my neck The fear to choke

Besatt - Taste of the nightly prayers lyrics

fotgotten cave And shadows of hooded shapes Holy fire ... with naked trunk As a priest of wicked ritual Drawns the ... pentagram Symbol of baphmet buck Omen of black

Mythic - Taste of the grave lyrics

Feels cold but warm to my soul Rows of lifeless ... Their muffled cries Taste of the grave Rest upon ... soil Within holds many mysteries Cheated by mortality

Archive - Taste of blood lyrics

get a taste of blood in my mouth when you're near A ... painful to bear I get a taste of blood in my mouth when you ... to bear Straight to my head I get a look of fear

Children Of Bodom - Taste of my scythe lyrics

and on' You make me own my life in hell My kingdom ... sought to feel They'll taste of my scythe You say my ... ear, my god who help me, god take ... your head on a plate to feel my eyes Come with me, I want

Desultory - Taste of tragedy lyrics

the void of Accusation Into the point of No return Give me a shelter ... From your rain The fall of anger Storm of pain Our ... in Agony Your bitter voice tastes Tragedy So here's the

Meat Puppets - Taste of the sun lyrics

You say It's just the taste of the sun you're after But ... disposal again Lost in my room Locked open The ... sparkling shadows of dance I'm endlessly caught

Robert - Taste of your tongue lyrics

.. I want... I like the taste of your tongue I want to be ... alone with the darkness No lovers, no liars Under the full ... me I feel sad, where is my best friend

Degradead - Taste of destiny lyrics

It´s been a pleasure, watching you fail Pathetic lie caused you to make misstakes and fail No more disgusting pain, you´re a failure Pain, kept us alive ...

Necrophobic - Taste of black lyrics

flames I'm the one you speak of in fear Calm is over I ... me now I'm revealed in front of your eyes How does it feel ... worst nightmare Prince of darkness - hellspawned, the

Abnormality ( Usa ) - Taste of despair lyrics

is the dark history of our ancestors Human's vile

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Taste of honey lyrics

If you don't have no money You won't get no honey It just keeps on growin' The money is flowin'...

Master - Taste of insanity lyrics

Elevated problems that we often choose to ignore build a ... sense of family values just prepare ... the fence it's just a fence of hypocrisy one of the ... and twisted values pleasures of human live, push aside the

Lake Of Tears - Taste of hell lyrics

road leading nowhere but into my grave I'm dead I can't be ... lost and alone Darkness my old friend we're closer To ... saved I'm gone straight for my grave Hellbound, in

Ancient Creation - Taste of mortality lyrics

the symptoms of the honest man, feel his pain ... kingdom's souls Feel all my pain (thousands are calling ... me) Chant out my name (Into the light) the ... home The vagrancy inside of me, it shadows all my life

Destiny - A taste of armageddon lyrics

surrounds me Can't find my own way out The tomorrow ... I'm coming home, you're my dearest friend Don't lock me ... deep show Can you imagine my fear When you're not

The Hollies - A taste of honey lyrics

taste of honey...... Tasting much ... Yours was the kiss that awoke my heart And lingers still, ... though we’re far apart A taste of honey . . . (honey, honey)

Def Leppard lyricsDef Leppard - Love and affection lyrics

time, babe, you got the need, oh surrender it Oh, it's a ... crime with a danger sign, oh, can you handle it? Yeah ... man, it's just another night Whoa, whoa yeah Don't gimme love and affection Or what you

Andrew Allen - My love lyrics

But have I told you lately whoa I'm in love with you Have I ... told you lately whoa I'm yours If all you wanted ... I'd give to you the ocean for my love Oh for my love whoa

Shakin' Stevens - Oh julie lyrics

whoa Julie. If you love me truly. Do you want me, ... Be your very own? Julie, love me only. Julie, don't be ... I want you only to be. To be my very own. Ooh, Baby, don't

Joe - Love scene lyrics

Ooh...hoo...ooh... Well, well, well, well, ... head (Take two) I jump into my SL6 I gotta make my way to ... mad quick (Take three) I see my baby as I step inside She's

Brokencyde - Whoa! lyrics

And I just was there like,Whoa! I'm on top of her,She's ... on top of me, No matter where we go, ... all over me, Yeah,I'm on top of her,She's on top of me,

Lucy Hale - Love tonight lyrics

kind of like the way you smile And ... this whatever we want it, Whoa-oh oh-oh Whatever you're ... I've already bought it, Whoa-oh oh-oh Whatever this is

Auf Der Maur, Melissa - Taste you lyrics

my love, oh my love I can't hear you my love ... me where have you gone? Oh my love, oh my love I can't ... taste you my love, Tell me what have I done?

Brandy - Love is on my side lyrics

whoa... Love, love, love, love... Love, yeah, yeah, yeah... ... yeah, yeah, yeah... Hmmm, oh, hmmm... Love... Whoa... Oh... Memories of yesterday

Jennifer Love-hewitt lyricsJennifer Love-hewitt - First taste of love lyrics

looking out of my window. I can see you ... I think that I'm feeling, My first taste of love. ... It's only about you. My first taste of love. First taste of love. (I can handle

Carlene Carter - Love like this lyrics

trade his finest crown for love--love like this And warriors ... have laid weapons down for love--love like this Hearts will ... break a thousand times for love--love like this And arms

Ryan Leslie - Taste for your love lyrics

. Hoo (you know I got a taste for you) [Verse 1:] ... Citylights will captivate ya my love And your pretty eyes ... say it's in your nature my love To play hard to get but I

Nofx - Whoa on the whoas lyrics

never like to sing whoa's. We love whoa's. We're ... against whoa's. We hate whoa's. We prefer ahhhhh's and ... na na na na-na na's. Of course yeah, yeah, yeah's are

Blake Lewis - Love or torture (please don't stop) lyrics

to give in when she clouds my mind There ain't no chance ... reason why I shouldn't try Oh my... watch what she's got ... don't stop I, I want a taste of what you got I, I want to

Bette Midler - My knight in black leather lyrics

it was a cold night. This is my story. I ain't ashamed to ... hungry, tired and lookin' for love. I was just a pilgrim in the ... hot pursuit of love. Wandered from disco to disco

Ronnie Dunn - Love owes me one lyrics

m so tired of fightin' this fight Lookin' ... on the run Gonna walk away; love owes me one Hangin' on to ... habit Can't go on like this, whoa, I've had it Leave the sad,

Musical Hamilton - My shot lyrics

am not throwing away my shot! I am not throwing away ... shot! Hey yo, I’m just like my country I’m young, scrappy ... And I’m not throwing away my shot! I’m ‘a get a

Ben E. King - First taste of love lyrics

I never thought that I'd give love a try Then you came a ... walking by And gave me my first taste of love Mmm, ... place they call paradise Oh, I was such a sad and lonely

Billy Ray Cyrus - Love is the lesson lyrics

Trying to get through the eye of the needle I'm just ... wanting to find my place In a rat race that ... that I ought a be living Ooh, one of these days I'm gonna

Little Mix lyricsLittle Mix - Love on the brain lyrics

high Baby you got me like oh You love when I fall apart ... babe (just stop loving me) Oh And baby I’m fist fighting ... I run for miles just to get a taste Must be love on the brain,

Tina Arena - Oh me oh my lyrics

don't care I would give My everything To keep you, boy ... It breaks my heart When you've Not there ... although I ain't got no tune My show Ain't gonna fly I'll

Foghat - Back for a taste of your love lyrics

I come, comin' for a taste of your love, Here I come, ... bit by bit, I'm fallin' in love all over again. Here I ... I did before, Here I come, love this time I'm sure. It takes

Lennon & Maisy - Love lyrics

the air) Painting pictures Of fairy tales Oh, summer sun ... Hold me in your arms I love you mother nature Your sunny ... fields of green I love your taste of freedom Your singing in

Boys Like Girls - Love drunk lyrics

like a hit an run An I still taste it on my tongue The sky was ... You made me want you oh so bad it hurt But girl, in ... haven’t heard I used to be love drunk But now I’m hungover

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