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Freak Kitchen - Taste my fist lyrics

fan, I'm above the law And my mission in life: Dr Martens ... Travel around the world in my "passion" for the ... with a baseball bat in my private war Taste my fist,

Aerosmith lyricsAerosmith - My fist your face lyrics

the days Please no more My Fist Your Face That's for ... get ya s'more (some more) My Fist Your Face That's for ... days Please no more Arr...My Fist Your Face That's for

Bullet For My Valentine - My fist, your mouth, her scars lyrics

me shout?! Bleeding through my head, my heart, my eyes! To ... I gone too far? What about my fist, your mouth, her scars! ... me shout!? Bleeding through my head, my heart, my eyes! To

Novaspace - Taste my love lyrics

the grey sky into blue Taste my love I’m here for you ... high above So come on over Taste my love Just like a ... Turn the grey sky into blue Taste my love I’m here for you

Anna Tsuchiya - Taste my skin lyrics

At that time you touched my heart so bad Oh baby baby, ... afraid of me Oh baby in my opinion love is life I don't ... what is the happiness But my love was true Maybe i just

Iron Curtain - Taste my whip lyrics

fast The rock and roll, it's my life It's something that ... turns me insane! Burning my soul every second is right ... the lord… I'm the beast… Taste my whip… Allied with forces…

Holy Moses - Taste my blood lyrics

us you can't kill us hate in my neck You can't kill my mind ... you can't kill my time our return is now ... [Chorus 2X] Do it, do it taste my blood drink my deadly

Eagleheart - Taste my pain lyrics

does it feel to starve and taste my pain? I was going ... of it all, no more tears In my eyes Dying, dying to live ... Your time has come to Taste my pain This time you cry in

Paloma Faith lyricsPaloma Faith - Taste my own tears lyrics

hurt me Someone kissed me on my neck (Verse) I was ... I don't feel nothing 'til I taste my own tears (Verse) Why ... would I do this to myself again? Drag myself

Lesbian Bed Death - Taste my despair lyrics

inside When I finally close my eyes What fear will I ... floor I'll wait for you in my nightmare Feel the pain, Taste my despair I'm here for you ... in my nightmare Face the fear I

Chimaira - Taste my..... lyrics

into my hole I keep seeking Is ... I hide all this pain Can you taste my tears on you? Now where ... do I see myself? Stagnation from my own ... Should I work to achieve my goals or should I work to

Shinhwa - Throw my fist lyrics

uh oh (can you feel my heat) madgo to suro jin ... anhgo irona (I)(throw my fist) and I rock this world ... yeah it's the way I love my life Naui inseng soge

Sahara Hotnights - Alright alright (here's my fist where's the f.. lyrics

on start a civil war Here's my fist, where's the fight?

A Loss For Words - I feel an army in my fist (feat. andrew neufe.. lyrics

They bash in smoking Dunhills and a set conflagration. They pave a wasteland and call it a generation. Your cellphones won't capture the drone overhead. They ...

Sanctuary - Taste revenge lyrics

take the first blow, I taste revenge Let anger come my ... will is done, malicious in my intent The hate is rising, ... fear takes over And, oh the taste is sweet my friend So

Michelle Tumes - My constant one lyrics

that seek to reach me My constant One When I dance, ... are constantly keeping In my joy, in my strife When I taste my desires I am caught in ... your eyes holding me My constant One When I taste

Power Of Omens - My best to be... lyrics

I've bled this all my life. Pretending you would ... is real, are you real? All my life I was taught to analyze. ... My changes from deep within, ... gave your life. Take, this my son, You don't have to fight

The Dresden Dolls - My alcoholic friends lyrics

that I'll get home with my imagination If they find the ... the address on the letter To my alcoholic friends I'm ... it against me I'll be on my best behavior Taking shots

Gwar - My knife if yer guts lyrics

guts, it's all come to this My knife if your, you crumple ... and twist You're grabbing my arm, you try to resist I do ... apart, I'm going someplace My life in your guts, my knife

Chasing Safety - My revenge (ft. kyle bihrle of sirens & sailo.. lyrics

you do this to me? I put my heart onto the table and you ... up, I don't care who's by my side I'm not lost, I'm not ... up, I don't care who's by my side I'm coming, I'm

Newsboys - My friend jesus lyrics

been waiting for an hour Now my phone's losing power And I'm ... What if everybody talked like my friend Jesus? If everybody ... loved like my friend Jesus, If everyone

Breathe Carolina - My obsession lyrics

is my last chance to ask for ... And don't you love the way it tastes? Humiliation And don't you ... know control requires my submission So now you're ... just in time to throw out my automatic world takes non

Carnal Forge - My bloody rampage lyrics

in the world today before my blade there are no exceptions ... I gather my troops for the final kill the ... filled meat I can't stop my infernal slaughter Watch me

Converge - My unsaid everything lyrics

faint glimmer of suicide. I taste my wreckage in our ... I can't remember how to set my heart alight. You never ... the hammer. So sick of my suicide, of burying every

Anna Tsuchiya - My lullaby lyrics

hitan, so sad Yeah it's my life Let's forget about the ... god saw gained an insight in my heart Sing to me a lullaby ... oyasumi nasai Yeah it's my life Let's forget about the

The Maine - My heroine lyrics

pretty dirty baby Forgive my sins. I get the feeling you ... can save me honey, My herione. Your hips, my ... me in Just let me in Your my heroine, just suicide If I

Malice In Wonderland - My heart (belongs to you) lyrics

the world is cruel But still my hearts belongs to you This ... that I can't explain I guess my life is ending too If this ... the world Eternity is here my girl Set us free, soon we

Golden Earring - Fist in glove lyrics

this door it's another world Fist in glove Don't wanna shake ... what the left hand wants Fist in glove Don't tell me that ... goes undetected now Like a fist in glove Like a fist in

Insane Clown Posse - Taste lyrics

neighborhood And give them a taste of the same And when we kill ... deserves a good cut Look in my brain its f***ing insane ... and pulled the brains out My list are strong its only a

Conquest Of Steel - Taste the metal lyrics

Belongs to him now. You'll taste the metal drink it down You ... draws you near. You'll taste the metal, you'll taste your

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Taste the poison lyrics

noise Attacking stance? Fist in face for personal choice

Ted Nugent - Fist fighting son of a gun lyrics

He's a son of a gun A fist fightin' fool He's a son of ... a gun A fist fightin' dog He's a son of a ... gun A fist fightin' fool He's a son of ... kicks like a mule and he's a fist fightin' son of a gun He's

Kid Rock - Fist of rage lyrics

like a long trip I'm a fist of rage One foot in the ... grave I'm a fist of rage Far from saved I'm ... a fist of rage In a broken state I ... a wrist of hate I'm a fist of rage I'm a fist of rage

Majesty - Fist of steel lyrics

by. Brothers raise your fist up in the sky. [Chorus:] Fist Of Steel We will always be ... fighting. Fist Of Steel With our swords on ... our side Fist Of Steel Gods of war, we are

Motorjesus - Fist of the dragon lyrics

A legend, iron hand - a fist of fury - a strike to the ... your weapon Be the water my friend and it flows till the ... - Unlike anyone before The fist of the dragon - and it's

Behexen - Fist of the satanist lyrics

in our minds With the iron fists and the will to use them we ... the human faces apart Fist of the Satanist -crushes joy ... and light Fist of the Satanist -crushes the

Polica - Fist, teeth, money lyrics

on the rope, pay me honey Fist on the floor, give me ... on the rope, pay me honey Fist on the floor, give me

Rush - Hand over fist lyrics

over fist Paper around the stone ... paper to the bone Hand over fist Paper around the stone ... the crowd But not if I keep my head in the clouds I could

Papa Roach lyricsPapa Roach - My heart is a fist lyrics

I wear so well I wave my flag I sound the alarm ... car That'll take me out of my mind tonight Crash and ... under the spotlight My heart is a fist drenched in

Dirges - First fist with blood lyrics

power is the hour of your fist run behind the following ... and give your... first fist with blood. one night he ... call me and see in my eyes and powerful words

Dominus - Swine for a while pigs for a week lyrics

what I mean You should taste my fist But that don't get us

Gloryful - Fist of steel lyrics

never stop Fighting the enemy, across the land Unleash the ... to the sound Raise your fist, all for one Fist of steel, ... the weapon they fear Calling my brothers, we're ready to

Ice-t - My baby lyrics

the ladies, sing something to my girl I love the way you ... is giving me head You make my body hot and cold Your fat ... ass corrupts my soul You get my dick hard as a rock She gets

Cannibal Accident - Fist things first lyrics

You act like a cunt, I'll fist your face There's no room

Nine Inch Nails lyricsNine Inch Nails - Fist f*** lyrics

Read more: Nine Inch Nails - Fist F*** Lyrics |

Mxpx - Fist vs tact lyrics

fight back Not with a fist, with tact Ideas in action,

Little Boots - Taste it lyrics

to taste it, you want it No questions ... way to your call Can you taste it, taste it, taste it La la ... la la la la la la la Can you taste it, taste it, taste it Can

Placebo lyricsPlacebo - Taste in men lyrics

to me a while Change your taste in men It´s been this way ... doused in gin Change your taste in men Come back to me a ... to me awhile Change your taste in men I´m killing time on

The Killers - My list lyrics

me wrap myself around you Let you show ... the ghost up just clench your fist You should have known by now ... you were on my list Don’t give the ghost up ... just clench your fist You should have known by now

Busta Rhymes - Taste it lyrics

Repeat 5x (Taste it, taste it, taste it)] Here we go ... at it take a lick and just taste it (taste it, taste it, taste ... me to go low So I go low, taste the shit, taste it again I

Funky Diamonds - Taste the group lyrics

by blowing nasty things in my mind dressed up ain't no lie ... like candy honey baby be my chocolate man you will see I ... mouth and not in your hand Taste the group taste the group taste the group taste the group taste the group taste the group taste the g

Gala - Taste of me lyrics

But I want every kiss To taste of me Every day, every ... kiss so sweet I want it to taste of me Every time your ... Every fantasy I want it to taste of me Of me, of me... I

Next - Taste so good lyrics

while having sex Can I taste you, can I taste you (Yes, ... you can) Can I taste your body, girl (Of course ... you can) Can I taste you, can I taste you I just

Jimi Jamison - Taste of love lyrics

yeah Wooh Taste of love Who's the little ... Oh yeah Oooh, you set my wheels in motion Turning on ... a crazy notion Give me a taste of love Oooh, a little lady

Israel & New Breed - Taste and see lyrics

that you thought you could Taste and see that His love is real ... everlasting Love so amazing taste Life so exciting, Hope so ... All who are crying to be free Taste and see, Taste and see Taste

Kill It Kid - Taste the rain lyrics

There's a want that burns in my veins. Spirit of possession ... brand new craze, set fire to my sense, systems over thrown ... beating an empty altar. I taste the rain, taste the rain, taste the rain, I... I taste the

Brother Firetribe - Taste of a champion lyrics

the dark To get back the taste of the champion Follow your ... heart Regain the taste of the champion Head for the ... heart of a lion You got the taste of the champion Back on

Duran Duran lyricsDuran Duran - Taste the summer lyrics

Doo doo doo, doo doo doo (Taste the summer, you can taste the ... summer) Can you, can you taste the summer? I do, I find it ... Doo doo doo, doo doo doo (Taste the summer, you can taste the

Inxs lyricsInxs - Taste it lyrics

a leaf All wrapped up In my dirty sheets If I agree to ... Sweet sweet sweet Could you taste it Never never never ... Never never never (taste it) To dream All the time

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