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Take That lyricsTake That - River lyrics

my time here just holding on Afraid to let go, the ... weight's swinging in my soul No time for shaking ... this heavy load Before I take myself down, sinking like a stone Gotta get myself together Gotta wash my body clean If I try to live forever Gonna

Dido lyricsDido - River, run me dry lyrics

faces on a grey, grey day A million houses under dull, dark ... sky So much noise and so little time Oh river, run me ... dry A natural world with these strange men's votes Go

John Hiatt - Go down swingin' lyrics

and a-screamin' Only way I learn I'm afraid of my own ... shadow Not the bridge around the turn Well I lost myself and ... found myself While you were kissin' ass And I know it's not

Hatesphere - The fallen shall rise in a river of blood lyrics

Music: Peter Lyse Hansen / ... HateSphere, Lyrics: Mikael Ehlert] The lords of ... darkness have their decree The end of all life, no one will go free The fall shall rise in a river of blood Follow me

The Moody Blues - River of endless love lyrics

m looking for a better world Where there's no more hurt Where there ... s only hope For the eagle and the dove I can see ... your face Nothing can take your place If we sail away

Roxette lyricsRoxette - Do you wanna go the whole way? lyrics

we take off all our clothes and get close together ... Before it gets too serious both of us need to know ... Are we gonna go the whole awy this time? This time? Before all secrets are

Jason Gray - The end of me lyrics

s okay, this is just the end Don't be afraid, this is ... where it begins, oh 'Cause everything here ... had to fall apart But in the ruins of a broken heart I

F.t.island - Wanna go lyrics

bappeun haru Jinachineun sumanheun sigan Oneuldo ... jinagal apeuroui ildeul Sumanheun saramdeul ... sumanheun seontaekdeul Jichyeoganeun bappeun ohu ... Teumdo eobsi eorkhin kkumdeureun Saenggakdo

5th Dimension - Go where you wanna go lyrics

gotta go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do With ... whoever you wanna do it with You gotta go where you wanna go Do what you wanna do With ... whoever you wanna do it with You don't understand That

Abs - The dog in me lyrics

s go... [Abs:] Yo, it's hot how you do your thing. ... Everything about you... Is bootylicious, I have to... ... ooh! Creep upon you as I pass you, Wanna blast you,

Mamas And The Papas, The - Go where you wanna go lyrics

gotta go where you wanna go, Do what you wanna do With whoever you wanna do it with. You gotta go where you wanna go, And do what you wanna ... do With whoever you wanna do it with. You don't

Simple Plan - I don't wanna go to bed (feat. nelly) lyrics

won't go to bed without you It’s a Simple Plan I won't go to bed without you Come to me ... I gotta tell you the truth I’m full of broken pieces And

The Decemberists - The hazards of love 4 (the drowned) lyrics

arrayed the rocks around the hull before it was sinking, ... A million stones, a million bones, a million holes within the chinking. And painting rings around your eyes these peppered holes so filled with crying. A whisper weighed

John Lee Hooker - I don't wanna go to vietnam lyrics

down here thinkin', I don't wanna go to Vietnam I'm sittin' ... down here thinkin', I don't wanna go to Vietnam I have all these troubles at home, I don't wanna go to Vietnam I read the

Eddie Money - I wanna go back lyrics

was listening to the radio I heard a song reminded me of ... long ago Back then I thought that things were ... never gonna change It used to be that I never had to feel the pain I know that things will

Sentenced - The way i wanna go lyrics

heaven... and damn sure... I know of a Hell... if you ... could take a look into this fighter's mind... the things ... you'd see. What would you think? How would you feel? If

Dark Moor - The road again lyrics

gray mirage flees when the sun light glows I have to ... leave my past pursuit Now I realize which is the way to go It is time to follow the ... route The road again like a revelation the road again without hesitation I wanna

Dilated Peoples - The shape of things to come lyrics

quot;Ay yes y'all" [Iriscience] The only thing ... constant is change with that....its the shape of things to come Yo I'm the open ... est emotions I'm a river in straight A crystal clean

Disciple - The fury (wreck me) lyrics

they were gone As we were carried along Into the rhythm of the river ... Rushing like a song And we were drowning in the flood Let me drown in Your flood, yeah I remember when the fury first

Bt The Roots - The lesson part 1 lyrics

One: Black Thought Lyrically versatile My rap definition is wild I wrote graffiti ... as a juvenile Restin on deuce trey And used to ... boost gray Kangol's with 555 Soul's from the streets

Jordan Pruitt - I wanna go back lyrics

yeah yeah I wanna go back to the way it was When I knew ... that you were mine I wanna know how it feels to love The pure and easy kind I wanna ... go back to the way it was Baby tell me where you

Marirose - Wanna go crazy lyrics

Verse 1) It's friday night at the disco I'll do my ... hair, I'll make all the fellas stare And when i'm there It wont be fair as soon as ... I arrive Cause my bad side's comin out Imma dance all

Klaatu - I don't wanna go home lyrics

see the hour's getting kinda late I know you've got to ... get to work by eight Yes I know But I don't wanna go home I wish you'd ask me to ... spend the night It may be wrong and it may be right I don't know But I don't

Okkervil River - The velocity of saul at the time of his conve.. lyrics

the wire, your time has expired The only word left is “goodbye” In my new dream the light's shining on me Little ... needles of sodium unstitch the seams of the sky Hold your

Gravitonas - The pain we love to hide lyrics

wrote my safe word on your skin Taking the pain to seek and ... hide You broke the surface from within Lonely together I stand accused in ... ball and chains Walking the aisle where you precide The bruises fade but scars remain Now

Nofx - The separation of church and skate lyrics

Father:] Hey Kids! [Kids:] Hey Dad! [Father:] What ... da want to do today? [Kids:] We don't know. [Father:] ... Wanna go to the matinee? [Kids:] NO! [Father:] Wanna go to the Amusement Park? [Kids:]

Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five - The message lyrics

s like a jungle sometimes It makes me wonder how I keep ... from going under It's like a jungle sometimes It ... makes me wonder how I keep from going under

Scooter lyricsScooter - The question is what is the question lyrics

do you do Uh huh I thought why not Na na Na na ... Just me and you Start the danger Rearranger Not so ... cool Mercy I’m the vapour On the radar Get up

The Smiths - The headmaster ritual lyrics

Run Manchester schools Spineless swines Cemented minds ... Sir leads the troops Jealous of youth Same old suit since 1962 He ... does the military two-step Down the nape

Scooter lyricsScooter - The question is what is the question? lyrics

do you do Uh huh I thought why not Na na Na na ... Just me and you Start the danger Rearranger Not so ... cool Mercy I’m the vapour On the radar Get up

The Dubliners - The rose (with "hothouse flowers") lyrics

say love It is a river That drowns the tender ... reed Some say love It is a razor That leaves the ... soul to bleed Some say love It is a hunger An endless aching need But I say love It is

Kym Marsh - The girl i used to be lyrics

don't wanna have a broken heart, I don't ... wanna soul that's torn apart I don't wanna have to live with ... all the pain u give me, I don't wanna cry 4 u no more,

Miss Li - The songs we used to sing lyrics

just went away I wish you that u could stay one ... more day All this time has passed, why is time so ... when you aren't here? Cuz the songs we used to sing, the

Chris Young lyricsChris Young - The man i want to be lyrics

I'm down here on my knees ... Cause it's the last place left to fall Beggin' for another chance If there's any chance at all That ... you might still be listenin' Lovin' and forgivin' guys

Andromeda ( Swe ) - The cage of me lyrics

stranger to the night I dwell in light, can not live ... without Those healing beams make me go on Peace is found inside In flood or tide, winter spring summer fall

Doobie Brothers - The captain and me lyrics

as a river, wide as the sea Changing the ways of a ... captain and me I could be happy, Lord, so then ... should he If all of the universe unveiled itself to me

Entombed - To ride, shoot straight and speak the truth lyrics

a god and her bless I want everything she offers ... and won't settle for less I see heaven under my feet as ... as over my head Bet you wish you was already dead

Kids In Glass Houses - The best is yet to come lyrics

started with the sun in your eyes The devil in your ... throat and in your thighs A pocket full of notes A ... head of lies is no good for you Wrestle with the

Pinkly Smooth - The body of death of the man with the body of.. lyrics

lover look into my eyes The only things that make you wanna die. And oh you will And little songs and other things ... are gone Insane, I'm sure there's never been a one And all

Anderson .paak - The season / carry me lyrics

Part 1: The Season] [produced by: 9th ... Wonder] [Hook] My faith is buried somewhere underneath the town (Until it’s paid for) ... Strawberry season, my sweetheart is coming ‘round (I hear it rain and pour) How did you find me here? It must be perfect

The Decemberists - The island: come and see/the landlord's daugh.. lyrics

s an island hidden in the sound Lapping currents lay ... your boat to ground Affix your barb and bayonet The ... curlews carve their Arabesques And sorrow fills

Hysterica - The devil in me lyrics

tie and shoes, black leather dress All you need to make ... a perfect mess Saturday, the heat is on Couple of drinks ... and we are gone Then suddenly he changes mind He

Public Enemy - The enemy battle hymn of the public lyrics

election Remember that presidential selection Got us in ... another er****** of body part Dick bush and colin Tape is ... rollin New whirl odor Flowin way past deodorant Got the

Sia lyricsSia - The girl you lost to cocain lyrics

ve stuck around through thick and through thin You ... cannot deny I've always been in But I've watched you stand ... still as a snowman And I don't see you change, you're

Josh Kelley - The best of me lyrics

can talk behind my back, and lie about me Take my money, take my pride They can kick me ... down and break every bone in my body Force tears from my ... eyes But they can't get the best of me, The best of me, the best of me Can't get the

The Moody Blues - The day we meet again lyrics

day we meet again I'll be waiting there I'll be waiting there for you 'Cause the years ... have been so lonely Like a dog without a home It's ... dangerous when you find out You've been drinking

The Moody Blues - The other side of life lyrics

atmosphere on the streets tonight Is the driving beat of the world The word down here on the streets tonight Is the ... truest music you've heard So take your

Tragically Hip, The lyricsTragically Hip, The - The depression suite lyrics

the pillow I bury my head and try to shut ... Chicago out As it turns out there's a whole other world of ... sounds of perfect fifths low skids and Arctic

A Cutthroat Kiss - The way we used to... lyrics

I looked I looked up at the stars and found the brightest pair the ones I could ... compare to your eyes and then As nightfall turned to day ... I watched them fade away As nightfall

Asia - The closer i get to you lyrics

can't begin to make no sense of it all ... Maybe I don't try enough But there is nothing that I wouldn't do I would beg, I would plead for ... our love I want to know if you're just tired of me Or

Hinder - The best is yet to come lyrics

first make-out session I learned my first lesson While trying to get to the next ... base When I slipped past her waist She ... smacked my hand away Then I got a slap in the face If I

Ice Cube lyricsIce Cube - The nigga ya love to hate lyrics

heard payback's a motherf***ing nigga That's why I'm sick ... of gettin treated like a goddamn stepchild F*** a punk ... cause I ain't him You gotta deal with the nine-double

Levellers - The devil went down to georgia lyrics

devil went down to Georgia He was looking for a soul to steal And he was in a bind ... 'Coe he was way behind And was willin' to make a ... deal When he came upon a boy playing on a fiddle Aand playin' it hot And

Refused - The shape of punk to come lyrics

baby, you never felt this good Freedom through the stereo ... and you wish you could Take a bite, do a dance and get ... lost on a crusade Jump on this soul train, destination

Anti-flag - The weathermen know which way the wind blows lyrics

2, 3 - in the dead of night 1, 2, 3 - the weather ... seems alright 1, 2, 3 - fear less, live ... more 1, 2, 3, 4 - declaration of war The days of rage ... and nights of peace You wanna find us, this is where we

Between The Buried And Me - The ectopic stroll lyrics

down please. Sir, what is your woe? My thousand year ... old wisdom will help you grow The fantasy ... of the rewind I can dissect a man of your kind ... Please Doc I need help My walls are

Bo Bice - Take the country outta me lyrics

grew up on Merle Haggard, ZZ Top and CDB And if that Freebird wasn't soarin Y'all would ... have never heard of me Turn up Bocephus on the radio Marshall Tucker now can't

Candlemass - The man who fell from the sky lyrics

..... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental ...... ...... Instrumental .....

Crown The Empire - The one you feed lyrics

the wake of my broken dreams In the dirt and the dust and the days that felt like weeks. I ... find the person that I'm meant to be Cuz when I felt like giving up When death was

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