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Sleeping With Sirens - You kill me (in a good way) lyrics

know that hope weighs on your mind, lost within the seams, ... things become, the harder you push away. Oh baby, yeah ... baby, it kills me. You said it, you said it I'll take you at your word. These

Cameron Dallas - Take you lyrics

can get you to that vulnerable state I swear you ... submissive The one to make you feel that way, you know that ... I was missin' Know you can't keep going through the

Sara Bareilles - Lie to me lyrics

the truth, no lies I can take it Bend your breath, just ... this once Run your mouth I bet I can catch it ... You sound just like a Judas ... there's anything I learned That will keep me standing If I take you at your word Then I'm

Koven - Your word lyrics

said it's nothing, Behind your eyes, there's something more ... You tell me believe you Behind your eyes the truth ... is there You pleaded not guilty Behind your eyes you confess You say your conscience is clean but

Powerwolf lyricsPowerwolf - Phantom of the funeral lyrics

die On the way to Golgotha You raise your fist and don't ... Jesus Christ, have taken all control Fight your ... of the darkest night Fight your fight Will you believe

Elevation Worship - I will look up lyrics

this world I will lay them at Your feet Surrender every ... thought For perfect peace, Your perfect peace All the ... fears I will choose to trust Your name In everything, with

Epica - Guilty demeanor lyrics

stories are prescribed That we could never obelise Then ... anyone supply a doubt? I take you at your word But the ... could have a flaw And if you find yourself in awe Then you'll only hunger for the truth

George Jones - Take me to your world lyrics

you can find it in your heart to just forgive I'll ... come back and live the way you wanted me to live All I want ... is just to be your man Please come and get me

Eric & Monique - You are my god lyrics

give me breath That I might breath Your praise You give me life That I might ... live Your way Oh God, You are my God Early will I seek ... You Your word, it is my sword Humble me in all Truth So

Rock, Michael Learns To - Take me to your heart lyrics

but I won't let go Looking at a crowded street Listening ... to my own heart beat So many people all around ... where do I find someone like you girl Take me to your heart

Jls - Take you down lyrics

and she making it clear that, she wants to put it on me, ... down, down, down i know that you want me, to yourself i ... ll be your one and only, tonight, no you wont be lonely, when we

Nina Nesbitt - Take you to heaven lyrics

for somebody to hold And you're here, you're here And I ... we're higher than the birds that fly And we're closer than ... the lowest sky Cos you're here, you're here And I

Hillsong Kids - You're all i need lyrics

see me when I'm sleping You know when I'm awake You hear ... me when I pray to You Every word I say I know You are my Father The greatest One of all You never ever fail me My friend

R5 - Take you there lyrics

the type of guy that likes to stay out There’s ... night Rockin’ on, yeah That’s what we’re all about You’re looking good I’m feeling ... the world’s a space Look at all the beauty you see I’m

Night Terrors Of 1927 - Always take you back lyrics

warm I'll always, always take you back (always, always take ... back) I'll always, always take you back (always, always take ... Feeling home in crisis, home at war If it doesn't hurt, then

Hanzel Und Gretyl - Take me to your leader lyrics

zero heart attack Sonic humping brainiac ... me instant solar crack I got your back Symphonic satellite ... Status racing out of sight Fight! ... !!!! Take me to your leader Psychotronic generating mad I go into a trance

K-maro - Take you away lyrics

wanna take you away a little piece of ... ll call it a day hey I know you will enjoy your stay today ... what's mine is yours so enjoy your day hey I ... wanna take you away and be the best that I

Lordi - Take me to your leader lyrics

Flies a raven calling on to you And yet the dawn is getting ... the night awaits exposing all your fears She'll come to you at night Like shadow in the

Pinhead Gunpowder - At your funeral lyrics

wait Until they read your eulogy. Ha ha ha! at your ... , I'll say "Better late then never" There ... I live to see the day Hey! At your funeral Our old friends

Newsboys - Take me to your leader lyrics

But McQueen she ain't At the courtroom Joshua judges ... She says: I don't know why you care I don't know what's out ... don't know where or how Just take me to your leader now Take

Kerrie Roberts - Take you away lyrics

s okay if you can't go And changed what ... It was just a bad day And you know everybody has them I ... get it when you say You feel like everyone's passed you over But it's not too late

Bonnie Tyler lyricsBonnie Tyler - Take another look at your heart lyrics

must be somethin' that we can share Why is it all ... or nothin' everywhere You got your life and I got mine ... Why's our relationship hangin' on the line I

Rick Astley - Take me to your heart lyrics

Will I be lonely again When you see me Is it love in your ... eyes What you feeling Deep down inside ... Do you think about me When I'm far ... away? Do you dream about me Can I find a

Better Than Ezra - At the stars lyrics


Cimorelli - Take you time lyrics

don't know if you were looking at me or not. You probably smile like that all ... And I don't mean to bother you but. I couldn't just walk by ... And not say hi. And I know your name. 'Cause everybody in

John Frusciante - At your enemies lyrics

with full knowledge of What will become of them I ... who were me and open up your cares world Let them at your

Alex Clare - Take you back lyrics

you back Take you back Leave me alone No one ... So why don't we just roam Take you back Take you back You heard what I did way back ... then Hurt you, I know, but, girl, I need a

Angus & Julia Stone - Take you away lyrics

re feeling in the doubt And your sky is grey And the people ... that you love Well they have nothing ... lovely to say When your days are long And lonelier

Hurricane - Take me in your arms lyrics

Tired of being here alone at the end We can't go on like ... When i get home We can take from the start Take me in your arms Hold me baby ... Sometimes i see you alone and a stranger Take me

Professor Green - At your inconvenience lyrics

Like I never left I'm here at your in-convenience I'm back ... Like I never left I'm here at your in-convenience (So ... Steve, Steve. Where did you grow up? Upper Clapton,

Joe Hertz - At your touch lyrics

text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text text...

Original Broadway Cast - You'll see lyrics

Hey you bum - yeah, you, move over Get your ass off ... the Range Rover MARK That attitude toward the homeless is ... just what Maureen is protesting tonight ... her performance space Not my attitude ROGER What happened to

Thomas Rhett lyricsThomas Rhett - Take you home lyrics

there honey, in your cut up jeans Whatcha ... drinkin' I was thinkin' you could save a sip for me I've ... the party all night long At you movin' your hips with your

The Corrs lyricsThe Corrs - At your side lyrics

the daylight's gone and you're on your own And you need ... to be around I will comfort you, I will take your hand And I ... ll pull you through, I will understand

Joe - You dropped your dime lyrics

shit, man naw she told u what she wanted, all you had to do ... u said never (never) begged that u would stay home, u said ... u said never (never) let's take a trip together, where ever

Jack Johnson - You and your heart lyrics

you when you say What you are and when you blame ... Everyone, You broken king Watch you change the frame or Watch you when you take your aim ... At the sum of everything

Konshens - Take you ova feat. miguel lyrics

Just let my love looked on you Take you ova Love a take you ova Love take you ova Mi ... love a take you ova You alone yuh better know You ... know that I adore you Yea baby [Verse 2] Hey

Legion Of Doom, The - At your funeral for a friend lyrics

will become the anthem of your underground. You're two ... back room. If I flooded out your house, do you think you'd ... make it out, Or would you burn up before the water

Elio Pace - Take you home lyrics

driving in my car Is not what I'd planned to do Well I ... think it's time I told you babe in black and white I ... can't believe you wanna be alone tonight So

R. City - Take you down lyrics

Right about now All that I want is a gyal that bad to ... Meet her in the club after that take her home And give it to ... her all night long Rock your hips from left to right

Julian Casablancas - Take me in your army lyrics

to do, something to do When you don’t want it anymore, I was ... all my dreams I’m waiting for you, Innovators and shameless ... imitators, The best time is when I

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band - Take me in your lifeboat lyrics

me in your lifeboat, take me in your lifeboat It will ... stand the ragin' storm Take me in your lifeboat, take me ... in your lifeboat It will bear the spirit home

Incubus - Take me to your leader lyrics

if your brain, Unexpectedly and ... view a lot differently? What if blue sky, All of a sudden ... the size of all of it... What if? What if I was just ... dreaming? What if I lived in a pear? What

Vanilla Ice lyricsVanilla Ice - Take me to your heart lyrics

Will I be lonely again When you see me Is it love in your ... eyes What you feeling Deep down inside ... Do you think about me (think about ... me) When Im far away? Do you dream about me (dream about

Bananarama - Take me to your heart lyrics

me to your heart now, baby Take me to your heart, come on, ... I can't stop thinking about you Take me to your heart Take me to your heart, come on

Artension - Take me in your arms lyrics

that I Planned And All That I Dreamed Facing The End, ... Gone Away Crossed Sacred Pathways And Still I Need You so ... I Would Lay Down My Life Take Me As Your Servant Keep Me

Interpol - Take you on a cruise lyrics

m timeless like a broken watch And make money like Fred ... Astaire I see that you've come to resist me I'm a ... time The pretence is not what restricts me It's the

Whitney Houston lyricsWhitney Houston - Take me to your heart lyrics

I first met you When I first strayed away ... From the home that I have always known You said ... you You wanted me to stay Fill my ... 'Cause I had to go away Take me to your heart I can be

Justin Bieber lyricsJustin Bieber - Take you (acoustic) lyrics

what's the situation? Ooh oh I'm just tryin' ... to make a little conversation Why the hesitation? Ooh ... oh Tell me what your name is, for your information Don't get me wrong, you

Big Country - Take you to the moon lyrics

s 3 A.M. I'm going home I watch the white lines pass alone ... to know He sends out songs that are sad and slow For us with ... nowhere else to go That's when I get to crying And

Boyce Avenue - Take you there lyrics

pina coladas Shorty I could take you there Or we can go to ... get hung Shorty I could take you there You know I could take ... ya (I could take ya...) I could take ya (I

Lady Gaga lyricsLady Gaga - Take you out lyrics

week I saw you out and I knew we would be a ... match in heaven just the coolest ... know there ain’t now, way that we won’t, 'cause we won’t ... I still believe it and you know won’t be defeated. In

Casting Crowns - At your feet lyrics

at Your feet, I lay my past down My ... wanderings, all my mistakes down And I am free Here at Your feet, I lay this day ... Not in my strength but in Yours I've found All I need, You

Phil Collins - Take me in your arms lyrics

know you're leaving me behind I'm ... seeing you, darling, for the very last ... a little tenderness before you go Please let me feel your ... embrace once more Take me in your arms, come on and

Ester Dean - Take you to rio lyrics

me take you to rio, rio fly’o the ocean ... oh oh oh, na na na let me take you to rio, rio fly’o the ... together now, hang like the weather now rio rio oh oh, rio

Natalie Grant - At your feet lyrics

brought You oil, the purest gift she had ... You washed her soul with her ... have passed I still weep at how much that woman's just ... I want to be [Chorus] At Your feet Where I feel Your

Die Happy lyricsDie Happy - Take you on a ride - superficial show lyrics

deep in a leather chair, it's dark Curtain ... Glitter on the scene Young and old in the battle for ... to the scene Where are you now? (come and) save me now

French Films - Take you with me lyrics

But all the time won't change you in my eyes All the drugs don ... anything, no And I can't take you with me Oh I can't take you with me, no And I can't take

Michael Hutchence lyricsMichael Hutchence - Take you higher (feat. the noiseworks) lyrics

want to, I want to, I want to take you higher Yeah yeah yeah ... (higher) I want to take you higher Baby baby baby baby ... my fire Whoo! Huh! I want to take you higher (Higher) Waaaahh!

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