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Air Supply - Taking the chance lyrics

of life you never dreamed The answer won't come from that ... I take love now I'm taking the chance And giving ... If something's not right then tell me I'm wrong I just

Procol Harum - Taking the time lyrics

was standing on the mountain top staring at the ... sun I was trying to act the hero's part not fooling ... anyone I was living for the moment but the moment never

The Game - The town lyrics

Verse 1] Back on the block, nigga, chains on the ... move yay, I should throw up the Roc, nigga Back with the Doc ... so I just throw up the Mag Up 2 fingers: they don’t

Jonathan Coulton - The town crotch lyrics

seniors threw a party down the end of Dutton Road It was ... snow None of us could drive then so we had to get a ride In the back of someone's GTO She

Exodia - The town of no return lyrics

in the heart of desert I only smell ... a rode to drive me out Fine, there is a village Go, my luck ... No strangers allowed, IN MY TOWN You shouln’t be, IN MY TOWN

The Dubliners - The town i loved so well lyrics

my memory I will always see The town that I have loved so ... our school played ball by the gasyard wall And we laughed ... through the smoke and the smell. Going home in the

Kataklysm - Taking the world by storm lyrics

Weaken (weaken) Reality is the greatest curse Welcome to ... I tried so hard Through the impossible Clenching my ... will never end Nation rise Taking the world by storm

Anthrax - Taking the music back lyrics

your cover's blown I am, taking the music back Against your ... I'm not a slave Against the deal and you get paid I won ... float Against it, you're the enemy Against it, your

Los Lobos - The town lyrics

car rolls by way down low There's a name on a wall that I ... I heard a shot go off in the night My father said ... everything is alright In the town where I come from Some

Apostate - The town lyrics

and such hopeful nights. Another face of the same old town,

Bloody Hammers - The town that dreaded sundown lyrics

disturbance in this one horse town That's shaken every soul ... All the dogs run loose and every man ... is on patrol There is a killer among us all A ... come to see your fall While the deacons keep us calm With a

Macklemore lyricsMacklemore - The town lyrics

0, you say... Nah, you know the rest This is our scene Our ... music, our movement, the history lives through us I ... write to the beat and let life play the

The Weeknd lyricsThe Weeknd - The town lyrics

so good Before I left on the road And you deserve your ... so good Before I left on the road And you deserve your ... I haven't been around my town in a long while I apologize

The Maine - The town's been talkin' lyrics

smooth, Cause you do it for the thrill. And I'm watching you ... with him. And I can tell by the way you play it off, Like ... it's visible. When I get the chance, To expose the truth,

Attila - Taking the lives of the ignorant lyrics

s ruled them for 20 years And ravaged ... as their king Conquest burns in ... shoots through his veins Their leader's new ambition lies ... Farther to the west The empire that he seeks The

Bruce Dickinson - Taking the queen lyrics

stole your heartbeat in the night? The acolytes fearful ... in the flickering light They hold a mirror, to catch the ... your breath was stolen, by the wind from the south Another winter's take is done, your

Force Of Evil ( Den ) - The sinister show lyrics

rain, that’s what we do Another jet, another bus Our on the ... quest, just for the rush Way up high in the ... down under Waiting hours all the time On the ground the

Dream Master - Angels of the night lyrics

This curse took place To end the human race Flying around the town Searching another ... victim Angels of the night Living for eternity ... out your blood Make you feel the pain shadows in the night

Lizzy Borden - Terror on the town lyrics

havoc on the town Me and the boys we get around I pity the city in our way We love to ... with death Race it hard there’s no second best Wild dogs

Madness - Day on the town lyrics

watery sunshine, A place in the city where I can go sometimes ... bus and go anywhere, See all the sights and not pay the fare, ... in your mouth, Can you see the old lady, with tickets to

Ricky Nelson - The great escape lyrics

Look up) There's no man on the moon tonight Guess he's ... his back on me (once again) The wicked walls of this dead-end ... closing in and I can't breathe (Sail away) Down the river

Anderson .paak - The season / carry me lyrics

Part 1: The Season] [produced by: 9th ... buried somewhere underneath the town (Until it’s paid for) ... Strawberry season, my sweetheart is coming ‘round (I hear

Eddy Arnold - Taking a chance on love lyrics

blow again All aglow again taking a chance on love Here I ... again Starry eyed again taking a chance on love I ... never would try But now I'm taking the game up and the ace of

Tony Bennett - Taking a chance on love lyrics

I go again I hear the trumpets blow again I'm all ... aglow again Taking a chance on love Here I ... slide again About to take the ride again On starry eyed

Dixie Chicks - The long way around lyrics

from high school Married their high school boyfriends ... Moved into houses in the same ZIP codes Where their ... I could never follow I hit the highway in a pink RV with

Emmy The Great - The easter parade lyrics

you light cigarettes and I'm taking drags In the air, a sea of ... stub And it is Easter in the town I can hear as they ... strike up the band We're listening to some

Josh Ritter - The appleblossom rag lyrics

s the queen of my parade? She ain ... t coming back. The only thing she left me is ... This appleblossom rag Oh, the appleblossom rag Oh, such ... sweet refrain Hid underneath the chords, the thorns That

Joni Mitchell lyricsJoni Mitchell - Night in the city lyrics

eyes Moon's up nights up Taking the town by surprise Night ... Must you get ready so slow There are places to come from ... and places to go Night in the city looks pretty to me

Dj Wich - The long way home ft sixin lyrics

Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But it's just me I see and the eyes of a champion So ... f***ing frustrated wary of the details All the different

Ice-t - The game's real lyrics

from combat Laid down on the floor.. in some club Girls ... scream at the ocean of blood No use to ... call the paramedics, to hit me with the fifth energetic Close range,

In Vain ( Sp ) - The last waltz lyrics

ray of light comes to take these simple men lives We’re ... on Step by step we follow The road to isolation, dead and ... Looking back with horror The faces of despair reflect your

Jae Millz - The god lyrics

I met with I'm up early in the morning I got to get it, ... 1:] Oh, I'm up early in the morning all these niggas ... sleeping Laid out, they're tired, they partied all

Nironic - The long way home feat sixin lyrics

Spent a few minutes in the mirror trying to find myself ... But it's just me I see and the eyes of a champion So ... f***ing frustrated wary of the details All the different

Boyinaband - Town of salem lyrics

Welcome-come to our wonderful town Welcome-come we are humble ... and proud It's the happiest place With a ... space! Where we all come together and sing La, la, la, la We

Nickel Creek - The fox lyrics

chilly night He prayed for the moon to give him light For ... night Before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o He had ... night Before he reached the town-o He ran till he came to the farmers pen The ducks and the geese were kept therein He

Nickel Creek - The fox live lyrics

a chilly night He prayed for the moon to give him light For ... that night Before he reached the town-o, town-o, town-o He'd ... that night, before he reached the town-o He ran 'til he came

Madness - On the town lyrics

it's early in the morning It's raining and the ... windows Casting shadows on the ceiling The room is oh so ... empty Stand against the wall The clock is ticking

Vonda Shepard - Out on the town lyrics

called her Synthesizer Suzi And Fast Fingers ... again We all four got together in a divey weekend bar ... Seeing who would be the star Out on the town

The Damned - Stranger on the town lyrics

come and go without a sound They say ok when they turn you ... someones always smiling when they really frown You turf me ... down 'Cos I'm a stranger on the town Don't put me down

Dj - X - Painting the town blue lyrics

your alone and its 2:30 all the chairs are on the table and ... she said "a minute ago they were starin at me where the ... hell did they go?" and she went out

Mötley Crüe - Toast of the town lyrics

hey hey Hey kid, the whole house is shakin' We ... got the time, right in our sights ... Hey hey hey Hey kid, the worlds gone crazy, but you ... too long Hey kid, you're the toast of the town Well hey

3 Years Hollow - The end of demise lyrics

me out of the hole where I waste away ... Cause I've been taking the shit that you always say I’m ... wrong, so wrong Fake, taking my fate, ripping me away And

Firehouse - Talk of the town lyrics

who's so damn pretty She's the talk of the town Dressed in ... around Everybody says she's the talk of the town Chorus: ... my she's so fine And she's the talk of the town Oughta know

Pretty Boy Floyd - Toast of the town lyrics

life is changing. We got the night. It's right in sight. ... Hey hey hey. Hey kids. The world is going crazy but you ... long. Hey kids. You're the toast to the town. Well,

America - Town and country lyrics

dusty road Without a care The sun was shining up in the ... And bells were ringing downtown Clouds were moving slow and ... around And feeling out the town and the country Feeling out the town and the country Up on

Perry Como - Its the talk of the town lyrics

knows you left me, It's the talk of the town Every ... knows you left me, It's the talk of the town We send ... How can you face them? What can you say? Let's

Everly Brothers - Bully of the town lyrics

m lookin' for the bully The bully of the town I'm lookin ... for the bully But the bully can't be found I'm ... lookin' for the bully of the town Every night I walk this township round I'm lookin' for the bully But the bully can't be

Human League - The snake lyrics

Join us, come and join us There is a path that's crystal ... clear It guides the wise away from here In ... atmosphere Or wintertime The more the merrier they say The moors stretch out along the

Sailor - Sailors night on the town lyrics

up your place Can't you see there are ships in the harbour? ... shorter each year So make the most of it while you're still ... young It's the sailors' night on the town,

Christina Aguilera lyricsChristina Aguilera - The right man lyrics

A veil upon my face But no father stands beside me To give ... away Well I'm standing in the chapel Wearing my white ... I leave behind my past By taking the chance I've finally

Bruce Hornsby - A night on the town lyrics

went out one night Once they get out on the road Well then everything is alright Had ... to get away from the kids and the wives Well they ran into ... didn't walk just right And the line was drawn for another

Bruce Hornsby - Talk of the town lyrics

ve been riding around with the top down Like I always do ... say something's changed you They said you're running with the ... wrong set The girl is someone you should

John Farnham - Talk of the town lyrics

goes down on a cloudless sky The tide is in the waters high The fisherman are back in town ... Tonight they'll either drink or drown Wait for ... for rain all year round It's the talk of the town, goin'

Hanne Sørvaag - Talk of the town lyrics

s had enough She's who all the guys talk about And secretly ... she's what they dream about It's been said ... s a little twisted Talk of the town Some false some true

Kate Walsh - Talk of the town lyrics

on home, all the love is gone Hurry on home ... But now that I see through the thin air in here, I see ... you just don't care I'm just the talk of the town Famous for

Malignant Tumour - We paint the town red lyrics

see the thousands of barrels of cool ... and greatest beer Our fans they know how to drink without ... crusties, Malignant's in a town We don't have any money

John Michael Montgomery - Paint the town redneck lyrics

blues away I'm a paint the town redneck when I get my ... my Chevy van go Headin' for the bright lights, I'll be ... green's all gone I'm a paint the town redneck Honey wanna

The Script - Paint the town green lyrics

but a dream To be right there in that moment You’d give ... tonight We’re gonna paint the town green And your ... friends are on the phone there We’re so close to Paddy’s

Exilia - The world is falling down lyrics

saw the place where nobody can hear ... I saw the place where the children are dying I saw the ... place where the soldier are marching I saw the place where someone took a

Anti-flag - Wake up the town lyrics

quot;The Lord also tells me to tell ... you in the mid 90's, about '94 and '95, ... than that, God will destroy the homosexual community of ... ve been screaming all through the night (Screaming through the

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