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Leaves' Eyes - Tale of the sea maid lyrics

my head I drift away to all seas Deep underneath the ocean ... I heard the tale of the sea maid All this beauty It ... lights up my life I ride the waves To far-off seas And I

Astral Domine - Tale of the elves and pain lyrics

Now I will tell you a tale ...the tale of the elves and ... pain...˝ In the land of the elves and dragons You will ... find your sword In the tower of their secret kingdom You’ll

Evertale - Tale of the everman lyrics

I'm back in time Back to the day when I was still The ... master of my fate, of my own will I turn around ... and she is there I hear me call her name ... damned, let someone end the pain Again I see it all The path that wasn't there before

Seventh Avenue - Tale of the forgotten dreams lyrics

growing in my mind As the daylight fades away Danger ... Seems that we will never win Then we can hear the howling wind ... [BRIDGE] Remember the days when we're far away We

Awaken - The tale of the magic thursday lyrics

the ice car is gone The muses have flown November is ... dead The numbness remains Then April came shaking the rythm ... Of a disused melody Brightened the colours again Of a washed

Primalfrost - Tale of the hero lyrics

he would fight But times of war would reign on his lands ... up his shield To avenge the death of his people To face them all on an open field And ... winters and darkest nights The battle would never end Years

Sacrificed Alliance - Tale of the lunatic mortal (dusk/psychosis/ex.. lyrics

to flee in this abundance of dust; Suffering of this ... my mind to stop Visions of my egocentrism Sins and ... everywhere around me There are waves made of tears

Karliene Reynolds - Tale of the tangues - skyrim cover lyrics

Dovahkiin Alduin's wings, they darken the sky, His roar ... and his scales sharpened scythes. Men ran and they cowered, ... and they fought and they died. They burned and they

Malukah - Tale of the tongues (skyrim cover) lyrics

s wings, they did darken the sky. His roar fury's fire ... and his scales sharpened scythes. Men ran and they ... coweredand they fought and they died. They burned and they

Vinícius Galant - The amazing tale of the snake and the lion lyrics

walked out the door without a note Left your ... bed Im trying to reach you on the phone Hanging on a line for ... old song I see you’re tired of what we’ve become My words

Beto Vazquez Infinity - Tale of the black tower lyrics

Instrumental) Foreword The last at the warriors Rose the spawns of hell Gave them ... lessons of disaster for the hells of burning death It ... seems like a dreaming But the battle is not a dream at the

All That Remains - Of the deep (bonus track) lyrics

Bear your souls Bite the flesh Scrap by scrap I ... will seak and bear forth (bear forth) ... Repel the spring Infect the rest of them Beware the

Beck - What did the deep sea say? lyrics

did the deep sea say? What did the deep sea ... on its weary way What did the deep sea say? What did the deep sea say? It rolled and ... sail with me He sleeps in the bottom of the sea What did

Freternia - Mistress of the deep black sea lyrics

deep,she sail to tame the raging sea A beauty of iron ... and wood across the waves so noble and proud ... But she wear the deadly mark,the kiss of death that bring you

Bal-sagoth - A tale from the deep woods lyrics

ravens are on the wing! My scramasax is red ... (stained with the blood of many Mercian warriors), The ... ravens are on the wing, By Offa's decree I am an outlaw,

Arch Nemesis - A tale of the ocean lyrics

by the ocean lost in his own ... thoughts Memories of failures, of dreams that was ... than sadness in his heart The anger weakens as he keep on ... an end he can't foresee The city lights are fading far

The Cure lyricsThe Cure - From the edge of the deep green sea lyrics

you... and so we watch the sun come up from the edge of ... the deep green sea and she listens like her ... so i try put your hands in the sky surrender remember we

Nocternity - Queen of the deep lyrics

her lungs turned to quills The passing of time had her ... childish wombs heated Like the Goddess she praised she began ... to seem And she was baptized the queen of the deep All of the sea creatures bowed and loved

Deathchain - Serpent of the deep lyrics

Arise - horned serpent of the deep Awake - Great spirit of the deep Serpent of the deep - serpent of the deep ... Serpent of the deep - awake from eternal sleep

Wolf lyricsWolf - The voyage lyrics

patiently waiting For me on the shore And the winds, they ... none been before I can hear the winds calling out my name If ... I go then I know that it will be To

Dark Horizon - Master of the bright sea lyrics

in a stone I found the ancient rhymes Signed with ... blood and remained in time Tales of a brave man who saved my ... fight He was left alone the day that he died his body

Mactatus - Epilogue - the tale of the psychotic lyrics

minion righteousness wander the grand damnation long awaited ... pearly gates carry the burden of sinful covet glorify the ... servant of deception experiencing the

Jeff Winner - Skyrim - tale of the tongues lyrics

s wings, they did darken the sky. His roar fury's fire, ... and his scales sharpened scythes. Men ran and they cowered, ... and they fought and they died. They burned and they

Domine - The chronicles of the black sword lyrics

'My name is Elric And I bear the Black Sword This is the Tale of Elric Before he was ... called Womanslayer Before the final collapse of Melnibone ... This is the tale of the two Black Swords Mighty

Hordak - The song of the distant waves lyrics

is the song of the distant waves A dream of ... a shore to be left This is the story of remembered days ... noman´s land I enter the realms of water that soar

Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - Bride of the crimson sea lyrics

saw her standing by the crimson sea... Her gazing ... was intense but so dead... The teardrops corroded the soil.. ... me... I know I want to be the young bride of the crimson sea I'm here to join the dark

Deep Purple - Rapture of the deep lyrics

my hands I'll meet you in the sky tonight and we will trace ... stars We'll go beyond the universe beyond all ... feels so good We're all the same but then again we're all

Morningstar - Pirates of the northern sea lyrics

ll kill your crew black is the color of my flag... We're the pirates of the Northern Sea ... loud! When you see our sign, the signs of Morningstar. You'd

Eelke Kleijn - Monsters of the deep lyrics

Listings 1. Defining the Pattern (Intro) 2. Luigi's ... 3. Ondine 4. Attack of the Synthesizer Orchestra 5. Be ... Else 6. Symphonia Part 1 7. The Magical Number 7 8.

Devildriver - Monsters of the deep lyrics

a promised land or am I on the journey going to nowhere? ... Are the streets paved with gold or am ... I slipping on the mold that slowly grows there? ... sanity Left along the way, carried in this vessel

The Chemical Brothers lyricsThe Chemical Brothers - Wonders of the deep lyrics

after your brothers and sisters. They need you. ... They need each other. (instrumental

Candlemass - Demon of the deep lyrics

chiseled beast Under the surface Demon of the deep ... For this carnivore Tyrant of the abyss Plague of the seas ... Razor sharp teeth Guardian of the grave 3 hellish heads

Metal Inquisitor - The path of the righteous man lyrics

time of frozen will The sign of poisoned skill The curse of ... evil men trough the valley of the darkness No rest for evil ... inside No rest for the devil beside To restrained

Rhapsody Of Fire - The march of the swordmaster lyrics

.. die... sacrifice! Along the river of bloody tears the ... we march and honor our brothers victims of Kron's evil ... plan We cross the lakes of the holy woods to reach the

Nightwish - The greatest show on earth lyrics

Point Six Archean horizon The first sunrise On a pristine ... Opus perfectum Somewhere there, us sleeping After ... a noble An enlightened way of spending our brief time In the sun, to work At

Horrors Of The Black Museum - Gold from the sea lyrics

I - Lost at sea How many days can we keep ... How many days till we reach the promised land? As we sail ... this endless sea each mile closer to hell, ... How many nights looking at the horizon? The old man warned

Blazon Stone - The tale of wasa lyrics

massive fortress of cannon, wood and sails A ... been a pompous sight Soon the maiden voyage would reveal ... its hidden truth Bring the glory to an end, in the

Grizzly Bear - Deep sea diver lyrics

m a deep sea diver with my fins And ... Just keep me a while I'm a deep sea diver losing air And

Joan Baez lyricsJoan Baez - The lily of the west lyrics

to Louisville, some pleasure there to find A damsel there ... arrows pierced my breast And the name she bore was Flora, the lily of the west. I courted

Bob Dylan lyricsBob Dylan - Lily of the west lyrics

to Louisville, some pleasure there to find A damsel there ... arrows pierced my breast And the name she bore was Flora, the lily of the west. I courted

George Jones - Lily of the valley lyrics

He's everything to me, He's the fairest of ten thousand to my ... soul; The Lily of the Valley, in Him alone I see, ... care on Him to roll; He's the Lily of the Valley, the

Nana Mizuki - Deep sea lyrics

Todokanai omoi daite kokoro no ibasho wo sagashiteiru Uzumaku mune no oku ga ima ni mo harisakesou de Dareka ni hanashite mo dareka to sugoshite mo Nani...

Queen - Lily of the valley lyrics

am forever searching high and low But why ... ev'ryone tell me no Neptune of the seas an answer for me ... please The lily of the valley doesn't know I lie in

Amberian Dawn - Lily of the moon lyrics

indian girl, she watched the moon and lived in the stories ... About the warrior of the moon who was a mighty god. ... In the nights she tried to catch the

Kate Rusby - The sleepless sailor lyrics

would crave Carry me home to the sea Da da dum day, da da ... Drift away sailor boys on the deep sea Worry no more for ... One night as I'm stood on the deck in the rain Da da dum,

Brendan Perry - The devil and the deep blue sea lyrics

You’ve had your day out in the park You better come inside ... Earth It’s all over It’s the final curtain call For too ... many life forms There’s just no time left at all

Angel Haze - Deep sea diver lyrics

covered in pity Lights smother this city I pray He doesn't ... November When we fell into the hands of the coldest day in ... December Then became the product of the trust that we

Egyptian - The tale of ben and jackie lyrics

´51 Ben and Jackie were on the run Bet for a map to a ... Won two tickets and a bottle of weapons, oh It´s dynamite ... Tut Travelled all across the Kalahari desert Slept on the base of the Kilimanjaro, oh

Project Pitchfork - Tale of a walk on the ice lyrics

winter day When we died in the morning light We walked on ... Holding hands Blended by the snow Blue sky Icy air ... stabing in the lungs We walked on ice In

Michael Schulte - The deep lyrics

down the hill, Feel and follow the ... to begin. CHORUS Come to the deep now, Do you see through ... the open sea? Come to the deep now, Do you see through the

Bat For Lashes - Deep sea diver lyrics

came running out of the dark With the tears in your ... to get enchanted You're a deep sea diver Tides are turning ... You came running out of the dark With the tears in your

King The Kid - Tale of a secret admirer lyrics

ya don't even know it there's not a day that I cannot ... stop thinking of you Running round in my ... me crazy, you've got me in the palm of your hands I'm

Lord Huron lyricsLord Huron - The ghost on the shore lyrics

I know that I'm damned All the dead seem to know where I am ... 'Til it began on the night of my birth We'll be done in a ... turn of the earth Lie where I land let

Mastodon - Deep sea creature lyrics

in dust Buy your bite take the body Calm Shutting down

Forgotten Tales - The tale of neeris lyrics

land, far away Intense was the summer heat When fate struck ... her to the heart Here lies what is ... left of her body torn and broken. It ... happened here today In these golden, peaceful wheat

Bilocate - The dead sea lyrics

falling into the cursed land The Blood ... be disgraced I can see the blackness taking Place But the time of my skin is near the ... I should bleed We walk into the silent lake To end the way

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