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Matty Mullins - By my side lyrics

in mind And I don't care where we're going As long as you're by my side Right by my ... brown eyes Now everything I dream of, you bring to life Oh i

The Flobots - By the time you get this message lyrics

dotted yellow hexagrams Stretch into the dark Left hand ... the concourse St. Louie, encore, do we have a shot? Caught, ... the dot to the spot Where your plane touches down For

Jadakiss - By your side lyrics

ll be by your side (General) I'll ... loose ya Sweet dancin, you’re there right by [VERSE 1:] ... (By your side) It makes me ... strong It gives me the strength to bang out and make

Chris De Burgh - By my side lyrics

I'm not lost, I've got a reading on the Southern Cross, ... the game too tough, And there are those who've simply had ... enough, But I'm still here and I'm not giving up, I'm

Adam Lambert - By the rules lyrics

are my lava My lava flow Burn ... no other Right thru the core Just like the constellations ... we shine No wreck or ruin our Planets Align ... The tide and the moon we are U pull like the sea In

Rebecca Lavelle - By my side lyrics

can't keep my heart from breaking When you're not here ... in your eyes And know you're home Gonna throw my arms ... throw my arms around you We're gonna dance all night Maybe

Leroy Sanchez - By my side lyrics

is the end It's like I'm breaking down, 'cause now I lost ... came back to me now that we're done This will be the last ... time we're making love When you close

Savatage - By the grace of the witch lyrics

the darkness lonely and scared you're in fear of your life ... dear do you feel you're captured by the grace of the ... witch do you feel you're captured by the grace of the

Cocorosie - By your side lyrics

ll always be by your side Even when you're ... down and out I'll always be by your side Even when you're ... your floor Never be a bore I'd tuck you in I do not

Dream Evil - By my side lyrics

- Lightning attack There is no way out of here Hordes ... of warriors everywhere Smell of death is drawing ... Come and fight me if you dare Fight by my side - I will

Beth Hart - By her lyrics

stops believing she only dreams out loud there's a ... jackpot in the dresser she's smilin' in the ... she gives it away & you're fascinated by her & she

Sade - By your side lyrics

think i'd leave your side baby you know me better than that ... i'd leave you down when you're down on your knees i wouldn ... t do that i'll tell you you're right when you want and if

Vanessa Amorosi - By my side lyrics

If I could only give you a reason To hold on to night and ... well) I want you to know you're not alone (Wish you well, i ... wish you well) Wherever you go you're not alone

Sebastian Bach - By your side lyrics

long my dear departed where did you go I can't believe ... you're gone and the lights go out ... you each morning Days gone by Again I feel the longing to

Battlerage - By steel i reign supreme lyrics

like thunder are rising The blow of the ... hammer resounds The fools who deny ... of steel The wargods of old by my side My armies are in for ... conquer, not to serve Raised by wolves, on mankind I've fed

Jim Brickman - By heart lyrics

me close, baby please Tell me anything but ... that you're gonna leave As I kiss this ... I promise you I will be here Until the stars fall from ... the sky Until I find the reason why And darling as the

Ian Brown - By all means necessary lyrics

still I wish you well But by all means necessary you can ... go to hell We're over the line, now all out of ... five thousand days if you're so luck you're born to die

Paul Cattermole - By my side lyrics

out for something unknown There's a hole in my love I want ... Everything don't need no secrets Give me anything and let ... long No time for wasting baby And now I believe it I'll

Debbi - By my side lyrics

you always love me, always care. I wanna take you with me, ... take you there. I want to, be close to, ... smileing You'll be right by my side. (2x)Sun sun,

Econoline Crush - By the riverside lyrics

into a new frontier taking three four steps and i'm out of here got to get it right bring ... limits they change sitting by the riverside watch it all

Faber Drive - By your side lyrics

sleep Just close your eyes, relax and breathe in slowly, no, ... 'Cause I'll be right here by your side If you should ... awake into the night keep dreaming 'Cause I'll be

Tonya Graves - By your side lyrics

change your mind Come back here and stay a while Oh what I ... when I see you smile You're the sun on a cloudy day Stay ... live and laugh again Say there's no reason pretend

Ignite - By my side lyrics

my own but steadfast right by my side, best friend I've ... worst troubles you wish were your own, as the seasons ... roll on by you realize you're gettin' older, it's a battle

Loser - By my side lyrics

to know that I have only one regret I'd take back the times ... I hurt you Every day you're gone is one too long 'Cause ... I need you here by my side And I don't want to

Matoma - Hotter than hell (matoma remix) [by dua lipa] lyrics

in Must be homesick for the real I'm the realest it gets ... You probably still adore me With my hands around your ... neck [Pre-Chorus] Can you feel the

Say Anything - By tonight lyrics

ve got some teeth on that stare. You've got them tattered ... And this bed could use a secret. And these pounding hearts ... I'd like to know if you were trying. (Turned me on) And

Vonda Shepard - By 7:30 lyrics

no pain I was drowning baby, you're my wine You're my ... thoughts, you're my silence You're my sense ... of time By 7:30 you'll fall in love with ... in destiny? I believe by 7:30 Maybe your love's an

Robbie Williams lyricsRobbie Williams - By all means necessary lyrics

smalls It's not a BAFTA you're after You want a million ... dollar lay By all means necessary You ... all seems so easy But so are you That's what I've heard

Gabe Bondoc - By your side lyrics

that I'd leave your side, baby? You know me better than ... I'd let you down When you're down on your knees? I ... that I'll do right when you're wrong I'll, oh And if only

A Dozen Furies - By any means lyrics

"Why try anymore?" The ice is ... odds Against our ways By any means We are the ones ... own (waste deep in need) By any means We're all aboard

Abacinate - By the righteous hands lyrics

movement Teaching a life of required restitution &quot ... for Blood" - Exacting Repentance To high degrees of ... the wrath Unpardonable sins are destroyed in the flesh

Blue Mink - By the devil ( i was tempted ) lyrics

me bad lovin yeh If I could re-live all my days Changing my ... again Na na na na na na By the devil I was tempted Many ... jugs I've emptied I felt so rejected I didn't wanna go

Borixon - Re lyrics

nie da, że kontrujesz x2 Ref. [Borixon] Jedni z ... Kontra, bez tego nudno by było Co byś zrobił za to byś wreszcie ryło Wymyślasz ploty o

Christina Novelli - By my side (feat. bryan kearney) lyrics

to life... asking why you're here, right by my side... ... to life... asking why you're here, right by my side..

Fugazi - By you lyrics

f*** you to define and redefine You'd make them all ... the same but molds they break away Safely inside looking ... the note left in your hand is by you Asked to cease and

Hamka - Re-vo-lu-ti-on lyrics

mankind, zombified Led by the nose The despoiled ... we can? it's too late! We're fine to move up now We don't ... need to struggle in pain Treated like worms, feeding by

The Hellacopters - By the grace of god lyrics

looks, and the glamour, Cut by the chisel and beat by the ... hammer. They're naive so they'll believe it, ... will act like dogs when they recieve it. Through the

Less Than 4 - By blood by heart lyrics

blood, by heart! yeah Get ready ... you waiting for. I don't care if they say if it's their ... wrong 'cause I'm where I belong. (hey, hey,) ... a life I want. (hey, hey) By blood, by heart! Always

Lynam - By your side lyrics

at me now Now that you're gone Gave you everything ... to be alive Oh, yeah right by your side Walked into the ... bedroom But you weren't alone My world flashed

Raised By Swans - By an ion lyrics

you crawl to my side, you’re like a wounded bird, with ... your wings weighed down, you’re somehow smaller than you were ... but all of it was real to me, ’til, you showed me

Saywecanfly - By the river lyrics

Drags my heart back to the shore There's a moon up in the sky ... back into light The stars are dancing in your eyes As they ... Oh, this can't be just a dream Everything makes sense

Ski Skład - Być nie mieć 2 lyrics

nie twój parobek chce się nażreć hiena, pyta jaka peji cena ... jak wtórność przy tworzeniu być nie mieć po raz drugi tylko ... nasta, mówisz to tylko interes ja przed nowym sampblerem,

Slash - By the sword (ft. andrew stockdale) lyrics

And they'll fight you there to go, And they're gatherin' ... for all the show, Well there is a reward, To live and die ... the worldly possessions, Are left for recollections, And

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - By your side lyrics

you claim I'll be right here By your side Through ... love you win I'll be right here By your side Boy when you ... don't know how special you are to me Can't you see we're

Baccara - By 1999 lyrics

like racing sun your way You’re so sure You seem to have the ... one like you by loving me It’s not that nice ... But freedom is the price to pay, to ... pay, to pay By 1999 – (don’t push, don’t

Cro-mags - By myself lyrics

a struggle but I gotta do it By myself Can't except no logic ... so I gotta do it By myself It's such a struggle ... but I gotta do it By myself Can't except no logic

Henry David’s Gun - By the riverside lyrics

by the riverside she whispered "(oh) son I'm your ... was safe "My son, you're just born!" Down by ... the riverside I grew up it was the year when I

Henry David's Gun - By the riverside lyrics

by the riverside she whispered "(oh) son I'm your mom ... I was safe "My son, you're just born!" Down by ... the riverside I grew up it was the year when I

Ill Niño - Re-birth lyrics

away You little pig Corre perro come mierda This is ... back And Get what you're gonna get When you get What ... of me Learn what you're gonna learn When you learn

Jonas Blue lyricsJonas Blue - By your side (feat. raye) lyrics

we can (do, do) Runnin' free in the world We got all ... our hearts beatin' Take me here, take me now Gettin' lost in ... go No not tonight Keep me by your side Keep me by your

Kalle - By all accounts lyrics

re just like the miners We're hunting our souls Nothing ... Oh, this day seems so clear By all accounts We love only ... you and me We're just like the miners We're

Lifehouse - By your side lyrics

you know I've been everywhere else Looking back at what ... t find my way When words are at a loss I can hear you say ... I'll be by your side, when all hope has

Love And Death - By the way... lyrics

I let, you go As you disappeared I didn't see it standing ... there I didn't see it fall apart ... away To get it right! And by the way I'm doing alright

Marianas Trench - By now lyrics

for now can we, just both pretend to sleep Sometimes ... around You should know me by now Better than, better ... me) You should know me by now Our talk is small I

Reverend Bizarre - By this axe i rule! lyrics

I'll tell you that you are beautiful, and then I know ... that you are mine. There you stand at my doorway, ... bell and call my name. You're getting cold, but I don't care. By this axe I rule, to

S.o.j.a - By my side lyrics

act like I left her, but I really beg her to stay. And the ... more that I press her is the more she slips ... don't need her but...Yo, you're necessary... Like ten days

Seven Mary Three - By your side lyrics

spent the days in the dark there Everything implied and ... We made up our own secret language With no word for ... goodbye A Remington Rand on your birthday

Shaw Tyler - By my side lyrics

hardly wait Count down Breath in and out Listen to me ... pouring in And if the stars are burning out You know that I ... anything If I've got you By my side, by my side If I've

Tyler Shaw - By my side lyrics

hardly wait Count down Breath in and out Listen to me ... pouring in And if the stars are burning out You know that I ... anything If I've got you By my side, by my side If I've

Taylor Swift lyricsTaylor Swift - By the way lyrics

had to catch my breath When I saw you there ... look so good on you But here I am Still believing there ... come a day We’ll pick up where we left off And by the way

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