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Take The Victory Nancy Harmon lyrics

Browse for Take The Victory Nancy Harmon song lyrics by entered search phrase. Choose one of the browsed Take The Victory Nancy Harmon lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. There are 60 lyrics related to Take The Victory Nancy Harmon.

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At Vance - Victory lyrics

do you think are you going to be What will you do, can't you answer me Winter or summer I will take the fame From chaos to mayhem and you are to blame Can you enlighten the dark Do your words tell the truth Do we share the same point of view So why is your

All Sons And Daughters - The victory lyrics

the final breath Of love's great death A cry that shattered the veil And darkness ran as light floods in Washing over this land Oh, oh, oh, oh Yours is the victory, Lord In the Kingdom of eternal love Injustice will not prevail And hopes arise With Heaven in si

Eloy - The midnight fight / the victory of mental fo.. lyrics

courage and force are arising from dangerous course The darkness recedes from my feet Turning cold air into heat My skin becomes more hot than dry My weapons behind my eye The ceiling mounts high up and fuses somewhere into sky Who will be dying by flashing

Deathspell Omega - The victory of impurity lyrics

the creation of the holy doctrines, Each fragment of life wants to be saved from Death. Some have rebelled against peace To accomplish new prophecies that will bring chaos. Guided by Satan's hands and mind, There is a void instead of their eyes. Orgies and massacr

Planetshakers - The victory lyrics

You are is liberty, Cause You have won the victory, We’re living in Your freedom We walk by faith and not by sight, Praise You Lord with all our might, We’re living in Your freedom [Pre-chorus:] Shout it out! We will sing it loud! Let the

Abyssic Hate - The victory is ours lyrics

Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not Found Not

Bad Company lyricsBad Company - Take the time lyrics

you want my love, you got it A little something from above, tell me if you want it But don't you leave me waiting, it don't matter where you are There ain't nobody hiding, no matter how near or far you are I'd pull the world apart, just to get a glimpse One lie

Laura Marling - Take the night off lyrics

should begone beast Begone from me Begone from my mind at least Let a little lady be I don't want you to want me Wouldn't want you to know I don't care where you've gone beast I care where you go Take the night off And be bad for me Take it right off And be bad for me

Abandoned - Take the spell lyrics

years passed byI wonder why How we came to this You make me sweat You make me writhe You hypnotize me with shut eyes The less i care the more we share In this dirty little game And when i'm gone this game I've won There's no one left to blame Why don't you take this spell from

Bratmobile - Take the pain and use it lyrics

the Pain and Use It ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... ...................... .....................

Miles Kane - Take the night from me lyrics

ve been searching for love I'm sorry I escaped you I wonder how I will end For now, I'll will carry to push on through And bite my jealous lip And hope to turn it to a kiss Take this night from me girl You're stunningly divine You're the love I've been search

Manic Street Preachers - Take the skinheads bowling (camper van beetho.. lyrics

day, I get up and pray to Jah And he decreases the number of clocks by exactly one Everybody's comin' home for lunch these days Last night there were skinheads on my lawn Take the skinheads bowling Take them bowling Take the skinheads bowling Take the

Mercyme lyricsMercyme - Take the time lyrics

can turn around and walk away Tell yourself there’s nothing here to see Try so hard to look the other way As if you haven’t noticed anything You do it to the least of these You do it to me You gotta take the time You gotta take the time Shallow is

Babylon A.d. - Take the dog off the chain lyrics

saddled and bridled Choked on the barrel of the devil's gun Stripped naked and starved to silence Kicked in the teeth, but I've never run Break my bones, you won't break me I'm ready, ready Rape my thoughts, invade my dreams I've fought enough of your kind

Bloodhound Gang - Take the long way home lyrics

I have your attention please? May I have your attention please? Did you ever read Voltaire's "Candide"? He says live life at Benny Hill freak out speed Not a quote of what he wrote but a paraphrase Make it up as you go Keyse

Boney M - Take the heat off me lyrics

the heat off me Please take the heat off me Yes I'm burning If you really lie and cheat I don't want to meet your kind of terms no more So take the heat off me Please take the heat off me Yes I'm burning Don't believe you're trying to make it And I just can't keep on taking

Cloudscape - Take the blame lyrics

still do remember When our love did shine A time for us we should recall We shouldn't give it up that easily A flame was burning Why did it have to end Dreams The only thing that still remains...of you I can't take the blame You were leaving me I s

Dream Evil - Take the world lyrics

in the fields - It's where I belong I'm looking for some peace of mind So kings and lords with daggers and swords It's time for me to draw the line Out in the fields I have been away for too long SO kings and lords with daggers and swords I tell you I have

Eagles lyricsEagles - Take the devil lyrics

up your eyes take the devil from your mind he's been holding on to you and you're so hard to find the wind outside is cold restless feeling in my soul tempting me to get away but there's no place a man can go God, will you lead me where I roam? Help me not to let my

Flyleaf - Take the bullets away (lacey sturm feat. we a.. lyrics

ve got my finger on the trigger One bullet in the gun And I'm spinning the revolver Thinking this could be the one I tried to find religion To see what I'd become I was ruined by the world But I blamed it on the Son Am I worthless? Am I filthy? Am I too far gone for a remedy?

Foxygen - Take the kids off broadway lyrics

that you’re wasted I think that you should know I hang out on the baseline, I take it that you know me Back at my apartment system so I can’t afford to be stoned right They said hey if I’m good I’ll take my head smashed to the fridge Well I wouldn’t mind Pepsi Cola, put it to my lips

Hammerfall - Take the black lyrics

moon is full you can not see There's something in the air Sound asleep you're into deep Protecting your own lair The lion roar into the night Yet another foe to slay Who are you that I see right through The hunter or the pray? Too la

Hodgson Roger - Take the long way home lyrics

you think you're a Romeo playing a part in a picture-show Take the long way home Take the long way home Cos you're the joke of the neighborhood Why should you care if you're feeling good Take the long way home Take the long way home But there

Diana Ross - Take the bitter with the sweet lyrics

heard somebody sayin' That I loved another (ooh ooh ooh) They don't know, it's not easy fakin' Lies about your lover (ooh ooh ooh) Nothing they could tell you Would change the way it feels But when they, try to come between us We still have each

Leaves' Eyes - Take the devil in me lyrics

am drifting away I've counted my last days Between my lips a silent cry I swore to the Gods I will let grace win The battle of my heart I cry for angels to save me Take the devil in me Save me for I've been mistaken Save one moment of my life Take the dev

Bruno Mars lyricsBruno Mars - Take the long way home lyrics

Oooo Oooh Oh Oh Oh Oooh Oh Oh Oh Oooo Oooo Oooh Oh Oh Oh Oooh Oh Oh Oh We've Been Hanging Out All Night Everythings Been So Nice Wish I Didnt Have To Go Feeling Sexy In The Bedly Touching Me So Gently But I Gotta Get Home So Many Things To Tell Y

Debelah Morgan - Take the rain away lyrics

Chorus) Baby take the rain away make it come again some other day Let's pretend everything's OK Baby take the rain away (Verse 1) I'm tired of waiting for things to change I've exhausted all the patience I have So baby when you come home toni

Napalm Death lyricsNapalm Death - Take the strain lyrics

Music: Embury; lyrics: Greenway] Take the strain! Can you take it? Take the strain! Or even fake it? Take the strain! Aren't we lucky Take the strain! to be breathing? Take the strain! Are you the man in the next bed Without the tubes, without the life sup

2ne1 - Take the world on feat. lyrics

You know I love you, love you You know I love you babe You know I need you, need you I need you everyday You know I love you, love you You know I love you babe You know I need you, need you I need you everyday Dara When you feel like you’re falling

Poison Girls - Take the toys lyrics

the toys from the boys Made a bomb out of cotton Take their hands off the guns Made a bomb out of coffee Take their fingers off the trigger Made a bomb out of sugar Made a bomb Take the toys from the boys Gotta make a living Take t

Rage Against The Machine - Take the power back lyrics

that shit in! Uggh! Yeah, the movement's in motion with mass militant poetry Now check this out...uggh! In the right light, study becomes insight But the system that dissed us Teaches us to read and right So called facts are fraud They want

Run Dmc - Take the money and run lyrics

Run] Let me tell you about what I love with Gina Lover like no other couldn't get in between her Always stayed fly man, I'm wishing to seen her Said they had a scheme, but nobody believed her No real job cause she stay in the street Gina didn't nail but the love

She Wants Revenge - Take the world lyrics

words that no one speaks About the night before She stares off at the road Her finger taps the door I'd hate to judge if roles reverse you'd think so too She'd seen the film before But stayed until the end She had him to herself Perhaps as more than friend

Spoon - Take the fifth lyrics

s walking out alone and it's Saturday night All the boys act tough but they've got to bite When they do they'll get more than a slap on the wrist And it's clear who's promoting her own myth So I'll take the fifth Take the fifth oh Everybody talks it up all of Saturda

3 Years Hollow - Take the world lyrics

off! What do you want from me? I'm finding myself, don't give me the third degree. I can't think anymore this time to put everything on the line. I'm over-thinking everything. Too close, to walk the path in front me. Won't take a chance because I fear regret, but no

All Saints - Take the key lyrics

the key and you’ll find, Loving you makes me feel... Ooohhh, I hold a key in my heart, You know it’s true and love, time is right, I shall give it to you, ahh I never want another love, You’re the only one I’m thinking of, I don’t want you easily, I know that you see.....

Emilie Autumn - Take the pill lyrics

the pill that makes you weaker Take the pill that makes you sick Take the pill or you’ll be sorry Take this bloody pill and make it quick Take the pill that kills your sex drive Take the pill that makes you cry Take the pill that burns your insides Take the pill that makes you

Bison B.c. - Take the next exit lyrics

s share this weight, our terrible fate. We made mistakes, with death we find our grace. Take the next exit. Under the weight of this, hands cut, clenching fists. Death brings newness, take my hand through this. Take the next exit into darkness. Embrace the tragedy. Everyt

Bo Bice - Take the country outta me lyrics

grew up on Merle Haggard, ZZ Top and CDB And if that Freebird wasn't soarin Y'all would have never heard of me Turn up Bocephus on the radio Marshall Tucker now can't you see [Chorus:] You can take me out the country But you'll never take the country out of

James Brendan - Take the fall lyrics

about Norman 'small town' Rockwell Scenes of simple life Forget about savings and poignant phrasings, Cigarettes and schoolyard fights Let us out now Lord of our speed and fancy Of our 'can you hear me now''s And our techno loves Drop us off on 55th and keep us reading Vonneg

Chicago - Take the "a" train lyrics

On Down, Let's Take The "A" Train To Take A Little Ride Around The City. Brooklyn Or Broadway Train You'll See That Old New York Is Kind Of Pretty. Take Your Baby Subway Ridin' That's Where Romance May Be Hidin' (Let's Take A Ride) Take, You Should Take

The Cult lyricsThe Cult - Take the power lyrics

love it You need it You taste it You breathe it You want it You feel it You got to receive it You hate it Can't leave it You shoot it You cheat it Reject it Respect it Don't try to deceive it Take the power We're all free Take the power You got to

Daniel Schuhmacher - Take the silence lyrics

the silence Out of my head Cause it knocks me down Take something else instead I keep the moments of the hard times When the weather was like day and night Take the silence silence Out of my head Different sides Different places Took me down

Dream Theater - Take the time lyrics

let me catch my breath... I've heard the promises I've seen the mistakes I've had my fair share of tough breaks I need a new voice, a new law, a new way Take the time, reevaluate It's time to pick up the pieces, Go back to square one I think it's time for a change There is so

Go:audio - Take the floor lyrics

one can help you now, The air's a mess, with panic all around. Half mast flags line the streets, It's time to bow your head down in defeat. Ohhh, ohhhh, oh You suffocated me, I felt your hands around my neck. When I tried to speak. Shout, shout out.

Inkubus Sukkubus - Take the kiss lyrics

are burning with temptation I will be your desolation I am stronger than your resistance I am your annihilation I'm the spider and you're the fly In my embrace you will die In the rapture of earthly love I'll take you to the stars above Come and take the kiss

George Jones - Take the devil out of me lyrics

ve traveled far down this lonesome road The devil he's got me bent down so low I've just found out where I want to be Oh Jesus, please, please take the devil outta me. I'm getting tired of living in sin I'm tired of keeping the devil for my friend I want so badly to be set fr

Lacey Sturm - Take the bullets away (we as human ft. lacey .. lyrics

ve got my finger on the trigger One bullet in the gun And I'm spinning the revolver Thinking this could be the one I tried to find religion To see what I'd become I was ruined by the world But I blamed it on the Son Am I worthless? Am I filthy? Am I too far

Rebecca Lavelle - Take the rain away lyrics

me consolation Let me walk out of the storm Don't wanna live in darkness Oh let me be transformed Let me find redemption Oh please let there be peace Make the trouble go away Oh make the yearning cease Take the rain away Take the rain away Give me hope Give me love Ma

Lukas Graham - Take the world by storm lyrics

ve always dreamt of travel Why should we die where we were born? (born) Some roads are laid with gravel Sometimes you gotta build your own (own) I wanna tear down boundaries I wanna greet my enemies I wanna see what I haven't seen 'Cause I know there's more

Marie Mai - Take the money lyrics

was hoping You would lean on my side I was counting On all the years we go back Expecting a different reaction I've been throwing Everything on the line While you've been wishing For an easier life We thrive on separate motivations If you're gonna go for saf

Marshall Tucker Band - Take the highway lyrics

the highway Lord knows I've been gone too long Lot of sad days, yeah One day you'll turn around and I'll be gone And the time has finally come for me to pack my bags and walk away Hear me say... I'll be back someday But darlin' please don't wait for me too long There's just one plac

Mike + The Mechanics - Take the reins lyrics

m a man, don't you forget it, I'm not a little kid Understand, you might regret it, treating me the way you did Hey old man, shut your mouth and listen, this here's the new regime I command, you could go missin', you could be off the scene (I'm not here to pray) I'm

Motörhead lyricsMotörhead - Take the blame lyrics

can see the way we do it here You will be alright if you can change You can be a rich man, you can start to climb. Get into the rhythm, step into the line. Politicians eat your words Prohibition that's a joke Exhibition of the criminally insane You can take the m

Nazareth - Take the rap lyrics

were lookin' at your mother So you went and told your father Daddy don't say nothin' he's got plenty in his past Changed your way of thinkin' So you started drinkin' And you got arrested for drivin' blind Take the rap, take the rap It's gonna break your back, it's a fact, take t

Rakim - Take the train lyrics

Calling all Rugrats (3x) Please come in Rugrats Take it to the maximum Take it to the max (8x) Rakim: All in together lets make a game We can all win if we play the same Whoever gets caught got to take the blame We gon' take the train, t

Ramones lyricsRamones - Take the pain away lyrics

went out today for a walk in the rain I was so sad and blue I could feel any pain I was worried about everything my head began to howl I am running away from myself there's too many demons around here now Everybody I don't know what to say I wish I could take the pain away Every

Relyk - Take the fall lyrics

State ft. Relyk Were so high off the ground Loves a long way down Knees too weak to stand Baby hold onto my hand, to my hand I will take the fall Take the fall for you For you I will take the fall Take the fall for you For you We are standing on the edge There’s no turn

Sick Of It All - Take the night off lyrics

- the big picture is so cruel to us and everyone's life is such a tiny speck Some of the worst atrocities can pass, fifty miles away to no effect Power, power has always been abused work,debt, poverty, taxes life's oppressive rules Power, power just might nev

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